Tuesday, April 30, 2002

we have a lot of new pictures! check 'em out.

ps:erica, you are super lucky that blonde redhead is in france this summer!

Monday, April 29, 2002

must sleep...
must sleep...
no more scan pictures...

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Five Dollar Foundation just blogged about us blogging about how much they blog. Basically, their frequent blogging reminds us of our big conflict. On the one hand, it's pretty dorky to have a weblog and think that people really care about what you're doing. On the other hand, it's pretty lame to have a weblog like ours. Dammit, they've fucking done us up. Oh naps.
I was not present at the doty ranch this weekend for I was in Mankato, MN hanging with my girlfriend and buddies. It was fun. I played mario cart on a projection screen and my girlfriend's roommate's boyfriend kissed me on the hand. I was taken aback.

we are playing two shows this weekend, possibly: one with SCHATZI on friday and another on mifflin street for that darn block party.
News from the Ranch: My sister came this weekend, giving us further motorvation to have a good time. Speaking of good times, we got to party at the local college radio station last night, dancing and carrying till 2:30 on the air and in front of State Street. Eye glasses were broken, beverages spilled, and in all we gave the city the best music it has ever heard.

Saturday, April 27, 2002

It seems that we all have forgotten that we played a show two days ago. No one has blogged about it. I will now articulate the show in the best manner possible. The following should be read as if it was Butthead (from the acclaimed MTV show Beavis and Butthead) talking: "huh huh, we'd played a show...it was cool. huh huh."
i saw some good showage last night. i really dug john brown battery, this being the third time i have seen them in madison. they have tendencies! after the show james and i stopped by the electric earth and added some refreshing beverages to his mile-high tab.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Doty street is under haywire. Big necked orangies scooping out the intestines of the main line. Redepositing the piles of gallstones, and pigmy rocks aloof on what was once the road. It all unfortunately begins at seven am.
Oh yes, there is also talk about the annual Unstoppable Robotic Menace show and what it will consist of. Colossus!
there was preliminary talks this evening of a short tour with cesto this summer. have i ever mentioned how much i love this band? no? well, i do, lots. oh, how the memories go back. how they beat us at our (my high school band piltdown) first mayo battle of the bands, although none of them went to our school or knew any of us. how they allowed my then girlfriend and i to put handclaps on our favorite song. how they rocked the rochester civic center in support of the arts high school none of us went to. how they played anywhere, anytime, for any amount of money or beverage. how they allowed good old nate, jesse's understudy, to bust out the rock when jesse had to leave the show early for his job. oh yes, cesto knowd how to rock, and rock they will, hopefully with the DPC in tow. Whoopty Whoop!

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

thanks to our pal jonny at the cat, we are going to be opening for schatzi's madison show! whooohoooo! nate's sister is coming this weekend and we are going to have to clean our house. man, what a shit hole.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

if you are interested in the dpc bunny t-shirt design, drop us a line because we will soon be manufacturing dpc underwear shirts instead. argh.
make up artists, huh? with your looks, marcus, we're gonna need em. :)

Sunday, April 21, 2002

hey everybody. i just got back from illinois a while ago. what a time! i learned that my little cousin plays our demo cd while dancing around and/ or playing with his legos. you gotta get 'em while they're young...

Friday, April 19, 2002

Hey guys I tried to call you back last night and today but I haven't been able to get a hold of you. I'm not much of the message type but I do like your new answering machine message. My play starts in a few days and it is coming together very well. Gricklegrass' cd really kicks some ass. Craig and Matt you should call me about the Shit inspector and you should consider some of my friends here for some help. WE have make-up artists, cameramen, you name, we got it. So give me a call about our next practice and stuff like that. piso mojado.
Mathew and I went to Nick's Cafe this evening, were we had a good time chatting it up with Helena, Lucy and friends. After a small post-bar get together involving a slightly backtracking on a roomate affection decleration, we headed home only to be nearly missed by several waterballoons. What a crazy, messed up world we live in. Any more ideas for band names people?

Thursday, April 18, 2002

have you ever wanted to build your own computer graphics engine? the monotonous way? enter my world!
Damnit damnit damnit. They stole my material. That's mine. Well, mine says "rinse and lather, rinse and lather, repeat" so it's different. I'm keeping it. This experience has only drawn the song and I closer.
I have just returned home to find all of my roomates fast asleep. How exciting. Went to see Hutch and Kathy at the Cat this evening, whom were very enjoyable. Definetly recommending a look up on these guys. Craig->they have a song that uses "Lather, Rinse, Repeat" as the chorus. You've been beat. Tonight was also the first meeting of wwhat will soon be the most rockingest band in Madison : think of Mates of State meets Fugazi. You will be warned further once a good name has been decided upon. Ideas anyone?

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

apollo 18 is a really good album. i am feeling really good right now despite the fact that i am going to be sitting in the computer lab for the rest of the night. and the fact that i set off the alarms at findorff's office building. nothing like getting the hell out of a place!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

mississippi river goes to shit in iowa

mississippi river goes to shit in ioway
yeah, saturday was fun. A lot of my high school buddies stayed at the Doty Ranch and caused a ruckus. The neighborhood will never be the same. And niether will the Echo Tap. Hopefully, they will let us come back someday.

I hear that Grickle Grass is coming back to Madison on May 10. I hope that is true. They are dreamy.
Finally, the sun is setting. We can go outside without risking death.

Sunday, April 14, 2002

I don't have too much to add here, except the show was fantastic despite some bad circumstances. I nearly had an ulcer last night from it all. Kurmudgeon and Grickle Grass were both super entertaining. Hopefully someone will relate their car moving exploits.
Sorry, I rushed to conclusions last night. I won't act on the rash decision I made. I'll wait to see what I decide next time I get drunk.
I realized tonight how much we suck once I compared us to the two bands we played with, Grickle Grass and Kurmudgeon. I quit the band.

Saturday, April 13, 2002

holy shit!! have you ever experienced a les savy fav show? i have just been exposed to the most fucked up thing i have seen. fuck, man...

Friday, April 12, 2002

i just purchased a copy of "the best of cold chillin': biz markie"
it's awesome! featuring "make that music with your mouth, biz" and my personal favorite song ever, "just a friend"
With varying degrees of willingness I lost some hair and my girlfriend this week. You will be able to experience this trimmer, unattatched drummer at tomorrow night's show. Tonight is the big Les Savy Fav/Apes show at the Catacombs. You will be recieving a report in several hours on the rockingness of this show.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

i still haven't caught her!
does anyone remember the show "where in the world is carmen sandiago?" I sure do. I used to play the video game too.
the tentative plans brewing within are directed along the lines of a conjointed art show. yes art. not rock. nate and i, in a somewhat cohesive collaboration contrary to the letter 'c' arriving sometime after now. now.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

we have some new posters for putting up featuring digital rock underwear. coming soon to a kiosk, wall, or telephone poll near you. it has been theorized that dpc underwear will soon become a commodity item. we shall see, we shall see...

the osbournes are on tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to blog. And then I'm going to bed.
Here I am, half drunk and awake again...still. At any rate I've decided to not only end my strike as the main head honcho roadie for the (so called band) D.P.C. and give them the satisfaction of carrying thier heavy (if you happen to be anyone in the band) cheap equipment, not to mention the resurection of Paul's homemade breakfasts on Sunday mornings. It's not an easy job but something tells me, actually Craig tells me, that I'm just the guy for it.
It's good to be back where I belong, at least when it comes to the serving out of the groupies I'm still in front of the drummer...ha.

I'f and when I find out who kicked over and caused massive damage to my sport bike, I WILL pull your arm out of its' socket and beat you to death with it....I fucki'n hate you.

Love Paul

Monday, April 08, 2002

Holy Shit! I hear that Paris, Texas is playing at the Catacombs this friday. I think everyone should get out of bed and come down to watch them because they rock. i mean it.

Nate has now acquired the art piece "Kitty Go Kart" thro a trade of prints. His life is complete. Oh naps.

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Hey, back on the blog again. My schedule is kicking my ass but I can't wait to get back into band form. I have a lot of things to get off of my chest. I missed my brothers last high school performance today and i feel like major shit. I will try to make it up to you buddy. I f you guys want to we can rceord outside of whitewater in a guys basement. Faust tells me its great quality for cheap. I want to do it and I think you guys will want to as well. I have a better feeling about the band right now and i can't wait to play on Saturday for the masses at the catacombs. Two great bands, Kurmudgeon from Owatanna and Grickelgrass will be there. Hopefully we can see the guys from mabel as well. Peace out form me here is a small blurb from Bro from the right Arms(Chris). The DPC kicks my ass every time I see them. I just wanted to give my "props" to the guys in the band. Ian, you are fuckin' tall, keep it up bro hammer. Craig, your P.O.D. chin hair rocks my world, dogg. Nate, hit that ride twice for me or I'll piss on you. Matt, we need a keyboard play-off, so I can show you who's the little man. Do it, Rockapella. Later.
Nate and I just saw a movie at the Wisconsin Film Festival entitled Song From the Second Floor. It was AMAZING! Too bad you'll probably never find it anywhere. Hey, if anyone wants a friend you can talk to me on IM. My name is Pharo26. I need friends. Bye now.

Saturday, April 06, 2002

we went to a punk party last night! man, i wish i was a punk... according to a chart that was on their kitchen cabinet, i may well be a poser punk or a pop punk. at least i hope that i even that low on the scale... thanks to "dallas" and "trash" for making me feel cool for a few hours. i really want to watch slc punk again now. or stick some cheese on my wall.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

We made a spur of the moment decesion to see Mates of State in Milwakuee last nght. Opening band Crime and Judy were pretty cool, featuring two female lead singers and a violin/keyboard player besides the traditional bass/guitar/drums lineup. They also pulled out a good cover of "I Bleed" by the Pixies. Yippee Mates of State were good as always and spent a couple of minutes talking about old Rochester with me. Yeeha. If you are in the mood for music this weekend, my other band New Kentucky Quarter is playing the Catacombs on Saturday night with indie rock sweetharts Solid Gold. We promise to up the rock factor slightly this time.
i like mates of state
mates of state
mates of state
mates of state
mates of state
mates of state
Matt explained some of the fun things about filming below. One thing he forgot to mention is when you ask a building if you can use their concessions stand and they say yes. And then a week later you get your actors, equipment, props, and what have you, all together and plan out each shot, low on sleep because of work and worry. When you get to the building they tell you that you can use the concessions stand, but not the inside of it because it's closed for the winter. That's when you pack up the car with the camera, actors, and props, and go drinking.
From my years of experience, I've realized true filming--video or film--is all about feeling unwanted. especcially, but not exclusively, when filming at a location owned by someone other than yourself. Many people who allow filmmakers to use their property probably assume that the the whole ordeal will take an hour or so. However, they don't take into account the endless setting up, tearing down, and moving around. Oh, yeah, It's just one scene. But i need master shots, long shots, medium shots, medium close ups, close ups, and good, audible sound. Hours upon hours. Over and over. "That was good. let's do it again." and again. Then you see the building manager watching you from a distance. he glances at the clock and walks away--looking over his shoulder at you all the while. "I have to close up at 10:45. Can you guys finish it up?" "I thought you closed at 11:00?" "THIS part of the building has to be closed up at 10:45." or when you arrive. "I'm gonna have to vacuum the floors." "While we are shooting?" "Yep." "How long will that take?" "Oh about ten minutes." "We're still setting stuff up. You can do it now." "I have to go on break. I've been here since seven in the morning." You glance at the clock. It is 9:30 AM.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

all right. the show this friday is way cancelled. shipwreck kelly kind of broke up...
but the good news is that we've added a show for june 7 in mankato. "the coffee hag."

i've beendrinking too much coffee lately..

Monday, April 01, 2002

quick everybody! La crosse lager is only six dollars for a fifteen pack! Yes, you heard me right. Fifteen pack! three cans free.
whew. i had a pretty good spring break of working, riding in a car, and reading. how can reading take place during spring break you ask? i don't know, but the phenomenon started when i bought the book "heavier than heaven." i even broke out my copy of bleach and listened to it a couple of times. "Professional ASP.NET Server Controls - Building Custom Controls with C#." that's some good reading. i also bough a copy of dante's "inferno" during break and started my descent into the pits of hell.