Sunday, June 30, 2002

Janel, we cleaned the bathroom and the stairs!!!! If only you could see it! Perhaps it's better that you don't. The shock may cause internal bleeding.
I'll think twice about swimming in lake mendota from now on. Not only is it dirty but the sun burns my skin. Why didn't anyone tell me? Plants sit out there all day and they flourish. It's tough being an animal. we have to go out and get our own food. Sometimes kill it.

Saturday, June 29, 2002 head hurts...
"this song is from 'submarine kid' and it's called 'submarine team' and it's about drinking and driving in dayton ohio." - bob pollard from gbv. glad that the old hometown kid has been up to his usual tricks.

Friday, June 28, 2002

holy shit! the wilhelms coming at you!
micah: take a look at this...

-Ian is thrown into a swimming pool by an arch female pornographer.
-Ian is also very involved in the non-profit side of the project.
-Ian is at
-Ian is fascinated by the idea of building a dynamically reconfigurable virtual
machine capable of running a wide variety of bytecoded languages.
-Ian is 12 weeks old in this picture.
-Ian is out of the office.
-Ian is among the premier bagpipers on the West Coast.
-Ian is the author of Increasing Profits Without Hurting People
and the founder of The Personal Magnificence Club.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Hey Craig, Jack Nicholson, As Good as it Gets. Practice Sunday? My show?
Here are only a few results from the "craig is" google search because you all are probably sick of this by now:

-Craig is one of only four operational 19th Century barques, anywhere
in the world and the only one in the Southern Hemisphere.
-Craig is a US senator from Idaho.
-Craig is located on a small island off the west coast of
Prince of Wales Island, and is connected by a short causeway.
-Craig is available for lectures,
seminars, workshops and conventions around the world
-Craig is a visual artist from
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
-Craig is going to be ON LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY on the 7th !

Stay tuned for my next movie quote...
the google 'nate is' results, most of which are eerie:
>nate is an Investment in Your Business
>nate is nate
>nate is told about this disease
>nate is the master of everything and most powerful of us all
>nate is still moving about every few days, and we are beginning to wonder when (not to mention where) he will settle down
>nate is the coolest!!
>nate is an artist
>nate is the symbol of technician excellence you trust!
>nate is contacted at
>nate is going to look for?
>nate is ASS
>nate is a Charter Member of the OHIO MOWER RACERS
>nate is turning into anything but a "little" guy
>nate is also a single father of two children and has lived in Oakland for more than 20 years
>nate is a stamp collector
>nate is preparing for the 'real' world of life after high school which will probably arrive when we are not looking
>nate is in a world of trouble
>nate is married to michelle
>nate is in the house!
>nate is possably the most powerful psychic mind on the planet
>nate is stumped
>nate is an amazing talent at 20 years old
>nate is now 10 years old
>nate is so happy to have a BUDDY
>nate is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation,
air-conditioning, and refrigeration

that's enough of that. in other news, our street is getting re-sodded today. 445 had a mini fridge on their porch, topped off by a sign saying 'beer for sod' and a case of mgd inside. i got to watch the city employees quickly toss rolls of grass up onto the porch while their boss wasn't watching. smooth work guys. soon your lawn will look as nice as 517's.
well, i think that they could easily remove the eisenhower line. and they should- because i don't think that they should get rid of the tradition. i used to have to recite the pledge of alliegence when i was a kid. its a tool for teachers. i'm over it now.
All right, go here for an article about a ruling in a federal court in San Francisco that making students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools is unconstitutional because of its reference to god. I think this is a wonderful thing because the government shouldn't have the right to incorporate any specific religion on US citizens. That's something for a totalitarian government. Bush and the senate seem to disagree. If you'd like to say something about this, please e-mail me (DPC included). I'd love to talk about it. I just read the article and felt so strongly that I had to say something to somebody, and since it would be nearly impossibly to get the attention of our government, I figured this was the next best thing.
i decided to go to the studio this morning instead of going to class. after hopping on my bike and putting the first clinic cd in, i realized it was extremely enjoyable, and spent the next 38 minutes biking around to get the full enjoyment out of it. this evening, craig and i went to the oakcrest to see mike fuckin gilson and friends and partake in a little karoke. we did buddy holly, and i sucked it up. brendan did kiss by prince and by the end of the song found himself surrounded by 3 girls, all grinding, one of whom were trying to take his shirt off. whoopty whoop. very heartful thanks to everyone at 508 for keeping me sane during the last week of problems. charlie, dave, jim, sarah, and jess, thank you very much for putting things into perspective. i am going to bed now, and hopefully going to class tomorrow for the first time this week. boss.
Rap artists are beatniks that sell out. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I'm so bored. My room is hot but I want to play on my computer. I suppose I could watch TV, but, unless there is show about Bigfoot on the discovery channel, I doubt there is anything I care to watch. I have to critique two short stories for creative writing class, but I don't want to. One was good. The other . . . I haven't finished yet. I had to take a break.

Ian and I played guitar. That was a full five minutes of fun. I wish we practiced more but it seems like no one is ever around. we need new songs! we need shows!

maybe I'll call my parents.

I guess pornography has been right all along.
Alas, i still exist. Presently my bod resides in Utrecht, Holland..typing at a free computer. Free is quite lovely when one can come across it. smellie persons litter the environment, however i suppose i might not smell as a peach ither. Chair lifts are fancy ways to descend mountains, and these things that look like tremors run on the geis which are slick sticks layed upon the ground, i think i shall call them trains! Belgium allows one to walk about the streets endulging and consuming such things as wine, which is right up my alley. It is quite the penny saving method to get the drunkest guy in the place to buy you a beer. most oddly, all of these countries play american music on the radios. and its of all time periods mixed together. yet some people still don't pick up on speaking english. pearl jam, tom petty, only of worth was weezer blue album.. however i must be moving on . . . until then.
I stole this idea from someone else. It's lame, but funny at times. maybe. if you're into that sort of thing.

So, I put "matt is" in to google and here's what I got.

Matt is dedicated to creating the best quality art
Matt is a self-taught web page designer and fledgling Perl programmer
Matt is a workaholic, constantly laboring through a workload that would stagger the most prolific artist
Matt is a true Brutarian
Matt is a puzzle game in which the player must guide the eponymous hero around each level to collect all the apples
Matt is simply shorter
Matt is included in a new book about "alternative" political cartoonists
Matt is still running for president in '04
Matt is meant for Mimi
Matt is a monster debater
Matt is continuing a longstanding tradition on his mother's side of the family
Matt is a moron and everyone knows it
Matt is living
Matt is now refreshed and relaxed after a well earned holiday
Matt is no longer offered
It's 10:17 and nate's at home. so what?, you ask. well, nate's supposed to be in class from 9:50 to 11:10 on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays. he got all the way to the door of the LVM before turning around this morning. his reason? he is not sure yet. he might go to the library now. or to the studio. or back to bed. what to do, what to do?
Okay, next movie quote. (The answer to the last one was Jurassic Park) I think this one is a little tougher. Not as many people have seen this movie. If you get it right, you get a kiss on the lips. here it is: "People who talk in metaphors oughta shampoo my crotch." What movie and who said it?

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

let me tell you something.
when i am suddenly woken up from sleep, my body springs into action. i try to begin conversations. i try to walk around. i may walk up to you and start talking about nonsense. matt and charley found this out first hand last night. after hearing a loud sound last night around bar time, i awoke to hear the sounds of a drunk matt & charley (playing guitar) carrying on about something.

now, be aware- i may throw a pillow at you.

or, i may simply walk into the room holding my pillow and say to you , "I don't really know what's going on right now," and then deposit the pillow on your bedroom floor, afterwords walking back to my room and immediately falling back to sleep below guitar notes.

i guess you could say that i am a very honest sleeper, lucid enough to admit my weakened state. who knows what i had in mind for that pillow.
nate = so very, very not feeling good
Last night I met a friend of my neighbor's girlfriend who had run away from her wedding the weekend before. Furthermore, she is two months pregnant with another man's child. what gossip! I grillled her for half the night, trying to get answers to her motives. I got some, but every new answer brought up a host of new questions. After awhile, I felt bad for interrogating her so much so I went and did other things like talk to craig. I hate that kid.

Oh, and also: I was laying in bed trying to sleep but I was too hot and uncomfortable and I started thinking about depositing money into my account. I don't have much money in my account and I hadn't deposited anything for awhile so the process was intriguing to me. As far as I have surmised, there are two ways to deposit money: 1.) The old fashioned way Bring your money to the bank, fill out a deposit slip and hand it to a teller. 2.) The modern way Go to an ATM, put your money in an envelope, and stick it in the machine. Now, I've done it both ways and I wondered if maybe the modern way was alienating people from each other. If you did it the old fashioned way, you had to interact with people. You had to talk to the teller. You stood in line. people are all over the place in banks. You don't necessarily have to interact with anyone if you use an ATM. Soon people won't have to talk to each other--not directly anyway. they will type messages and send them through email or they will talk on their cell phone. Everyone will live in their car, racing down the interstate. far enough into the future, people will live in capsules orbiting the earth. Everyone will have their own asteroid. Contractors will construct custom made planets. Someday, someone will become rich enough and the technology will become advanced enough for a whole universe to be tailored to one individual. Then, the process will be complete. We will be gods and we will be alone.

Anway, i thought about this ATM vs. Bank depositing problem some more and I realized that depositing a check at the bank isn't really interacting with someone. It's a false interaction. You might say, "How are you, Mr. or Mrs. Teller?" But you don't care. You don't want to know. you want to deposit your cash. So, I've made the decision that when I become dictator of the world, I will eliminate all forms of false communication. False communication is so prevalent that ,sometimes, it is nearly indistinguishable from true communication. So, to help me and my plan, email any false communication that you encounter to and I will document it and store the file in a fireproof safe. There, it will wait for my inevitable rise to power.
Morning everybody!!! Trivia question of the day: What movie is this from? "He left us! He left us!...... (new speaker) but that's not what I'm gonna do." E-mail me your answers,

Monday, June 24, 2002

I started the day off with a haircut, with only minimal help from matt. tried again to get a library card, but forgot to bring proof of my current madison address. then charlie and i went on the fantastic capitol tour and got pictures with our knowledgable our guide maureen. so far an excellent day. 508 was also intruduced the pop goodness that is beulah's new album. boss.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

matt and i went to party with mabel at picnic point last night. picnic point is an expensive getaway destination. $337 per ticket.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

I'm sooooooooo close to doing an ollie on a skateboard. A couple more days practice and I'm there dude. Skate or Die!
I'm sweatin here . . . roasting . . . you could fry an egg on my stomach
Hung out on 508's porch for a while last night and randomly ran into a guy who saw one of the the two ever Unstoppable Robotic Menace perfomances, this one being the first at Sheryl's house prior to her move out. It was very strange to run into someone who remembers you from a show, and the show being two years ago. Paul, our ex-roomate, came by last night and fed us Foster's till we burst and had some rock sandwiches at 445. Good times all around. This afternoon was largely spent around the Smurf kiddie pool in our front lawn, drinking rum and cokes and listening to the Ramones. The stares of those walking by made it clear we were simultaneuously the envy and embaressment of the neighborhood. Listening to Porno by Clinic at the moment, courtesy of Helena. Whoopty whoop.

Friday, June 21, 2002

I went and saw Middleworld at the terrace last night. The highlight of the evening had to been Arizing, the band before Middleworld. They were a hardcore christian rock band along the lines of Limp Bizkit. It reminded me of Charlie's religion bit. Did he do that last night? I wish I had seen it.

I went to Nick's afterward and I didn't see any of you guys there. Where were you? What happened last night? I feel so lost. Hold me.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

janel took off for europe for a month and a half this morning, so we had a little cast off party at the echo last night. best news of the night: new cds in the jukebox, most prominently the rushmore soundtrack and the first jane's addiction cd. the scene is working! now just to stick in our own mix cd.
fitch, i just want to say: thanks for letting us drink in your house that time you went up north with your parents. little did you know that you started something surely later to become a long and drawn out problem...

Monday, June 17, 2002

My old friend Fitch just called. He's in the navy. Not the kind you're thinking. He's in the straight Navy, as he likes to say. He was my friend in high school. He did things like smoke, drink, vandalize, and smoke. He likes metallica. Let the journey begin...
my mother has declared my current haircut to be 'nate's worst haircut. ever.' harsh mom, harsh. our neighbors across the street have moved out, and forgot to change the address for their wall street journal, so i have some new reading material. the show on saturday night was pretty good. appleseed cast wasn't as good as they were in the past, but were still very entertaining. if there ever was a band that relied more on their drummer to keep them from sucking, i have yet to see them. mates of state were excellent, they even put up with a crowd of a hundred drunk madison night's singing the hook to 'a control group'. whoooooo -ooo- ooo! (click click). scenester night at echo this evening.

Sunday, June 16, 2002

MoS: they're so cute!
found this article while browsing the yahoo news message boards. It's pretty interesting. The article claims that the FBI knows who was responsible for the anthrax mail scare but they won't arrest him because he used to be top level bioterrorism scientist and his arrest would be just one more blow to their already weakened image.
I'm going to read the scottish press more often.
appleseed cast has the coolest drummer ever. that was the best show i have ever seen on the terrace! the mates of state!

Saturday, June 15, 2002

the show last night was pretty low key, as we were tired and stuck in a very small area for a stage. janel was also in charge of making the setlist. mates of state tonight, we will be in the front row geeking out and trying to get them to come hangout with us. i got to go minigolfing with our nieghbors this afternoon, losing a close one to jim and joe. my sister will be in town tomorrow, so i will be trying my best to show her a good time. yehp.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

I was talking to marcus about Gordy the Recording Superstar and I think we should do it. It would $20 bucks an hour and marcu and I estimated that we could record five songs in ten hours if we really tried. That's 200 clams. Gordy uses pro tools so we could actually do any additional mixing we wanted. we should do it sometime before the grickle grass/kurmudgeon tour. Marcus said mondays and tuesdays would be good for him. maybe we could do it on the weekend, i'[m not sure.

go team!
yeah, i hear you, janel. good deal
At work on 4 hours of sleep. I was doing fine until I read Janel's entry. Help me!
i think someone needs to be cut off....
man, where does she come up with that shit?
sometimes the world pulses and undulates around you. never fear it is merely the inanimate objects breathing when they think you are not looking.
without doubt and taking into consideration, bare toes, one can possibly be liquid-i-ated and fervent a top of the dulldrum of the daily butterwort stage...ah wine.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Hey everybody!!!! How we doing? I just watched the movie Firestarter with my roommates. It was horrible, but in a good way. Matt really wanted to watch it, for reasons I can't muster up. Do me a favor, the next time any of you see Matt hit him upside the head. It'll do him good. Take a look at his picture to the right. Memorize it. Memorize it!!
they finally paved our street over. i can now walk to charlie, dave, and jim's without extreme feet dirtying. i can attempt to skateboard. i can play kick the can in the street once more. whoopty whoop! bowling again last night, doty ranch cleaned up first game, second game was more rocky as i was only planning on one game and had been drinking accordingly. janel is a very good bowler for professing to not do it that often. life is good on doty street.
I've got some good news. The DPC fan site will be up some time today. We also have a show at the blue moon this friday with Mabel and W Von Braum that should rock. I worked today and made 35 dollars in tips. Hell yeah! I want to thank my employer for suggesting the idead of me being nice to the customers it worked like a charm. I was wondering if you guys could pick me up for our show on friday. Talk to you guys and the world later. Oh, I also have been working on my "there's a painting on the wall song maybe you guys would like it, but probably not because I suck at the guitar. see ya, Mama!
janel, since you were so kind as to lend me your bike today, i'm going to do you a favor and put some air in the tires. i hope my car is gonna make it out of that place alive...

Monday, June 10, 2002

If one was so inclined, he or she could check out the cesto picture page and see them action at the 324 in La Crosse. The pictures are kind of blurry but, at the same time, kind a cool. If you look closely, you might catch a glimpse of some of us in the pictures--namely, Janel.
There's a solar eclipse tonight, folks! Well, a partial solar eclipse but a solar eclipse nevertheless. It starts at sunset so it should be cool to look at if there are no clouds. but if there are clouds we can stare at them and pretend to watch a solar eclipse.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

Like Craig says, good show last night. Cesto's musical highlights: 3.) Breakdown/Bridge to Anchor Mountain -> To Matt's annoyance, I had to pound the triplet drumfill into his back. 2.) All of Twinkle, which has been revamped and restructed but is still one of my favorite songs of all eternity. 1.) The Guitar break and solo of Magic. They also ended their set with Cologne, which I have not heard them play in at least 3 years. Our set also got a bit fractured towards the end as we threw in That's When I Reach for My Revolver and my end of Apt. 10 jump ended with landing on top of Craig's foot switch. The band room, where beer was stored and naps where taken, also had a tv that showed views of both the stage and crowd. Everything looks cooler in black and white.
Last night's show was possibly my favorite to date. Club 324 gave us our own separate band room and two cases of beer to split between us and Cesto. Cesto rocked mucho. Then we played about 15 songs and the crowd seemed to be into it, which may be because of the booze, but we'll take what we can get. After the set I earned the last beer in the band room after an arm wrestling match with Jesse, the drummer for Cesto. All in all, I had lots of fun. Ciao
third day on a row of a post 5 am blog and bed. this really is the rock and roll lifestyle.

Saturday, June 08, 2002

i have to thank my mom for the lasagna recipe. it was soooo good, i was so full that i was immobilized! look at the shows page for the address to the lacrosse show. lacrosse, here we come!
i am going to bed today at 6:45 in the morning. if anyone wakes me up before our show tonight, i am gonna have somebody's head on a platter. (but you don't understand man, he slapped me so hard...)

Friday, June 07, 2002

we celebrated janel's birthday, and we are now going to bed. more details in 10 hours, after sleep.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

the girl won't sell. but i'm gonna make it happen! yeah! someday i'm gonna have my own violin!
I was thinking about friday night and the fact that we have to cook for twenty people or so and a thought occured to me: I can't cook. I can't even fry an egg. they turn into egg nuggets.

Craig, I see Paul Thomas Anderson sent you an email. I wonder how he got hold of your movie. Most importantly, how did he know you were allergic to nuts?
Don't you hate it when you're trying to mpeg bad footage from the math project and it keeps cutting out after 1 minute and 53 seconds so you've wasted a half hour and you have to do it all over again? E-mail me your answers please.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

we had doty street bowling night last evening. the doty ranch lost, and as punishment, we have to do a bit of cooking for everyone else on friday. if you have ever had a meal at our place, well frankly actually, no one's ever had a meal at out our place because we don't cook. i cook omelets, but that's not going to satiate 20 people on a friday night. so, it looks like we got a lot of work to do in the next couple of days.
my hands, my hands!!!!!! every time i go bowling. every time!!! it's taking its toll on me!!!

Monday, June 03, 2002

it's a sad thing when people have not had to clean up for themselves during the developmental stages of their life. most likely the result of a mother's excessive cleaning habits. perhaps just as likely influenced by traditional patriarcal modes handed down genereation after generation in society. when a person has never had to use their own hands to clean, they often do not realize how to clean. or how to take care of themselves in a fashion respectful of others around them. and now that i have finished cleaning the entire living room by myself, i have decide to do something about this. someday i am going to make a mop out of my bandmates' scalps and use their body fat as soap in order to clean the blood stains off of our floor.
practice with DPC: marcus shows up, we have cigerettes, practice 7 songs, each one time, have another cigerette and then marcus leaves.
practice with new kentucky quarter: ron and i show up, everyone else shows up a little bit later, we practice three songs each one 5 times, we dissolve into a band meeting complimenting each other and we all go home.
practice with unstoppable robotic menace: marv and benny show up, we jam for 30 minutes, we practice 'my friends', then my parents get pissed and they go home.
practice with war against bad guys: we don't practice.
practice with jon and adam: jon and i bike over to east mifflin, have a cigerette, go to the basement , start drink 40s, practice one song for an hour, finish 40s, send nate out on moped to corner store to get more 40s, nate gets back, everyone rides on moped, song is practiced once more, jon and nate try to bike home.
i am starting to really loathe beautiful girls. well, not all of them, but the ones who are used to getting their way all the time. how can you relate to one of them on any meaningful level? i like my bandmates. we may not be pretty, but we're still tolerable conversationally after a couple bud ices.
it's also only 1:30 and i've already been blessed with ben edison's presence. listening to the d plan/juno split e.p. i don't really care for the juno original, but the other three songs are fantastic. joe got caught aboard a boat with 7 tons of opium!

Sunday, June 02, 2002

i feel so wholesome right now. thanks to frank for bringing the hookah. the double apple tobacco was super subtle. i feel like i came close to living the animal house paradigm tonight.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

My main purpose of blogging at the moment is to reassure people I am back in my own house in one piece. Tonight we played kickball in the street. Last night I was in a two person punk band with Ivan Klipstien and brought the house down, at the airport. Flights were delayed, no lie. Things are all coming together. Also, why are my bandmates always asleep when I come home? Bunch of sissies.
Hey there. I'm playing a little old school super mario with my good friend Nathan Wells. It's fun. I fuckin died on level three. JESUS!!! LEVEL THREE!!!!!! I'm pathetic. Anyway, I saw Sky at the Echo tonight. She recognized me and wished that she saw us play. I gave her our website. Maybe she'll read this and say, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT, they mentioned me!!!!!" We can only hope. Keep it real (I don't know what that means).