Tuesday, July 30, 2002

1> yeah yeah yeah's - bang
2> spoon - everything hits at once
3> hefner - i took her love for granted
4> sleater - kinney - one beat
5> pedro the lion - diamond ring
5> radiohead - myxomatosis
6> descendents - i'm the one
7> magnetic fields - reno, dakota
8> superchunk - out on the wing
9> milemarker - ant architect
10> nerd - brain
I have a bruise the size of an apricot on my foot. Yesterday, I played the Tronsolow drumset while Jon played a wall of guitar amps. I wore sandals and the bass drum pedal kept smacking the top of my foot, but it was fun as hell. Yee haw!
We're going to live!!!! We're going to live!!!! click here. Now that I know I'm not going to die, I need to make some apologies, quick.

Monday, July 29, 2002

the show went really well last night. thanks alot to all of the people that came, thanks to dharmakaya music for setting up the show. thanks to x's x's for rocking out. hopefully next time we play at the annex, i won't get kicked out of the bar.

Sunday, July 28, 2002

as caroline pointed out, I failed to mention where the riskiest place to masturbate was. Here it is:

On the interstate, in the back of an SUV, while your parents are in the front seat and you are in the back under a blanket.

or, into the bushes while mowing the lawn.
Q-tips in my ears = best feeling in the world.

I must be an aural fixator. Ha!
hey, are you coming to my show? Yeah, it's tonight at the annex. The doors open at 7 but the show starts at 7:30. Who are we playing with, you ask? Well, X's X's, an all girl punk band from Philadelphia, and The Supersound, of course. How old are you? Oh, yeah, you can come. It's 18+. But there's a five dollar cover. What? You're killing me here. No, seriously, put that knife away. shwik shwik shwik. ow ow ow.
Thanks to everyone who came to watch my movie. You're all great. And to those who weren't there, thanks for not coming. You're great too.
You know what's scary? Giant sharks with mozzarella sticks for teeth.

That's a good lookin picture of marcus. Lookin good, marcus. Lookin good

good lookin marcus

Saturday, July 27, 2002

bedroom cleaning... good times.
"emptiness is loneliness, and lonelines is cleanliness, and cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty, just like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Friday, July 26, 2002

i am in a really good mood at the moment. first off, according to ian, i have just "won". i guess it's not so much winning something as being the victor. whoopty whoop! second, the yeah yeah yeahs' song bang is just about my favorite song of the year so far. my skin tonight is blazin'. also, i did my laundry today, which isn't so exciting, but it's been a long time. i just washed a large number of t-shirts. 24 actually. 13 of them are band t-shirts. one shirt i bought last week and have yet to wear (the peppermints). one is from 1983 (mayo eye team: adventures in softball). three shirts were borrowed and as of yet not returned. five of them have animals on them, and two of them have water-traveling vehicles. alright, i am through being dorky now.
kid dakota rocked last night. as the opening band lateduster finished their set, the rain slowly rolled in with enormous lightning in the background. unfortunately, the terrace sound guys had to cancel the show in order to save their equipment. frustration. the band had to drive back to minneapolis that night. some of them had to work in the morning. luckily, they were coerced into bringing all their equipment inside into the rathskellar (thanks, girls). they couldn't use any of the P.A. equipment, so they ran a microphone through someone's guitar amp. there were no drum mics. it was so cool!

Thursday, July 25, 2002

Just another day on the farm
Mom, I'm addicted to secondhand smoke. I think it's because I wasn't introduced to it until later in life. You didn't smoke. You were too busy beating me with the rolling pin and calling me your, "little ugly mistake." I love you mom. Thanks for the scars!

If you enjoyed this false story of bad parenting and would like to hear more, order our upcoming EP, featuring the song pennies, about my fictional disfunctional father. (how's that for aliteration?)
last night i went to the concert on the square with my parents. good times. i got a lecture about smoking. i let them know that the majority of the dpc smokes. and of the doty ranch. and we play in smokey bars. and we drink in smokey bars. and we don't usually let people smoke inside the house. and i don't let people smoke in my car. blah, blah, blah, blah....

so i don't smoke tobacco.

and just because i smoke a little crack when people come over to the house to buy some doesn't mean that i am a bad person. i just like my crack.

and my clients like it as well.
we didn't go to the oakcrest tavern. maybe that's a a good thing. I've never had a good impression of the oakcrest. For those of you who don't know, the driftless pony club (minus marcus of course) used to live in the regent. Game days were hell and the oakcrest was the ninth circle. They filled their parking lot full of beer, brats, and baha men. all morning the incessant "who let the dogs out!" I wish somebody would answer that question. We'd all sleep a little easier.

However, Jim, craig, nate, and I went to the White Horse because it was happy hour all night. I don't want you to get the impression that we are raging alcoholics. We wanted to get a single drink. Instead we got three and moved on to paul's club where I had a whiskey Manhattan thanks to Jon. Those are good. They put cherries in those things. Being well greased with social lubricants, our conversation turned from "riskiest places to masturbate" to "which celebrity actresses would play the males on doty street." As a band, we had discussed this very thing for a music video but extended it to our neighbors. Uma Thurman as Jonathan Arris. Janeane Garofalo as Jim Schneider. Okay, these are approximations at best. We took into account both looks and apparent personality and tried to come up with the closest match.

here's that band:

Angelina Jolie as Matt Weber
Alyssa MIlano as Craig Benzine
Drew Barrymore as Nate Bartley
Sophia Coppola as Marcus Truschinski
Sigourney Weaver as Ian Purvis

man, it took me forever to do those links. I couldn't get the pictures I wanted. I should be doing my homework. I have class in an hour.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Today I was as busy as the proverbial bee. I cut my hair all by myself and I think it looks just fine thank you. Then I went and met with my creative writing professor, Ron Kuka, and we discussed my latest (and greatest) short story. Then K Lean and a different Ron came over to the Doty Ranch studio in order to record a demo. All of it was pure gold. This records gonna go bronze! Maybe even iron! Right now there is talk about going to the Oakcrest Tavern (wait! wait! let me finish!) We are going to meet Mike "Fuckin" Gilson and his troops at the Oakcrest for Karaoke night. I wasn't there but I hear that Brendan can belt out a mean "Kiss" by Prince that gets all the ladies dancing.

slice it thin, rockapella
nate needs to stop caring about not caring about clean dishes and start caring about Rushmore, which I think is better than the Royal Tenenbaums. Bottle Rocket ain't too shabby neither.
craig needs to stop caring about clean dishes and start caring about wes anderson.
I appreciate it when nates agrees he'll do the dishes when he's finished with his salad and then I post-pone other things I could be doing while I'm waiting. About forty minutes pass by and I find nate at the neighbors house watching a movie. I ask if we're going to do the dishes and he points at the TV. Not "no", not "in a minute," but, "...(point)..." Who's the evil one here?
Oh yeah, anyone want to watch my film I made in a class? It's showing at the Orpheum on saturday along with a bunch of other student films. Starts at nine. I think mine's showing second. Only three dollars. Let me know soon so I can sell you a ticket. Thanks. You're the best.
Went to the old Denny's tonight with the old Liz, the new Caroline, and the ugly Matt. Times were had. Denny's is shaping up. I must say I was a little skeptical at first, but they must have done some renovating, because the place looks like magic. We sat in the smoking section, though none of us smoked. HA! We showed them. I was going to order buffalo wings, but upon further consideration, I decided on the classic burger. Can't go wrong with a classic. Sort of like when they came out with New Coke and everyone hated it so they went back to the old Coke and changed the name to Coca Cola Classic. I've never had New Coke, but how I wish I had. I guess the moral is, you don't really notice something until it's gone. The End.
alright folks, time to comment. what is evil in this world? i will start off by saying charlie from 508, for continualy filling up my glass at the echo this evening. no good at all. and your response?

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

for our friends at the surfside!

We'd like to tell you all a story. A story about poo, and the girls
who cleaned it up. Landlord Mary came up to the apartment with plunger and gloves in hand
tonight. She thanked us for having a good party and keeping it under
control. However, she says, we had one job left yet to finish. The
basement toilet, as we all recalled, had plugged up a bit, and it was
up to us to clean it. Venture downstairs we did. Oh, the horrors that awaited us. First obstacle: the smell. Second obstacle: the mounds of shit that were
piled up in the toilet. We ran back upstairs to arm ourselves with endless disinfectants and a
triple-ply garbage bag, and back to the disaster area we went. After
pointlessly Lysoling the bathroom for about 10 minutes, it was time to de clog. But how to do it, we ask? Simple. First, someone had to
pick up the mounds of shit and put it in garbage bag. But who would do that? Maggie, the heroine of our story. So in she went, gloves on
hands, breath held, and proceeded to manually move the shit from the
toilet into the garbage bag while Tori sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. Once the shit was scooped and the gagging subsided, two tasks had to occur simultaneously: the transportation of the bag of shit to the
dumpster outside, and the plunging of the toilet. So Becky took over
plunging duties, while Tori and Nicole raced outside to dispose of the
mess. Meanwhile, Maggie continued to gag from her earlier brush with
death. As the smell filled the entire basement, the five minutes of
plunging finally took effect and the job was done, as well as it could
be at least. We all smell like poo, and we are all better people for

We should have parties all the time!

Nicole, Tori, Maggie, and Becky
There seemed to be a lot of relationship talk at the echo tap last night. what's up with that? Has doty street night lost its roots?

I remember when it was just craig, janel, nate, and I. We didn't talk about girls or boys. We talked about more important things like movies.

fuck the bullshit, I'm staying true
ps. my parents our moving to florida. more details tomorrow.
this blog has been removed. while truthful, it's presence here was the result of the echo tap last evening.
This blog is in response to the comments of Nate's latest blog. First of all, SpongeBob is fantastic!!! Absolutely genius! Original, funny, and weird. Everything I like. Second of all, old school scoobydoo sucks. It's the same jokes, same plot, same events in every episode. Cheap cartoon making. Third of all, I agree with the simpsons. That is great. And I agree with Caroline's comment about Invader Zin, even though I've only seen like two episodes. It's good stuff. Fourth of all, will someone please comment. I never get comments. Boohoo. Is it because I have a beard? Cuz I don't anymore.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Hey, guys! let's go on a real tour someday. Hopefully, with Grickle Grass and Kurmudgeon.
we have started reviewing the tour footage for our upcoming our sisters know karate DVD. there's a lot of footage of the ground, me looking like a doofus, trying to find places, and us partying then cuts to the morning after. we hope to fly in kurmudgeon and grickel grass for some commentary and explanations of some of the stuff we are doing. i think we are playing this annex this sunday. i almost bought the jesus and mary chain singles collection today, but the wallet wasn't deep enough. i also watched two hours of spongebob this afternoon before losing interest. that's it for the moment.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

thanks to grickle grass and kurmudgeon for an awesome time this weekend. thursday at the fireball was great. good chinese food. stomach packed full of coffee and water and chicken fried rice... spacecamp rocked out to open up the night. then we played next without realizing that the boys from grickle grass were sacrificing some of their playing time to give us more time onstage. thanks guys. and thanks to joe for sneaking me into big v's later on. i really dug the peppermints, especially the all-band drums!

friday night was a crazy time. after spending all afternoon watching a japanese movie called "battle royal" we were ready to head over to big v's. kyle had single handedly burned 20 cds for us to sell because we left madison with six cds in tow. he probably didn't know that he was starting a cd duplication service. later on that night he would tell me, "hey, take a bunch of cds and give them to joe. tell him to walk around and sell them and watch what happens." so i gave joe the cds. he walked from one end of the bar to the other once and then he handed me a stack of money. he had sold every one. that guy is amazing.

the amount of alcohol i drank that night was also amazing.

after driving home from minneapolis with a severe hangover, i must say that i have never had more fun playing than i did last night. thanks so very much to everyone who came out to party and watch the show. madison pales in comparison to the twin cities in terms of the number of venues. and we were hard pressed to find a place to play, so thanks especially to the landlord of the surfside for letting us pack 100+ people in their backyard. it was crazy. we had boats pulling up to listen to us! we had toilets busting!
I wish we could tour all the time. Playing music accounts for only a fraction of the total activities. Ankles are broken, cars are driven (while hungover), parties are had, showers are neglected, clothes stay the same, girls kiss you, boys kiss you, dominos are played, you dance, you sleep on the floor, you sleep on part of a couch, the landlord lectures you, the police might come, kegs run out, people go in the fountain, people go to the echo tap, and much of it is video taped.

I have a huge bruise on the side of my wrist from banging it against my guitar while strumming. I think I will have to buy some wrist pads.

Kurmudgeon and grickle grass just left our house. I will miss those guys. Not only do they rock but they are good people. They make you laugh. They make you cry. But, in the end, they video tape themselves pissing.
i find myself in the land of guiness, were a jig with a fat man is a jolly time, and youth punk bands horribly vocalize their out of tune levels of mush. its mad. haircuts occur in the streets, but i think i'd rather walk on stilts, perhaps while wearing a skirt. oh and leggings of course. but much more important is the smell of foul pee, piss, and dog shitted vomit rising from the street like steam from one's tea. lightly brewed of course. this scent should be made into a perfume. sigur ros was suppsosed to play but cancelled. and i shall cancel my magazine perscription. if not, then where is the crack? i'll bound between the rooftops and unicycle to the cliff. then clutch a flying swan's tallon and swim. off for anonther afternoon beveragizing.
thanks to katy and liz for taking care of me and bringing me food.
thursday night: arrive in saint paul just before we are supposed to go on. fireball has the world's highest drum riser. bright lights on the stage make in extremely hot. i am forced to take my pants off halfway thro the set. we go to big v's later and see the peppermints and ear candy. both are very good. i sleep in the basement on some coach cushions. friday: we spend half an hour trying to get to dinkytown. once there, we eat and spend a good chunk of time in cheapo's. i find a cheap joni mitchell, beauty pill, my bloody valentine, liz phair, and cLOUDDEAD. i buy joni and cLOUDDEAD. a bunch of my high school friends show up at the show. our set goes well. i go to the dinkytowner and go to bed eaerly, this time in an attic. saturday: leave madison at noon, come home, eat, shower, and head over to liz and nicoles to set up. landlord starts to have second thoughts. people i invite show up and leave. we ed up playing third instead of first. we sing the end of disney on ice with grickel-grass. we sing don't give up at kurmudgeon. half way thro our set, i realize a) the drums were are all positioned funny by the other bands and it's throwing me off b) no one i wanted to be at the show was at it at the moment c) i have huge blisters on my hands d) i am pretty trashed and only getting worse. i think the rst of the night was interesting, but i was forced to bed early after trying to destroy one of my paintings. someone else will fill you in.

Saturday, July 20, 2002

i got to drink premium!!!!!!!! hopefully that won't be my last one...
So far this mini-tour has been too cool for words, but I'll try. Grickle Grass has been amazing both nights and Kurmudgeon played with us the second night. Fabulous. Space Camp played a rockin set at the fireball. I drank. Munchkins in a Can, a local band, played their final show after us at Big V's. I drank. I'm sure others will tell you more.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

we're off to the twin cities and sleater-kinney is starting my day off just right. Ready or not state with wrestler for governor, here we come.
tomorrow begins our minitour. i am exhausted already. i hope to fully reap the benefits of being a rockstar. more in the morning after some desperately needed sleep. sidenote > any comments made on WSUM have to take into account that i was the only member of the dpc who bothered to represent that day. and if our roadie wasn't so busy with trivialities like his day job and his family, maybe he could actually come with his to the twin cities. we need our father figure there.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

This is the first time I've ever posted outside of the Ranch. Sorry I can't make the show on account of the family function that I have to attend. Away from Graig and Findorf's water truck. Still the best roadie ever regardless to what Nate says on WSUM.
is this true, craig?
Here it is, the new quote. This one is from an absolutely wonderful movie: "I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I hoped it could be."

There are many other great quotes from this movie but this one encapsulates the theme of the entire movie, and is sort of hard to guess, I think. If you get it right I'll give you one item of my choice that I own...or have stolen.
don't you hate it when you are making out with a girl and the dragons from "Reign of Fire" start burning the place down?

no respect whatsoever
we have the details fleshed out for our show this saturday: it's on lake mendota! take langdon to frances street. the party will be outside of 630 north frances. hope to see all of you there, it's gonna be free. and there will be beer. free beer. we will be playing with our pals kurmudgeon and grickle grass, which some of you are already familiar with. they rock hard. we're not going to be charging for beer, so if you feel nice, bring some money to buy some cds. if you want some better directions, email us. and get ready to hear some more of our new songs.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

upstairs bedroom at a party - > miles well . . . . . . so good.

Monday, July 15, 2002

hey.. i thought that the clone defects had gumption. that's right. and i was more entertained during their set than i was during the whole get up kids set. so there. i think that jack white is my biggest guitar hero.
just got back from the white stripes. mmmm, so good. played jolene, huge american flag came down from the rafters at the notes to the first song, meg white sang a song on her own, people weren't too stupid, opening band clone defects sucked hardcore. so much rock. i have a crush on meg white at the moment. mmmmm.

Sunday, July 14, 2002

okay, it's time to go see the white stripes! this is going to be the third time i have seen them, and hopefully the drive to this show doesn't get messed up like the one on friday. despite the fact that i need to be finishing some homework right now, i think i'm gonna take a shower. yes, a shower. showers for all.
Yesterday, I came home from Marshall, WI and found Jon messing with our recordings. "Cool," i thought. "He'll make it sound good." So i left for awhile and, when I returned, Jon had deleted all of my tracks. "Man," Jon says. "I'll get my big muff and you'll get the cardioid mic, and we'll make this rock." So, for the next hour, Jon broke me down and built me back up again. he molded me into his image. The tracks sounded pretty good for the most part and I'm glad Jon is helping us because we don't know what we are doing.

break it down, toadstool!
No worky for Craigy. Time for sleepy.
went to show last night. enjoyed manplanet's pyros and synchroninity. when did bassist from the benjamins join the band. five dollar foundation was fun, things meant for eating and drinking were thrown. went to party. weezer was played. wop was imbibed. many people knew who DPC was and were under the impression that we were good. this made me nervous. talked to katy about control by pedro the lion. she said it was the best 8.99 she had spent in a while. concurrence on my part. come on people. good crowd of friends. cops showed up. party busted up. in moment where friends were needed most, there were none around. come on people. waiting for my sister to show up for lunch, then white stripes. new pictures on right of screen. credit=janel. new pictures up in pictures soon, very soon. jon is is helping us engineer our cd. we like it when things sound better.

Saturday, July 13, 2002

recorded some more this afternoon.

I did some overdubs for pennies.

Ian laid down bass tracks for pennies and countdown.

we ordered a triple order.

my pants smell like the echo tap.

FDF has their final show tonight on the terrace.

I'm excited about it, but also afraid.

I hope it's not too melodramatic.
I saw sara suck charlie's dick last night. It was for david's (not 508 david) birthday. She didn't give him a full blow job. She basically just placed charlie's dick in her mouth and moved her head back and forth a couple times. Charlie wasn't even erect. Jim was there too. I guess that was his third time witnessing it. I'd seen charlie's penis many times and he talks in geat detail about having sex with sara. So I was expecting this like one expects a receipt or a subpoena; you never really think about it, but when it arrives, it seems appropiate.

"On a long enough time scale, everyone's survival rate drops to zero"

now, who can name the movie where that quote comes from? it's also a book.
I had a dream last night that--on a whim--I flew to new york with Chad Mather and Anna Pliner (the girl from my high school who marcus talked german to) and I rode a bike from the airport to manhattan. I had a van so i could have driven to manhattan but I didn't want to drive for some reason. i think i was scared of the traffic. Oh, yeah! I did drive a little bit but the roads to manhattan were partially flooded. some of them had sunk so they were tilted at forty-five degree angle. I felt that riding a bike was safer. At some point, Chad and I lost Anna and we made it to manhattan. It was night and the world trade center towers were still burning. Police and construction worker were all over cleaning things up and I was barefoot. I was afraid I was going to step on broken glass or a body part.
man... i am never using yahoo directions again. what i thought would be a short cut turned out to be 30-45 minute journey through arlington heights, mount prospect, des plains and heavy traffic. i missed hot rod circuit. that's all i even wanted. i wanted to see casey prestwood jump. superchunk and the get-up kids were going to be a bonus. although i was pretty bummed out already, the crew at the metro really pissed me off more by increasing the base drum level to "french-riot-control-bowel-dropping sound blast". a medium venue forged into intense processed stadium rock. i hate that sound. i like economical drum micing. and i like being able to tell different guitars apart. maybe i'm just not with the new style. i hope the white stripes keep it real for me on sunday. thanks to britt for the parking advice, the walk-a-thon, and the bathroom usage. we are ever indebted to you. i haven't met a person so friendly towards strangers in a long time!
just got back from chicago after seeing superchunk and the get up kids. first off, yahoo gave us bad directions and we ended up in rosemont and arlington for 45 minutes, after ignoring our instincts. second, chicago has no good radio. we heard them play that old nickelback song 4 times, and everyone knows it is so 6 months ago. third off, our lostness caused us to miss have of superchunk's set, which was the whole reason i went. in the plus column, we randomly met this girl britt, who helped us get to the metro and was generally all around cool. she has really sweet marilyn monroe tattoos all around her bicep, and keith haring ones all around her leg. she also claims to have drunk 24 screwdrivers in one night earlier this week, and to have been dating a member of new found glory back before they turned into what they are now. very impressive. after watching the get up kids, three things come to mind. the bassist looked just like mike mills. dpc will try to avoided a 'light show' at any cost. dpc will not ask our opening bands to be our guitar techs and set up our drums while we are busy drinking in the back. we come home to find no one on doty street. where is everyone?

Friday, July 12, 2002

sorry if I offended anyone with my weblog. I didn't realizes girls actually read our diary. That makes me feel good. And maybe it's possible that some girls don't bring pain after all. Where can I find these special "good" girls?
I had a dream last night that we went to northern wisconsin and stayed at Nate's cousin's cabin. There, I had a hangover and I found some pills I thought were advil. I ate them and discovered that they were some sort of chemotherapy pills. They didn't make me feel any better. That's the last time I'm ever going to nate's cousin's cabin!
the interesting part about craig's blog and the responses is that everyones rushing to defend/comment on ani difranco, yet no one feels the need to defend girls in the bigger issue of girls=pain.
Hi. Remember the name of the first DPC EP "in love." Well, it seems that many members of the band are having trouble with the nuts and bolts of Love. Girls use us. Girls spit us out. From my experience, girls usually bring pain. Some of us have an idea for the name of our upcoming EP. It's called Driftless Pony Club Knows Better. I think it's fitting in a lot of ways. One way has to do with "love" itself. Another has to do with the recording process. Anyway, tell me what you think. Is that a good name for our next EP? Do you have another suggestion?

Oh yeah, and one of my associates (a member of DPC who shall remain nameless) says that you should never like a girl who likes Ani Difranco, cuz she preaches about how horrible guys are.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

this is comforting
since alcohol related blogs seem to get the most comments . . .

There's nothing like waking up in the late afternoon, picking the leaves out of your hair, and pouring yourself a nice, steaming cup of Durango.

am I right?
thursday afternoon: the longest possible time till i have to go to class again.
my favorite beer is the beer after work. it tastes so good. yeah, you earned it, buddy. drink that pabst. or bud ice 40oz.

ps: for the record, after the mob violence on sunday, i woke up to go to work and rediscovered that my nails were painted. i had to scrape that fingernail polish off with a pocket knife. in a house of 5 guys, why don't we have any fingernail polish remover? janel!!!!!!! i'm gonna have to get a business manicure.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

I'm blogging now cuz it seems like the thing to do. Matt needs to take it down a notch I think. Right now I'm drinking Dos Equis, a beer made by our friends from the south. It's pretty damn good. Nothing flashy and in your face. It's subtle, that's the way I like it baby. Hey everybody, tell me what kind of beer you like to drink. I love this new comments thing. I actually feel like I'm talking to another human for a change.
the recording seems to be coming along fine. I think olympia sounds great so far. Pennies sounds good too, but I'm not sure about epicycles or countdown.

time to drink a mickey's grenade.
so far today we've laid down the drum tracks for olympia, pennies, epicycles, countdown, and another day under the sun. john from 445 came in and helped us with some sound engineering. so hopefully, the drums will sounds less crappy this EP, and more like thunderous explosions. we are also kicking around potential names. in other news, i just got a copy of sleater-kinney's 'one beat' and i am geeking out. for the most part, really, really good stuff. not another 'dig me out', but a step up from 'all hands on the bad one'. the song 'oh!' will be stuck in my head the rest of summer. BOSS.
when we record, we have to use a different operating system on ian's computer. So if you try to view our website and it is not working, that means we are recording. fantastic.
hat trick!
if we are going to record today, I better buy some cigarettes.
My boxers smell like peanut brittle. is that wrong?
We're going to try and record some new songs today. I'm going to go the tron solow house and steal Jon's mics because they are much better than ours. Jon said he would help record us. he seems to know what he is doing, especcially with the drums. what songs should we record? olympia, I suppose. maybe pennies, epicycles. any other suggestions?
Yeehaw! Pow! Pow! Start sending come comments, maw.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

yeehaw! the comments are a working! maybe
workin' hard on comments... yeeeha! call in the cattle!
just finished my midterm. going to run my head into wall until all this useless 14th century italian fresco knowledge falls out. then i can concentrate all my mental powers on something worthwile. like writing good songs. or art. or sleeping. or remembering how to spell worthwile.

Monday, July 08, 2002

Since Ian's at work, nate's doing a paper, matt's reading, and the neighbors aren't out I decided to talk to myself. I said, "Hey, why don't you blog, Craig." Then I responded, "I don't know maybe I should." Then I followed with, "Yes you should you big fat idiot." I replied, "That's not very nice." Then I got into a big bloody fight and choked myself until I got me to admit that I wasn't fat, but big boned. I stood up, dusted myself off and started to walk away smiling. Then I elbowed me in the back and I went down. Ah, victory!
oh snap
as for comments: we have the technology. Soon, our blog will cease being a one-way conversation and true democracy will be possible. utopian discourse.
charlie and i brainstormed last night and here's what goings to happen to doty street:
a. echo tap t-shirts - if we order a bunch at the same time, we can get them at a discount. and i want everyone to know where i spend my monday nights. the course of action should be clear.
b. blogging potential for everybody - a doty street blog. this requires someone to actually stand up and set it up (i am looking at 517 or 445), and some people to actually get some email addresses (i am looking in your direction 508 and spazz456). whether people who don't actually live on doty street but spend much of their time here are eligible is up for discussion.
c. can we get 50 people to come to a weekly music/comedy/talk show event? do we know 50 people?
d. they decided to turn the water off to our bathroom 5 minutes before i got up and needed to use it. thanks to the generosity of the tron solow household, and their habit of leaving the door open, so i didn't have to pee on myself this morning.
e. i have to go write a paper now.
f. craig, i need my headphones back asap, or you are doomed to eternal dennis-ness.

Sunday, July 07, 2002

'vespids are the best pids' --- alisa, upon return from new york. adam showed up at the party last night and brought his moped, so there was quite a bit of nate zooming up and down doty street with that big stupid looking orange helmet. some one thinks we should have a way to let people comment on this page. i am no computer dennis, how do we do this?
"It's not the size that matters, it's how you fondle the boobs." ---unknown

Saturday, July 06, 2002

Last night's DPC performance was AWESOME! ...I've been drinking again...
Jon, if you are reading this, I want you to send me the latest copy of the Leather Pants Techno Pavlow song. Marcus, thanks for not pussing out on the super stressed vocal part of Supergirl, that pretty much made my night... aside from the fourth lifetime concussion I recieved that very day, but still alive, so still head roadie/ dancer.
our show was the sleeper hit of the summer. When we first arrived at the co-op, no one seemed to know what was going on. Two guys who looked eerily similar sat on the couch. One them was playing a zither "someone left there" and the other was fashioning a drum stick out of an animal bone. They didn't seem capable of showing me where the bathroom was--much less organizing a show. Eventually, the important people showed up--ashley and maya--and the show slowly but surely came together. Then the PBR arrived and the night was complete. maya and a feminized mabel played quiet sets. The whole time I thought, "This is going to be ridiculous when we play. It will be so loud. Everyone is going to leave." So, I drank more PBR.

But our show went very well. People even stood up for part of it. I got to run outside and play guitar.
what i thought was going to be a terrible show last night actually went very well, with only a few problems during one of our encores to to make me think otherwise. i guess the event was a fundraiser, but since it was free, i am not sure where these funds actually appeared from. three new songs where introduced to the world, to mostly not-negative response: lather, rinse, repeat, a poppier song with a nonstandard phrasing to it, countdown, which features all members of the band singing at points, and problems with science, another time-changing rocker. mabel stripped it down to the girls and played a few covers, yeah. that's about it.

Friday, July 05, 2002

Damnit! I can't manufacture nuclear weapons within the sun prairie city limits.
last night doty street celebrated our independence from the rest of madison with our own firework display. charlie's 10 dollar super sparklers and chris's 300 piece saturn rocket finale were obvious hilights. i think we might have a show this evening. that's all i got at the moment.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Everyone should go here to learn about dumb laws passed in this state.
i had a nice romp thro the fountain last night. people said it was nice at least. top ten songs until i get some breakfast into me and change my mind. alphabetical.
1) bad brains - sacred love
2) bikeride - jennifer
3) dntel - (this is) the dream of evan and chan
4) hutch and kathy - an infinite loop
5) jesus and mary chain - snakedriver
6) magnetic fields - strange powers
7) mission of burma - that's when i reach for my revolver
8) murder city devils - rum to whiskey
9) weezer - mad kow
10) wilco - poor places
that's all for now. happy fourth.
I really miss being in the center of the music community. RIght now I'm stuck with a leatherclad, racist, techno maniac. Most people who know me would say, "then what's the problem?" The problem is I have to drive twenty minutes to hide naked in Craig's closet to get some of that big hunk-a-man. To any new roadie hopefuls, BACK THE FUCK OFF!! I'm still DPC's head and only roadie, which by my math makes me god of the roadie universe! Most people know that I actually don't carry any of the equipment...ever, but that's good, cuz then they have to carry it. I love you mom.

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

charlie and sara got me two pairs of pants! boss!
price is wearing a six-button wool and silk suit by ermenegildo zegna, a cotton shirt with french cuffs by ike behar, a ralph lauren silk tie and leather wing tips by fratelli rossetti. the topic on the patty winters show this morning was about a new band called the driftless pony club. i order a J & B on the rocks.
I had a dream last night but I can't remember it. I think I was wearing something black. It wasn't very colorful as far as I remember.
I'm thinking of playing at open mic. anyone else?

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

what do you know? the pictures are back.
Another fine all-boxers practice today, this time Marcus included. Movie quote today (and no looking it up on the internet this time) It's a long one:

"I'm hysterical! I'm having hysterics. I'm hysterical. I can't stop when I get like this. I can't stop. I'm hysterical. Oh my god. Ah-la-la-la. [Man throws a bucket of water on him] I'm wet. I'm wet. I'm hysterical and I'm wet. [Man hits him] I'm in pain and I'm wet and I'm still hysterical! No, no, no don't hit, don't hit. It doesn't help. It only increases my sense of danger.

Remember to say who said it. The prize this time is a combination kiss and warm embrace.

another dream: Somehow, I was stranded on an island somewhere in the south pacific. It must have been pretty far south because it had a pretty temperate climate. Big evergreens and ferns grew there and it snowed sometimes but it didn't get very cold. Maybe something like northern california. I don't know how long I was stuck on the island but it must have been long enough to form some sort of relationship with it because, when I was finally rescued, the island became famous. I told all the reporters about how great the island was and it was all over the news. So, people began flocking to the island. Land developers, best westerns, Holiday inns. I got married or something and I missed the island so I returned with my wife. The island was crowded with people. There was a long line for the hotel desk but, since I was the discoverer, I was privledged and didn't have to wait in line. We went to our cabin in one of last untouched evergreen forests and i complained about what happened to the island. I felt sorry for it and i wished I had never been saved. Then my wife went into the bathroom and said something about lizard eggs. I went in to check it out. She pressed on the tile with her foot and I heard a soft crunching noise underneath. I stepped on it. Sure enough, some lizard had laid its eggs underneath our cabin.
this is matt by the way
This blog is for Ian. So, why is it that the pictures of the underwear and the names don't show up next to our blogs? That should be looked into. Thanks

Monday, July 01, 2002

we just had the first ever DPC boxer-only practice, and hear you me, it was extremely liberating. i am going to do everything in my boxers from now on-> eat, sleep, class, talk, shop, rock, and board in the boxers. of course, occasionally there might be other clothes on as well. whoopty whoop!
i woke up this morning to find blood coming out underneath my fingernail. but i also found my tora! tora! torrance! shirt. all is equal in the world. there is talk of making some doty shirts. is anyone interested?
I had a dream last night that I found a turtle. I was in a school building of some sort. When i found the turtle, a teacher or something came up to me and asked me about the turtle. he told me how he liked to catch turtles when he was a kid. I was in a hurry though so i didn't talk to him long. I had to get to class and I was also waiting for someone on AOL instant messsenger. Apparently, my class was about murder. We studied different types of murder cases. We all had a book full of murder cases and we would take turns reading them. I held that stupid turtle the whole time. I was afraid it was going to piss on me.
i was working on my first homework assignment for a.i. yesterday. and as of 7:00 o'clock this morning i am at the same place i was two weeks ago. who knows what will happen by 7:00 tomorrow morning!
This is an excerpt from an important article on CNN.com about new laws taking affect July 1st. "Florida lawmakers, for example, found time to stipulate that cooking-school students under the legal drinking age can taste small amounts of wine during class -- although they will be expected to spit it out after swishing it around their mouth."