Monday, September 30, 2002

hey, wanna see two members of the Beaves, formerly the Danny Krill Band? Oh yeah, and Jason, the dude from Mates of State? Also, do I spy Ian in the crowd? Maybe not.
signal to trust is good. really good. so is poison control center. and craig, i know where you sleep. it is only a matter of time until i acquire your new alarm clock.
despite the mediocre peformance, I think the show was a success. we met the crazy dudes and dudette from Poison Control Center and we liked their crazy stage antics. We exchanged cds so maybe someday soon PCC will come to madison and tear it up iowa-style
With the exception of tonight's show I think this weekend went really well. Thanks to Grickle Grass, Kurmudgeon, The Clean, Jon, and people I forgot to mention for a great time. I love you all intimately.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

twin cities, ho!

Saturday, September 28, 2002

nicole's analysis of a stereotypical jock:

drinks beer a lot
talks about drinking beer a lot
was Homecoming King
played football in high school
even worse, was quareterback
says "good times a lot"
can't think of anything to post about other than inane things like "what I had for breakfast"
talks about having lots of friends
always talks about having fun, never about having a bad day
wants to be popular
takes off clothes in public when opportunity arises
goes to college half-assedly off mommy and daddy's money
takes more than 4 years to graduate
gets fairly poor grades

keep an eye out, folks
To the haters: It seems that all this hatred has stemmed from high school. People hate Marcus because he was on the football team and because he didn't talk to them. Do you think you're being original and justified with your comments? Do you know how many people have always made fun of Marcus throughout high school and college? I don't really know why they do it. Jealousy maybe. I guess it just seems easy to make fun of someone everybody knows and it makes them feel tough or something, making fun of a guy on the football team. And what's this about all of us being jocks and frat boys? Do you even know what the stereotypes for a jock or frat boy are? Do you even know us? I was on the football team up until sophomore year. That's it. Not that their's anything wrong with people who like sports, but anyone who knows me knows that I don't even watch sports. And if we were really stereotypical frat boys we'd be listening to radio friendly rap and dave mathews and probably talking more about vaginas than this "nicole" or "sara" girl is. And no one's going to respect comments coming from someone who's too afraid to reveal themself and thinks they're still in high school.

see how much of this link you agree with.

none of the below comments were made by me, and the people who wrote them are still too afraid to admit to who they are.

Friday, September 27, 2002

I got my toenails painted on one foot.
Oh yeah . . . we're playing at the memorial union tonight w/ Frisbie. Show starts at 9:30p. We're opening. Haters invited. It's free and it's your chance to tear us apart in front of a live studio audience.
Here's the macho run down of last night: Craig, Marcus, Nate, Jon, and Janel left for La Crosse @ 6pm. Ian and I stayed behind to make some makeshift covers for the new ep at Kinkos. Before we knew it, an hour had passed and we hadn't left Madison yet. We scrambled into the vehicle and drove like bandits to La Crosse: me in the driver's seat, ian beside me making the covers fit into the cd cases. Most of the equipment was in our vehicle (including the PA) so the show couldn't begin until we showed up. I believe it was around 9:30, but everything was good. Grickle Grass and Kurmudgeon were there and they had already quaffed a fair number of beers. I'm glad they are going to be here all weekend. Tim, Ian, and I played some threeway pool . . .

I just got a phone call from Tom and he says I have won a free trip to Disneyland! too bad he thought I was an answering machine.

anyway, good times were had by all parties involved. Kurmudgeon and Grickle Grass rocked the house even though I gave Tim a defective strap. Kyle mentioned something about a Porky's atari game. I'm not sure if he was kidding. Does anyone have any answers? The highlight of our set was when Nate left the drums at the End of Agent Starling and took my guitar. Justin (drummer of kurmudgeon) jumped on stage and took Nate's place at the drums and we finished it off with an ensemble cast. Oh, yeah. We played El Scorcho as well and a bunch of drunken people (one them being Chad Mather) jumped on stage and sang. It's difficult to play guitar while Chad Mather hugs you.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

if you live in madison, you should go see mabel and the shivers with legends of rodeo at the annex this sunday. it'll be a good time.
i just got an email from craig mertes, and he says that he saw houston last night at the 15th street tavern. another one of the bands we are playing with on sunday. he says they are cool, so i am even more pumped up for this now! also, a side note: my operating systems professor used "hiding your stash before your parents come to visit" as a simile in class the other day when trying to explain programming tactics. who knew the older generation could relate?
Saying "good times" makes us look like fun loving revelers? We'll have to say it twice as much now. Or maybe I should consult the DPC-trying-to-act-cool handbook before doing anything rash.

Anyway, today is the start of the "mini-tour" with Grickle Grass and Kurmudgeon. We're gonna meet up with them in La Crosse then they are coming here (I think) and watch us play at the union on Friday. Then, on sat, they are gonna play with The Clean at 10 s. bassett. On sunday, all of us are going to St. Paul and we're gonna play a show with The Plastic Constellations. Woo Hoo! (DPC rule # 117: Say "Woo Hoo!" so people think you are a fun loving party guy who likes the Simpsons)
went to luther's blues tonight to see a show with my pal emily. good times. went to her pad and then sneezed a hundred times because of her cats. heard some of the new doug martsch album. had a weird flashback to a new kentucky quarter show. later i accidentally started shooting my mouth off about gregg perkins and curtis whaley to a friend of hers. like i fucking know about art!

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Yeah, i think we should do it. It's not like it wouldn't be fun and I think those of us who have things to do can leave after we play. Chad has already told a lot of people about it and he would look like a bastard if we didn't show up.
My apologies to Chad Mather and his friends who were having us play in Lacrosse on Oct. 5th. I don't think it's cool for us to say we'll do a show and then back out on it. Imagine if Mates of State would have just cancelled the show after their van broke down. They've already planned a lot and told a lot of people about it. I don't think it's show we should just blow off, but I guess the majority of us made that decision. I'm not happy about, and chad's really not happy about it. And I think he's justified.
new pictures comming from janel's work...
I wish I could make fun of people over the internet as well this guy does
What are they going to say about this blog? Any ideas?
man, sitting by the computer and constantly blogging is the cat's pajamas
High school . . . good times, huh?
Hey guys, when does rush start?
oop. it's 6 o'clock. time to hit the gym!
hey craig you wanna go play some catch? Maybe we'll call up Fitch or Ian Prust and we'll play some dodgeball.
as you may or may not have figured out, none of the comments made in the last several days attributed to band members have been from any actual band members. we like the satisfaction of having underwear icons next to our names.
Yeah. He's kinda putting thingz in perspective. Makes me reflect on my past and regret every second of the lie that I'm living. I guess this meanz that we're breaking up guyz. Thank you anonymous guy. I'll wait for you, wherever you are.
how does this guy know are deepest darkest secrets? What are we going to do now that everyone knows we are just posers trying act cool?? We're ruined!!
Frat Rock rulez!

Is that anything like Fraggle rock?
so sometimes twenty eight year old women still wearing pumps and tapered jeans get caught up in the whole lets continue eating an ice cream cone that's lost one scoop on my pants spheal, and say into their dictaphone, "pineappleasuarus" while she picks her nose, gratefully thanking her godly creator for such existence.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

john prine by low is where it is at today. scaldingly.
Today for breakfast I had applejacks and week old orange juice. What exactly happens to orange juice that gets old and more importantly, to the person who drinks it? So far all I've noticed is an uncanny amount of grease in my hair, but that could be due to lack of showering.

In other news, I've downloaded many episodes of sealab. I want to know what everyone's favorite episode of Sealab is. 445 boys, you know this is mostly directed to you. So far, my favorite is the one with the monster that kills everybody except the captain and Dr. Quinn, who get really fat.
whoooohooo! i just ate at taco john's for lunch today. some of you may ask me if i had been drinking. but i was not drunk. i was just energetic after falling through tussock sedge the arboretum all day.

Monday, September 23, 2002

For that movie trivia question I asked like three days ago, time's up. The answer is "The Wizard" starring Fred Savage. Classic cinema.
Jason Ough, from FDF, gave us some indie rock advice via the information superhighway. I like to call them the three G's.

1. Gotta wear tighter shirts, boys. (marcus, I'm looking in your direction)
2. Grow our hair out. (working on it)
3. Get drunk. ( too late, mein herr)

Jason is studying to be a doctor, I think. when I need surgery to repair some rock related injury (a glass eye), I hope Jason Ough is my surgeon.
man, i woke up this morning to more marshall high school trash-talking blogs. they don't even make sense. so i yanked 'em. cccp style. guys, let's ignore this bs.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

i feel like my first post of the day should have been about our show last night. it went extremely well! and maybe we were a little sloppy. but if anybody is going to play sloppy and still kick some butt, it's the driftless pony club. i was definitely geeky myself when i shook jason's hand and said something about "the defining moment of my life". and i thought i was going to lose my shit altogether when kori was looking for their flashlight and i told her that jason had taped it to the ceiling. but i think i was okay. i got an autographed lp of my solo project.

btw, i just talked to ryan mertes on the phone earlier today. that's the nicest guy ever. for anyone that hasn't heard, someone had used his name to post the inflamitory comments on our site. he feels bad about about it. tron et al, thanks for coming to our aid with the passionate blog comments. but now i see that someone has screwed the fls guys over big time, and i feel bad. if we ever find the person that's been stealing people's names, we're gonna give him the doty workover.
how often do you water bamboo? anyone?
Go here to read a statement by the real Ryan Mertes. Sorry Ryan for any of the things we said on here. I think my neighbors are just itching for a fight. But if you ever want to fight someone, I'm sure the offer would still stand. It would be a good bonding experience for you and them.

In other news, I've discovered that there's nothing cuter than girls talking french while you're giving a piggy-back ride. Thanks for the french lesson, liz and laura. Buffet.
damn it feels good to be a gangster
fuck the amg ratings. this is one of my favorite albums ever.
so we played with mates of state last night. no, for real. i am serious. mates of state and us shared a stage. it wasn't a big stage either. just a little tiny stage, mates of state and us. and mabel. i had my art opening first last night. thanks to everyone who came. the food was good, and i saw a lot of people looking at my art, which was cool, but wierd, since it's been sitting on my bedroom floor for the past six months and now it's hanging on the wall and looking good. alisa gave me some champagne. whoop! then to the catacombs. we were sloppy. sorry if you noticed. but there were a lot of people there, all of whom i couldn't see from the stage since there were lights on us. then mabel played. they had some new songs which i liked, especially the one about 'you show me yours and i'll show you mine'. then mates of state played. no doubt, they were really really good. after the show, i talked to jason, tried hard not to geek out, which of couse happened thirty seconds into our conversation. at least i faired better then steve-o in talking to mates of state. then we went to 445 for a party. freshmen as far as the eye can see. jon gave me a half full bottle of jim beam upon walking in the door. if i remember correctly, marcus and i danced on the bar to the faint and trail of dead, and possibly 'keep 'em seperated' by the offspring. we may or may not have had our shirts off. and someone may or may not have stolen my shirt. i think i need to hear the rest of the night from someone else. there is also a cactus plant on my desk today. and if you tried to come see us last night, and couldn't get in cause it was sold out, tough luck. you knew we were playing first, you should have been there then, and then you could have seen mates of state. and fake ryan mertes, you are sick. no, seriously, you are. i need some water now like nobodies business.
Just so everyone knows, the names you read in the comments section may not be the actual person writing them. And to whoever you are writing these (I have some people in mind) I think you seriously need to seek professional help. FYI, read the real ryan mertes's comment in Matt's latest blog below.
i can die a happy man now. my dream of playing with mates of state has come true. they were awesome!

mert, we'll sort this out. weird shit has been going down lately...

Saturday, September 21, 2002

hey, after the mates of state show, you should come to 445 w. doty for a grand ole party
I have officially declared september 21st Mates of State Day. Happy Mates of State Day!!!

if you have time to waste, my friend showed me this.

Friday, September 20, 2002

are you looking for a good time before the mates of state and mabel show tomorrow night? you are, aren't you? i have just the answer then. chai wolfman and i are having an art show at the red gym, and the opening will be tomorrow night. 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock. there will be food there. and we will be there so you can ask us questions. what kind of art you ask? well, i'll be showing prints and drawings, mainly of robots and bunnies and pirates and bunnies and the like. chai will be showing monoprints of fire and the like. the show is called a life of possibilities and a certainty of death. it should be fun. and then you go with us to the catacombs for an evening of good pop music. good times, my friends, good times.
just so everyone knows, someone has been commenting under marcus's name for the past couple of weeks.

why are people being mean to us? I'm gonna cry
hey, what movie is this from (and remember to answer through e-mail, not comments), "I love the power glove, it's so bad."

Thursday, September 19, 2002

I think this will be a red letter date in our blog's history.

will someone please tell me what the dredd scott fiasco is?
Ryan, I'm sorry that you are upset. We may have talked about your band before but it was nothing personal. Every band has qualities that other people won't like, that's just something you have to deal with. And your brother doesn't have a weight problem. That's ridiculous.
really boys.. grow up.

recess is over.
all right, all right. i got home from class today and saw all this stuff. what's going on?

i am not going around saying anything about how bad former legitimate scientist is. and i am not trash talking anyone. perhaps a long time ago, someone asked me what i thought about fls and i said i thought the singing needed some work. but you know what? who's band doesn't need some work. you know? i have also commented to people about how i thought untitled space song was very well written. and they looked at me like "what?" and i was like, "yeah, i like that song alot." i liked it enough that i even sat down and tried to learn it on my guitar for a while.

everybody can comment about bands. alot of friends of mine have told me they don't like my band. that's fine. i have better things to do. mert, i don't know why this came up all of the sudden, but if you're pissed, i don't know what to say. i am sorry. i didn't go to your shows for nothing.
all right this post was totally wrong
ok. this post was misinformed
ps: i think i was called a "rump ranger" while at the bar last night.
all i was trying to do was drink my $1.50 goblet of pabst.
i have to do some ground elevation testing at the arboretum today! i am in the "channel geometry" group. and you may ask, "what the hell are you talking about?" but i don't really know. all that i know is IES 375 is the greatest "class" ever.
i am on my way to bed when i realize that matt is still up. wtf? only i am supposed to still be up this late on a school night. what a dennis. and it's all raining and stuff outside. go weather!

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

so charlie left to make it in new york this morning. in a very tender moment last night, he gave me custody of his toy robot collection until he can come back and get them. he also left without giving the answers and prizes for his quiz. we will have to get you the answers some how. also, someone buy me this. and this (what's up with the spoon rip-off cover?). and sigur ros is coming to madison. boss.
bye charlie

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Holy shit! Paul looks fucked up!

Is that the mark of the beast on his hand?

Monday, September 16, 2002

this blog was originally posted in february--before we had comments. I would like to see what people think now.

What do The Anniversary, Ozma, URM, Boylion, Zach Attack, The Rentals, and every single other emo band have in common? They all have female keyboardists. Has the woman been relegated to the keyboard by modern indie pop? Back in the days of grunge, women enjoyed the bass. Somewhere in the transition to modern music, women put down their basses and picked up a keyboard--a very large keyboard at times. Men have continued to maintain their stranglehold over the guitar, but now they also hold domain over the bass. Until now, the gender of keyboard players has been pretty evenly split. Something has happened. Are women becoming more marginalized in the emo-indie-pop society? Or is the movement away from rhythm to melody an empowerment of those women? Only time will tell.
where's our archive? and we ate at the echo tap yesterday afternoon. ate, mind you. and we played a show in charlie's bedroom for his going away party. good times. he made us play almost every song we knew. atta boy chuck.
went to arlington heights yesterday to celebrate my grandma's 96th birthday (which is actually on tuesday). wow. i had been bragging to people that i was going to celebrate my grandma's 94th birthday. that a way.

Friday, September 13, 2002

blogging from work again. they are making me take my break, and then only fifteen more minutes of work. actually, i just got to photocopy a journal from 1880. the 125 year old bastard started to fall apart on me. good times.
i am blogging from work right now. whoa yeah. just listened to don't tell me know by the halo benders, fountains of wayne and control by pedro the lion. i will knopw be listening to the second disc of lift your skinny fists like atennas to heaven by godspeen you black emperor. i just had to call jim and wake him up, to warn him some family friends might be stopping by in the next half hour to drop off my dad's record player and records. pantles no more, jim returned to bed. if i continue to have nothing to due during work, i will update again. back to the xerox!
joel- don't worry about the couch. it's cool because you have more than repaid us with the old thompson you left here friday night. it has been sustaining us all week, and after intense drinking to get last night warmed up, we came home, got the bottle, and finished it while walking to the next bar. now it rests in peace inside heartland credit union's flower box.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

was an hour late to work this morning. told them i wasn't feeling well and was sick. i think someone replaced my blood with kiante last night. i think i need more water.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

sew last nite. i dreamt.. a dream in which the wise medicine man was helping protect the lot of us from the evildoers by spreading mashed avacados on our cheeks. our facial cheeks. this performed the act that a chain of garlic normally provides. but better than a rabbit's cut off foot, this spread absorbed instantly into the dermal layer, as a foot does not. but somehow evil still got in.
After that shot of whisky there's only one thing to say, "it's homework time!"
of all the things they are doing for 9-11, I think OSDN has done the best. They turned their ad banners into a memorial web page.
wait a second. I guess most of the ad banners have been turned into memorial sites. That's cool. I wish they would do that with TV. Nothing can disgrace the memory of those who died as much as that Dell guy can.
"when the money's gone, they ain't gonna come around"

-does anybody know that song? if you email me the right answer, i'll buy you a drink. if you aren't a drinker, i'll buy me a manhattan and buy you a kiddie cocktail. it's gonna be hard for the rockers. you're gonna have to think out of the box.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

last night, i went to a meeting for the art show i am invited to do this fall (opening december 2....). there were 6 people there, who were all talking very excitedly about the chance to do undergraduate show at the 734 gallery, which is technically not allowed by the university and required us to get special permission from the department chair. we then went around the room for introductions. the first two artists were both 6 year seniors. the next girl was a seven year senior. i then said in my feeblest voice that i was a senior of the modest four year variety. the group was rounded out by several more six year seniors, someone who graduated last year, and one grad student. i then quietly drank my hawiian punch under the realization that i am seriously out of my league in this show. the pressure is on to make some art that doesn't seriously suck. in less stressful art show news, i will be doing a two person art show with chai wolfman at the red gym that should be opening up on september 21rst, directly before our mates of state show. be there or be L7. i promise it won't suck too much.
The Department of Homeland Security has downgraded my hang over from "Devastatingly horrible" to "Elevated"
new operating system whoooohooooo!!!
i am pretty darn proud of myself that i am not hung over right now. not to say that i'm not hung. andy: tonight i am going to bring over my copy of no alternative, and you will see just what g-g-g-georgia is all about.

I feel like a flailing hawk has lodged its talons into my forearm.

i blame the media

Monday, September 09, 2002

I will be there thursday night if you guys want to party(practice). I also believe that Ryan Adams has changed the way I view style. Western is in and anything that Whitewater people wear is a sin. I also want to thank the man who invented Madden 2001 he has made my luck with my drug habit much better.
shellac was extremely tight tonight. this was the part of the post were i was going to blog about blew away, but instead i am just going to admit to some dorkiness and say that leaving by shallow is.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

my style got ganked.
woke up this morning for a hankering for some TMNT II: The Arcade Game, and thanks to a little run to funcoland yesterday evening, my desire was statiated. of course, it stopped working after the first level. also, if you are a woman, there is a new student organization called W.H.A.M. that you might be interested in. you can get more information be emailing

Saturday, September 07, 2002

we got a real stud up in here.
Jim got hit in the face last night.

I'm gonna get my tiny machines and we'll take those mutherfuckoos apart atom by atom. Of course, to realize this plan, thousands of hours of research will be required. A nice, big grant from the government would be nice as well. I'll write up a proposal.
the enola gays rocked very hard last night, causing mass amounts of water to exude from my skin in the form of sweat. i don't remember the last time i was that gross to be around. favorite song of the evening had to be the cover of james earl stones with chris brohiemer on keyboards. here is a small review of the show from a fairly harsh critic. i am going to have christmas at the zoo this year.
Last night's show gave me multiple fun-gasms. Some of us even stripped down to our boxers. We would've stripped down further, but the brightness of the skin may have blinded those in the front. We care about the safety of the audience.

John and Ryan, despite some salt and some technical difficulties, the 3 Dark Stars rocked!
very good show tonight. happy birthday, sky!

Friday, September 06, 2002

the enola gays are playing at 10 s. basset tonight. i heard they suck, but are entertaining. we are going to heckle them.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

it's official guys...on saturday, september 21rst, your very own driftless pony club will be playing with mabel and mates of state at the catacombs. i think my life can end happily now.
Too many things happened this summer and it would be impossible for me to put them in any top ten list, but I would have to say that the mini-tour with Grickle Grass and Kurmudgeon was one of the best times I've ever had. I love and miss those guys.

Yesterday was tim's 21st birthday. I hear that Kyle was part of the crew that took him out for his hour of power. I hope he is still alive.
my weeekend started at 11:20 today.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

what's this? a blog??
Holy shit! Mabel updated their website!!

what a sassy picture

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

i already miss summer, and i am also already procrastinating due to homework, so here is my top ten moments of summer:
10>fireworks at 508 on fourth of july, particularily charlie's ten dollar sparkler
9>convincing kid dakota to play in the rathskellar after he turns down our basement show offer
8>jenny's b-day and ensuing charlie-created craziness
7>long, drunk memorial day at devil's lake with 445
6>extremely drunk DPC show at the co-op
5>the paving over of doty street in mid-june
4>three day party/tour with kurmudgeon and grickle-grass in mid-july
3>king's club/ian's b-day/fight/cops show up and bust teenage hooligans
2>brendan doing kiss by prince at the oakrest
1>ben and grace's wedding/3 dark stars show/445 party/eau claire with the gilmore's/last sumer doty street night/labor day weekend

what about you, boys?
look at the super huge amount of ultra big shows we have coming up this month! we are a mega fantastic stallion club now!
my professor for film production, eric gunneson, has the coolest moustache/beard. it sweeps down past his ears, bypasses the chin, and connects under his nose.

craig knows what I'm talking about.
operating systems class. very hung-over. mountain dew reaction to dried alcohol remenants. must sleep. must sleep. no more whiskey for a while. i don't care what country it's from. i need water. i need to get rid of these corduroy pants.
I don't know what you guys are complaining about. My class started at 8:00 this morning. mi forbido!
I realized this morning that the choice to take descriptive astronomy might be a mistake---not because of the contents of the course, but because it is at 9:30 in the morning much to early for a muthafuckoo like myself. I hope all goes well today and I do not have to sit in a class for the whole session. I believe that the common thing for a proffesor to do is to hand out a syllabus and say see you next time. If this is not the case I might end up puking today. If it is then, "all's well that ends well" for this motha fuckoo. I can for-surely play that saturday you guys told me about(kadence). I will now venture into the shower for some much anticipated water-on-the-body-of-a-hungover-twenty-one-year-old.Adios, pinche collabres!
just got up. i never want to get up again.
i need to get up in two and half hours for class. and so ends the most rockingest summer ever. the end.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

going to bed? who went to bed last night, mother fuckers? after drinking a whole manhattan by myself (to start off the night) and continuing to drink until 4am, after screaming out my voice to tired of sex, after finally crawling into my bed at 6:30 this morning...i feel that i have finally been able to shake off my the first one to go to bed. now excuse me, i need to take a little nap.
went to ben and grace's wedding last wedding ever due to that fact that they are the cutest couple ever. it was outside underneath a huge willow tree, and they had ivan klipstein and noah play some songs for the reception. they also had spotted cow on tap, and an oscar the grouch kiddie pool full of ice and very nice white wine. a very good time. then to 445's party which was everything it always is. charlie preformed and got the crowd riled up/pissed off. then three dark stars played, less loudly than last time. and their cover of friday i am in love didn't include the chorus. then a dance party to pinkerton. that's when the night started to seem a little long, and the going to bed started. good times. when i put on my glasses this morning, i couldn't see through the layers of dried booze on the lenses. i've also heard i wasn't the only one whose night seemed long.
i know you want to me to ramble on some more, but this all the time i have. you can turn off the tele now.