Thursday, October 31, 2002

ha ha ha matt, my friend JUST sent that to me...*amusement* (sp?) ~ k out
happy halloween everyone.
well, that link doesn't work anymore. Hmmm. go here instead
First sarah, now Jim is the Den's Cow of The Month.

More shameless promotion for the dpc?

I think yes

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

ian, thanks for the life is now complete. (ahha, jk) is anyone dressing up for halloween?? you all better be!! :-) yizzah. halloween rocks. (well except for when you have work at the rag during it...but other than that I LOVE HALLOWEEN!) ~ k out
hey all, halloween is tomorrow and that can only mean a few things. one of them is the gift exchange, turkey, tons of candy, alcohol, desert, and nap party over at 445. starting at around six. bring a gift suitable for anyone if you want a present yourself, and some food and/or beer if you feel generous.
my internet died, my blogging will not be even less consistant than it was previously.traveling elsewhere to use the internet..but somehow, i keep getting paid. so, don't send me e-mail, i can't check it.
Please go here....its a short read...Im going to go play violent video games now
i not sure what is cooler, blogger-ing every ten minutes about nothing, or having really quality once-a-day blogs like this one. this blog is better because its lunch time
the bat is back???!?!?!?!?!?!
anyways, kat: part at tom's green bay packer house on thursday night.
today at work i have got the most done that i have in a long time. i guess you could say it's because of my new 2ghz big mutha-fuckin' compaq pinche box. wooo. i now have my laptop exclusively being used as a cd player/ music stealer.
In otherwords you ran like a little schoolgirl and it happened to fly in your general direction? Anyway, as long as its out of the house so it can re-enter through the attic.
I suddenly saw a bat flying around in circles in my room. I managed to lead it out the front door by using my manly instincts. I am one with nature.
We need to make this blog more entertaining. I think this means we need to blog more often because the boys and/or girls on the westwash blog like every ten minutes. That's not a bad thing. We should step up to the challenge. So now I need something to blog about. Um, janel, matt, nate, and I went to the red shed tonight. This is how nerdy nate, matt, and I are. We spent like 4 minutes trying to figure out the time signature of the chorus of "I Love Rock and Roll." God, we're such math rock dorks. Incidently, the last measure of the chorus drops two beats. Now isn't the world a better place because we know that? Go on, ask yourself.
Grand Theft Auto:Vice City is a beautiful game. In other tax news, this is what you are paying for in this time of national war crisis. Of course in 10 years there will be some country that we supplied 3-year sandwiches to that will be declaring war on us, I just know it. The Lakers are losing. I will rest well.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I have decided this blog is not entertaining (sp?) enough... this blog is far more charming at times...
so therefore let's make the unofficial doty blog more entertaining... :-)

ps do any of you kiddies know of anything going on thurs and/or friday!?!?!?!?!
I'm lonely! oh so lonely! I had a great deal of fun this past weekend and I believe the next time I go to Madison it will also be lovely. I wish that I had enough time right now to show up more in the best city(currently to me) in the world. Bad News: I've got to get my haircut for the next show that I am in. Good news: I will be in a student directed excerpt of True West by Sam Shepard also starring Eric Nameth. So if you have a the night open on Dec. 9th or 10th you should come watch this play. It should be worth your while. Other Good News: Whitewater folks are really excited to see the show on Nov. 14th at Jitters on Whitewater campus. If you can you should also come to see the DPC, the Right Arms and, especially come to see Mabel on that day. Also Good News: I'm catching up in school! On a side note: Liz, the comments about our new songs were very valid and helpful, thanks.
ps do you all think I am girly?? I am known as the girly one among my friends a lot...especially between liz and I and I am not sure if I like that... :-( so do you all think I am girly?? ahh vanity speaks again...ahahahaha.
oh no liz, that sucks!!!!! :P stupid madison cops.... allright here is my plug for a show this weekend.....some of you may remember my friend mel who had a party this summer that was rather crazy and drunken, but quite charmingly fun. she is the film girl. her party was on mifflin street...but she has now moved and is having another fabulous party...she turned her basement into a venue (how awesome is that??) and you should all come to her party/'s going to have some great bands...the guys from bayside are super cool dudes, I haven't heard or met the other two bands, but I hear they are good as well....well let me just copy and paste the flyer so I don't have to go through the motions:

Unsung Zeros
(orlando angstriddledpowerpop)
(new york emo pop punk)
And Junction 18…..
(boston hardcore)

Saturday, November 2nd, 7:00 PM @ Cloud City, Madison (directions @

$5 with costume, $6 without

So that's my plug for the should call come. They need at least 50 people to break even...and it shall be lots o fun...plenty of time for partying afterwards.... peace and love and shit like that... ~ kat

my stomach is growling. i need to get some food to fill up the emptiness inside. we tested batch one of the doty street homebrew last night, and it's sooooo good. i hope this boozing finally pays off.

liz, what kinda ticket did you get?
having recieved my first car-related ticket ever, i would like to say,

Monday, October 28, 2002

So what's the story at the Doty Ranch for the coming weekend? I could be coming to crash the party like no other. Then again, I may just stay here and get mre drinking time in. Damn the driving.
I am in a pre-stage of bliss right now, prepared for a test tomorrow, approximately 16 hours until I can drive to Toys R Us and get the greatest thing ever, and now I depart to beat ass at cards. See you at the echo. Wait a minute, that was my At the Drive In CD.....dammit.
does anyone have a copy of At the Drive In's, relationship of command that they could burn for us. Ours was broken by drummers tackling singers into drumsets in moment of rock freak out. -445
so the following idea was conjured last night: we have a new cd coming out right? so this would be a good time to get some kind of promo kit together so we can send the cd to the local papers and chicago and milwaukee. matt, doesn't your rock book have a chapter on that sort of thing? and don't we know several good photographers? and didn't we win a promo package two years ago in whitewater?

Sunday, October 27, 2002

i'm tired and crabby.
Adam Sandler movies aren't usually my favorite, though I have a special place in my heart for Happy Gilmore, but the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson (boogie nights, magnolia) called Punch-Drunk Love was WONDERFUL. It's a very different style for Adam Sandler, but don't be frightened. It's hilarious! My favorite movie this year. (I still haven't seen The Ring). If you like Paul Thomas Anderson you should love this movie.

I just found this review.
i woke up this morning to find the beginnings of a huge yellow and purple bruise on the inside of my forearm. i am excited as it is physical proof that i did injure myself. and it's going to look nasty in time for halloween. i am also watching the serpent and the rainbow this morning.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

hmmm...nothing too particularily witty to say today...just that the show rocked core...except if one more drunken boy had decided he felt the need to tell me that A) I looked like fucking christina aguilera (sp?) or touched my hair or had stroked my 80's lace gloves, I was going to scream....I go away for 20 minutes to de80fy myself and the party gets busted up. how sad! :-( yes. must hear mabel soon....reschedule. ok I am rambling....working at ragstock the week before halloween is NOT fun. but hahaha, all those suckers who have to close are not me. h ah. ok that's all....get more shows. please. :-)
Thank you liz for the wonderful review, and for the eggs on tortillas thing. Tasted great. And yes, right now the second song doesn't really have a name. We're throwing around ideas.

In other news, going to watch some sealab with the 445 boys. One of their great bands, the Three Dark Stars, is playing tonight at 9:00 at 539 Wilson (I think that's the address), sort of behind our house. Dude, they rock. I expect to see you all there (I'm not sure exactly who I mean when I say "you all").
Promises were made....
The two new songs happily brought to the audience at 445 by DPC showed much promise. They both sounded a little rough, i think more practice of them is needed for them to be tight.
Both songs have good driving rhythms and supportive choruses, showing DPC's understanding of the concept of "rock sensibility" and what it takes to make a song that is catchy, but not over the top.
Jackson Pollock is Dead seemed to be more rehearsed than the second song (in my stupidity i'm forgetting the name, then again, it may not have a name..?) and presented itself a little better cause it was cleaner.
The vocals for the second song seemed to be off a little bit, it almost seemed like it was consistantly about a 16th or even as little as a 32nd off... but they seemed a little off non-the-less..practice however, would resolve those issues.
The drums for Jackson Pollock sounded a bit contrived, and perhaps a little over-pensive, a problem that I can see passing quite easily once more rehersals have been done.
Overall, more rehersals of the songs would be a good thing, but there is much potential in the chords, bangs and words that present themselves as DPC's new songs.
ok. I typed "dpc is" into the google search engine (pretty lame) and here's some amusing returns:

DPC is a good opportunity for GAIL to strike out into newer areas in search of growth
DPC is based on the same polymer technology as Zedex CPT High Performance DPC
DPC is a 100% Filipino owned corporation
The DPC is easily accessible by train and sits adjacent to Weilerbach and Miesau Army Ammunition Depots

In other news, there is Doty Street block party going on. Why weren't we informed?
i made myself a citrus mf shirt to wear at the party last night. i vaguely remember rolling around on the floor with janel after she punched me or something. just about as much as i remember taking all of those shots. this morning i picked up the filthy brown shirt and threw it in my hamper. i need to do laundry. anyways, the show was fun last night until our little run-in with the popes. i have never been to a party that recovered so well from being busted. colony of watts is the new madison band that opened up the show. they only played three songs, but they hit hard. "annabell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we will have to re-schedule the show to get mabel and the others a chance to play. all right. i'm getting a couple hours of "alliant time" in before alison and i go to neko tonight.
i was wondering why i was so incredibly cold...
the garage. i was sleeping in the garage with the door open.
i know why, i sez
you're not better than me. fuck you, i sez. i'm lookin at every little thing

Friday, October 25, 2002

I finally got the "keys" out of my "locked" car so I can finally come to "play" band once again and "play" music as well. Will someone please call me. I'm scared. I haven't "played" music in quite a while. I'm just a lonely boy. Lonely and blue. I miss my four husbands and can't wait to get some smooch action from them. Yahtzee! Mama is coming home boys, Woo!
i am ready to drink, drink, drink tonight. this has been one week on hell for me. the good news is that charlie is back. it will be good to see him. and it will be good to see marcus again and play for once. last night's pedro the lion show was good. it is hard to finally see a show like that when you expect so much and have been building it up in your head for so long. i know people who were disappointed with the whole thing. i was so ecstatic when they played indian summer. i was in the back of the room standing with jeff, and i think i may have been the only person banging my head so much. alison missed it. she was outside smoking. wasn't really into the show. kept telling me that she has had a much better time dpc shows. that's fucked up somehow. but who's gonna look a gift horse in the mouf?
arm update: it was slightly re-injured during yesterday's performance art piece, but with the help of drugs and a good night's sleep, things are looking good for tonight. prepare yourself to be rocked.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Good thing nate can play. I don't know what I'd do if I were to sit through another wilhelms set.
i've decided to stop using the front door. From now on, I will be exhibiting my true Troglodyte status..i crawl in.
okay... two things
first: thank you ian for driving me to work today. i hoped you enjoyed your experience behind the wheel of Sugarloaf.
second: charlie comes back this friday night but will NOT be in attendace at 445-- why? because i will be fucking his brains out.
i just assessed the drumming ability in preperation of tomorrow night, and it looks like i will be able to play drums provided i am on painkillers and don't do anything to stupid. boss.
the wilhelms can do it. do it, do it to it.
my vote is for the wilhems, because the split set between 3 dark stars and The Clean will be all that micah's virgin ears can handle....oh and craig's as well.
in times of need, The Wilhelms will step up and assume responsibility

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

i went out for kaleen's bday party tonight. we went to the rollerdome, and a great time until ben edison collided with me while i was standing on the sidelines. i landed on my arm, and now have trouble moving it. so, if the pain doesn't subside by friday, there's a possibilty that i will be unable to play the show. update tomorrow.
whew, the test is over. scan-tron much?
the shivers have a website!
operating systems midterm: 7:15pm
studying has not yet commenced.
begin studying... ... ... ... now.
this is DPC's space being used for promotion: party at 445 with bands on friday, all the way until someone falls off the bar or the sun rises.
ok you punks not funny...bad bad boys.
There's something strange about Kat's last blog. I can't put my finger on it . . .
whew . . . almost done

Time to move into the ocean!
okay marcus, I'm filming you on friday at 2:30. And I don't mean for my class. Wink wink.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

i'm bored.
oh my god. I have never been so panicked in my life...and it's for a really stupid reason... I bought this fabulous vintage dress from my favorite place of employment: ragstock. (when you get 50% off vintage, you buy lots of it!!! speaking of which, you all should take advantave of my discount, and 25% off new!) I was putting it on, coz I want to wear it tommorow.....(girls do that occasionally, or at least I do, when you are a fashion design major, sometimes you really like to plan your outfits)...but all of a sudden, I am trying to get my dress off as it's time for me to take a shower and I can't fucking get it off!! the zipper got stuck right in the middle of my back where it's impossible for me to reach!! ahahah. I tried for like half hour and I am getting super annoyed and I ran next door, and janel the goddess saved the day and got it off for me....*not got off you losers* thank the lord! So feel free to mock me now..that was my charming/boring tidbit of the day... :-) ~ k
i, myself, was dissatisfied by these so called 'wings' and not to say i didn't see the envisioned idear. upon expecting these monumental albatross gargantuan wings, the meager boney structure moved ever so slowly to its opened position. hardly like flapping or about to take off, if you and apparently if the wind blows too hard, they will not open them for the fear of breakage and geriatric safety. why don't they flap properly, they are wings. what wings move like that? only my bedsheet cape.
i'm going to pietro the lion. i am? i am! wooooo! anybody else going to nico case at the annex on saturday?
Yeah, the art museum is the place. We were all there on Saturday too. Too bad I didn't run into you. When were you there? I was there from 1:30-4:30. The attack mode of the wings was superb I might add. I only wish the wind would have picked up so that the wings would have actually moved.

Why do professors assign retarded homework when they know for a fact that they are not going to read it and only give you an A for turning it in and an F for not turning it in?
there's nothing better than going to the library, and not being able to find a journal. when asked, the librarian does the exact same process of searching you did, except muttering to himself the entire time. then the head librarian is called out, who does the exactly the same process of searching you did, except with a slight air of authority. then they are surprised when it isn't in the places you've already looked. if they are feeling particularly nice, they will call in yet another librarian to duplicate the search. now do i hang around pharmacy for a while and read a magazine, or take the bus back to campus to report the failure of the uw-madison library system?
i am going to pedro the lion. who wouldn't be going to such a good show? only a com arts major, that's who.
who's going to pedro the lion???? mememememe!! :-) who else is going?? yay. the excitement (sp?) in the air is too much for me to handle....
art history paper: contrived topic?
here's a brief overview.

conflict: i freak out last night and want to start over my paper with a new topic. i didn't know what i was talking about.

moment of clarity: i realize that i was good at writing papers for the frank loyd wright class.

resolution: i am ramming flw into my existing paper. does he belong there? is he comfortable?

it's gonna be great.

ps: kaukl, are you talking about the art museum? i was there with tron on saturday.. it was on attack mode.

Monday, October 21, 2002

My feet stink. Black Gortex Boots make them thus. The trip to Milwaukee over the weekend was very kick ass. The weekend consisted of drinking, watching the radiator in the htoel room be torn off the wall, screwingthe hotel by sleep six to a two person room, drinking some more, seeing the new Cala Trava addition to the museum which is, by the way, one of my new favorite buildings. I slept little, partied much and slept through class today. No loss there. Can't wait to do it again. Oh yeah, Minnesota people suck at card games.
my mom sold the house, moved in with her boyfriend, called me and told me to get my shit out of the house before she throws it away.
ahh...good times
ps: for the people who i haven't molested with this already: this band is super fucking cool.
i sold my car today... and i am now driving a big 'ol green minivan :(

the new owners of my 1982 toyota: steve the manager of b-side and his wife anita. although i am sad to see my baby go, i am happy to sell it to such good people and the parents of a musical prodigy. i must also thank alison, who was really the one responsible for the whole transaction. she talked my car up so much at work on saturday that it was already sold before i had even showed it. who wants to do some laps on east wash?

next on the agenda for tonight: art history paper. big time.
the names of our new songs are 'jackson pollock is dead' and 'ellen fiess is stoned', for reals.
In case you didnt know pretty much everything I cherish from my childhood in Eau Claire has either been shut down, torn down, replaced, or turned into a tattoo parlor/exotic body piercing shop. The next chapter of this is entitled, "Micah's boyhood hero, the man he worshiped as a god and worked night and day to obtain every single card featuring his picture, has been charged with sexual assault." What kind of tortured world do we live in where Kirby Puckett, hero of the 1987 and 1991 world series, is a sexual felon. Im going to go get drunk.
man, this blog sucks. I'm going to apply to the West Wash Blog

where is everyone? All my roommates are gone. I'm so frightened I think i will cut my hair
this blog is dead anyway
Why didn't I think of this?

She recognized the voice of his seventeen year old brother? Ha!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Brock Lesner . . . that's a great fuckin name
surprisingly, marcus came tonight and we practiced some new songs. If all goes well, we'll debut one (maybe two) new songs at the halloween party this friday. One of them has a name but we kind of want to change it. We want it to be long so, if you have any ideas, feel free to share them. And "Didn't We Deserve a Look at You the Way You Really Are" is already taken.

Saturday, October 19, 2002

kyle, did they happen to use the sprinkler neck scene? that show must have been awesome. i am heading out to milwaukee in 20 minutes. bekah, andy, tron, katie and i are going to check out two art exhibits for class and maybe see an imax movie about dinosaurs or something. this could be a watershed day in my life. paul and fitch came to madison last night to party! it was good to see those guys... although i would have liked to see fitch in a tight-assed sailor suit.
oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man alive

Friday, October 18, 2002

I better blog since I'm the only member of the band who hasn't yet. Marcus, how would you feel about shooting this Sunday. Just an idea. I don't even know when matt can. But I got the equipment. It would be a shame to not use it. Why isn't your band named Lucky Jackson? You missed the boat on that one.
i saw the flaming lips show last nite and it was fucking awesome. during 'yoshimi battles the pink robots' they played scenes from 'battle royale'. huh?huh?
Hey Guys, tomorrow is the last night of my opera and I shall, once again have fridays and saturdays off in my next play, Fuddy Meers. I am excited to once again play with the band and breathe a little easier. I haven't blogged in a long time; it feels good. I love all of you guys and can't wait to see you. Ian, I am also watching Saigon, but on Sunday. Craig give me some info for the shoot. Matt, call me more, and nate keep doing what you do best, being nate. Exclude all of the corniness in this letter if you please. Plus, check out my new band the Brothers Main. Coming soon to a living room near you.
Holy Shit! Lock up the children!
blogging from work today. the copies at chemistry were acting up, so the repair got called in. we started talking while he was messing with the machine. he is the campus area copier specialist and he confirmed that the copiers in steenbock are worthless. it turns out to be a well known fact in the copy-repair feld in this part of town. i feel vindicated, as i have long suspected that said copiers are whack. i hate steenbock.
this morning we turned back the alarm an hour. late for work. no big deal. so when i finally got dressed and got ready to leave, i asked craig to come out and pull out his car so i could get mine out. i drive to alliant and as soon as i sit down at my desk the phone rings. it was craig. i had accidentally locked him out of the house. so i worked for 10 minutes today and then came back home to let him in. and i think that he missed work too. or else was just super late. anyways i am going to see miss saigon with my sister tonight. i am not sure if i should be excited about it or not. musicals. ugh. i remember seeing miss saigon in new york during high school and thinking it was so cool that the actors actually smoked on stage. real cigarettes! woweee!

Thursday, October 17, 2002

I'm going to bed at 11:00 on the thursday night for the first time in probably 3 years. And I'm doing it on purpose! This is depressing. Send in the clowns
I'm drunk. I saw Brock Lesner tonight at Dub's Pub in Dinkytown. He used to wrestle here at eh U of M and now he wrestles for Vince McMahn or whoever. Too bad I don't watch pro wrestling. Once again, I am drunk. Everyone left the bar early. Damn people with Friday classes.
check this out here. it's the website for the art show i got invited to do this fall. like i said, the youngest senior in it. the pressure is on as the other artists are really fantastic. i will be getting a lot of 'imaginary animal pals' warnings on my pieces.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

I do it in spite of my better judgement
the langoliers left music playing jackets resting and work left undone, desolate.. . there's nothing quite like missing your art critique by being in the room next door.
Truer words have never been spoken, Micah. You know those little sugar candies shaped like fruit you get at grocery stores? The kind where you put the quarter in and turn the crank? Well, my point is, the bananas are the best. One time matt found one that was all bananas of different colors. Turns out, they all tasted the same. But that's okay, cuz the bananas are the best.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Man, some fruit snack bags are so good and others so bad at distribution of colors and number of snacks.
from now on, grickle grass shall be refered to as "G squared."

or, Joseph Holland and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoats
man oh man oh man oh man oh man. i was in the arboretum this morning working on my final group project for field ecology. it was chiz as a mother-fizz. and by that i mean it was super chilly out. we were taking core samples of trees that were proabably less than two inches thick. and once you get that concept explained to you by your classmates, it's really funny.

grickle grass was pumped up on sunday night! but you gotta get pumped up when you are playing at a hot club like the inferno. is joe's bass amp okay? i didn't even really remember who won the echo argument about the man who wasn't there vs. big lebowski. did we get kicked out of the echo before that was resolved?
1.4, janel?
square root two

Monday, October 14, 2002

here i am in my attempt to even out the gender scale. to anyone interested- copies of the forementioned videotape on which kat humiliates herself are available on ebay now. thank-you to everyone at the doty ranch for their never failing hospitality towards terrible minneapolis bands. thanks to matt for driving my car back to the ranch and to ian for the beers (i am partaking as i blog). the desparecidos cd is under the couch in the living room. joe is somewhere near tomah. he just wouldn't shut up. we had a faboo time as usual. boo on the blatant misuse of jump the shark in the onion. boo on craig. the man who wasn't there. ha
Nate, can I have a tit-embracing t-shirt? Or is DPC above slutty groupies? If so, I think you need to kick out Charlie Johnson and Jim Schneider, because they are sluts. Cool- see you dudes at the Echo tonight!
I have just been informed that there might be pornography on my computer.

Thank you, pop-up ad
so there are now DPC shirts available. there are easy to get, as all you need is to give me a shirt and thro the wonders of silkscreening, it will be returned to you as a dpc shirt. the available colors are black, white, red, green, and blue ink. the color of the shirt depends on you. the logo is a straight up underwear logo with the band name. if you want a different design, it will probably be about a month before i get around to changing it. pretty simple, pretty easy. here's the part were i could say something about how cool everyone will think you are with a dpc shirt, but instead i am just going to point out the obvious coolness of having tighty-whities on your shirt.
well I missed need to do hw and to hang out with a friend went over grickle grass...but shh! I won't tell if you wont' tell... :-) (and the fact I am scared to use my fake) I hope the show was fabulous...though not so fabulous without me there, right?? *wink* lovely revels at liz's casa de rock afterwards I hear...*yawn* but I must sleep. I also am sort of ashamed of my behavior last time I saw grickle grass (or actually DIDN"T see them... :P) and hear it is on tape...(great.) so maybe that too is my motivation for staying away..ah well, grickle grass, if you all read this, get a damn webpage!! :-) and I hope the show went well..see you in a month! everyone else...don't you agree that DPC needs to get a show here soon or at least have a party?? :-) that's all..enough rambling.......

Sunday, October 13, 2002

kat, do it! 10:00 at the inferno!
come see grickle grass. I'm a hypnotist
hello doty ranch... nate put me on the blogging list. ha ha, fuckers
gricklegrass tonight.yay. should I even try to get it in with my "new" id?? :-) I would very much like to see them...but considering I called in to work sick and i Have a huge power point presentation due wed. maybe not a so very good idea...what do you kids think??
oh yeah, check out the audio page for a new song download! we are getting the artwork ready for the new ep, and it will be going to the duplicator sometime next week. hopefully that will be coming soon.
the wait for the strokes to go on was a wait of immense proportions. and i had been warned that the strokes did not have a good live show, that they just stood around and played. and they basically did that, but they sounded very good and their light show was just right. i suppose there is not really much of a vast strokes library out of which to make set lists. and i wanted to shout out, "yeah, that's fucking you, mang!" when they didn't play an encore. encores are cliche as hell right now. most bands walk two feet off the stage and count to ten quietly.
the strokes show: we get there at 8:20, to catch the last ten minutes of har mar superstar's set. i wished i had seen the entire thing, he seemed to be having a bad time with the audience, lots of booing and swearing at each other. at precisely 8:45, the next abdn went on. they were alright, kind of a teenage fanclub thing going on. they played for 45 minutes, and nearly every song had an ending that made you think it was their last song. the strokes took 45 minutes to set up, and the audience screamed every time a member of the band made the briefest of appearances on stage. when they did come on, they played two new songs and most of 'is this it'. they played for 45 minutes before leaving without an encore. the entire big rock extravaganza was over at 11:00 on a saturday night. it was slightly disappointing. i also left my alarm on again this morning. sorry guys.

I can't wait to hear that again
I can't wait for grickle-grass. I can't sleep. Have I slept? Have I been sleeping? Have I been Tyler for longer and longer? I wish Kyle was my alter ego or anyone from grickle-grass for that matter. By day, I would be mild mannered matt weber. By night, I would be Grickle-Grass: defender of the all that is good and righteous.

But, I wouldn't want to be anyone from kurmudgeon. especially justin.
The Strokes were really good. Who knew?

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Just a note to all, do not eat berries found on trees around campus unless you absolutely know what they are or are sure they are in season. Taste of berries may also be an aquired thing, but most likely not in said case.
ok, so here's Caroline's first post since she has signed up for Doty Ranch blogging rights. It's all so new and exciting, while at the same time it's horribly frightening. When can I get a crotch shot icon?
The Wilhelms practiced this afternoon for the first time in months and it felt good. So good, in fact, we broke into "Whole Lotta Love." That's how good it was.

Time to see Los Strokes soon.
melt banana was fucking awesome last night. i have never heard live guitar sound like that. and the guitar player was wearing a surgeon's mask for the whole show! the singer was a cutie, and she could really shout. the drummer was the only non-japanese member. he had a shaved head and a very anal look about him. but he played so fast. i felt so guilty banging my head to the super-speeed. almost like thrashing heavy metal, but they made it really cool.

anyways, a guy was coming over to look at my car this afternoon at 3:00. but he called and left a mesage that he had already found a different car. screw him. i feel so guilty about trying to sell my car to people who don't even realize its coolness. i don't want to part with my baby!
paul's birthday party was good, in a way. in a way means i am not sure how i got home last night, except it involved me being locked out, matt getting pissed off, and me waking up to find someone in my bed who definetly wasn't there when i went to sleep. i would wake up matt and craig and ask them to fill me in, but their 4am blogging probably means they are going to have no idea either. my head hurts.
In response to matt's blog below, I wish I had control of demension X. Afterall, that's where the nutrinos and Krang are from.
I wish I had control of the 4th dimension

Friday, October 11, 2002

one other thing...annoyance of the day: preppy snotty stinky fraternity boys coming into ragstock going on and on about what they are going to be for halloween, (very girly of them), going on and on about what stupid party they went to last night and what girl they screwed, while continuously (sp?) trying on clothes then throwing them on the floor, because YES you fuckers, I am wearing a sign that says I am your maid, and then saying "oh I know, let's be chinks for halloween..." all this riled the kat anger and I almost went over and slapped them...but I fear that would get me fired, since I am new that wouldn't be allowed. sometimes I hate madison....*shakes her head*
allright..I admit it, I have never actually been to the ' I really can't criticise or is it criticize?? anyways, yeah...all I have heard is bad things about it...should I go and make my own judgements?? as for the strokes, you lucky fucks...I wish I was going. :P (I hate weddings).....que es justo?? no hablar espanol...yo hablo espanol un poco.... blah. natron...have fun at the birthday party... :-)
Really? Holy shit. This means I can go to the strokes. Good thing drew ditched out on buying my ticket. Someone should inform him.
Craig, tu jefe de los monona terrace called and he said that your late night shift on sabado es cancelada. Does this mean you can go see Los Strokes?

I noticed one thing wrong about the paradisimo last night. Murder City Devils has been removed from the jukebox.
i am mulling over selling my ticket to tomorrow's strokes show in milwaukee. is it for the fast cash? can anyone prod me one way or the other?
Hear hear!!! (or is it here here!!!?)
there's nothing wrong with the 'dise. so it gets crowded on tuesdays. it was thursday. it's not scenester night on thursday is it? btw, they make a really good manhattan. i think some people get jaded for no good reason.
i needed something new to listen to at work today, so i pulled out a mixed cd i made freshman year i haven't listened to since slightly after it's creation. a) i was a dork. i am still a dork, but some of the judgement calls on this disc make it quite clear to me. b) i am in the best mood right now. best mix cd ever. the big question here is when exactly the smashing pumpkins started to suck. i am going to say the adore tour/release of machina. i also agree with kat's assessment of the paradise.
whew. computadora homework all done. actually, no. computadora operator all done. homework may or may not have recieved a premature ending.
yes times were had by all at thursday night at nick's..though 3/5 of the doty ranch left us to go to the paradise (the 'dise?????? why oh why the dise???) time I will go though, I *promise*children!! now I can...with the fake I got courtesy of janel. though it wasn't quite the same without ian (doing hw!?!?!?!?!?!) and 445, (you boys should join us in our revels, it is quite enchanting...)...good times were had. enough drunken rambling.....starting to regret you let me join this blog?? :-)

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Hello Doty House. I look forward to more quality enteretainment coming my way. End Tansmission
apparently there is a mouse about the house. and i encounteredd it, as it leaped at me from the midst of my bed then scampering into presumed darkness..
so sarah's den c.o.w. ad is in this week's onion. clarifications: the matt referred to in the ad is not our beloved matt. sarah knew about the phrase 'jump the shark' prior to last week's article in the onion about it, so don't give her any crap about it. she may have also purchased morphine instead of elvis. the dpc/elvis/grickle grass claim is still open for debate.
oh yeah! rich is back at work now after being gone for super long and having back surgery. he was telling me a great story about taking his guitar with him to a business conference in las vegas earlier this week. he said he just sat in his hotel room and played guitar the whole time. whatever keeps you from blowing your money and your mind, i guess. i asked him how he got it there, like if he took it carry-on or what. and he said that he trusted it to the gorrillas to ship with all the other suitcases. he said that he was hoping it would get broken so that he could use the insurance money to buy a new one. i love that shit.
i feel like mr. fix-it after fixing the shower head at alison's. all i had to do was unscrew the old one and screw the new one on. but now i am a living legend in that apartment! maybe someday i will be as handy as paul? probably not. i don't think any human person could fix more things than him. let's start fixing up the doty ranch. maybe we should start by cleaning it?
Nothing causes pain quite as acutely as shoving your toothbrush into the soft tissue of your gums
Last night I went to the Madison Marsala (I don't spell, not that I don't know how, I just don't) and drank with my friend Matt and some people from the madison review staff. That place can be intimidating, especially with the super dark windows and black decor. But once inside, you'll find it comforting to know that a manhattan is 6 fucking dollars! It's a good place though if you want to kid yourself into thinking you're rich. And if you are rich, it's a good place to act snobby. (Jon, I'm thinking of you. Your parent's house is HUGE. You should show your wealth more. Let it all hang out. (and by "wealth" you know what I mean, "wink, wink"))
today so far: wine + late night + work + forgetting of bus pass = nate struggling to walk from his house to the UW hospital in the first hour he is awake. it's a cruel world my friends.
17 units, tron

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

ha ha fakers, now Im finally in on this rock n roll filth instead of having to use those fake names i picked up from craig's yearbook. how many quality posts do i need before i earn my BVD's?
All of you out there in internet land, if you would like to comment don't be afraid to use the magic of e-mail. And to the posers, we'd love to hear your opinions as well. Unfortunately, no one else will.
this could be the formation of the long-talked about doty blog. 445?
I love beer! I love beer! Whatchoo gonna do 'bout it?
Comments are gone. We are tired of our blog being a forum for stupid people.

If you still have things to blog about here, contact us and we will let you blog right along side us.

Now, you can be stupid by invite only.
That's a good idea matt, but only if it has a giant american flag magnet on the back.
let's quit beating around the bush.
Craig sell your car.
We're buying the FDF van.
looks like a member of the proletariat is finally revolting against ian's bourgeois lifestyle
just woke up and ate some peanut-butter-toast sandwiches. i had to draw the line yesterday and buy some groceries: a bag of bread and a jar of peanut butter. this may seem a little extravagent, i know, but i am a hardened individual. and i am going to alliant for the morning. i am pretty hardened for that too. "....a.m. lumber!"

ps: it seems that i have got a sore throat somehow or another...
Has anybody seen the old Humphrey Bogart movie To Have and to Have Not? It's beautiful. It's a beautiful movie. I haven't watched all of it yet because I gotta go to bed. But I will. And so far, Humphrey Bogart hasn't let me down. He may be the coolest man who ever lived.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

i was corrected by matt. my car is not brown on the outside. it is only brown on the interior. three shades of brown!
for anyone that doesn't know by now, i am selling my car. my dear, dear, brown 1982 toyota corolla. man, i am going to be sad to see that thing go. after that i am going to be driving a minivan....which will be good for the band. but bad for my libido. for anyone that's interested, it's going for $1000. don't laugh. you know it's worth that shit. you can email me, if at least only for consolation.
I had a dream last night that I was in Brotherhood of the Wolf. The monster in it was some kind of giant, eyeless rat and it was super fast. The ape from that Edgar Allen Poe story was in there as well and it protected me from the monster rat--sacrificing itself so that I may live.

oh yeah. sara, shondra, and nichole were there too and we fucked like mad bunnies.

Monday, October 07, 2002

i have lost my voice. i sound like a frog. or is it really a frog, as frogs don't talk english. perhaps it sounds more or less like a voice box.
Not many blogs these days. Let's see, what happened the past two days. Oh yeah, it was by birthday on October 5th! What else? We went to Lacrosse and played at a party where everyone was wearing yellow shirts. Then I did a rooftop beer bong, cuz it was my birthday you know. And then we left. I had fun at the show, especially when it started raining and we were in danger of getting electrocuted.
Did anyone watch the new cartoon on adult swim last night called The Ripping Friends? Weird shit.

Friday, October 04, 2002

Hey Matt! Where were you this morning? You were supposed to drive me to work. Wanna pick me up and give me a ride home after work at three? Show at the annex tonight w/ the frames and the cool people. Doors open at nine. Rock is fun.
so, i was invited to participate in an art exibit two weeks ago, and completely forgot about it until last night when they started to hang it up. i ran home and got some old bag drawings to put into it. nothing that great, but has the normal array of bunnies and robots and pirates. i saw most of the other stuff going up, and some of it is really cool. the show is at espresso royale cafe, the one by the capital. the opening is tonight from 8 to 11 and should be up a week i think. if you are on state street, you should stop by to see it, dave and jenny and adam all have nice stuff. i think we are playing the annex or something tonight too. someone else can tell you about it.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

I was reading the West Wash blog and some of them are talking about "Moustache Month." From what I understand, some (maybe all) members of the WW blog are growing moustaches for a month. Craig, aren't you and some other people growing beards? This could turn into that episode of the tick where the high tech moustache encounters the russian beard.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

our very own sara just got picked to be the onion's c.o.w.and gave a very nice quote. look for it in two weeks.
just spent 5 hours in the silkscreening lab, and my project for tomorrow is still not done. for non-static forms class today, we got to go down to library mall and mess with people. i got someone to play catch with my shoe, and then i got someone to give me some of their ice cream. i then tried to convince him to buy me some, but no luck. we then organized a group 'dance' that consisted of us running around and doing crazy stuff in cycles. i had a good crowd of 25 people watching me smoke a cigerette before i ran around the fountain twice and spat on a rock behind the catacombs. the power goes to the performer.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Just another lazy tuesday evening. Skipped a class and a half and I'm drinking a mickey's, just like those dudes on SLC punk. Ever seen that movie? Wooohoooo! Good movie. You know what else is a good movie? Star Wars. That "use the force luke" shit gets me every time, dude. Not my favorite movie, but what are ya gonna do? Hey, can you guys guess my favorite movie? A prize goes to whoever's the closest.
i had a super good time this weekend, and the show at the rathskellar went really well! i have been talking to a lot of people about it, and they said that we were kicking some ass. good times. during the grickle grass set on saturday, i almost fell over laughing when kyle changed his lyrics to "you locked the door, the keys are inside!!!!". and i had to anchor onto a ceiling brace constantly during the kurmudgeon set so that i wouldn't spill my beer while banging my head. and then during the clean's set, i just went ahead and spilled all over myself. that's okay, the rain washed it out later. the show on sunday had some highs and lows to it. we were pretty drained from the drive up. and the intense drinking at 10 south. i broke my first equipment in a while when i fell onto part of nate's set. poison control center rocked soooo hard. i feel like i can't even try stage antics any more because of how they single-handedly dismantled the rockstar image while doing it the best i have ever seen.

happy birthday bekah! sorry i missed you at the white horse last night. we tried to hurry! after i get done brewing some beer with james tonight, it's all you!