Saturday, November 30, 2002

left to return to rochester tomorrow to finish packing all of my stuff and then turn out of rochester like a, well, like a bat out of hell?

finally, some explinations...
our phones don't work!
oh, yeah, I suppose I should talk about my thanksgiving experiences. The definitive highlight of the weekend was when Joe and scott filled a pitcher with their own urine in the middle of a crowded bar. Last night, a large group of us got together and a Justin Lawson was present. It was good to see that he hasn't changed. here's a good quote from him, loudly referring to some women at the bar. "The only thing these girls know is that black matches white."

and, he asked me if we wanted to play on sunday, dec. 15th in menomonie.
Where is everyone? I'm all alone at the house. My mom got me Michael Crichton's new novel, Prey, for my b-day and i tried to read the whole thing on the bus. I didn't make it though ebcause I fell asleep. I've got about thirty pages to go. Anyway, the book is about tiny machines that run amok and kill people. good times.
hey everyone! hope everybody is having a good weekend. i have ate so much in the last two days that i think i am going to just keep it up through the winter (eat-a-thon). yesterday i got my dad's laptop to hook up to the internet from my grandpa's farm. we were connected at 2400kbs. not super fast. i was very surprised to find a copy of deseparacidos at the sam goody in quincy. and i stopped in at the guitar store where i bought my sears amp. last night my cousin lucas took me to the bars in hannibal, missouri. first bar: fiddlesticks, a restauraunt like damon's. second bar: scribble's, connected to the old holiday in of hannibal. i drank so much and was abused by the bar tenders. drinks are cheaper down here, and when i asked how much my drink was, i was told (on more than one occasion), "$3.50. that's jack-daniel's, honey."
trip down memory lane tonight in Marshall, WI. I forgot that every other word out of any marshall high school alumni's mouth is either queer, gay, or football. At least I got to see Ryan Rummell. To this day I haven't seen anyone fatter than this man.

Friday, November 29, 2002

drinking an driving, driving and drinking
tessa might actually like me after 10 years. why the hell can't i get a hold of anybody on their cell phone? me and d are going to the cities for shoes and such. also, i just heard the zwan song. it might be good if they laid off the phaser a little bit.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

happy thanksgiving everyone! thanksgiving in madison w/o family and all wasnt so bad...but now my house is dark and im all alone, and i bet some crazy person will break in and kill me at my sleep...anyway, if that doesnt happen im going to the rochester tomorrow...if anyone needs a ride home sunday night, give me a call 507.281.5307. ciao alle!
Happy Thanksgiving! What is everyone thankful for? I'm sick as hell. I guess I'm thankful for that.
blogging from the home computer sucks, as does rochester in general. it's almost turkey time.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

matt?............nate?.................Janel?...............the other guy? anyone here? I'm home alone! (well, except for the guys fixing the furnace downstairs. I wonder if they like to party.)
I'm going back to minnesota to eat and be eaten. red n' tooth n' claw. that's what we say up north.

Momma, I'm coming hooooooome!

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

what is the number of babies one has to dangle before becoming a pop star? I must be pretty damn close
Jon, it'll never happen again. From now on I'll call you by your proper name, Tron. And Ian, "typing" does in fact have a non-silent "i" in it.
silent H's representin' right herrre. It ain't spelled like no damn rock.
The marriage was Presley's third. She was married previously to musician Danny Keough and pop star Michael Jackson.

Who the fuck is Danny Keough? Is the reason he isn't a pop star because he hasn't dangled his quota of babies?
jon that's okay, craig also likes to drink "whisky". btw, i started typng my paper ten minutes ago. see you in class, man.
hello, sarah here... charlie is in town and says hi to everyone. nick the schmuck is back at being a fuck-wad again. oh well, he is worthless anyway. good to see erin and nate making it last night-- um, at work and bored, on to class with scary sherry. gotta pee. driftless pony club rocks hard.
has anyone ever been stereotyped. Im sure everyone has for some reason or another. It sucks being grouped with others that may not properly represent you as a person. Such are my pains of growing up as a Jon without a silent "H." Please, lets be tolerent and treat others as individuals. Lets respect the absence of a silent "H" when necessary. Craig, im not mad at you as you are my billiard blood brother, but I dont call you craihg either.
update: i will be in the gallery from 4 to 7 this afternoon, if you want to come by for a sneak-peek.
John, my parents have a pool table in their basement. I know it's not much, but it's a start.
i feel compelled to mention this show agan, to make sure you come because we are going to get a truckload of KFC for the opening, and we need someone there to eat it all. monday, 7-9.
craig, we need to get serious about our lives, you know what im talking about.................our race to the international billiards championships. correspond with me later about practice.

Monday, November 25, 2002

who the hell is paul?? (post below) I would just like to say that will wheaton (aka wesley crusher) rules my world...I am a trekkie. or at least to somewhat be. :-) willingly start and addiction? totally sex or chocolate or girly fruity drinks... mmm yeah. if you got that island, I would totally go live there. :-) ~ k out
Craig, I may be able to stop a fist but bullets are another matter entirely. I'll need some practice.
star-p is making headlines, as is dpc knows better's cover star.
Matt, if we ever get into a war I elect you and ian to step up to the front line first. (I was going to put in links to your and Ian's black eyes, but we don't have any pictures of it. Lame.)
Guys, let's make our claim before the brits and the spaniards do. We'll call it Dotytopia or The Driftless Pony Isle.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

willingly starting an addiction?
coffee, cigarettes, whiskey or rum (choose which applies), chocolate, sex, success
sshhhhh don't tell anybody

i just bought the new godspeed you black emperor! album. when the fuck did this come out? i didn't even know... anyway, i am listening to it right now for the first time, so i'll give you a lowdown later. i love this band. this one is engineered by s. albini. woweezoweee.
was someone vomiting or dry heaving outside of my door at about 4 am last night? i have suspicions.
do you think willingly starting an addiction to vivarin is a bad thing? or does it just say you are fully committed to success?

Saturday, November 23, 2002

also, when did paul get his own website?
james schnieder: "don't let your life be run by the things you don't smash."
ok, craig. let's try to make sense of last night. we go to Jim's house then we go to alissa's house. Afterward we tried to go to visions but it was closed. Where were you, craig? Why did I have your car? Did you know (much less allow) me to take your car last night? What happened to Jim and the rest? Why did we go to denny's? Why did my lungs feel like I smoked two packs of cigarettes last night when--as far as I can remember--didn't smoke one cigarette?

I think all of this stems from kissing Steve-O
If you're a girl who masterbates or you like girls who masterbate, the WHAM party would be a good place to go tonight. See ya there.
small edible round objects of the peanut butter persuasion were delived to 508 this evening. I feel my duties have been fulfilled.

on a side note: they were playing cat power at jim's b-day party. thumbs up for the quality of music. thumbs down for the mood cat power tends to create. Another sad instance of someone not fully understanding the full importance of music decisions of music while intoxicated.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Hey Ian, I looked up the word "pinche". It means "puncture". Why would you call me a puncture? I'm gonna puncture your skull, asshole.
Ian, it's forgotten.

I watched a show on dolphins at caroline's today. According to the narrator, dolphin eyes have "mad flexible lenses" in order to see both above and below water. You learn something new everyday.
last night, i vaguely remember telling matt that he had better put the fire alarm back up, "or i i'm gonna kill you." well, that was in the heat of the moment (i had just brushed my teeth). i am sorry, my friend.
hey craig, maybe you should try drinking some whiskey sometime. you might like it, pinche.
they are having some wierd booksale in the hallways of the medical library. i just picked up art books on mark dion, pop art, and schiele for cheap. very cheap. my job rules.
today's nobody's birthday, as far as we know, except for janel's sister. tonight i am going to the art opening at the unioat around 8 for a little bit if anyone is interested. also, jim from 508 is having a party tonight. i am hungry.
I went to the echo with Jim the birthday boy tonight. I offered to buy him a drink, but the echo gave it to him for free. Ah yes. The echo respects doty street. Then we played pool and I played the worst game of my life, thanks to whisky. I guess I deserved it. All that whisky has done for me in the past, and what have I ever done for it? Nothing. Just pissed it out. Someday, I'll repay whisky. Somehow.
i made it back to the post. much more intellegible than i ought to be. happy b day matt. a very merry un birthday to you. i, myself am wasted. i blame my gigantic brother chad. i filled a utinsiel cup with puke. i win.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

it's jim's birthday tonight! whoopty whoop! i've been told i need to eat better, or at least eat, so i am going to start tomorrow after a night on the town.
all right, folks. i just got a call. there's a show at 128 east johnson with some bands from far away viking-esque lands.. it's $five and they need some money for gas. soooo, if you don't have anything to do tonight, get over there and check it out. do it, do it, do it!
why won't those cursed cats shut up!??!?!? (some cats in my neighbors apts are talking across the hall to each other...I am going to shoot them soon)...I got a new job today with the lovely caroline. I will be making lots of money, so therefore new york here I come! (well ok not till august...but still! :-) play more shows..and soon. I am ready to come out of my cave... ~ kout
all i know is that the uw comp sci department should add an "introduction to skynet" class for it's undergraduates.
I'm going to bed at midnight on a weekend (wednesday). What's the matter with me?

and Nate and Janel, we need to do something. Our kitchen stinks like Ian's morning breath. And I should know, (wink wink).

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

hey, those jitters pictures, those were mine. not so good, but quick. a good motto.
west wash associates seem to be responsible for this. i would be intimidated if it were not for the imminent arrival of hello mcfly. also, an unknown member of west wash has the max tundra album, the one i ordered from b-sides a month ago and they have yet to get for me...could some sort of exchange be arranged?
negativity in the checking account balance has occured twice in the last two days. i am going to be dragged away to debter's prison!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have bad etiquette.
also, matt turns 22 today. we're going out!
at the hopsital again for work. if you have ever been out drinking with us, you might have heard hushed references and rumors of a 6 foot by 6 foot self-potrait i did last spring. i entered it into the self-potrait exhibit opening this friday night from 7-9 at the union gallery. it should be up the next month after that. and yes, it is that big, and yes, there is a reason my roommates have not let me hang it in the living room. should be an interesting opening. and don't forget this show, the site for it just got redesigned, complete with reference to the driftless pony club. i have some extra posters for the show if anyone wants one.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

driftless pony club knows better made into the top thirty at WSUM. and this article just popped up, marcus kept us in the dark about it. and charlie just called and said he met jimmy fallon today.
sometimes alison likes to type and amuse and abuse herself.
I was up at 4:48 in the morning because my lame girlfirend made me get up and drive to the memorial union and watch burning rocks fly into the atmosphere. She's so dull.
Can't use car, blocked by other car. Must use car.
why is ian up at 4:48 in the morning? this is unheard of ian behavior. according to janel, there are more sealab pictures to put up besides the ones in the random section. i had something else to say, i can't think of it right now.
i am cold.

Monday, November 18, 2002

my wrist cannot feel sarcasm, and i can't feel my wrist anymore. ;)
the promised pics are up...
oh, yes ian. you (pl.) delivered. however, on my trek home, the horizon broke five miles out of mauston. i was dumbfounded. what to do, what to do. tried starting it again to no avail. so i decided to start walking. i had walked probably 2 or three miles when a middle-aged woman pulled up to give me a ride. she was a born again christian and told me that madison has become a "dark" place due to the high concentration of satan worshippers and gays. i lost my check card the weekend before so i had to spend the 30 dollars i had left wisely. i bought a calling card for 10 dollars and called around the cities to see if someone would pick me up. i would have just hitchhiked but i had all the band gear. my roomate gave me his credit card number and told me to get it towed and fixed. i finally found someone to tow it, but no place would work on it until today. so i towed it to a service station and tried to give them my roomates card #. they refused. not in the best of moods and freezing my ass off, i decided to use the card to get a hotel. they took it, thank god. the alaskan inn in mauston is the shit. janel brought 40's. the station called in the morning and said my engine was shit. justin came and picked me up today at 2. these are the things i go through to see the best band in madison. i think it was worth it. no, really.
just spent a couple of hours scanning pictures in, so we should have a big update later today, with pictures from the enola gays show, charlie's room, the sealab show, and mabel joining us onstage for agent starling last week.
I'm wearing my brand spankin' new Grickle-Grass shirt today. I finally feel like a real man now.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

the party last night was intense. kyle from grickle grass drove down for it, and i hope we delivered for him. i know that andy's christian girlfriend did. good thing we had the fire extinguisher ready for action. colony of watts brought a new song out for the occasion. those guys are really cool, hopefully we play with them again soon.

right now the basement is covered in a corn-syrup blood/ steak blood mixture and i don't even want to think about it. today i am doing some acting. it's time to go over to erin's.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

hows the party raging? im here looking at what i have to do to graduate...i guess ill be out of here after this summer. yay. anyway, ill be over later, if i get call anyway. beowulf rocks my world. today anyway.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Oh, and steve of the west wash blog, our quiz tells you what you need to hear, buddy.
I got a speeding ticket on the way home from whitewater this morning. I blame society, and matt, who wouldn't stop talking to me. I couldn't concentrate. I was going 69 in a 55. Someone call the marines! And mom or dad, if you are reading this, can I borrow 67 dollars?
confusion about the DPC quiz along the lines of why 'who you want to be' does not produce said result. due to the fact we are navel-gazing freaks, each member of the band is secretly enamored with another member of the band. the psychology needed to explain this incestuous web is too complicated to get into right now. so, if you want to rig your results, it's going to take a lot of knowledge of the dpc family to get it right. good luck.
also, when is the fucking max tundra cd coming out?
everyone who didn't make it to the show. biggest surprise ever: mabel covered 'hey 19' (and they did it very well). we must now find some new way to upstage them. biggest surprise ever.
biggest coffee stain ever.
biggest coffee stain ever on my pants. right here.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

today my printer committed suicide. it flipped, neurologically malfunctioned. Then we gave it a questionable autopsy(more like gutting it without eating). too much coke in its import crotch, i believe.
caroline, that's pretty lame.

Saturday Show Update: Colony of Watts will be performing. They played at the 445 basement and they kicked ass. The guitarist had to bend over to sing because his microphone was only two feet off the ground. When asked about it, he replied "Used to singing that way." Choir instructors are spinning in their graves.
como se dice cheesy?

Which member of the DPC are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
the installation is in bascom room 70, and will be up until a little after 4 today.
i just watched craig kilbourne interview kermit the frog, thats fucked up shit.

"there's nothing wrong with porn" - Kermit the Frog

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

So I take this quiz right? And i am told at the end that I am most like Janel. I ask you, who is this Janel of which I am told I am similar too? I know not this Janel. Then again, being in Minneapolis most of the year doesn't help that much. See you guys for the Next show up here. Doty on.
Which member of the DPC are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

rock. how amusing...

as always, I am blatantly copying the West Wash Blog.

take this quiz. You know you always wondered . . .
I'm affiliated with this west wash blog cast member:
Which West Wash Blog Cast Member / Affiliate Are You?

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update: there will be small art installation in bascom hall tomorrow. it'll be in the dean's waiting room on the first floor across from that ingraham building. there may be some food there. feel free to take a nap there as well.
yeah I used to host stuff on angelfire back in high school and they magically deleted all of my pages for not being updated. what a bunch of whores.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

more importantly, what happened to Nate's picture? (or am i the only one who can't see it?)

also, what happened to these guys?
so i had this idea for a song that would be based on a motown song. so of course, i tried to figure out 'it's the same old song'. then i realized that the flaming lips stuck an Em in the middle of the progression and called it 'yoshimi battles the pink robots part 1.' bastards.
it has just been proven that alarms have a fierceness in them.. able to rocket one out of bed so incredibly hard that they propel their head at a hurling speed into a rock solid surface such as the window frame, thus sending them back into a deep dream, . . did it serve it's purpose?
yes, Sigur Ros was incredible. I think Liz has got it when she says it was like a dream because now I feel like I can't remember the whole experience too well. I guess that means I'll just have to go to another one of their shows as soon as possible to remind myself.
But some great man once said that you can never go home again.

and.and.and: Nate?! I hear you were there? I can't believe I missed you! the show in whitewater--it is this thursday? Did I tell anyone that I could actually go? If I did, I must have been having a fit of preposterousness because, well, the idea is preposterous.
I'm starting to get sick! I expect chicken noodle soup waiting for me when I get home later today. I don't care who makes it, but it better be there.
kat, i think the show starts at 8 or 9pm. correct me if i'm wrong, fellow doty rancheros

Monday, November 11, 2002

The Sigor Ros show was like a crazy, unbelievably good dream. I'm gonna wake up in the morning and wonder if it actually happened, it was soo damn good, shit like that could only actually happen in your dreams.
Sensory overload.
ps what time is the show in whitewater?? details boys, details. :-)
oh my god...those pics f*ing rule! :-) I especially like the one of ian looking like a crazy maniacal man and natron upside down..nice.
here are some new (old?) pics from the enola gays show at 10 south. man that was a hot show. thanx, janel.
Yes, tron, I dabbled a little in the acting field yesterday for our neighbor, david. You may not see me around much anymore, I don't like to go out, what with the presses following me around and all. And no, the rumours aren't true, I haven't been sleeping with Katie Holmes. We're just good friends.
holy shit!!! nobody has posted a picture in their blog around here before... trendsetter!
liz, sorry i couldn't come to your opening yesterday, i hope it went well. i was in marshall..... i am gonna stop by later today, tho.

ps: for everyone in whitewater, there is going to be a 21st birthday party after the show at parker 204.
Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

Sunday, November 10, 2002

make the drop at the specified location and with the disclosed amont, the goods will be yours, no questions asked...............oh wait except for one, is craig coming out with a feature film any time soon, i saw some footage being shot at the doty scrub and save.
it's time to pay the price.
im holding a black sweatshirt for ransom at my house
all hands on the bad one...why is it the one time I am feeling anti social and lonely and depressed there is fun revels?? I suppose I should have stopped by 10 sb. ohwell... anyways, should I come to the show on thursday? :-) hope saturday night was fabulous for everyone....
There's nothing better than standing in a gallery filled with food and months worth of work, waiting for people to come, only they don't.
I'd like to thank everyone that made this night possible.
Hey, how's everyone doing today?...that's good. me too.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

where is everyone? I'm so alone. Marcus and I were in a movie tonight. as of now, marcus is still there. Craig, ask me about it.
also, as some of you have already found out (liz, caroline, erin, other ranchers), i am not a big saves the day fan. craig says he isn't either.
so far today i've had a live fish thrown in my lap, fallen down multipe times on concrete, followed a girl around with her scarf in hand, and trespassed wearing grandpa clothes. in other news, i saw the budyrevelles tonight after hearing them start playing at momarte or whatever while on the roof of a dinner party. they played i broke your car and i geeked out afterwards when i talked to them. to craig (edit): hmmmm.
confidential to craig: aooga! aooga!

wait a sec . . . did you delete that blog, craig? that's unnatural
just got back from the catacombs. smog was fucking awesome. what good lyrics, what a good voice, and what a good-looking keyboard player. i mean supra-hot. cold blooded old times. i bought my first cd in quite a while today: stereolab, ABC music. get it, get it, get it.

Friday, November 08, 2002

day 4 in the hostage situation involving my vocal chords is half over and there no sight of a peaceful termination before sunday....
pssst to marcus: yes.
Nate, would you like to play some songs with the you -know-who's? New songs are going to be payed and new antics of the stage will be performed. How about a DPC and Right Arms combination for James Earl Stones? Lots of Q's that need some A's. Please respond. Oh, and tell me who is all going to venture on down to Whitewater as well please.
Guess who is going to be in town on saturday night and sunday day? Well, it's me your friendly neighborhood poser, Marcus!
yeah dudes! Go to the Appleseed Cast show on Saturday! Keep me company! I have to cover the show, so I'll be there. You can even come extra early to keep me company since I have to arrive at 7pm. Yes, I know you want to!

Thursday, November 07, 2002

professional sports?
guys, i think it's time for an intervention...........let's say at noon on sunday.
p.s. when is practice on sunday? i have a packer party to attend, a movie to wrap up, some tv that needs watching, an art project to construct and guilder to blame for it.
pick of the day; 'not given lightly' by chris knox. i just found out that stephin merrit played the twin cities last weekend with the future bible heroes, and i am pissed. even thought they are the least of his bands, it still would have been worth going to. in another news tonight, i made the final move towards making the fish left here three months ago mine by finally changing their water and moving them upstairs to craig's room. during cleaning, i found one dead fish at the bottom of the tank. 5 for 6 is not bad for three months of babysitting. also, you should all be getting plans together to go to whitewater next thursday night for a night of mindblowing rock, featuring us, mabel, and the right arms. if you are one of the five people in existance you have yet to see the arms in action, you had better get to the show to see the world's perfect blend of mates of state and ear candy.
oh, and holy shit! appleseed cast is at der rathskellar on saturday!
ginza of tokyo!!!!!!!!!!! last night was the best time i have ever had with my family.
in other breaking news: smog and caliphone have a show on friday. the shivers are playing on saturday. party at 10 south on saturday. marcus (the actor) is coming on saturday. practice on sunday. nicks tonight at 10:30 or 11. and then blue velvet. and i need to do some fuckin homework for once!!!!
hello all... i know you are eagerly awaiting this installment of witticism from the Campus Women's Center: I am on the rag and hoping to be greeted by Natron upon my return home. Nate: I would enjoy going for a brewski with you this evening, please invite your lady friend. Also, I had a dream in which I FINALLY told my arch-nemesis, Nick Schmuhl aka the Schmuck, how I feel about him. It was really fucking liberating.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

so i got approval to do my installation today, so there will be an art piece of no significance in bascom next thursday. in other news, b-sides called and said they had my max tundra cd in, but when i went to pick up, they tried to pass off a three track promo as the actual album. and i did some more work on my new silkscreen for this show. the print is going to be sick. even more so then micah and janel.
this is all completely (sp?) gross, this talk of sickness..ugh. I hope you all feel better soon. I have been nursing a cold for 3 weeks now..ugh. which will no doubt last the whole winter...on other notes. Is there a party that anyone knows of this weekend?? adam says he knows there is one and I know the person, but he can't remember who it is...hmmm...and is anyone going to nick's tommorow?? well that's all....I am staying away from you sickies for a little while. :-) ~ k out
There is nothing like being sick and having your mother tell you how you have to do this body cleansing routine that will take all the toxins out of your body and then you wont get sick anymore, however in doing this cleansing you get sick as shit for the whole week you do it. I'm going to go take drugs. I drooled all over my statistics book today at the library as I slept my time away. Congrats to Jim Doyle and sorry to America about the Senate.
like spittle, urine has beneficial protective qualities, and clearly one of the most effective and widely practiced counter-charms involves the combination created by the practice of spitting into one's urine. On New Years Day it is a common practice for the oldest woman in the family employing a small brush to sprinke with urine the household animals and then, individually, the members fo the family as they are getting out of bed.
tiny molecules gripping fiercly to mangled vocal chords, allowing only the slightest sound to emerge between coughing up portions of a lung.

spinless self promotion: Intermediate Ceramics Show Opening 4-6pm Sunday 10th, 734 University Avenue

Monday, November 04, 2002

the echo tonight is going to be packer mania (and I don't mean what you're thinking, Jon). Everybody remember their green and gold.
already did... :-) (absentee voter thingy) ps well madison made the national news...
Please vote tomorrow. It is important.
THE ROBOT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matt, get the pin, save us!
that emo game site is twisted! the screams during those acts of violence. the horror, kyle, the horror.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

ok craig...I see where the love really is *sniffle*...matt I vaguely remember talking to you ,sorry. heh. I am silly. :-) (at the party that is) umm what was I going to post?? oh yeah. I partook in my first state street halloween experience on saturday...not sure if I will ever do it again, I hear (and saw the aftermath) that there was major looting around 3...anyone there for it??? the boys from new york and boston I was entertaining were fairly impressed as well...that speaks for something, us midwesterners aren't so lame after all! (though I think they were mostly impressed by the girls gone wild crew being there...ahahaha) anyways. halloween was fun, but I am very glad it is over. ~ k out
Kat, nevermind. I have found a location for my movie. Thy name be 445's and Aleesa's (don't know how to spell her name) living quarters. It pays to have friends. Well, friends that I pay to be my friends anyway.
the longest halloween ever. i was a whirlibird (you know, those roof vents that spin?). i sliced a middle-aged man's finger open with my metal helmet and gave him a piggyback ride to the er. came back. got too drunk to play. had to have bill play my guitar for me. party again on saturday. met up with a butcher. all they did was point. how rude. played in st. cloud last nite. boring. there was an article in the friday edition of the minnesota daily on how many students from the u were going to state street for halloween. i think my little brother even went. christ, im old. started working on a grickle site today. maybe up in a month. i figure if we just copy yours it would be easier. so maybe two weeks. has anybody gone to ? it's super awesome. you have to save the get up kids from getting ass-raped by steven tyler. yummy.
paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i missed you... after not being able to get a drink anywhere near state street (even nick's had a line!) i was sustained by the candy i pulled off of this girl's costume. a guy bumped into alison last night on state street. "oh, sorry honey."

"and sorry about your boyfriend's costume, too."
Hey Kat, remember talking to me at the party on thursday? I asked you if I could use your apartment to film my movie. Would that be all right? I'll have to take a look at it if it is. And no, it's not a porn.
sarah had me pegged last night. also, we have a live review up from the show we did at the catacombs. it is here.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

oh man, just saw Natro totally drunk.. whoa, hardcore, dude
Thought he ran into Charlie's house to puke, but turned out he was just getting more booze! then i tried to sing an old Night Ranger favorite and he didn't want to hear it- fucker!

sister christian, now the time has come and you know that you're the only one to say, "ok"
where you going? what you looking for? you know those guys don't want to play no more with you
it's true
so get your MOTORIN' what's your price for flight and finding Mr.Right? you'll be all right tonight!
hey guys! we're on our way to the drunken Halloween mascerade. "Trick or Booze".
Just got home. Time to party
guy: (wearing a the who t-shirt) "it was during the case races in the dorms. i had just gotten my first ticket the week before."

facilitator: "(laughing) you just didn't learn did you..."

guy: "yeah, i know."

facilitator: "why did you get that one?"

guy: "i don't know... i guess we had our music too loud..."

facilitator: "well... why did you have your music too loud?"


guy: "i dunno."

guy: "i guess me and my friends just like to rock out!"
Beer is good
When it is free
It was Miller
It made me pee
my head hurts

Friday, November 01, 2002

we have our cds now. you can now get a copy of driftless pony club knows better by asking us for one, or coming to our house and throwing pebbles at our windows till we get up and sell you a copy. they are 5 dollars, unless your name is lindsay l. or stephin merrit. then we can probably give you a copy.
last night, we dressed as Sea Lab 2021. I was Hesh, I think. Nate was Marco, Ian was Stormy, and janel (of course) was debbie. Craig was supposed to be the captain but he didn't dye his hair so he was just craig. I saw some people dressed as Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I thought it might be the West Wash Bloggers, so craig and I ran over to them and said something to the effect of "Hey!" Then we asked them if they were on the west wash blog and they said no. I was disappointed. I thought two mighty blogs would be united over the common ground that is Adult Swim.

I don't believe in nothin no more
oh yeah. The CDR Guy called and our CDs are done! Whaaaaaaaaaa!

kat--we were there. at least, craig, janel, and I were there. We saw Liz. I'm sure of that and I'm pretty sure we saw you too . . . possibly even spoke to you. I can't remember that well

You were dressed in black and had horns or something

oh my good come all of you weren't at the state kids party last night?? where were yah?? *shakes her finger* :-) (and if all of you were there and I am being lame. sorry.) the oh my god was because it was massive amounts of people and much drinking was fun. I think I am still drunk. anyways. halloween parties are fun....enough drunken rambling. k out