Sunday, November 03, 2002

the longest halloween ever. i was a whirlibird (you know, those roof vents that spin?). i sliced a middle-aged man's finger open with my metal helmet and gave him a piggyback ride to the er. came back. got too drunk to play. had to have bill play my guitar for me. party again on saturday. met up with a butcher. all they did was point. how rude. played in st. cloud last nite. boring. there was an article in the friday edition of the minnesota daily on how many students from the u were going to state street for halloween. i think my little brother even went. christ, im old. started working on a grickle site today. maybe up in a month. i figure if we just copy yours it would be easier. so maybe two weeks. has anybody gone to ? it's super awesome. you have to save the get up kids from getting ass-raped by steven tyler. yummy.


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