Tuesday, December 31, 2002

for myself
goddamn I played my favorite song
i don't feel so swell work hangover sucks learning about xsd intellisense schemas sucks ass.

Monday, December 30, 2002

whats this world coming to when you can't get milk for your cereal
hey! let's go to chicago and crash the West Wash Blog new year's party!

I'll bring the beer and molasses. Whoopty whoop!
so, I was part of this environmentlist group and we watched a movie about endangered animals. One of them was a skunk-like thing that could change colors. In the darkened theater, I licked some girl's ear. I couldn't tell what she looked like although she had a nice voice and she thought the ear licking thing was funny. In the light she turned out to be rather average but she had nice eyes. I also learned that cats were on the verge of extinction because they were suffocating on discarded bubble gum.

January 17? Has it been so long? blogs grow up so fast.
as of january 17th, this blog will be one year old. anyone got any ideas on things that should be done to comemerate?
It's interesting to watch Anakin grow....more beautiful I mean.
who can compete with anakin skywalker, really?
marcus no es aqui

Sunday, December 29, 2002

donde esta marcus?
where's marcus?
ps hayden christiansen is a gorgeous boy and i would do him any day! :-)
ps ian sorry I didn't drink with yah, didn't see that till tonight....though being the lush I am, that would have been fun. :P oh well. c'est la vie...OH YEAH, are any of you going to nicks this thursday? please say yes! it's been almost two months since I have gone.....
lizzy, I am sorry you are sick! that sucks...but hurry up and get better, coz I miss you! :-) ((Hugs)) matt, to ur post from a few days ago....the m stands for mickey, as platteville was one of the "lucky"towns who won the disney parade a few years ago for the 4th of july (yes, my family went, because we are way disney prone...I am personally not. but considering I went there for a week every year from the ages of 6 to 18, yeah... and my brother has worked there for 7 years...what is wrong with my family !!?!?!?! damn corporate america) anyways. I am SO BORED. I am so glad ppl are coming home soon....hey, what's going down for new years?? anyone?? I am thinking of going to the pink party with some kids from work and wearing a fabulous pink princess dress, long white gloves and vintage glasses...but I want to see u kiddles too...so yeah. that's all. i am done talking. ~ kat
attempts to retreat to madison were thwarted by a rare and sudden illness..
so so sick.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

the wilhelms are gonna be the next one-half-beatles. the more modest starr-harrison half with the good looks of the mccartney quarter.
Hayden christenson: The wilhelms are gonna be the greatest band ever
the paradise is paradise
Tomorrow is my 5th and final christmas celebration. I think i was tired of them after the second one. last ditch efforts.
anyways, I should returning to madtown on sunday evening in case anyone is interested.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Matt summed up our platteville trip pretty well. I don't remember a lot, but I do remember falling on the karokoe stage with a girl on top of me. I swear I didn't do it on purpose. And I remember eating an egg roll in my own corner, to make sure no one would steal it. Who knew booze made you paranoid? Matt, I'll be home late tonight cuz I'm celebrating christmas with my parents. I hope you'll be okay there by yourself. If you get too bored you could play star wars, han solo, to quote one of my favorite comedians at the CC.
where is everyone? I'm so bored bored bored bored bored bored bored.

and my fingernails hurt
Platteville is the land of milk and honey if milk and honey means booze. We wanted to sing "Honky Tonk Woman" at a karokoe bar but, despite bethany's charms, the master control program cut us off.
Shangri La exists. It lies in a small garage in downtown Platteville. Egg rolls and brats live peacefully side by side. It truly is a utopia.
they have a gigantic "M" written with boulders on the side of a hill. i think it stands for "Matt"
matt, all you can drop is names. well, i dropped $90 dollars on cd's this morning. sometimes at 9:30, when you were supposed to be at work at 9:00 and you are just leaving your house, you decide that you can't go to work until you buy some cd's to get you throught the day. then when you get to state street you find out that b-side isn't open until 10:00. so you have to drink a little coffee and read the newspaper. maybe eat a bananna nut muffin to help kill the time. and then you "drop the a-bomb" on your checkcard. rainer maria & mates of state with owen @ luther's blues february 6!
thanks ian, you are making my saturday easier. matt: you had better have stories about har mar and his underage osbourne hook up. maybe i'll call the ranch tonight since in all likelyhood i won't be doing anything of any importance. please be ready to drink tomorrow night as no one likes doing it by themselves.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

I'm back in madison and my hair is shorter.

I been listenin to interpol like an overmedicated research chimp.

Christmas was good. You know, the same old same old hanging out at the office bar in owatonna, mn with the Daniels Bros and Har Mar Superstar [name drop]
mamma, i'm commin' home!!!!!

back to the ranch at last. i think i am going to try out my new coat rack tonight. yes, that's it. and if craig isn't home, i am going to drink alone. or maybe kat? you can come over too. you don't live very far away, you know.

nate, i can probably pick you up.
Dr. Mario.
Dr. Mario.
ah this Dr.Mario...best be played under the intricate workings of an alcoholed body.
merry christmas from the eastern seaboard. so, seriously folks, is anyone going be back in madison on saturday who will be able to pick me up at the airport at 3:45? if you can, you get to experience the florida gifts before anyone else. if you don't, and you are sitting around watching the christmas story at the ranch when i get back, i am going to be very disappointed. oh yeah, my grandma came down for christmas and kicked me out of my room, so i have been sleeping in my brother's closet. boss.
Merry Xmas all. I finally got to use my parents computer. I'm having some asthma problems right now, just like I did last christmas, and pretty much every time I come home. I think my body isn't used to this lack of dust and mold we have at the doty ranch.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! :-) I fucking love christmas...everything about it. (though the fam time was a bit overly much... :P 50 million cousins running around ranging from the ages of 44 to 2 was almost a bit more than i could handle) I got so many great appliances, it seriously felt like I was having a wedding shower or something.... (you can tell you are in college when you get excited over getting appliances for christmas...) anyways, when y'all get back, come play with me...I am here in madison all by myself for the next two weeks! :-( peace and love and joy, ~ Kat
I wish all of you could hear me wish you a Merry Christmas, but alas, I've lost whatever proper voice I had. Now I sound like a pubescent dinosaur. rawr.
arrr mateys. greetings from sweetwater, tennessee, a teensy town in a DRY COUNTY. get that? that means YOU CAN"T BUY ALCOHAL. ironic. i'll be back soon. pray for me.
merry christmas everyone! wait 'till you see my new stuff. i got a coat rack!
I love you, Blog. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

i walk into my mom's house for x-mas and she goes, "come in, take your coat off. I'll get you a drink, liz, jack and coke right?" There's nothing like walking into your mom's house, sitting down, and having a drink in your hand within 10 minutes of arriving..?

Monday, December 23, 2002

anyone want to pick me up from the madison airport on saturday at 3:45? come on, help a brother out.
yesterday alison gave me my christmas presents and my first clash cd came into my possesion on the same day that joe strummer died.

do we have more schools than bars in marshall now? maybe we should count the bars in marshall suburbs. jeremy, how long are you in town for? did you bring those pics down?
I have wronged, and maybe I have been wronged, but I think the jury is still out. Anyways, I am back in the land that I used to belong to. My how things do change. We have a stop light, I have known this for a while, but man, the day Marshall gets a stop light is the day we need another school building. Oh, wait, we are getting that too. How about a new library? Got that? Um..another elderly home? That too huh? Man, this place is gonna be like Sun Prairie soon. Gotta go back to Minnesota I guess.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

urgh. so hung over....last night was mostly fun had by all... thanks for helping me boys...sorry I abruptly left and didn't tell u guys. hope you were't looking for me. my drunken senses did not kick in... :P have a good christmas everyone! I will be home all of break (as I live here) come visit me. :-) ~ k out
Greetings. I saw someone do a choreographed (don't care if I'm not spelling it right) dance to a couple of Britney Spears songs tonight at a house party. I can't figure it out, but for some strange reason, it was fucking great!
hey kids...not much going on here. is everyone home already? i feel the need to booze it up a bit since school is done and all. let me know if youre still in town. oh, and if anyone is looking for a job, the coffee place i work for is looking for people...its out on east wash next to ella's delli. just so you know. in case you are interested. have a lovely holiday and ill see you monkeys later.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

i am in florida right now, hanging with my brother and sister. it's fairly boring here so far, as jacksonville is a thirty minute drive since we live in ponte vedre beach or something like that. i miss madison. my brother's closet is bigger than matt's room. i am bored. we might watch panic room. jodi foster!
have you ever come to the realization that you are so poor that you can only afford to eat rice?
mmm... rice

Friday, December 20, 2002

i think he should sue himself for making himself fat. or maybe his mother.

anyways, have a happy holiday ya'll. i go home tomorrow, i shall be back the 28th. and then the partying shall commence once again.
I say if you're going to sue Mcdonald's, do it for a better reason. And if you can't find one, fake one. The ol' "sperm-in-the-burger" routine works every time.
I just saw that guy who is suing McDonalds for making him fat on tv. he's not very fat at all. He's fat like Philip Seymour Hoffmann's fat. Kinda hefty. so i say, if you're going to sue a large corporation for making you fat, you better be John Candy fat at least. But I would suggest What's Eating Gilbert Grape fat just to be on the safe side. And change your name to "Fatty Fat Fatnikoff"
liz babe, it's so very true... (you're a little bit bitchy a whole lot of sexy and everything i've ever wanted) you hottie you. :-) yes yes, we shall be masked bandits!! k out
"you're a little bit bitchy, a whole lot of sexy, and everything i've ever wanted...."

I'm glad that my alcoholic nature on tuesday evening has made some people feel better, and some people love me.
I have to admit though, melissa, i've always loved you..

k- we can be the masked bandits taking over 521... it's gonna be good..

Thursday, December 19, 2002

liz, thanks so much for the dinner you cute wino. i think i'm in love with you.

janel you smell. the casbah missed you dearly.

2 more days till i leave for tennessee....and craig, my mother just called and informed me that we ARE, in fact, going to DOLLYWOOD. in fact, we have reservations to some sort of horse stampede show (!?!).....should i be afraid? if i survive i shall bring you all pictures of dolly parton's boobs, as i am sure i will get to see them a lot.

oh, and everybody is invited to our house on friday night for vera's going away shindig. it will consist of alcohol, food, and board games. hooray!
Jon! I wanna see Lord of the Rings!! I wanna see it now!!! What do I have to do to get your ticket? I'll do more than you think.
bonnie and clyde productions is getting geared up and will be all set to ruin madison's kiosks next semester. also, ian's right,t he shows this weekend were really good, my body is always hurting after we return to madison. pictures of the whole deal should be up as soon as we get the scanner stuff done.
liz: janel's audiocatalyst doesn't work, it records through the mic instead of the cd drive or something. what now?
sarah: we have a little deal to work out. i have something you need. perhaps you can trade something for it? i am assuming you are at work right now, we can possibly trade dinner time.
ps anyone planning on making an alcohol run between now and saturday at 11pm ish? I would like a bottle of cheap vodka...anyone wanna buy it for me if I give you money and other special favors? (see that as you will....) ohhh that angst of being under 21....
one more night. one more night. wahoo. are any of you all going to the party on sat? (at 521 state, phthisis' going away partay, and dallas' 21st birthday party) I plan on getting roaringly drunk. (I haven't had any alcohol or haven't even been out since october 31st) oh yes, it shall be fun. anyone going on sat, let me know.... kat out.

after 2:30, I will cast my textbooks into the firery chasms from whence they came.....then at 5:30...Lord of the Rings....WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.ian, did you insult us, your madison crowd, oh how rock stardom sets in so quick, but I still have your autograph from my psych experiment. so tired.
my catalyst has seeped into plastic lens bearing binoculars
Liz, you were one of the drunkest I've seen in a while. Nice work. It's good to hear that someone else's alcoholism is effecting their work. Makes me feel good about me. Thank you for that liz.

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

jason loeffler: you are a small, small man. we know what's up.
Okay, nate, don't say the "w" word in my presence...
I shall be over in a while to clean up the mess that was left after the party last night. considering how drunken i was, it wasn't gonna happen last night..
that is of course, assuming that anyone is home..

The only thing i was suppose to do today was go to work. yeah, i didn't do that. in fact, this is the first time i'm attempting something productive all day. cheers.

i am ready to blog again. after i sat down on sunday for a half-hour, having typed a huge blog about the whole weekend, blogger ate it. i was scared. i was was scarred.

the mini tour went really well. i had an awesome time in minnesota, and the hospitality of everyone who put us up was more than generous. joe, thanks so much for setting up those shows. you are right that next time we should go a different route, because the shows in madison are never quite as good as the ones up in the cities. they sure don't pay as well (by the way, you guys forgot all the paper scraps of donation money when you took off in the morning). i was so amazed by the fact that we could play two full bars, two days in a row like that. justin, you are a good drummer and you may be also just as great at guitar. your pigeon-toed knee-bent rock stance is one to be reckoned with! and dave, let me know when the grickle-grass website is ready to go.

on sunday i was hungover for the whole day. i finally recovered around 7:00 that night with few memories of the latter parts of the night. one thing i do remember is, "where the fuck is joe?" and the super-group. we have some great pictures of everyone at one spot or another, so once we get them scanned, we will get them on the site.

I just finished an argument as to the effects that manlike, AI-powered robot servents would have on society. I believe that AI robots would eventually evolve into better, faster and smarter beings, destroy mankind and start to run the world. Please, if you see any progress being made in the area of robots that could potentially destroy mankind, do all you can to stop it. This, however, does not apply to robots such as Rosie, as she is just a simple housemaid. Thank you for your time.

P.S. Disregard this message if you are, in fact, a robot. In that case, please come see me and I just need to have a little look-see at your programming chip. Thank you.
will someone please tell me why god hates me so? I am completely exhausted at the moment..after spending 3 hours in the library, after 9 hours of working, and cramming last minute things in for my final, I simply cannnot go on. i am trying so very hard to stay awake here in the lovely matac library so I can make it to my 11:30 final. (good lord, this is worse than typing really really drunk!) thank god it's almost over....liz, fabulous dinner, wish I could have stayed longer...wish I could have gotten drunk. :P ok that's all the exhaustd rambling for now....
the food last night was fantastic, great job liz. i only hope you took the wine with you so we don't end up finishing it all tonight.
tron- we called, no one answered
So, it seems that everyone enjoyed the dinner and the wine. Personally, i mostly enjoyed the wine, and am feeling it's residual effects at the moment. having a hangover is the only reason i'd ever be up this freaking early on a day when all i have to do is go to work. Why does the computer have to be soo soo bright?
hey dudes, not calling about the dinner was not cool, i even placed my order and everything. yes, yes i see that now it has been posted on the blog, but totally not cool anyways. cool? totally not!

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

ooohhhh god. so full. so fucking full. i need to go marinate in my own digestive juices now. word.
we have food!!!!!
food for the masses
come over
there's wine too
I hate writing papers. I'm no good at it.
butt butt butt butt
you are all butts.

i just got into an argument as to whether chiropractors are bullshit or miraculous.
liz, i am bringing wine to your din tonight.
Men, bring me the biggest sunglasses you can find

no, bigger!

that's it

Monday, December 16, 2002

hmmm HMMM! i finished up "hangover day" yesterday with bloody mary's at genna's. sometimes i amaze myself. we had a work gift exchange and i got a purple pen with a plastic monkey that dances. he really gets down man. you should see him work it.
it's cold so far away from the warmth of such fine hearts. do you guys even need the sun? i bet if you drink enough rheingold and washed it down with the viper, any urine analysis would be mindfucked. sent spinning. sometimes i wonder if total recovery is attainable.
PS. dinner is at 8pm
Last final, finished. Fuck yeah.

Alright boys and girlies here's whats going on for the dinner tomorrow night.

  • the location has been moved from my apartment to the ranch, considering the number of people that will be in attendance, my apartment isn't gonna be big enough.
  • The menu has been finalized. Fettuccini Alfredo (or Chicken alfredo for those non-veggies).
  • Dinner will be served around 8pm.
  • Donations to help cover the cost of food would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you want to come, but haven't told me, you are running out of time, let me know.
  • Bring yourself and an appetite cause it's gonna be good.

Me and my crazy web skills... i can make a list. I rock.
I can't remember if I put a link to this website up already. If not, it's long overdue. And my boss showed me this one.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

I fucking hate studying. I'm no good at it.
I just took my CS final and it was way fucking easy which leads me to two conclusions:
1. depsite contrary opinion, you can learn through osmosis and falling asleep on my textbook is the source of all of my CS knoweledge
2. I failed miserably and am living in a dream world where i convince myself that i'm not gonna fail CS
haha! I'm so glad melissa is on the blog!
okay, so i woke up this morning with a pounding headache, vomited up all the water i kept trying to drink, looked in my bag and found a rearview mirror to a car (?!), stumbled to work, and promptly fell asleep behind the ring display for 2 hours. you guys are never allowed to have parties again, or maybe i should never allow myself to come to them, as i seem to get just a BIT out 'o' control.....but it was funny, right? right? goddamnit.
i don't wanna sleep. i just want to keep on loving you
it's the only thing i want to do
fuck. I'm sorry you guys...I am so sad i missed your show...I'm sorry, I suck. no good excuse, only that I didn't wake up. sorry boys... :-( I am officially a terrible fan. :P

Saturday, December 14, 2002

sweet weekend!!!!


driftless pony club

517 w. doty @ 9:30 or 10:00pm
Home again! That rheingold really does a number on the body. Feels good to be back. I need to shower to get all the stinky rock off of me, so I can put it back on again tonight.

I think the keg will be here, as soon as someone with money gets home.

MY CAR WAS ON FIRE! much like mouth on friday night. If someone offers you hot sauce called Viscious Viper, for god's sake, say no.
okay. um, so has the BYOB turned into WHAK (we have a keg)? please enlighten.
Craig, the opening text in your movie is green against black. Where else do you find green text against a black background? Yep. The Doty Street blog is taking over every aspect of your psyche.
In case either of my last two posts seem a little off. I really do not have overly coherent thoughts when stoned. Please read only the important info and ask the DPC about the quality of the live recording before obtaining a personal copy. Hangovers and the slows suck.
I am on some sort of emotional manic jittery no sleep for almost 24 hours and not eating for 2 days high right now...so I am going to go be creative before I crash and burn. :-) anyways, I will be representin' tonight at the ranch! awwwww yeah up in here! anyways, see you guys tonight! I am so excited...I get to go out! for the first time in almost two months...wahoo. ~ k
ps one week of training left! wahoo. wahoo. wahoo.

pps I want to get something pierced, what should I get pierced??
DPC. Sleeping. Pictures. MMMM.

Anyways, I went to this party with standing room only and by the end of the night is was 5:30 and I was the only one there awake. Suicide Kings can do that to people though. I let myself out, came home, am blogging, and will sleep soon.

DPC represented and rocked well. Good shows by all tonight. Lukes Angels was tonight's sleeper hit. Check them out. Catch a copy of the live DPC show at Big V's when Joe de la Grickle gets it ready for distribution. Pester him at all times possible until you have your own copy.

Friday, December 13, 2002

hey, we're playing with grickle grass and kurmudgeon tomorrow night (saturday) in our basement. put your books down and get ready to rock hard!!!! the twin cities have been good to us (better than mauston anyway). The people are clean and polite. The beer is cheap--at least rheingold is cheaper. Super Tetris is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyway, the show will begin around 9:30pm. We'll get a keg with all the dinero we're raking in up here. I wish bars were open later here. well, we'll be back in good ole madison where the bars are open til 2am. or 2:30 if you go to the silver fox in marshall, wi.
IDONTHAVETOWORKTOMORROW. (this is the first time in FOREVER i have had an entire day off.) any non-studying non-lameasses who would enjoy to join me for some sort of ex-trava-ganza tonight should call. and liz, i asked laura, and we are confirming 1 veggie and 1 non-veggie for tuesday. (p.s. i love you).
so , craig's parents were kind enough to come out to mauston and trade cars with us. we got to the show with a few minutes to spare. i thought the show wasn't that great last night, most people were there for grickel grass and we had to make up mst of our setlist on the spot, resulting in an ending on 'seallab 202'. today i am going to cheapos and i will hopefully blow money. see you guys tomorrow.
Hey all you concerned folks out there, I know you can't wait to find out what became of the stranded DPC crew. The Wilhelms were about to fill the covetted time slot at the Uptown, but just as time was running down the remaining members made a dramatic entry with a small hangup, "cough" Marcus... The DPC does play music well, and well they did play. Looking forward to Big V's tonight. The Grickle also made an appearance. But I digress...

Thursday, December 12, 2002

here's the situation: i think the internet ate my last blog. craig, marcus and i are stuck in mauston at the moment because the engine to craig's car caught fire or something. there were definetly flames. craig's dad is coming to see what's up. we may or may not be in the twin cities tonight. we won't know for another hour or so what exactly is happening. it's all up in the air, but i guess that's what being in a rock band is all about. i am documenting the wholoe proceedings on a fuji one time use camera tho, so you will be able to see this horrible ordeal.
I have 2- seconds to blog on this stupid machine
off to minnesota we go!
natron: are you available to have your talents used by the campus women's center: re logo t-shirts? let me know asap--

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

shitballs. there goes my roadtrip dream. btw, the time of departure has shifted to 3:00pm. marcus and nate and my comp sci project have caused this.

also, bicycle day is going to join us at the electric earth show. time to rock.
Ian, apparently, all of grickle grass's equipment is broken (including their van) except for drums which are better than ever. So we don't have to bring drums, but Joe needs your bass amp and Kyle probably needs craig's amp. I need my cabinet.

Jeremy, the Uptown is in Minneapolis. 3018 Hennepin ave s., I believe. the show starts at 9 but I don't think we're playing first.
Also, the only Uptown Bar I or the all-knowing internet seem to know of is in Minneapolis. A little help here. Any street address for the venue in question?
Question for the St Paul show on the 12th. When in the night are you guys playing? I have class until 8:30. The show starts at 9:00 says the DPC. Any chance to catch the madness that is Doty.
guys, come save me. i am being held prisoner in the tower of sorcery know as "the computer science building." i have been working on this project since 9:45 this morning.

one vehicle plan:
matt, call joe. see if you can use somebody's amp and the pa for you keyboard (or something). ask him if i can use his bass amp and if nate can use the grickle-drums. we can pull this off with one vehicle tomorrow!
that band is going down. they don't come close to the rock power that craig and i are. they are in for a serious fight if they think they can hold onto the name just cause they have an album out and we don't. craig: to the basement!
Does anyone know if Golden Grahams cereal has ever had a successful ad campaign? like the cookie crisp burglar guy?
ffft. i have to study tonight. i never study. it makes me feel like a student. rrr.
nate, craig. I think you should take a look at this

Believe me. I'm as mad as you are.
I always wondered what it would be like to be five dollar foundation's # 1 fan

time to write about Lola Rennt
I am in training to be a relay operator (basically, a telephone operator for blind and deaf ppl) me and the caro and possibly the liz are bringing down the house..as I said before, GC is gonna take over the world! (oh god, that is a scary scary thought! *cringes in horror and crawls in a corner and lies in the fetal position* so that's that...
what kind of training are you in kat? are you going to be a ninja? or a roadie? a lunchlady(-person)? an elephant trainer? a speed walker(just like all those old ladies at mayo before school)? i want to know. am i just painfully out of touch and should know all this? maybe i should be out drinking more often.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

i saw a flyer by the catacombs this evening that said that new kentucky quarter was playing this saturday. turns out to be a typo. what's up with ron?
i am stuck in the computer lab right now. maybe now i can think back to last night when i thought it would be a good idea to sleep for a while rather than work on my operating systems project.

kat, sorry we haven't emailed you back yet. we are slower as molasses in january. the show is going to be in our basement this weekend. it's byob. grickle grass and kurmudgeon are coming!
hey guys...where and when is your show in madison this weekend?? I would indeed like to go..but knowing where it is would be a plus. :-)

jenny, yeah I know allll about the no doz...being that I am in training right now for the next two weeks solid (but I survived the first week) with one day off (well really a night off), and training is third shift, 11 pm - 7:30 am, I know allll about the no doz...no doz is my friend.
24 hour lab = scary
plus the fact that i dont sleep anymore besides 2 hour intervals frightens me a bit as well. i gotta kick this no-doz habit.

Monday, December 09, 2002

hey look everyone! it's nate!
Oh god. I don't know what has come over me. Last night I dreamt that I was the lust object of both Justin Timberlake AND Britney Spears. I don't know what to do from here.
Accepted Study Abroad Program in Aix, I'M GOING TO FRANCE!
pretty please answer them by tomorrow.
guys, we have to answer those questions yesterday.
so euphone was good? unfortunately the assholes at the union kicked my roommate out of there for under age drinking, so we had to run out of there cause they forced her to leave without her jacket. but luckily for us, no police were called, andat least we got to catch your part of the show. and it was rockin' let me know when the next one's gonna be.

Sunday, December 08, 2002

go here for some sweet t-action. go!!!!!!! now!!!!!!!
decorating your french fries. i call 'em as i seem 'em.
the show last night went well. My voice cracked often due to the sore throat, but nobody's perfect. Marcus was missed. Come back to us marcus! Euphone was amazing. It's one guy singing, playing drums, and playing keyboard at the same time, and the songs were great too. I can't even pat my head and rub my stomach. Oh wait, yes I can, but not while playing keyboard.

Saturday, December 07, 2002

boys...sorry I can't come to the show, I have a million and one plans tonight... :-( so good luck and hopefully I will see you guys soon! (most likely not...but definately at the party at 521 on the 21st, right??) ~ k out
the twin cities will fall by thursday. the preparations are almost complete for your glorious return to this land most foul. there are a few enemy forces holed up in north-east and some around midway, but they should be flushed out by wednesday at the latest. we wait with baited breath for your arrival, our fair and just lords of rock. your triumphant entrance is sure to be the toast of the town and peaseants will line the streets in hope to catch a glipse of your god-like visages. travel safe.
everyone is trying to de-ravel our lyrics. matt had to do what the ti-82 told him.

guys, i am at alliant right now. let's practice at noon. if you go to the music store without me, buy me some purple strings and some green picks (nate). or just picks depending on your monetary funds.

Friday, December 06, 2002

hm. apology to all who saw me last night: i was (beyond) s-t-o-n-e-d.
Tomorrow night's show should be quite interesting. It'll be DPC like you've never seen us before, without marcus. Come watch me try to sound like marcus.

In other news, we better stop at Culvers on our way to Whitewater tonight or else the trip will be for naught. Remember how much fun we had there last time guys?
our side of the 7 inch: "haaaaaahhhh?/do what now?"
the "knows better" ep is on sale at b-side records for $5. we are a real band!!!!!
As I promised, this blog war was short and painless. lives were lost but their death was not in vain because we stand here, victorious. The terror that was the West Wash Blog is no more. See for yourself. Their infrastructure is in disarray, their people are displaced, their leaders are humbled. They are a meer shell of their former glory. We are now entering a golden age of peace and prosperity. Let us not spoil it with calls of reparation. We should be building bridges with our former enemy. Let's look to the future. From now on, Doty St. and West Wash will work together--sparing the world the horrors of another blog war. Our way of life will never be threatened again as long as we continue to respect each other as human beings. Because deep down inside, all of us (Doty Ranchers and West Washers alike), want the same thing. Sex.

Long Live Doty Street!
damn it feels good to be a gansta

time to write about dinosawrs
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i read it too!
it's on. we are opening for euphone and tim kinsella at one of the unions tomorrow night. 9:30 i am supposing. more later.
i have six tickets for fuddy meers. one for everyone in the house, and one for alison. It starts at 7:30. We should leave at 6:00. You guys owe me $10 each (except for people that bought me drinks last night). let's practice at 4:00pm?
Well, I think for one thing, we gotta practice today. Time for work. I'll be back at around 3:30 or so. Adios, muchachas! (don't know how to do the upside-down exclamation)
what's up with fuddy meers? what's up with tomorrow night? in the likelyhood that something is up, i will be back today around 4. i also need to go to the music store very soon. finally, this is going to be so, so good.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Dear Doty Street and all other Appropriate Associations:
A celebratory end of semester dinner will be served on the evening of Tuesday 17 December (around 7 or 8pm) at my apartment (unless too many people want food, then other arrangements for a location will have to be made) The menu will consist of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items (vegetarian will most likely be fettucchini alfredo, non vegetarian is still tentative, but could possibly include lemon peppered chicken) as well a hor d'oeuvres and dessert. As the amount of food that I cook will be dependant upon the number of people in attendance, please e-mail me and let me know if you would like to attend and whether you would prefer a vegetarian or non-vegetarian entree.
just say no to instrument prostitution.
whilst you kiddies are drinking your life away at nick's or the blue velvet, I shall be in training...listening to the stupid fucking idiots who have to ask questions about everything becuase a) they are too stupid to get any of the training or b) they are smart asses...by the end of training I will have either a) killed myself b) had someone kill me c) gone insane or d) killed someone....anyways, drink one for me! girls, anna and mellissa, if you go, anna you have to drink a blue drink for me! everyone else, get really really drunk in the name of kat and idiotic training... :-)
I'm thinking about modeling, melissa.
Project Achtung Caution Cuidado (PACC) had to be scrapped. The UN has allowed WW blog weapons inspectors into the Doty Ranch so the "secret weapon" had to be promptly disposed of (i.e. dumped outside). Some of it was spilled on our basement floor and it's slowly eating its way to china. Hey, 445, why don't you come get your industrial strength mop bucket?
thank you matt for your speedy reply! ALSO! anna and i are sick of the lack of open figure drawing classes and are starting our own. it will probably be sunday evenings, either at our house or at our friend's studio. if anybody is interested in either modeling (yes, nude) or drawing, let me know. oh, and the models will get paid - we would ask anyone who comes to draw to donate $3-$5 each time. it would probably only be an hour or two, but we're guessing the models will get paid anywhere from $15-$25 per hour.
melissa, we're probably going to nick's. If not there, then the blue velvet.

"The English have landed!" Guess what that means in french and you get a prize.
i'm at work and my feet stink. i think i need to change my socks. but then i'll just have more stinky socks. is it better to have one ultra stinky pair? it cuts down on laundry, i suppose. important thoughts. on another note, does anyone still go to nick's thursdays? i haven't been in 700000 years and was thinking of dropping by tonight....
sometimes you have to come from marshall to really feel something. i apologize for any blindness the background on that page may cause.
YESSS... my c-sci project due date got moved back until next wed, two more whole days to procrastinate on it.. YES!

on another note, DPC playing at the Union? Who would have ever guessed...

The owls cancelled their show on sat cause one of the band members broke his wrist (shitty), but the lead singer is gonna pull a solo act. the opener just cut out... Mabel are you interested?
Janel can sing!
wait. craig, matt and i think we can. nate, when do you get back tonight?
argh. we can't play union south on saturday due to fuddy meers.
i got in i got in i got in! accepted: advanced painting studio.

my own studio!
asshole, how many rock band interview worksheets have you filled out lately?
um, emmie email...besides the soda question, is this not just from the standard rock band interview worksheet? also, i vote we elect janel 6th member as 'photographer and guru'. also, d, which band are you refering to? someone in my art class saw us at the mall of america, in particular the part were i was trying to steal wheels from kids to build my lego racer, post-covered bridge action.
Hey DPC boys, check our e-mail. We’ve been invited to be in the next issue of emmie.

I’ve been up for two and a half hours now. Damn, life sucks at 8 in the morning on the coldest friggin day of the year. I blame West Wash.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

DPC, I dyed my hair black like Natron's and wear only women's flare jeans. I have 4 pairs. I also wear women's coats. I look like Harold. Can I join the band now?
Escapee arrested at Madison bar

“A correctional facility escapee described as dangerous by Rock County sheriff’s officials was back in custody Tuesday after being arrested in Madison.

Delmar McNeal, 41, was arrested at 8:30pm at the Echo Tap and Grill , 554 W. Main St., deputies said.

McNeal had failed to return Monday to the Rock Valley Community Program facility after being released to look for a job in Beloit.

His arrest history includes arson, sexual assault, hostage-taking and car theft. McNeal was in Dane County Jail on Tuesday.”

Ahhh, good ol’ Sketcho.
mabel. spelled m-a-b-e-l. mabel.
i bet west wash knows how to spell our name.
you know.... if you can't get hold of detachment kit, why not ask the good old driftless pony club?
guys, i think i was the subject of west washington chemical weapons testing. i woke up this morning with another cold. i don't know what kind of ethics these people have. could it be that they have been developing all this time? we must begin fortifying our basement with the new shipment of materials we recieved during break. special note: get ready for special operations to resume from point base electric earth. time frame: early january.
it looks like doty avenue will be plunged into a ww hellfire while we can sit comfortable on doty street and finish hammering out our plans. also, doesn't anyone else remember the last time we had a ruckus on doty, during a certain person's birthday party? i think we are lovers, not fighters.
thats the plan nate, thats the plan
if you are on the music committee, you should book detachment kit for this weekend in the owls place. right? right?
Man, this blog has become too much to read. I'm going to work on starting an audio blog.
after waking up this morning and finding frost, yeah thats right frost, on the inside of the windows in my living room i decided to take action...
the manager has suffered through the unforgiving, bitter, and downright painful wrath of APG. 45 minutes and two nearly crying secretaries later repair men are en route to my apartment to fix the heater.

This being a horrible bitch thing really works. From now on i'm gonna be the most bad-ass bitch doty street has ever seen.
better recognize

Tron, all information relating to the "secret weapon" is classified. It's our manhattan project and once it's completed the West Wash Blog will beg for mercy. .
From now on, the "secret weapon" will be referred to as "Project Achtung Caution Cuidado" or PACC. All discussion shall be held over short wave radio, as usual. Time is running out, west washers

Furthermore, I think we need some Knights of Doty Street to ensure the safety of our citizenry and the drunkenness of our drinkery. Since there is only one sword available ( unless someone is holding out on me), our knights will wield the beautiful but deadly sack of doorknobs.

and, yes, I do take hockey cards.
if there is one thing i believe in not fucking with, its the "whether," West Wash Blog However, bust out the dirty bombs. By dirty I am refering to the bucket of filth 445 left in the DPC basement. but dont worry, my bacteriology final is almost due to turn in. matt, do you take hockey cards for anything?
hey liz, this might keep you warm. I'm assuming you have nail polish remover and some neutrons on hand.

And, in the words of Mr. Ian Purvis, sometimes you gotta make it happen . . . then cover it up.
I'm going to class for once this morning. I've skipped and skipped and skipped like a little girl playing hopscotch. But now, it's time I realize that recess is over and it's time to go to class. Ian, I think you got sick from me. I haven't stopped being sick since I cleaned our tub.
i am sick as shit on a stick. i think some fumes from the rotting bucket of plague that andy's christian girlfriend left in our basement have wafted up to my room... maybe i am just sick on the power trip that our blog now has soooo many people. liz are you sure they can make you wait a week? it seems like they shoould have to do some kind of temporary solution..
*mope mope mope*

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

current temperature in my apartment: 52 degrees Fareinheit. Why you ask? The heater is broken and the repair man said it may be a week until it's fixed. ggrrrrr
he was a skater boy, she said see you later boy
sometimes its all quiet except for the thousand TVs blaring in your head.
d, said mable cd was not recorded by us, but by some guy who lives in fon du lac or some other far away wisconsin town. you are also unofficial invited to join madison supergroup hello mcfly, provided we figure out what instrument you'll work out best on. also, this movie is an insane waste of time. thanks, comp lit. also, matt, you must remove the pin from your sweater before you get run out of this house and blacklisted, trader.
C'mon, folks. We can't plan our secret sabotage of the west wash blog on this blog. Some of them read it! From now on, all war talk will be confined to short wave radio. niner
Seized at airports during the Thanksgiving crush: 15,982 pocket knives, 98 boxcutters, six guns and a brick
it's all about the brick.
To the West Washers: Plans are presently underway for the subversion of your undeserved power. We have already placed a fifth column within your ranks. You have been warned.
thanks to blogger dot com and someone else with the name melissa, i now have 3 s's in my name. melisssa. take note.
damn it feels good to be a gangsta...I am ready for this war, bring it on baby. bring your worst. so far I haven't seen a word of it... (now the fact that a white girl from the burbs of madison is saying this should be somewhat amusing...maybe eminem inspired me from 8 mile...ha ha ha ha ha ha)
so I bumble my words every now and again. I'm no worse than our nation's president. Which is why I am now appointing myself president of doty street. Any objections? (you will find that I am easy to convince, Micah "wink, wink")
so is this a war or what??
I listened to the Mable CD today. Did DPC record this album? When will DPC let me join the band? I refuse to kiss anyone.
Matt please come over to 445 as soon as possible. I have some lovely beaver pelts that I am willing to sacrafice for guns and corn. You will not be disappointed.

In other news, everyone favorite hero, Liam Gallagher was arrested for fighting with his band in a club, and then kicking a cop in the ribs. Released on $100,000 bail.That's who I pattern my life after. Infiltration of West Wash blog has begun. We must first convince our president that West Wash is concealing chemical and biological weapons and are secretly building a nuclear device. I will plant the uranium in their basements. viva la resitance
*mope mope mope*
matt is a trader?? ;-) just kidding craig dear.... I know what you meant. I am sitting here after being up for the past 10 hours with about 5 hours of sleep before that...I am sheerly exhausted. sometimes I am amazed at what the human body can handle...on that note, I am going to sleep...goodnight.
god forbid we have trader on our boards craig.
Matt is a trader. First I will take him on. After I defeat him I'll take on the wesh wash bloggers. Then, the world.
(I will be taking everyone on in checkers. I'm pretty good at it. Not great, but who is these days? It's a game for dorks. In fact, forget I ever wrote this blog.)

Monday, December 02, 2002

I happily admit that I am a west wash wannabe. Once i get my invitation, I'm blowing this pop stand for higher ground. I already have a list of names. here's a sample: One Who Knows How to Melt a Girl's Heart of Stone by Adding a Certain Amount of Ice
the show went very well, after small problems with the old thompsons and the kfc. i have a christmas card print done now that you can recieve by stopping by or emailing me an address to mail it to. black on tinfoil, get it while you can.
having just return from nathaniel ryan's show, i have two things to say:
1. it was a good show, and i'm not even lying about that.
2. despite my body's complete inability to cope with the fact that it's cold, i do very much relish the cold weather at the moment. Sometimes being just a little cold reminds you that you are alive. it's a fucking beautiful thing.
I ate too much spaghetti. I guess I can't help it. I do make the best spaghetti in the country. The secret ingredients I have are (now write this down, it's very rare that I would ever reveal this) Prego Sauce and Noodles. And don't forget to run the noodles under water after you pour them in the strainer to wash off the excess starch. It also helps if you boil the noodles on a super dirty stove.
hmm...well apparently all of us our west wash blog wannabes...(http://www.sleevestar.com/westwash/) and now there is a war..shall we step up to the challenge??
Our phones work!
For those who were at the Echo last monday: Did anyone see a stray black knit hat? Does anyone remember me leaving the Echo wearing it? It's my baby and I've lost it.
Nate, what is involved in commissioning an art piece? Will I be famous like DPC is? Good luck tonight with the KFC. Do you remember the FLP (fluid liquid project) shirt? It reminds me of Craig for some strange reason...
we now have 17 people signed up to blog, with one outstanding invitation and one currently being processed. we really aren't living up to our potential.
d, don't get discouraged, not everyone in dpc is finishing school this year, you'll have support next year in madison. also - i want to comission an art piece. also - my message on the answering machine on friday is great, as is yours on erin's. minneapolis was sure torn down to it's rubble.
Hey, how is it that everyone in DPC is finishing school? Why do I hate school so much? What am I supposed to do? DPC, please help me want to finish school.
the onion must be lacking in articles..as I read the west wash blog and followed this link (even though I already saw the article earlier) I was digusted yet again...


..this band is no longer a band, this article was in the onion a year and a half ago...*shakes her head* onion, I am disappointed...

ps you boys would know this band as the saturdays, as you played with them at the mifflin street block party, but the only band member that was actual playing was the dark haired boy, the lead singer.... oh god, you can tell you are a groupie when you know these types of things about bands... (ok so him being the ex helps a little I guess) anyways. What is this world coming to??
aren't we all liz, aren't we all??
here's my last plug for the art show. it's opening tonight, from 7 to 9 at the 734 gallery at 734 university. there should be KFC to be eaten and there will be buttons. if you don't come, and i see you at the echo tonight, i might just have to hit you to show you what a mistake you have made.
i'm just playing my part

Sunday, December 01, 2002

our phones still don't work!
I was at work tonight and my friend who works there named Ben told me about a show at the Coral Room. That's how I learned that Cex was playing there. I saw him open for Dismemberment Plan a while ago. He wraps to the music he created on his laptop computer. So I went with one of those perfect face girls, (you know the one). Cex was hilarious as usual but the crowd wasn't into it. He crowd surfed, which was cool cuz the place is really small and the ceiling isn't very high. The band that played before him, Numbers, were cool. I think everyone was there to see them. All in all, good show.