Friday, January 31, 2003

i am all punked out. i think you guys should try to do a punk rock a billy song...i would love to see you guys rock out to a punk rock a billy song. lol. that would rule.....
no congratulations to me, as today i had a very up-front meeting with my new manager. because of our new hiring freeze, my chances of working at alliant come graduation are almost negative. she is going to see if they would hire me in for a position as a peoplesoft developer in a different workgroup. i am almost certain that the position is something i don't want. maybe it will be. if it is open. time to pull my resume out of the closet and update that thing. fuck you, corporate headquaters!
haha! congratulations!

It has been very nice getting to know all of you for the past couple of years. However, although I love Madison to death and hate to leave, something compelling has forced me to return to my hometown after this year. I will finish this school year and then pursue my dream in Eau Claire. I wish you all well. You will all be invited to our wedding.

Micah LaDousa
As a former member of the clash, maybe I shall attend.
yeah she is foah suah... :-) caro and i are going..
i was actually talking to james about this earlier. i guess hilary from electric earth is going to do backup vocals for one of the bands. so, i might be there, kat.
is anyone going to the show at the rat tonight?? you should, it's going to be a punk rock bonanza! :-) and it is also a tribute to joe strummer of the clash who died last year...if anyone is going, tell me! :-)
I failed at everything I tried to do today. If you're a minute early for the class African Storyteller the professor yells at you and makes an example of you. He says if you're a minute late, don't come. I got to the building a minute late so I didn't go in. Instead I decided to flyer for the upcoming Madison Review party at the Orpheum this Saturday. I realized I didn't have the flyers or tape, so I picked up some flyers at Helen C. and went to buy tape. While buying tape I realized I didn't have money, so, embarassed as I was, I went to an atm and came back to by a $2.00 roll of tape. Then I went to the Memorial Library where I was assigned to flyer and discovered I didn't have my student ID. So I got a library pass and went in. I found the bulletin board and saw that they had tacks, didn't need the tape. Furthermore, I saw that someone already put a flyer there. I asked if there were any other places to flyer, and they said, "no!" I left to pick up my paycheck at the Peterson building, when I was about to get there I realized that I might need my ID, but I decided to try anyway. I got to the door and they were out to lunch. I almost fell in the slush on my way to work but didn't, thank God that didn't happen.
Although your theory is compelling, matt, I'm not sure I entirely agree. It is true that Cuomo grew to hate the wonderful "pinkerton" because it wasn't well received by the masses, but what if acceptance of the masses is what he was trying to achieve all along, and pinkerton was just a fluke, or part of some grand plan. What if his goal was to win the hearts of the elite music snobs early on so he could take them with him on his way to total domination. And his last utterance "Pinkerton" was in part, out of hatred, and in part mocking his followers. I call it "Mulholland Drive," for no other reason than I think Mulholland Drive is overrated.
so, rivers cuomo is going to be on limp bizkit's next album. I've thought about this and thought about this. I like weezer but this is not acceptable. so, I've made a storyline depicting the rise and fall of rivers.

1994: a little known band called weezer hits the big time with the "blue album"
1997: energizied with the warm reception of the previous album, rivers cuomo tries to turn the music world on its ear with the next album called "Pinkerton." He pours his heart and soul into it but the mainstream radio shuns him. He retreats into seclusion.
He tries to regain the flair of the "blue album" and the next album is a success but his spirit and energy has been sapped. His half-japanese girl has left him.
Totally lost and hollow, he blindly makes "maladroit" and then colloborates with coporate schlock rock Fred Durst--hoping to make something good out of bad bad terrible music. he fails and his body bloats with cynicism and hopelessness
years into the future, he dies alone in Xanadu. His last uttered words are "pinkerton" Investigative reporters try to make sense of these enigmatic words by deconstructing the life of rivers. Just as they give up, "pinkerton" is discovered in a pile of trash. they are unable to understand the significance and pinkerton is incinerated.
i call it "Citizen Cuomo"
Yes, mulholland drive is fucked up . . . and beautiful.

but, you should talk about your x-boyfriend's penis and his sexual antics more often. I found it highly amusing
mulholland drive is one of the most fucked up movies i have ever seen..and the end completely confuses me. ?

Thursday, January 30, 2003

oh my,i think i am still hung over...note to self: do not drink 6 cosmos, a cup of beer, and then proceed to talk about your ex boyf and his penis. :P hahahaha. anyways....
morning is not in my cookbook. this drunken one called for the longest hour fifteen to endure.
dudes, it would have been cool if you guys could have played with us on the 22nd, but i see you are already booked. fucking stars
the postal service show gets better...they are touring with cex.
the show was a smash hit...thanks to all who came. wouldn't have been such a success without you! :-) thanks.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I burned out my retinas looking at your smiles
i talked to wisconsin management today about our lease renewals, so here's the scoop: paul won't sign and he won't be included in the lease anymore, just like it should be. to get the floors straightend out for the rest of us, each person will write in their name for the correct lease, and sign accordingly. then the management company will make it happen on their end.
postal service at the catacombs-late april! also, same week as damien jurado and alan from low.
ROCK FEST TONIGHT! at the orpheum, 10:30 pm, 5 bucks, 21 up. for bands, see my earlier post...please come! :-)
thats definitely dutch
does anybody know what language "Een van Dieter se kunswerke op koedoeleer" is? i thought it was german, but maybe it is dutch or something? it goes with my zebra picture and i was wondering what the heck it means.. kat, what are the details again for the show tonight?
Hello, (applause applause applause) I'm delivering (applause applause applause) the (applause applause standing ovation) state of the union address (cricket sounds)
I got an email today from Jessica saying hi. I opened it and she said she wanted to show me her new pictures. I was truly interested to see what she had come up with. It was not what I expected.

Life's totally not better down where it's wetter. Oh yeah, and has anyone ever ordered the X-Cam 2 or whatever its called. How the hell can they afford to have a pop-up ad on every single goddamn webpage in existence. And by the way, Valentine's Day is coming and I demand diamonds and silhouetted dancing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I am trapped in the computer lab once again. I have been either working or in class since 8:00 am and I just got off of work. Time to do a little homework methinks. Anyway, I have spent 15 straight hours on campus and this was supposed to be the semester when I didn't do that. Teusdays will be shitty the rest of the semester. And i get to report to work tomorrow at 8:00 am once agian. How fun.

"Tried to save myself, but myself keeps slipping," - Trent Reznor

"I cannot save you, you can't even save yourself," - Christopher Hall

This is what i feel like right now.
what the hell are all of you talking about? and liz, if i didn't know what you were talking about that would be really funny...actually, it still is really funny. ha ha. i'm sick, from stress i think...someone make me better.
i actually ended up with 2 glasses that night.....surprise!
here you go craig, baby......
maybe you shouldn't have spent all that money getting me gold plated and low-ered

Monday, January 27, 2003

soo many posts today.
i blew hot stuff today : )
Yeah, I'm sorry too. I scare easily when I where fur coats.
jenny, i'm sorry about that. didn't mean to scare you guys
why is it that when everyone else seems to be mad/sad/unhappy or having a bad day, i am really fucking happy and things are going well? :-( i'm sorry kiddos. cheer up emo kids...((hugs))
dude! dude! this morning at 4 am some stranger opened up the door to my room, then proceeded down the hall to davids room, where he woke up and scared some guy in a fur trimmed coat away. freaky, eh? this is not made up. i know i can have an overactive imagination at times, but if you dont believe me, just ask david. seriously
is anyone else into twice a week practices, with one being for perfecting old songs and one for working on new ones?
melissa, by "cute robot" are you refering to this man?
hmmm...melissa, are you enjoying your new martini glass? craig, i have to meet luke t. (brother of the famous actor sam tokheim, who you have worked with previously) to work on our ray tracer project tonight. it's gonna be a think-tank starting around 8:00, so i don't know if i can practice at 8:30. i want to play the guitar part for my song with you later for sure tho.
short circuit is a terrible movie. though i've never seen a cuter robot.
ian, that's an irreprehensible attitude. Although, I was damning god and the devil and all of creation on my way to class this morning. I think all outside activity should be called off until it gets warmer. We're not doing ourselves any favors.

I think we should have DPC practice tonight at 8:30 when matt and I get back from class.
matt, do you want to practice up the wilhelms today when i get back from work? like at 5:00? we need to get ourselves in tip-top shape.
i am sitting in my cubicle with my coat on. "i'm so cold, i'm so cold..."

life sucks balls right now!

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Nova!? No disassemble!
i miss the nova.
It is with the greatest sorrow that I must tell you of the passing of a dear friend of mine whom i've known for 5 years...I will miss you my friend.


Fred "the beast" Nova was laid to rest today in a junkyard in Winona, MN. Fred died of massive organ failure after several surgical attempts to repair him failed. A funeral service was held earlier today in Winona, MN. Fred is survived by Attica, who currently resides in Madison, WI just infront of the Ranch.
EVERYONE: please come to the opening of me and dallas' venue this wed. we opened a venue at the stage door theatre in the orpheum and it's going to be grand. here is the details on the show: who: vox humana, middleworld, saving face, parix, tx (yes now they ARE playing. heh) what: a show, drr where: stage door theatre in the orpheum (just go in the front door of the orpheum) when: wednesday, january 29th 2003, 10:30 pm why: umm yeah. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come, please? :-) oh yeah, and the show is 21 up. :P sorry kiddos. nothing i can do about that...that is all. :-)
The beat comes at you in sets of 4, 8, 16, and 32. Live life at 133 BPM.
everything thats keeping me together is falling apart.
outside looking in. make yourself happy.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

mabel no play tonight. dirty rumor.
and yes,'re scaring me?
i came to post info, but ian has beat me to it. fucker. come to 128 e johnson tonight. i promise you......nothing. but come anyways.
after reviewing both the prosecution and defenses' cases, exile was the pronounced sentance.
liz, what the fuck are you talking about? that sounds really evil.

jon, i barely remember waking up and talking to you on the phone last night. i rember being very confused...did you invite me over to witness a mouse trial? was there an execution?

i have new shoes coming, and they're blue! this is the beginning of a new chapter in my more red. now i am in my blue period. hopefully they will be here in a week or so. i'll have a reason to jump again!

Friday, January 24, 2003

the fresh smell of infant flesh
A beer in one hand, a plate of cheese in the other. Life is grand.
I wanted to go to a movie when I got home from work, but no one is here. More importantly, neither is my car.
lady microphone is playing at 128 east johnson on saturday night with the gamits and some others. anybody want to come with me to check that out and then go by laura's house? since mabel is playing there? ;)
i think the crane operator at the construction site near my work went crazy. i just saw him spin the arm around a couple of times for no appearant reason, while another truck mounted crane hoisted a guy up in a cage for no reason either. maybe they are trying to regain control of the renegade crane operator. or maybe they just needed to replace the bulb on the light that illuminates the american flag on top of the crane.
I hate the cold!!!!!!!! When it's this cold out, I don't just hate the cold, I hate myself!!!
oh, and speaking of christmas in january, christmas at 602 washington is this saturday. sweet.
it's working craig, it's working. to get the rest of you fevers and mirrors worshippers. an oscar? best album of the year by the ny times is good enough for me. don't get me wrong, fevers is the shit, but i think this is's more. on a string on a string on a string i was held the way i move can you tell?
why are my eyes twitching? why is it so bitterly fucking cold out?? and why am i friends with silly fucks who decide it would be a good idea to spray pepper spray in their eyes? (they beat you matt.... remember nick's this summer? that is where i am going with that one) oh yes indeedy...the fun you have when you combine hardcore sXe kids.... :-) DO NOT SPRAY PEPPER SPRAY DIRECTLY IN YOUR EYES! is my thought of the proves for some very worried and long hour and half.... and it works. just to warn all you would be rapists out there. that is all. goodnight.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

You know, I think Kyle's got a good point. I've been listening closely to the new Bright Eyes cd for the past few days and I think it's great. Everything, singing, lyrics, music, picture quality... I think it should be nominated for an oscar. Anyway, this is partly just me appealing to Kyle's sensibilities so he lets me play the new zelda game the next time we visit.
music, my dear, as i just explained to you in person. and i will let you know where lady microphone is playing as soon as i decide to remember.....
rygar a rembrandt? i can see that. but maybe it should be compared to an eighties era artist. basquiat? maybe not. but i do think we can all agree that drugs were involved in the making of rygar.
melissa, i feel you on the money problems. maybe i should start balancing my checkbook again? heh heh heh. guys, i need your money for the bills i mailed yesterday. where i don't feel you is the u.s. maple thing. what the fuck are you talking about, you weird maniac...
u.s. maple? saturday? anyone? maybe?

and my mother never let me watch tv, let alone play video games. which i think entitles me to blame HER for the fact that i did indeed watch an hour of american idol last night.....

also, i have a scholarly question for you: why am i always so fucking broke? i tried to buy a bagel and realized i only had 6 pennies and some pocket lint. as well as negative $32.54 on my check-check-check card.
I'm going to celebrate christmas with my family this weekend. We're part of a splinter sect of christians who celebrate christmas in January. Januarians. We also use a 14 month calendar. Greguary and Cheptember forever baby!!!
Video games are the highest art and Mega Man 2 is its Mona Lisa

Rygar's more of a Rembrandt. Maybe a Damien Hirst
Related to my last blog, the west wash blog is talking extensively about video games as art. Since they are my first true love I feel like I should bring them up on our site. The questions they posed are:

1. Do you consider videogames to be an artistic medium?
2. How does it compare to music, film, television, fine art?
3. Why do you think the public perceives video games as they do? What needs to be done to change this?
4. Finally, if you know of any magazines/websites/anything that has exceptional commentary on video games then let me know.

I know this sounds a little too scholarly for this blog, but don't you think it's time we rise above our lowly aspirations? This means avoiding statements such as, "Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Who knows? Maybe West Washers will eventually acknowledge us in public.
An announcement:

I'm having some art exhibited at the Catacombs for this month. and therefore.. Thursday, later today, I will be having an opening. Providing a few refreshments and the such. perhaps nutrients and the like.

this occurs from 7-9pm

Please stop by.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

bleeding cuticles, missing fingernails, dry skin..damn it feels good
Sitting in AutoCAD. Actually learning stuff. Still gonna be a long 15 weeks.
Wooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo! They're making metroid into a movie. It'll probably suck like final fantasy, but I'm still excited.
oh ok, yeah sorry whenever i think fish i think goldfish....if you really want me to take em i will. in other news: boys i replied to ur email about the loft, i personally hate the loft (read the email, you will understand) basically, the loft was my highschool years, and it has changed so much now...when you grow older you want everything to stay the same, but it doesn't. :-) anyone else who has been to the loft, any comments about it? that's all. peace and love and fish.
We should feed the fish to ian to get the pepto out of his mouth. What movie is this quote from: "That's an irreprehensible attitude!" It's a tough one. I'll give you another quote from it: "Feck! Feck!"
you could always eat the fish.
so that girl at 10 s basset in kyle's video "boys will be boys" who kept complaining was talking on her cell phone in humanities. i resisted the urge to ask if she was talking to her boyfriend.
when you start going out with someone, life is sweet. when you break up with them doesn't life turn sour? how come my life just tastes like pepto-bismol.
High NooN Saloon COmming SoON!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

yes, please, please take the fish (however, they are not goldfish, and they have a larger tank).
hey...are you trying to get rid of yer goldfish?? i'll take em, or i'll be their foster mom for awhile if they are someone elses...i wanted to get a cat...but i can't anymore. so now i am looking for goldfishies... on other notes: it seems so very strange to not be in school for the first time since i was i hope i go back when the time is right...
please do, they need a much better home then craig's room. maybe their neglectful mother will take them home if your class doesn't pity us.
I told my creative writing class about the fish in hope that someone would have pity and take them away from us. I'll push it some more next week.
ahh. i am being smart about my new semester.....but i still hate all my classes. shitty. how did we consume all of that alcohol before midnight on sunday? i have yet to figure it out. and i need another job too.

computer labs remind me of hospitals.
mon prof de francais, il s'allume.. (translation.. he's hot as hell)
i'll be showing up to that class on time without fail... good way to start out a new semester.

Monday, January 20, 2003

yep i did. hope the show went well. hope the dinner party was fun. i need a new part time job...(why do i feel like i am always looking for a job??) anyone know of any bars hiring cocktail waitresses?? i'm cute. i'm bubbly. i'm good at faking. i think i could pull it off... :-) that's all.
so i am trying out this new nick name thing...i hope i did it right. we shall see.
the tradition has always been lost on me
I know that school starts tomorrow, but make no mistake. It is Monday. The echo tradition still holds true. I better see everyone there tonight.
is nate changing his blog name a la west wash style? are we no longer to be held responsible for our words? anyways, you gotta change your nickname. that is the one that shows up here. i was just in a meeting this morning listening to people talk about capital and o&m budgets. is dpc working on capital or o&m money?

Sunday, January 19, 2003

kyle: don't you mean BIZARRO narc? something i just remember about last night: the term boss. was introduced to this blog through the keyboard player of tora! tora! torrance!. after leaving t!t!t!, he founded minneapolis rap group pi, mc squared, and dj tanner, who have a song about the wonders of code red.
ian is a fucking narc. nevermind the jocks marcus and craig, the real threat to the bands integrity is they have a cop in the band. i first suspected these things most foul when ian fell asleep at 10:30 on friday night. i tried to hip others to said jive saturday, but they scoffed at me, as is usually the case for someone ahead of their time. i predicted that ian would bring in the cops after dpc was finished playing. i was kinda right. ian apparantly thought the show was going poorly because the cops showed up halfway into their set. validation is mine. NARC.
ditto and sleep.
Hey, mabel. We know how you feel now. We were playing and the cops busted the door down. What goes around comes around, as they say. Actually, I think we were saved by the law cuz we were sucking it up. Too many cords, too little space, too much booze.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

caro baby cakes, as far as i know (and as the dentist didn't say anything, nor any of the stuff i looked up) baby bring on those lucious lips! mwah. i miss you. i am glad you are coming home. :-)

mellissa, darling, expect me there unless the person i might be hanging out with calls me tmw... :-)
children children! i am cooking dinner tomorrow night (sunday) at my house. consider this your formal invitation. about 9:30ish, i'm thinking. there will be good food and cheap alcohol, as well as much merriment. come one come all.
everyone should check out this band, if they want their souls to somehow be saved. and we should rock the echo on monday, seeing as is monday
Who all went to the Twin Cities?? I'll be there from 6pm to 7pm, but I hope there are some people left in Madison for me to come home to. Most importantly, however, I hope there is some luggage in Madison for me to come home to since right now I think it's lost somewhere over the Pacific ocean.

kat--is trench mouth contagious or can we still make out like monkeys when I get in?
Are we playing the quote game?? The Sky's The Limit? This one is easy...
"We're drinking my friend to the end of a brief episode"

Friday, January 17, 2003

i have trench mouth (aka Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis) and apparently cigarette smoking aggravates it...(i was wondering why my mouth felt like it was burning last night....) so i shall be quitting for awhile. don't tempt me you bastards! ;-) i am on my way to starting the new year out right...rock and roll.

ps apparently a lot of college age kids get trench mouth, this is caused by a) bad diet b) burning the candle on both ends d) massive cigarette smoking e) not getting enough vitamins f) all of these things combined. so beware, coz it sucks! :-)
matt, daniel from the mabel website said the krazy don knotts quote... :-)
your grammar amazes me.
time we for leaving to minnesota go!
well, it's too bad we are leaving the land of cheese...twin cities here we come!
cottage cheese is number 1 on my list of today's favorite foods. followed closely by grilled cheese sandwiches.
interjecting here, i recall a time so far away when my panties were first posted as a graphic, distinctive from the tightie whities my comrades exhibit. oh the priviledge.
and i might add that yes, i do in fact wear this shade of pink ones.
I played super metroid for like three hours. I should've slept. Now if I sleep, I'll die. You're going to have to keep me up alllll night.
i've got my emo glasses back! one more time: to the person that stole them in the first place: fuck you. guys, i am getting the cd player put in my van on my way home from work tonight. so i might be a little delayed. but it will be worth it on the drive up there.
hey matt, where did this quote come from: I had a dream last night that I found a turtle.....I held that stupid turtle the whole time. I was afraid it was going to piss on me?
hey, can you guess who said this quote? I don't know what you all are talking about, but the fact of the matter is that Don Knotts is way fucking nuts.

This could be hard because it's not from a movie. A famous person (relatively) didn't say it either. I just found it while cruising some of my favorite websites and I think it's gonna be my number one quote from now on. So, if you can guess who said it, I won't drop-kick you like i did that lonely little astronaut.
Furthermore, I think one of the race car drivers will be that blonde kid from Rushmore
BUT, we'll be able to hear a live, blues version of "That's When I Reach for My Revolver"
all right. i had a premonition last night. On saturday, we can't go to the bar or we risk forgetting about the party and being picked up by a car full of people wearing race car driver jump suits. Somehow, Dave Daniels will fit on top of the dashboard.

how old are you? how old are you?
also: mabel, the pdl showing is at midnight tonight.
you locked the keys, the cars inside. craig, isn't andy going to pissed? also, we should make janel post a understandable blog today for once.
I beat all of you. I didn't go to work at all. To celebrate the one year anniversary of our blog I'm going to sleep, or maybe I should play super metroid?
i am a step ahead of you ian, as i have already shown up to work a half hour late. last night, mandi told us she was orco from he man for halloween one year, i wish i was still 5 so i could pull that off. also, someone needs to leave me an address and some keys, and mauybe that little cd/radio gizmo before you guys leave today.
happy birthday, blog!

for this special occasion, i am gonna go to work late and buy a ton of shit for myself on my lunch hour.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

i just hiccupped my way through the first half of a one hour developer meeting in a small room. there was no hiding it. luckily by some act of god i stopped. i hope i am never struck with the hiccups like that again. matt, i'm gonna call her. give me some dates!
you know what's breathtaking? the intro to Mega Man 2 as done by the NESkimos

well, it looks like they only have Contra music this week
i am still hiccupping. ferociously, now.
thanks craig, now i can go back to work without this dark cloud hanging over me. new questiom: is there anyway to calculate the number of posts that have been done in the past year?
hmmm. so it's gonna be a long lonely day of blogging for me and nate, huh. long knives drawn is like the counterpart of sea change. i am not a critic, and listening to it once is not gonna get me anywhere. what's with the glamor photo? i liked alison's sister's coffee mug better. for all of the flashy production, long knives drawn doesn't deliver any breathtaking moments. like the into to artificial light. i do like the new guitar sounds, especially on track 5. but this cd is so enlightened about the breakup. the last thing i want to hear right now is an intellectual breakup cd. i want the contents of lincoln's pockets!
t minus one day. does anyone know how the build cranes? i expect a report on my desk when i get home today matt.
i am still hiccupping.
i don't feel so swell. countdown to a call from george, who is putting lenses in my frames. but i cannot pay for them until tomorrow. i cannot tell a lie. and i cannot pay until tomorrow. matt: wilhelms demo day- feb 1st? i am gonna call coney island today to see what's what.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

sooo u want me to ehh...."persuade" him??? (him being ur landlord, riggghtt? ;-) well let me at him and I'll see what i can do.....mwah mwah mwah....
my copy of long knives drawn just came in the mail today! man, you would not believe the shit polyvinyl loaded into the package. it came with candy! thanks for the airheads!
Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

use persuasive speech!
yeah, Kat! You can kill him!

there are other options, certain ways to ....persuade. Kat, I'm looking in your direction.
Yeah, i was wondering about that pipe. Now the landlord knows too much. We'll have to . . . silence him
muhahahahahah *cough cough cough*
did anybody from our house take in that drain pipe that paul ran over?


i think the landlord next door knows.
kat, they are annoying as shit, aren't they? cars. ;) i love the people i work with. rich just tipped me off that there is a used copy of "the way of the vaselines" just waiting for me on my way home from work. calling my name softly like frances mckey. and as i was looking for some cds while i got ready for work this morning, i stumbled upon "ian's mix cd". this is a blast, it's the first one i ever made!!!
hey guys, you know since i am such a groupie (apparently) doesn't that mean i should sleep with all of you? ;-) anyways....umm yeah...the car got jumped by my dadddy. yay. it's not dead shall still roar down the streets of doty, wilson, main and west wash to conquer yet another gray bitterly cold day in this fucking city.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

with another call from kat saying that the car won't start i've come to the realization that i may have to commit an act of euthanasia on the beast. *sigh* i would be sad to see it go, but alas, it may have to be.
yes, craig, but in sweetwater not only the cops shoot dogs, EVERYONE shoots dogs. i spent a nice recreational evening practicing this enjoyable local tradition myself. whereas, in madison, my new local tradition seems to be getting a different cold every week. it's really cool. i think my body is the breeding ground for several new viruses, coming at all ya'll SOON. (no need to thank me, seeing everyone else suffer will be my reward....)
ian, i feel your pain. sitting at a desk all day, typing until your fingers feel as though they are no longer attached to you hands as they move faster than yout mind can possibly make them. It's a tough job, bearing the elements of the dry office air, but someone has to do it.. We respect you ian, more than you could ever know, we respect you man.
my hands are not smooth. typing on a keyboard all day has greatly reduced my ability to be a hand model. i am an alligator. i need lotion. i need an endorsement.
The Right Arms have been recorded for posterity!!!!! Chris got a 4 track for christmas(X-mas) and they recorded that "underneath your clothes" song. Marcus tried to send it but it didn't work so he played for me over the phone. it was hot. maybe even hotter than 446's new track.

time to listen to video game music
postal service!!!!!!!!!!!
Marcus is still alive?!!! Hooray! I can practice any evening of the week. It'll feel good to play that untitled new song of ours again that we refer to as Rocky 5/4. Don't feel down, marcus, some people are under the impression that you wrote all of the lyrics to all of our songs, you're a celebrity.
hey boys just thought I would drop you a line. This last week was crazy. Drinking to the break of dawn nearly every morning and perfroming our show for over two thousand people. When are we going to practice? Give me some details and some feedback asap. I am lonely and sitting alone in a dirty apartment. Love you.
i know- i read about that the other day! melissa, how far is cookville from sweetwater? is that what the cops in sweetwater do as well?
Really nothing better than policemen blowing the heads off of dogs with shotguns....other than the anti-DPC webpage being updated....yay!

Monday, January 13, 2003

no ian, high school shapes us into the people we are today. For instance, I am someone who always skips lunch to drive to burger king with fitch while he smokes and ducks when his mom drives by.
a ham sandwich. two milks. and a bag of chips.
does a person every really grow out of highschool?

Sunday, January 12, 2003

and the mustache lives!
the show at electric earth went really well. i mean super well. thanks to all of the bands for coming together and making it a success. i hope that it will encourage electric earth to have more shows. yesterday was a slow day. i loaded up the old nintendo emulator on my computer and played rygar from start to finish. matt watched me play rygar from start to finish. that game is so bad, yet so good. way too hard when i was kid. but now i am stronger, and ligar was no match. matt and i had decided that we wanted to make a sequel called rygar 2. little did we know that it's too late! damn! i didn't save argus, i fucking saved argool!
more madison blog competition...check out the first post.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

i am a little drunk right now....
good times were had by all!
good show. good echo tap. good beer.
we haven't washed our dishes in so long that we were drinking out of frying pans, bowls, and blenders.

Friday, January 10, 2003

okay, everyone. big show tonight at electric earth. i don't have to tell you what that means: rock-a-thon. kat, you are the only one posting because the rest of us are all preparing for the rock-a-thon. getting our sponsors.
so so tired and so so drunk. why oh why do i let myself get to this point??(though i have become very good at drunken typing) :-) (and why oh why am i the only one posting??????)

Thursday, January 09, 2003

ps ian. ewwwww!
so i was debating whether to post this or not...but now i will due to matt's post. so i went over the ranch to network and get some cd's and shit, and natron answers the door in his undies... i saw him on the stairs sllightly trying to hide in the dark, but i could still see him. then he answers the door in his undies, hiding behind the door...much hilarity! (dont' worry, i didnt' see anything! haha) what is with you guys answering the door in boxers?? though i do find it slightly amusing... :-)
you gave the delivery person the fruit basket? or just the banana?
a delivery person rang the doorbell this morning and I briefly debated answering the door in my underwear. I put some pants on but I left them unzipped and unbuckled. The delivery guy didn't seem to notice

Kat, my mommy and daddy got me a cell phone for christmas so they can call me whenever they please. hmmmm, which reminds me . . . I have to call my dad back
question: matt,do u even have a cell phone!?!?!??!?!?!
are my glasses there? are my glasses there? i've been tracking them! and it says they're there!
does anyone know anyone who is hiring?? (and i do mean anyone, i am quite desperate) :-( ~ k
I had another dream about my cell phone. I tried to call someone, they picked up, but didn't say anything. Then I woke myself up by saying "Yes?"

I think erin's gonna practice with us tonight. ooooooo exciting

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

the first time i was aroused was when i saw driftless pony club play.

i'm thinking of starting an anti-mabel website, but i can't think of anyone from my high school who is stuck at the maturity level of a 7th-grader, can't spell, and uses profound statements like "so if it pisses you off then you are just an uptight asshole". actually, maybe 7th grade is too mature.
good lord, i can't even remember the first time i was aroused was...prolly one time when i was watching saved by the that zach morris, what a babe. tee hee....boys, i want to buy ur u have both of them left?? also, is anyone going to nicks' tommorow?? i am coming out my hovel and am wanting some mad action baby... :-)
The first time I remember being aroused was during a particularily spicy episode of Inspector Gadget....Good lord that Penny was sexy. How I longed to see her every day with her blond pigtails. The desire I felt each and every hour of every day of my childhood to see what was really inside of that wonderful computer book. Excuse me, I have to go clean some pipes.
i am a silverstream wizard. i don't know when the first time i was aroused was, but right now i am doing some major shit right here.
in my dreams there's a button on my cell phone that plays Dark Star Orchestra. EDIT: But they sounded like Black Heart Procession

The first time I was aroused was Sept. 22, 2002 during a particularly hot episode of wild discovery.
Hey guys, do you remember the first time you got..."aroused". I do. I was watching teen wolf. You know the part where the blonde girl strips down to her underwear. Oh yeah, that was hot. Mom, dad, if you're reading this, sorry about this awkward moment.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

there was a senator at the paradise last night.........
ahem. i am going home to watch ice age.
i think 48 songs total were played at the various bars around town. thanks everybody!
all i know is that i woke up with an animal-friends kitchen knife buried into my bedroom door.
nate's birthday was yesterday, right? could someone tell me what happened? I need a court room reporter to follow me around.
my best ideas always come to me in the early hours of the morning...
i'm going to need everyone's help with this one, and i'm calling in all my favors.
my people will contact your people.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Has anyone played Metroid Prime? Kyle has it (he has everything, forget Bush, Kyle's my new president) and it's wonderful. It's a good thing to play to keep your mind off of your burning penis, or your anti-"who gives a shit" website, like this one.
An anti-dpc website?? I think yes

Oh, yes . . . the vicious viper incident.

On friday night, Kyle had me try a tabasco-like product called vicious viper. Previously, Craig tried it and, from what I understood, it burned like all hell. So, i put a tiny drop on my finger and--of that drop--I licked a tiny amount. My mouth burned and my eyes watered but it went away in a few minutes. So, i wiped my finger off and went to the bathroom. I returned to the kitchen and watched a friend of kyle take a very large swig of VV. First mistake, last mistake. He was in pain. I laughed. Then my penis started burning. Apparently, I hadn't cleaned my finger enough and, while I was pissing, the VV was transferred to my penis. Kyle's roommate, Chelsea, gave me a bar of soap and a washcloth and I scrubbed and scrubbed but to no avail. The burning continued. So, chelsea got me an ice pack for my crotch. In time, the pain subsided, leaving only a curious burn mark on the underside of my penis. The Mark of the Vicious Viper! Beware!
pop in the selected ambient works volume ii. it's like playing myst. normal office work becomes a surrealistic first-person adventure. what am i trying to do again?
when I wake up in the morning, my alarm gives out a warning, I don't think I'll ever make it on time.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

going out tomorrow to celebrate if anyone is interested.
stay mine stay mine stay mine..... (you know when ur ex bf's old bands songs are stuck in ur head ur in trouble! :P) question: what is the lineup for the show fri? peace. ~ k
i just bought a canvas and some paints! i'm gonna do it, i'm gonna do it!

Saturday, January 04, 2003

hi. I'm in minnesota right now. the audio page looks pretty sweet. nice work, ian.

we watched adult swim all afternoon.
happy birthday erin! rollerskating and karoake tonight! whoopty whoop!
are we going to montreal for spring break? maybe we should try to get in touch.
whew.... i just spent the morning re-making our audio page. look at my work. i demand acknowledgement. and there is an mp3 of countdown up too!
matt, janel, and I are in Minn right now at Kyle's house. Holy shit, it's so friggin lovely. I always have fun here, and now is no exception. I only wish my car would have started on fire. That would have taken the cake so to speak.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Whoa there kids lets not get out of hand. Robots may be key but i dont know if you understand the ramifications of the actions you are about to take. But then again wasnt there somthing about cyber bunnies... hmm
well thanks for the invite nate or bartlett or anjou as from now on that is you name
i'm drinking hot chocolate that a machine made for me. as i was saying last night, robots are going to be so vital to our future. they will be able to provide many services that humans find useful. in fact, i will be having a robot take over my bass parts from now on.
i wish i was made of volcanoes

Thursday, January 02, 2003

hello boys and girls, sorry i am missing out on the nicks action tonight, but my way exhausted legs couldn't make it that far...sorry kiddos. but soon, coz i miss you all! :-) boys (doty ranch boys and hell 445 boys too), i need to talk with u soon about that venue thing i told you about, and sound systems and i will be comiing over sometime soon to pick ur brains. :-) love yah all. ~ kat
yesterday i slept for 23 out of 24 hours. i got up in the middle and ate.

kat - i think i am going to nicks tonight, hopeful to see you there. (i don't think that last sentance was quite a sentance, but backspace is too far from my tired fingers....)
your veins need to be bigger than the needle.
Hey everybody! Caroline in the hizzouse! I just wanted to say that I miss all of you very dearly. Maybe everyone is missing me too? Anyway, I'll be back before you know it. Word.

And Kat--Orlando Bloom is gay? I'm not so sure...where did you get this info? I heard a second hand story here that quite some time ago, before his fame, he met this girl (friend of a friend or something here), turned up at her ballet practice and asked her out, but she denied him because she had a boyfriend. Boy is she kicking herself now! Anyway, I saw LOTR also a few days ago, and yesterday went to this big museum exhibit that had tons of the props on display and explained how they did a lot of the special effects. Indeed, I'm right near where Helms Deep was filmed. It's great fun being away, but I think about the Doty Crew all the time. *wipes a tear* Just today I was editing the DPC interview for Emmie and got all misty eyes and ferclempt. (?)

Anyway, I'm out. Peace.
i call all my biches "museum piece"
jon, which one is made of hemp, the car, whitewater, or Marcus's play?

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

oh my god. I am in love with LOTR: Twin Towers. that movie fucking rules! and i want to do legolas (too bad he is gay!) wow. fucking awesome. now I shall sleep on dreams of good vs evil and how good always matter what. :-)
does anyone want to go see marcus's play on monday......with a whitewater.....made of hemp
I'm not sure what time I went to bed, but I'm waking up right now at 2 so that's a good sign that I had some fun. Can some of you people send me e-mails? I've been getting crappy spam mail all break. No real mail at all. Here's a trivia question you can answer by sending it to my e-mail address, not the DPC one: What's the third rule of Fight Club? If you don't know, that's fine. Just send me an e-mail to talk about life. I know it's secrets.
well now that I am rolliing in to bed at 4:28...I had a great new years, thks to liz. i love liz so much. everyone should love liz. she is a fucking goddess.... :-) i hope you all had a great new years! *yawn* *swak* love yah all, ~ kat