Friday, February 28, 2003

this is for janel. NOBODY ELSE READ THIS DAMNIT. janel you are supposed to cosmically be mine, is that a candy hearts saying, yeah i listened to this song in a row hey remember the other night when we decided that girls cannot do the quick upper thrust very well, nonono, just lik PSSSH! no girls can't do it, as well as boys, because girls got more hip. its not like moving your elbow, its because of the way girls stand, so you have to be standing like this, do you twitch with one butt cheek or both? just like one and a quarter. merp. i guess i don't really get the picture.
from me and di-anna.
ps. and lau-ra and bi-lly.
(i'm not cool enough for a hyphen).
aloha. frrom chi-ca-go. i get to go see ladytron and simian in approximatly one hour. hahahahaha! and billy, laura and di are making crazy home movies behind me. oh, and you may direct all plant questions to moi. ian, your cactus should grow back from planting the top - if it doesn't, put the bottom part in some water and leave it for a couple weeks to grow roots. (i'm really fucking dorky. (and only a bit drunk.))......
off to aurora we go!!!!!
guys, i'm not going to be able to leave the office until 5pm. sorry, i have to work. i will hurry. if craig's car wants to leave early, go for it. we have to go though whitewater to get marcus on the way down.
also, someone should go down to state street and reflyer this afternoon, and/or give the bassist from bicycle day some flyers to put...i think i saw her working at electric earth this morning. make it happen!
animals go!
it's going to be a slow day at work, so i am commencing the jiggling/blogging. i am also out running without a coat. oh yes, i am laughing in the face of nature and enjoying what is passing as a nice day. what's the deal with everyone too tired/too busy to go out last night? lame. if you are looking for something to do tonight, you should go see mabel with the prom and carissa's weird at the catacombs. and if you need something to do tomorrow night, you should definently go see the show at electric earth. i can't wait to see cesto play again. i am going to be disappointed if jesse doesn't strip down.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

hey does anyone want to come with me and possibly another friend sunday to a show in chicago?? the show is really early, so we wouldn't get back late. please???? :-) let me know anyone.. ~ kat
hey, is that my name?!
we should practice when i get back from work (i.e. around 8pm)
the wilhelms rocked the hizouse last night...i think i may even like them better then dpc! ;-) (just kidding) for all u suckahs who didn't to be u!
take-home test not going well. the wilhelms set last night went pretty well. i think. janel told me that i looked like i was beating a dead cat. but i ask you now- is that cool? the shivers and bicycle day played well as well, though the stage was a little small for them. i think they were having trouble hearing themselves too. thanks to isaac for loaning me a drum stick! i feel so good right now, because i have decided to turn in my take-home test late. no limit!!!!!!!
noooooooooooo! Seriously, this is sad.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

having just spent the majority of my past twelve days with my band members, i now know how DPC must feel living together, playing together, drinking mass quantities of alcohol together, and sleeping
i have utmost respect for you do you do it every waking moment? how do you not go insane?

p.s. i've been away from my band members for an hour now and i already miss them.
p.p.s. marcus is a sexy beast.
Have you ever heard of a band called the raveonettes?
I think I am going to make an anti-Wilhelms site.
The Right Arms are making a blog which might be up soon. Plus, we have got a website now. What do you have?
This is Chris. You guys are no good. But, would you like to play with us in Whitewater? P.S. You seriously are no good. Sorry we cannot make it tonight. Love, you. Not for real. P.S.S. Seriously, dude.
You're no Right Arms.
Good luck Wilhems!
I just swept and mopped my room, the hallway, the bathroom, and the kitchen. This may seem trivial to many, but for the second floor of the doty ranch this is monumental. I feel I deserve to drink tonight at the orpheum. And I will be referred to as Holly Homemaker from now on.
no I destroy everything i touch... *evil laugh* especially boys. (justkidding) ian, i feel ur pain. i have killed 3 plants now, and i am hoping my mini rosebush doesn't die. i will cry if it does... :-( i hope i can keep the fish alive...
you destroy everything you touch

like sheva, destroyer of worlds
i was looking at my little cactus plant this morning when i went to move it to the window and the top half just fell over and completely broke off. it's really green, though. it looked healthy. i don't know what to do. i replanted the top half- but that's just replanting leaves, right? maybe it's better that the little guy no longer has to sit around on my god-forsaken night stand.
well it's 6 30 in the morning and i haven't been to bed yet today...hmm. you all best be coming to the show tonight!! :-) i will either be a) really really drunk or b) really really tired. huzzah. now i sleep...
no no no, what we MUST do is make a gc movement! this is ip relay 6454 with a relay calll do u know how to use the relay qq one moment pls and i ll explain (sounds like typing in bkgd) (laughing) (sounds friendly) oh indeed the fun is still to come...more from gc take over later. ga sk sksk thk u ip relay ro 6454 ga sk ....
(laughing in BKGD) wait caroline i didn t even notice the abbr it s too late save yourselves (sounds stupidly amused)
Despite popular belief, my name is not "trouble."
Once is an instance, twice a conspiracy, and three times a movement..
I live with all the wilhelms. And sometimes guest star as bassist with them. You got nothing on me carolina. Well, I guess they never wrote a song about me.
kat!! relay abbreviations must be banished from all real-life use! we cannot let GC infiltrate every corner of our lives, and certainly not the dpc blog. in other news, I've got half of the wilhelms in my bedroom. suckahs.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

there's no excuse so just suck up suck and be nice...everyone best be going to see the wilhelms (and the shivers and bicycle day) play tmw at the stage door! indeed, it will prove to be grand and fun! so go suckahs. :-)
I love the idea of three bands that are really good getting together and playing with us this weekend at the Electric Earth. Do you remember the girl (Tessa) who wrote a review of our band on a Milwaukee website? She was at Electric Earth and said she overheard a girl talking about dpc and saying she can't wait to see us again. I got rosey cheeks and cordially asked her if this was actually true. When she said yes I thought of the good old days and the "dimlit streets" we used to face. Ah, love. I digress. I cannot wait to get back in the Madisonian swing of things. I don't mean to leave out the Aurora show because that would be mean and cold-hearted some might say almost republican. This weekend should be rad. Two shows all of my bros and hopefully some scantally clad beer mugs.
I'm at the library right now. Since I haven't been home all day and I've only brought the interpol cd turn on the bright lights with me, this may be the fourth time I've started it over. Never thought I'd say this, but it's getting a little sickening.

To answer your questions Jeremy: #1: probably not
#2: no
So I see you are going to attempt to play two shows in one day. Is this physcially possible and has this been done before?
I can't get the Right Arms' song "I Banged your Mom," out of my head!!! I'm going to be walking to class today singing to people that I banged their respective mothers.
i am going to new york for my birthday to visit schools (and possibly to boston too) with my best friend from hs (and possible with her boyfriend...) i am so GOD DAMN excited! la vita es bella...

Monday, February 24, 2003

i watched karate kid last night. now that's quality.....
ahh blog. it's good to have you back in working order. i put up some of the posters in electric earth today- they look good. good job, nate and janel. i am a little worried that the france paper is going to melt when we put them outside, though. oh well. i watched x-men with my parents last night on tv. it's weird to explain x-men to someone. weird.
sleep deprived mind. seeing things. *laughs maniacally* no more third shift for kat.... now i sleep.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

yes, yes i do. and it could be a plague on both our houses..
take that!?
yes, yes i do.and it could be a plague on both our houses.
take that!
it was soooo funny. i thought they were going to stiff us, but they payed us a shitload of money. we turned it down alot before we even started. after the first song, bartender: "you guys are going to have to turn it down." after the second song, wells: "you gotta turn it down more." third song, wells: "my boss say we're getting noise complaints from the people upstairs. the police are going to come here and give out noise tickets." "but the old man likes you!" (single elderly guy at the bar, clapping) so marcus started singing like the subway she is a porno, and we cranked up the rock posturing. it was the smoothest we've ever played. i think it was quieter than that show at the mall. most fun i've had at a show in a while!
The show was the quietest ever! We had to keep turning way down, so it was extremely awkward. After the show marcus, wells, and I went to another bar. Wells was drunk beyond belief. When the bar closed we went to Shangra la (however you spell that). It's a garage that opens up on the street at night, selling lo mien, crab rangoon, egg rolls, and who could forget the corn dogs and brats. When I was handed my lo mien a drunken wells stuck his finger in it and stirred it around, spilling noodles on the table. The woman yelled at him and gave me more noodles. The whole experience was quite wonderful.
Platteville . . . I've never been paid to make a fool of myself. I should try it more often
a kiss and a slap on the roof

Saturday, February 22, 2003

i wish you guys had played last night.. :-( ian, i know precisely what you mean, sometimes my job sucks so much i feel like just causing a ruckus and screaming fuck this and slamming doors and leaving that corporate bullshit behind. working for the man in a cubicle all day defintely sucks....

sometimes do you just feel like you just wanna cry because life is so confusing and doesn't seem worthwhile to be doing anything and you just want to leave a place or "put the past away" ?? i just wanna run away. i just wanna escape. "reminds me that there's more to life than living...maybe giving ups not bad but part of letting go of you..." *sigh* only in dreams...we live only in dreams.

empty fields mean so much more than rooms filled up with friends. reminds me thats theres more to life than living maybe giving ups not bad but part of letting go of you maybe all the aches will go and i can close my eyes never again to have them open till i bleed at all i dont want to be alone no more take this razor sign your name across my wrists so everyone will know who left me like this....and i have wasted so much time....a reminder to not forget that the times i ve had.
traffic lights turning yellow
pictures from protests all over the world. If you look closely, you'll see me in every one.
cold makes my eyeballs hurt. i have friends in platteville i told to go to your show. why is this bagel so damn greasy?
al the things she said all the things she said running through my head running through my head running through my head this is not enough ah ah
willy street party! good times. don't stop 'till you get enough. bethany is gonna be a lawyer.....ugghhhh. the black-haired girl was wearing a blonde wig tonight....?!?!?!?!?!

Friday, February 21, 2003

i drank a huge cup of mint tea when i got to work. does mint tea make you sleepy? i am falling asleep at the keyboard right now. at lunch i was talking to my dad about getting a job after graduation. i told him that i didn't want to work in a cubicle any more and that i didn't want to be a team player anymore. "i am really freaking out right now, dad" i told him. i think he understands. he told me that i should get a job where i don't need to make a commitment. like though a temp agency or something. maybe even look for a company that uses macs or something. i am thinking that i am going lose my shit all together sometime in the next few months. i need to graduate and get this over with.
nocturnal hose swimming lazily in front of my hazy eyes. world spinning wildly out of conrol. piss and vinegar that's what little girls are made of....
like oil and water

Thursday, February 20, 2003

heh heh, after spending many many hours back in the day in sun prairie..i believe that indeed yes, sun prairie is your ticket to fame! :-)
marcus showed me the "lost cause" video today. i can't believe i hadn't seen it yet... wow. it is the coolest video ever. it's amazing. that was my favorite song from the album, and now it is one of my favorite beck songs, period. go here now!
hey everybody, at my parents house in marshall, doing laundry and homework. I went through Sun Prarie on my way home and scoped out the city before we play there tomorrow. After one quick glance at the bowling alley, I know that it's our ticket to fame.
at least we have TUMS.
there isn't a shred of toilet paper in this house. james, i should have taken it.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

oh man..... isn't that where we recorded "in love"?
i have seen people do megadeath karaoke there. and you will not get through a night without hearing total eclipse of the heart. but- it is something that everyone should experience at least once. sort of like a vaccination. guys, lets go to the white horse tonight. nate and i decided.

guess what!!! i have the raether blues ready to go for next wednesday's show. aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! i put nate's pedal on the bass drum instead of the leather slingerland one, and took out the damper inside. now the base drum sounds like a maxed out techno bbmph! we'll see if the world is ready for the new rock n' roll now.
have you ever been to karaoke kid?
i got a microwave! (which in itself doesn't seem like a big deal...but to a girl who is a spolied little white girl from the burbs, this is in fact a big deal. :-) )
give me my pepsi! i paid a dollar-fucking-twenty-five for it. remember the good old days when tahitian treat cost fifty cents?
everything you say is copyrighted. Who do you think you are? Bill Cosby?
I am mucho tired© Last night drank© friends did drug© I not do them© Drank though© tired© Show on friday © Free beer© Right Arms might play© good times© What doing Friday night? Chris come© Party© Fun© Nice day© Sun© Lights© Shadow of face in reflection© Beatles© Playing music in head© Dead© cigamarette© cancer=no© not yet© practice thursday? time? sleep© yes© where play march 1st? absurdism at its best© Drugs? no© Sleep? Yes© Beatles playing music in head© ONce again© Dead©
i am so hungry right now. i need to eat. i need food. i have been eating some trail mix that my mom gave me. it's not working. i would kill a man! i would kill a man in cold blood for his food. right here. right now. if he didn't have food, i would think about consuming him. it would leave such a stain on the carpet in this cubicle. i think the floor is made to be replaceable, not cleanable.
I have countdown stuck in my head. i blame all of you.
the east coast may be having some problems, but I have 47 inches of trash in my room.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

well kiddos, be glad we are not having typical wisconsin winter weather. thank whatever god there may be for that. maryland got 47 inches of snow!!! eek. that would not be fun to walk to the bus stop in...
As many of you know, the US received a giant blizzard on the east coast in the last few days. Many areas got up to 2 feet. As a result, talk radio did not have a new episode of the Don and Mike show while I was working today, as they are pumped in from Washington DC. Due to this, I was forced to listen to the various music stations in the greater Madison area. After many hours of listening, I hearby decree a cease and desist order to both Aerosmith and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. You are to both stop making music, take your millions, buy nice houses in the hills, and live out your lives. Thank you for your many faithful years of music making. Goodbye.
I flicked a guy off on the road today and he looked right at me. I don't think I've ever done that before, but he deserved it and it felt great.
In other news, there were very few people at the echo last night. Is the tradition dwindling? If so, I guess I'll still go by myself.
i was not able to go drink last night, as i was of the attitude that i had no money. sorry ian, for not informing you of this sooner (as per your inquiry). however, as of today, my attitude has changed. i am of the personal opinion that if your rental company doesn't cash your check fast enough, you are allowed to impulsivly spend that money goddamnit. so kids, lets head out tonight. i have an exam at 6pm, but i will be a-drinkin' after that. give me a call. or perhaps i will call you. or perhaps......i WON'T. you'll have to wait and seeeeeeee.....
after having given up all efforts to write my papers last night, i retreated to bed only to wake up this morning to realize that i still had to write my papers.
it is so beautiful out today!
i mailed the bills today.
i have been to all of my classes so far today.
only one cup of coffee.
i'm lookin' good. (smell bad, tho, and a little unshaven)
scandinavian studies, here i come!
After going to, I've noticed way to many great shows coming up, and after looking at my life, I've noticed very little time to or money to see them.
Hey everyone! Check out! You won't be disappointed!

Monday, February 17, 2003

kat, thanks for letting the wilhelms open up! i am so excited right now. we just got done designing the wilhelms' logo, and it kicks some ass.
i have not seen anyone in forever. you know what i love? when my "friends" dont invite me to a party that was my idea. bastards. anyways.... yeah for the wilhelms playing!! also, boys, i just talked to ian about this...but i want to book a show at the stage door with you guys, either the last wed in march, or the last 3 wed in april (i just booked april 9th ian) so get back to me. i need a month's notice, so whatever date you want, give me a month's notice. ok? :-)
CRAIG! look! we need this, or we need four star to get it. but i really, really think we need it.
"You always have a post-coital hairstyle"
when did we agree to do this show?
guys, marcus just called and reminded me that we were going to play at his brother's party on friday night. it's at the bowling alley in sun prairie around 9pm. he is going to come here this week so that we can practice, so let's agree on a certain night and tell him tonight.
I wanna keep on lovin you!
it's the only thing i wanna do!
I don't wanna sleep!
I just wanna keep on lovin you!

like a glove! g-l-o-v-e glove
here's a blog from the cold confines of the computer science building! liz, what are you saying here? i thought that the house's random spurts of blog were cryptic, but that one was messed up.
realizing that i am, perhpas, more of it than i thought.

week 2.

Sunday, February 16, 2003

thank you janel for showing me how to use the decoupage. i am going to town on my guitar and it's getting a complete transmogrification.

melissa, you know that she's not laughing at you. she's laughing with you. at the funny things in life. ahhh, the good times. melissa, where are we going to drink tomorrow night?
This band has a new website. They rock my balls off.
i don't get it.
other things i don't understand: the subway lady on state street. what is she saying to me? why is she laughing?
I had to help 60s tv series batman battle catwoman because someone had shot him with a drug that took away his coordination. He could barely walk and he couldn't use his utility belt. While we searched for the antidote, robin showed up and he suggested that he and batman fill out their time sheets for that week because pay day was coming up. Batman said i should fill out one too since i was helping.

While we did this, an assistant to Mr. Jesse Ventura came up to us and asked if we had any condoms. Mr. Ventura needed some condoms. Of course, Batman and Robin were fresh out. I, on the other hand, had a whole string of condoms in my wallet. The assistant took me to Mr. Ventura and I asked how any condoms he wanted. Three or four. I meant to give him three but I think I accidentally gave him five. Out of appreciation, Mr. Ventura asked if I wanted to drive around in the snow. I said sure but I couldn't drive a stick shift. Mr. Ventura laughed and said he wouldn't let me drive anyway.

It was snowing hard when Mr. Ventura pulled up in a miniature landrover. He kicked someone out the truck (presumably his son) to make room for me. We whipped shitties in the snow all night.
what are we going to eat today, boss?
same thing we do every day, pinky.
peanut butter on toast.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

melissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i have to leave my cubicle and go find a sweater. shit.
as i told matt earlier, i left the house with no sweater today. it going to be cold, but i wasn't going to wear a sweater until i found a new one at the store. so i went to ragstock and found an exact sweater that i already have. only it's one size smaller. and the arms aren't stretched out to motherfuck. does this count? cause i'm wearing it right now.

Friday, February 14, 2003

craig, is it my imagination or did we decide we were twins last night at the silver dollar? anyways. happy v day. v equaling valentine.
why does it smell like dead animals outside of our house?!!
i lost a button to this shirt. its a purple shirt. if you find a purple button on the gound, pick it up.
happy valentines day!!!! yay!! i love holidays!! guess what, i got a coffemaker from my parents for came in the mail yesterday in a big now i can enjoy a nice hot cup every morning. oh yes, and i feel the need to divulge that i made a batch of prototype meaty-sweetys. i think that the meatballs were a tad too spicy, but they were the only frozen meatballs at the grocery store that i could find. anyway, the meaty-sweetys are at my house on a plate for anyone who may be interested. it was funny cause they sizzled like snausages when i took them out of the oven...that has to be a good sign, right?
i probably won't be back from work yet.
hey ian or craig, can i please use one of your cars at 5 o'clock? please?
ian ian, why do you feel like jumping in a lake?? :-( are you boycotting valentine's day anyone?? i have not gone to sleep all night...huzzah for no sleep. huzzah for leaving for winona in a few hours...huzzah for calling moms and them knowing you have someone over (only not so huzzah) huzzah for anti valentine's day. :-) have a good weekend kiddos.
happy valentines day, everybody. i thought it was valentine's yesterday. i feel like fucking jumping in a lake right now.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

both my short movies I made for production classes are gonna be in the student competition for the wisconsin film fest. Whaaaaaaaa hoooooooooo!
whew.... i just ran into the elvejhem to be the last one in class to turn in my art paper while the professor was packing up.

"i totally missed lecture, but can i still turn in my paper to you?"
"sure, it's late since lecture is over. but since it's only 4 minutes late, i won't take off the points."
"thank you!"

what i wanted to say:
"thank you! btw, you are going to be taking off those points anyway because my paper is 80% as long as it's supposed to be."
we should call this a fitch party.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

hey guess what...i'm having a drink your whole bottle party on friday. it's not really a "party" party, and i know most of yall already have plans or whatnot, but all you have to do is bring a bottle(or some sort of container) of alcohol over to my house and finish it before you leave. for some people this could be more than others. i dont really care. ill probably go out to the bars later anyway...this is more of an evening activity than a night one. anyway, let me know. oh, and if you come, you get a crocodile hunter valentine. i know you want one. anyway, see most of you soon!
I'm noticing a trend almost starting in our kitchen that I've been worried about since day one, and that is dirty dishes and trash on top of the pizza oven. I'm not pointing fingers here, hell, I've been tempted from time to time. But this is a situation that needs to be reversed. To prevent a full outbreak I've developed a 5 level warning system. Right now, I'd say we're at "elevated." This means that we need to be a little more alert than usual, but we should go about our day as if nothing's wrong.

As for Karl, I love you like a brother I haven't seen for 5 years. Glad you e-mailed us. I'll drink to you next time I drink, which probably won't be very much time from now.
fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! craig and marcus, we got an email from karl williamson in our hotmail box. he's in milwaukee now and he says hi. he even asked if we still remembered him. shit, man! we remember you! it wasn't that long ago! karl, you made my day! hopefully we'll see you soon.
don't forget it's marvin and dave's birthday on friday, which neatly ties together our previous two topics.
i believe in valentine's day!!!!! there's nothing wrong with idealism. you gotta avoid the commercialism, though. unless it's ideal commercialism?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig, you're addicted to asthma. let's have a birthday war

or at least a countdown to a birthday war showdown hipsa
I don't really believe in valentine's day, but I believe in my dad's birthday. Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!!! I'll drink to that. If you want to dad, you should listen to the song pennies, cuz that's about an abusive father being mean to his drug addict son, which nothing like the relationship we have.
what the f !?!?!? the school i went to first semester at college doesn't have school today.... i knew there was a reason i should have stayed there....(but i suppose it doesn't really matter as i am not in school right now anyways...but still, it's the principle of the thing.) winona in two days...i am excited. yeah, that's sad...i am excited to be going to winona !?!?! so kiddos...any fab valentine's day plans for anyone?? i am boycotting it again. i myself am anti valentine's day...anyone else with me? :-) "together we can win this nation back" (from the cold cruel hands of commercialism and this idealism of this thing called love...which i personally don't believe much in anymore...) : P i sound bitter. but i am not. really.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

echo tap, i am sorry that i missed you last night....i decided to take a little nap at 10:00pm to get ready for the night's drill, only to wake up in my bed at 1:30am shivering my timbers off. i just want to say for the record that i did make it to a class today. erin - thanks for cutting my hair. since i couldn't buy you a drink last night, i will get you your payback soon. great news, it's starting. i am seeing many gray hairs these days. "these days....."
i just picked up the red debit cards we use for photocopying at work at memorial library. they are just like the white ones you have to buy from the wall machines, except i hae two hundred of the special instution ones right now. this means i am currently carrying 4,395 dollars worth of photocopying on me right now...and they didn't give me a briefcase to handcuff to my wrist and carry them in.
dave, you are going to be in town?
Nate! What are we doing for my birthday!?

Monday, February 10, 2003

mission: find kat prettiness. ok kiddos....anyone know any pretty emoish boys i can kiss? just kiss. that would be lovely. mmm i know one who is in a band from illinois and his name starts with a j...he is deluctable eye candy. *drool* (if u know who i am talking about points for you, so then hook me up! :-) in other news: i need one or possibly two more local bands for a show i am putting on on the 26th...anyone?? please?? that is all..i have acted like a silly school girl enough for one night. :-) i bid you all adieu.... ciao
Hello. I had to remove all of the contents of my room today in order to enjoy a new carpet for the two and a half months I remain in my apartment. The carpet they bring in better be shag or I might have to end the lives of one or more carpet technicians. Matt, I watched "The Way of the Gun" today and NIcky Katt plays a bodyguard for Juliette Lewis' character. NIcky Katt is about as big as my right index finger and about as muscular as Leo DiCaprio in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." I think you should open your creative doors and/or eyes to finer medium-sized actors. Hint. Hint. Oh, and for your next script can't you see John Leguizamo as Paolo? Give me some feed back.Plus, Drinking at the Echo and leaving to go straight to a movement for the actor class don't mix. Double plus, I am blogging again and I didn't say anything about The Right Arms. Or did I?
west wash postings shouldn't be a concern when we have leases to sign tonight before echo.
are there no true role models left anymore?
i think i smell like peanut butter today.

is everyone aware that on mondays i have class from 9:55am until 8:30pm? now that you are, and you may feel free to send me sympathy cards, or the more well-recieved option: gifts. (preferably in the consumable form).

also lamentable: i have three very very overdue library books, all of which cost an estimated $3 each, but the memorial library insists that i have lost them or eaten them, and that they are worth $80 apiece. "no no, look they are right here!" but they don't believe, or maybe they WON'T believe. damn.
I must admit, I withheld information. I knew nate's postings have been going on for a while on west wash territory. In this time of peace I think maybe we should allow it. End our hate. But, to prove my loyalty to this blog, if we should decide to burn nate at the stake, I'll gladly take the torch.
ha ha ha ha... eh? is nate posting on the west wash blog now?

luke and i finished our ray tracer last night. whew. and it was on time. so that luke (i didn't go to class today) found out that they aren't going to make us demo it until like thursday or friday now.... der!

i updated my resume for the first time in three years today. woooo!
can i just say, that when you are planning on having a good semester, a semester in which you are going to be a good student and not miss any class, that it is totally unfair for the stomach flu fairy to come visit you. i think that, i dont know what i think, but i know i have to go now. otherwise something not so pretty may happen
For us clones, this is definitely bad news.
Dear Blog,
        Please excuse my upcoming completly anti-social behavoir. My schedule for the next three weeks will inevitablely make me a hermit. Think of me when you are being social... i shall have a triumphant return in 3 weeks.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

you are correct, sir. that quote is from fear and loathing

Friday, February 07, 2003

Ok, I know I should know this, but where is this quote from? Its on one of my CDs interspliced into a track that I just need to hear over and over again.

"Very soon we would both be completely twisted. There was no going back. We would have to ride it out."

I think its from Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, but I haven't seen it in quite a while and have no means by which to play a rented copy.
Craig, were you bitten by a radioactive spider? or a genetically engineered spider? maybe tiny machines invaded your bady
I must agree with ian, the show fucking rocked.
What else rocked? The fact that I was home before 1 for the first time in 2 weeks.
There was much of the rocking.
This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror to find that my muscles grew double in size (which is mediocre to a normal person.) In my excitement I decided to wear a muscle shirt all day long like my friend Kyle Fisher. But I must remember, with great power comes great responsibility.
awesome show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was the most happy that i have been in a while tonight. mates of state were great. their new songs captured the old my solo project feeling. and kyle fisher's muscles are burned into the insides of my eye lids! artificial light. and- the best moment of the night was looking over to see kori gardener mouthing "i'm not the way i thought i was"

Thursday, February 06, 2003

i just found out that one of my supervisors has nipple rings (and a fairly straight laced guy at that) how disturbing..some things i do not need to know. have fun at the show children. not going coz i have been sick all week and going to a concert is not a good idea...(and coz i am poor) tell me all about.....or actually, don't. :-)
everytime i move the hole in the butt of my pants gets larger....
so far today i have seen/talked to apg, jonny, helena, dusty herbig, alissa, matt, and one of the guys from the shivers. i have done a little bit of work. also, matt says he can't practice tonight from 6-8 cause he has to work. practice tonight?
um...several people means three. assuming nate is coming with me. there's room for three more people. snug.
damn...this means i probably need to clean out my car. i knew i should have found a better place to store my slaughtered calf.
shit, what's going to happen to me if i'm not on the class list? i better make sure i go to scandinavian studies today so that the same thing doesn't happen.
also: erin may be able to give several people rides to the show this evening.
so ian slept in and decided not to come to art history today. i ended up sitting next to a 40ish docent, whose haircut and demeanor unveringly reminded me of my mom. we agreed that barnett newman was lame and today's lecture on robert rauschenberg was going to rule. then the teacher decided to call roll for her final class list. when ian's name was called, i almost raised my hand again so he'd make the list, but i couldn't since mom had already seen me raise my hand for my name. her mom status was solidified when she leaned over during roll call and told me i should be remembering the cute girls names so i could talk to them after class. however, not even her mom influence could prevent me from falling asleep during the last thirty minutes of class.
bruised, battered, burned, and utterly exhausted

Craig, i feel your pain, i wiped out on my bike yesterday, and today i fell and bruised my tailbone. Winter is an icy world of pain.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

WAHAHAHA!! Nicely done
On my walk home from class I took a short cut which involves walking through some lawns. On my up a drive way I noticed a car pulling out of it's parking spot and turned it's headlights toward me. So I stepped to the side of the drive way to get out of the way. I walked into a patch of ice and fell down. I bet whoever was in the car had a good show. To bad he's dead now.
wow. that breastfeeding blog caused a ruckus. tonight i'm going to denny's to study. my spider plant is having baby's. babies? baby's? (i think i used the wrong plural). tuesdays at the white horse is $1.50 rails and half price nachos (which are GIGANTIC). who knew?
i went through my old sketch books this afternoon to compile all my art articles into one place. i was excited when i finally found an article on mark lombardi, whose name i had forgotten but whose work i think about a lot. i just went online to look up more work of his and it turned out he committed suicide right after the article was written. really really depressing. this is a really good, but long biography and explanation of his work. also, if you search for his name in google, you'll find a lot of sites saying president bush killed him and covered it up to look like a suicide.
here are your words of the day, kiddies.
forty-rod: cheap whiskey
muggins: a fool
doggery: a saloon
plug er dog-leg: a plug of cheap chewing tobacco
palavering: talking or idly chattering
try them in a sentence!
by golly, i reckon i'll head out to the doggery tonight and get myself some forty-rod and a plu er dog-leg and wind up palavering like a silly ole muggins!
use them at the bars!

so before i went to work today, i don't know why, but i grabbed some led zeppelin. it is said that some people drink to take weights off their shoulders. well instead, i am listening to led zeppelin. think that the drinking they did was enough for the both of us.
I'm at work.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

damn you robot!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn you to robot hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
matt!!!!!!! the robot called this morning. when will she leave us be??????
I'm taking african storytelling this semester. Nobody ever talks about Africa. Nobody ever goes there for a year. Everyone treats africa like shit. Well, I've decided Africa is the new france. (and upon reviewing this blog, you can capitolize africa whenever you feel like it)
blog ->melissa's blog ->ians blog ->french woman -> french -> france -> i'm going there -> speaking french -> i speak french -> take out the trash ->sort les déchets

Monday, February 03, 2003

the vikings invaded fwance in the 6th century. charles the bald was the man. Lotar was kickin it in italy. oh, how soon we forget.
france -> the french -> french woman breast feeding -> papers about breast feeding -> classes with papers -> classes -> why does melissa take some of them -> the same reason i take some of them -> like what class -> scandinavian studies -> scandinavia
What do the French have to do with Scandinavia? Unless I realy didn't pay a attention in Reese's history class....Oh, wait. Anyway, I still think Scandanavia and France have nothing to do with each other.
i know why you take them. the same reason i am taking this intro to scandinavian studies class. last semester a woman in my art 108 discussion who breast-fed in the middle of class. she was old. but she was french. she had this sexy french accent. but it was sexy while her voice was very gentle and motherly. anyways, that's the exact kind of woman i want to raise my child. sexy and motherly. and french. but not too french. i want to be able to understand her when she yells at me to take out the trash.
i am writing a paper on breastfeeding. how do some classes get to be classes? and why do i take them? maybe i'll ask the anti-masturbators for answers....

Sunday, February 02, 2003

the war that we should REALLY be concerned about
ian: hilary from electric earth wants to write our press kit. i couldn't believe it either. we need to email her and tell her that we would want nothing more than for her to help us look good.
It's girl scout cookie time again, and my god-niece is a girlscout, so if you want any cookies, let me know...
There comes a time to conquer, and that time is now.

In other news, that groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter. Goddamn, Im gonna be really pissed if all this snow isnt gone until the middle of March. Happy birthday Shakira.
dreams that haunt in the early hours of the morning

Saturday, February 01, 2003

thank you janel.

i just locked the bathroom door at work on accident. nobody can get in. no more peeing.
this presumed grouping of non-handicaps reside at 917 Chandler with a bright red accessible ramp stapled to the front. I've acquainted myself with these beings in a far away city near the biglake. they smell.
oh, and she lives with 9 boys. i don't know any of them. and she might not be there. what a funny night.
i decided it was summer today and wore a sundress. then i fell in the snow. anyways, amanda and i are throwing a party at our friend erin perillo's house tonight. she doesn't know about it yet, though.....we are probably showing up with a barrel around 8:30. so you are all invited. i forgot her address. it is at this house that used to be a handicapped house, so there are funny ramps (hint: look for these!) and a pool tably and arcade games. haha! it's across from meriter on chandler street. so, if you want to go, you should call me 251-4954, or me at work 256-4442 or this mystery number: 732-4067. hoorah. yes.
Happy Chinese New Year!

I think we should make a Prog Rock-a-billy song
a few days ago there was an unfortunate incident between my finger and a table, i failed to actually get the clay out of the cut, and systematically forced more into it. Now, i suffer, because i think it's infected.
The moral of the story: watch out for tables