Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I love the idea of three bands that are really good getting together and playing with us this weekend at the Electric Earth. Do you remember the girl (Tessa) who wrote a review of our band on a Milwaukee website? She was at Electric Earth and said she overheard a girl talking about dpc and saying she can't wait to see us again. I got rosey cheeks and cordially asked her if this was actually true. When she said yes I thought of the good old days and the "dimlit streets" we used to face. Ah, love. I digress. I cannot wait to get back in the Madisonian swing of things. I don't mean to leave out the Aurora show because that would be mean and cold-hearted some might say almost republican. This weekend should be rad. Two shows all of my bros and hopefully some scantally clad beer mugs.


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