Saturday, February 22, 2003

i wish you guys had played last night.. :-( ian, i know precisely what you mean, sometimes my job sucks so much i feel like just causing a ruckus and screaming fuck this and slamming doors and leaving that corporate bullshit behind. working for the man in a cubicle all day defintely sucks....

sometimes do you just feel like you just wanna cry because life is so confusing and doesn't seem worthwhile to be doing anything and you just want to leave a place or "put the past away" ?? i just wanna run away. i just wanna escape. "reminds me that there's more to life than living...maybe giving ups not bad but part of letting go of you..." *sigh* only in dreams...we live only in dreams.

empty fields mean so much more than rooms filled up with friends. reminds me thats theres more to life than living maybe giving ups not bad but part of letting go of you maybe all the aches will go and i can close my eyes never again to have them open till i bleed at all i dont want to be alone no more take this razor sign your name across my wrists so everyone will know who left me like this....and i have wasted so much time....a reminder to not forget that the times i ve had.


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