Monday, March 31, 2003

the scene creamers show on friday was awesome. although some people i talked to afterwords said they weren't into it. and others said that their previous show at the catacombs was alot better. well, it was good enough for me. fucking nate bartley who was too good for the show has now sold his art to the scene creamers. ironically, i think they partly paid him with cds. michelle mae had this sexy fashion mullet. what am i saying? yes, some people are so ridiculously sexy that they can even have a mullet (not that hers was such a blatant mullet. it was more subtle, and perhaps that is the key) and still be sexy. also...the super eights were really good. although, again, many people i talked to don't like them. it was the first time i'd seen them. i bought their cd for two dollars, and i love it. it's great, shy, not-grown-up, lo-fi pop. maybe it's been done before, but i like it. and i can listen to it like you would wear a snap on bracelet. really, it's good. i wish we could play with them. but i feel like they are of a higher indie social class. maybe, though. we'll see. on saturday night, after leaving nick's bar, janel and i went to johnny utah's house with jim and david. it was crazy. a wheelchair was involved. i don't want to say anymore. partly because of creeping guilt, partly to avoid incriminating certain parties. i will say that a doty street drag racing league is preparing for its first competition in the upcoming weeks.
I dreamt that I was in the war. My dad was the leader of my division. Matt was on the enemy's side and tried to kill us. I had to chase him down. I think I eventually caught him. He was wearing regular street clothes. Maybe the Grickle-grass t-shirt. Not sure. In another part of the dream I got shot in the leg twice by some woman. It stung for a while. Sort like getting kicked hard. But then it went away. I imagine getting shot by a woman in reality must be the same way.
so tired...can't sleep. i think it's going to be one of those days where i watch the sun rise... : / why do we always want what we can't have??? "I want a lover i don't have to love..." ps show wed, everyone come! more details later...

Sunday, March 30, 2003

watching the fruit of a semester's worth of labor be swept into a garbage can, being only fragments of its former glory

Saturday, March 29, 2003

guess who sold art to the scene creamers tonight? if you guessed me, you are right. prices go up right now.
the scene creamers ruled... :-) also, i love mellissa (sp?) b ecause she makes me giggle...she is so perty. tee hee.

Friday, March 28, 2003


the grickle-grass website is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is a really cool interview that they have linked on their site.
swearing in dialect??
what's with the swearing in dialect?
oh yeah, does anyone need a roomate or want to be my roomate?? (for next year that is...drr)
i would very much like to kick those farkin pigs asses....but caro, i saw christy (kristy? kristie?) last night and she said there is a picture, i want to see it. :P as for lamez who didn't come to nick's AND to see the mooney suzuki, it was crazy fun. :) shoulda therefore i have determined you should come to see the scene creamers tonight!! rock and roll baby rock and roll..
janel: what kind of paper did you get and when is it coming in?
house: me and janel are going to need a car at a little before 7 tonight, who wants to help us out?

Thursday, March 27, 2003

nothing like a face full of pepper spray from your friendly local law enforcement
computadora rebuilt.
"please don't play with me, my paper heart will bleed..." is anyone going to nick's tonight or the scene creamers tmw?? if yes to either, take me with you.. :) that is all. now i go sleep... mmm
Is the Echo open at 6 am on Friday? I'm gonna be there then; coming home on the ghetto greyhound to pick up my truck and drive it back up. A weekend back home, what to do...

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

when stuff becomes free.

i've seen you at work in your vestibule. i've seen your process.
Ian, will you ever stop buying stuff?
Books Not Bombs rally and march
Tomorrow (Thursday) at Noon on Library Mall
i don't know what happened yesterday, but i went to sleep around 8pm. go figure i feel really good today. yesterday i bought what i thought was a cool 80's jacket. yet, many people tell me that it's a bicycler jacket. and i am developing a hatred for it now. i want to melt it down. although i did buy a really cool bath robe. and a tie. i can't wait for the scene creamers!! this show is going to be awesome. the cd isn't very much like the make-up. but then again, it is.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

holy shit the past two days have ruled... :) anyways, yeah....friendster is NOT illegal silly. it's an online network of friends basically...just go and see yourself.

Monday, March 24, 2003

There's an art show, and i'm in it..
Bethel Luthren Church: 312 Wisconsin Ave
Opening from 6-8pm on 3 April
the show is up from the 3-29 of April, so if you dont get there i'm gonna be pissed....
It's a damn warm night tonight. Is everyone going to the Echo? I'll be heartbroken if you're not.
so nice outside...doty street is alive from its winter slumber....ready to reclaim the basset district
what is the friendster? is it illegal? like napster? i don't want to do anything bad...

today i bought: cat power, roxy music, scene creamers. the roxy music cd is is crazy!!!!! you should see the band pictures inside... wait for it tonight. i was held up by malfunctioning railroad gates and almost ran out of gas on the way to work...
jon from the prerequisites is on should be too. :) ian, i am highly impressed, because i even have difficulties using my sewing mach. a little homemaker.. :)
i used a sewing machine yesterday, with no instructions! luckily my mom called from texas while i was fixing my shirt. she helped me choose the right settings.

Sunday, March 23, 2003

three songs recorded today at Paul Mabel's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sans vocals
awwwwww matt misses someone..that's so godamn cute (well depending on who you miss that is ;-) ) i went to a party last night and got really drunk for the first time in two was crazy fun. i think more drinking games should be played at parties... :) boys, as soon as you have fliers for the april 9th show, give me some and i will flier for yah, as i have to anyways. :) yes matt, life is a cabaret old chum.... spring break is over back to the grind kiddos. :)
i miss someone

i'm lame
it's been a little while since I blogged. Ian is super far ahead of everyone. Well, I'll just say Goodnight.
paul: long has your absence pained those whose lives revolve around the kingdom of doty, we live in the light of hope for your prophetic return.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Craig... It's me the long lost pokadotted boxers, how I've missed you!
In all seriousness I thought I was going to die today. Heather and I spent the day on State visiting Nick's Cafe, turns out the guy that ownes the joint's name's not Nick at all, it started with a D or something. Also turnes out he goes to the Greek Orthodox church with most of my Greek family members, even Yaya. So then later on the little missus and I were at Liquidators Outlet in Sun Prarie buying a whole cartload of stuff that ended up being a total cost of like $4.76, and then all of a sudden all the neon yellow in the place ( like three quarters of the f'n stores inventory) starts making my head throb and my eyes burn, Matt you know what I,m talki'n bout... but seriously getting back to my story, we then proceed to go to Pick and Save for groceries, pushing the cart up one isle, down another, when all of a sudden my somewhat bothersome headache turns into me almost passing out on the floor of the store. My girlfriend says "go sit in the car" and I say " ........." just staring at her blankly not able to move for fear that I'd fall on my big tough ass in front of what seemed like a hundred customers. So without saying a word I hand her like sixty bucks for the stuff and I go sit in the car outside. Onthe way back to uor place I'm trying franticly to call my mother 'cause I figure I'm either the victom of a terrorist attack involving some God forbidden chemical specificly designed to attack MY D.N.A. or I'm dehidrated or something and she's an E.M.T. so she's gunna know. I call like three times and still no answer, by this time we're inside and Heather's changing me into my PJ's because I can't do it by myself at the time. Long story short, I'm Suing Green Valley Disposal. Still Greek.
life is a cabaret, old chum

ian sucks
man, this is like ian's diary! tonight i am heading over to e. mifflin for jay's birthday and then to andy (m's) party on franklin. come along, kids! gimme a call!
the clem snide show was great. although, i think they were a little annoyed at the sound guy (who i was kind of mad at as well as he made the bass drum sound like a hip hop thump) and the weather. they kept referring to where they were the week before, and how nice it was there. but it was a good 'ol rainy shitty day in milwaukee! i ordered a pabst and was given a warm can for $2. i guess the bartender figured if i was ordering pabst it didn't need to be cold... man, i stuck out like a sore thumb drinking that can. also, i think i was standing next to twinstar during the whole show. not really sure though. i think i recognized jim and the drummer. and there was this girl that had the loudest cell phone in the world. when she pulled out of her bag the whole thing lit up. not just the buttons. the whole thing. like one of the shankara stones. the brightest cell phone ever. and then she took it into the bathroom and had the loudest conversation ever during the quietest spoken word piece ever. i was gritting my teeth. but all in all that was a small thing. one of the guitarists used a violin bow on a banjo. later he used a drum stick on his guitar. joan jett of arc was introduced with "this is a song about the first time i had sex."

we met melissa and steven and paul m. and laura at genna's after i got back into madison. paul is going to record some new dpc songs tomorrow at his house. hopefully one of them will appear on a madison comilation cd that bicycle day is working on. i was still kind of zoned out from driving home on an empty stomach so beforehand favorite famous dpc ex-roomate paul c. and i went over to mcdonald's to ram some cheesburgers down our throats. thanks for the drinks, melissa. where was joe!? joe......
cut your hair, sell a watch

Friday, March 21, 2003

who knows O'Henry's story "The Gift of the Magi?" That's a great story. Mark Twain writes good stories, too. But--if anyone can spin a good yarn, it's Bush's speechwriters.
i had to work at sedona today. me. it's like having me work at abercrombie, sort of. ah well. it was educational and i learned about brands i will never, ever wear.
eating soup in a deserted office building was almost as fun as seeing the house that is really a boat. landlocked in a residental neighborhood.

delicatessen is a most brilliant movie.
joe- this love letter band cd is fucking awesome! craig and nate: think postal service without ben gibbard. plus real life instruments. i like it more than postal service.
nick's was nowhere near as crowded last night as it was last week. they didn't runout of pabst. thankfully. i hung out with an exclusive group of sun room cafe workers. we cut pages out of a huge philosophy book and drew on them with markers and cut them up. it was probably the coolest thing that i have done at nick's in a while. (craig- katie is in a graphic design internship doing art for the film festival, and i was talking to her a little about your movie) joe's here! i made a copy and i'm taking that love letter band cd to work. did i hear you right last night? essen house? i don't know what time i'm going to get back from clem snide tonight. if you guys have already left for the bar, i'll try to call matt's cell phone or something. kat, good luck with the plasma donating. see how much money you can get for the "keith richards transaction".
you know an album is good when you need 4 stereos to listen to it
i should go to bed. but i am not tired. i am so bored. anyone want to be my http// ?? i have to donate plasma in 5 and a half hours. needles make me want to hurl. i am scared. someone hold me....
i got a sun room number. oh my god she's cuuuuute!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2003

what exactly did you get ian?? i got a cold today...rock. especially since i have band auditions tmw. woo hoo. gotta love this stupid wisconsin weather... yeah, definately no more jam bands. ugh.
i was walking to the cafeteria when this guy behind me loudly says hello to this woman across the room...

hey mary, how's it goin?
pretty good. how are you doing?

i feel like a scud missile!

...i was trying to surpress the dirtiest smile ever. i actually heard people gasp.
yeah the show was....interesting to say the least. haha. toxic avenger ruled. everyone come to the rally at the capitol tonight at 5 pm...
work is going by so slowly. my hands are alligators. i can't listen to these cds anymore. i burnt myself out. i found this cool website earlier. i want to get more blue amps. only blue amps from now on for me.
i don't know how i got it, but i got it! it was the one i really wanted too... what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!! i'm freaking out!!!!

last night's show was something else. i only stayed for the first band, franklin's ghost. you know that aaron guy that used to run open mic? (does he still?) well, it was his band. they were a jam band. it was really funny, because peter put on this toxic avenger movie above them. it was a perfect fit. they started out by playing a kind of funky porno song, and the toxic avenger was getting laid at the same time. it was bizarre. then the toxic avenger somehow moved on to clean up tokyo. franklin's ghost stayed in i'm-a-motherfucking-dancy-band land. there was a weird fight scene which i think involved the midget from jackass in black face. not really sure. you know my record for naming actors.

the toxic avenger ended prematurely. nate had already left, so i went home.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

janel: thanks for the lasagna
ian: thanks for the beer
me: thanks for talking about french fry genitalia

have you ever seen the movie delicatessan?
show. tonight. everyone come, please?? 10 30 pm (doors 10) 5 bucks, the beeves, fisticuffs uk, and franklin's ghost. stage door theatre. and the lovely ryan and adam will be guest starring with sound... :-) so please come.
good times at dinner. yummy. me and matt and caro had fun at the white horse all by ourselves (well me and caro also had fun pondering if david copperfield was in a box) hope you had fun at the sketcho. :-) have another party..i think someone should throw me a birthday party. :-) bye bye
Ian, I dreamt about your mom last night for real!!!!!!!!!!! She asked if there were any black people in our band. I don't know why. I guess she associated black people with music. Jill, if you're reading this, that's not the way I think of you in real life.
sure, as soon as i leave you guys have a party. i know now just where i stand. i feel loved.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

yes how did you guess??
dinner party tonight at the ranch!meat lasagna plus vegan lasagna plus bread and salad 9pm bring some wine or beer 517 w. doty come come come
better watch out, ian. kat's gonna steal your mom
The Prez sez: "For more than a decade, the United States and other nations have pursued patient and honorable efforts to disarm the Iraqi regime without war. That regime pledged to reveal and destroy all of its weapons of mass destruction as a condition for ending the Persian Gulf War in 1991.
Since then, the world has engaged in 12 years of diplomacy."

Here's a record of that diplomacy
ian,i think i like your mom..that's incredibly amusing. :-)
"I unknowingly got bombed last night" has so many connotations.
i just walked past a lady with a huge mullet!!!!!! my god, woman, do you know what you look like?

last night i had been in bed for about twenty minutes when my mom called. she got my parent's car stuck while backing out outside my grandma's new house in marshall. there is no driveway yet, so it is a big mush of sand and a little gravel.

my dad is in arlington heights getting everything set with the movers, so she had no one else to call but me. i got dressed and drove to marshall, where the car was really, really, really sunk into mud-- almost a foot deep on each tire. we tried a little, but there was no hope. it was about 12:30am and i was covered with mud everywhere when i flat out told her, "mom, you're gonna have to call a tow truck tomorrow. i'll give you a ride home for tonight."

as we were driving, she asked me what was hanging on my rear-view mirror.

it was just a silhouette, so i flipped on the light and said, "it's a naked lady. marcus and matt got it for me when we came back from aurora!"

this morning when i gave her a ride to work, she told me, "ian, have you given any girls a ride in your car with this? what did they have to say about your lady here?"

"i don't know mom."

"well, if you are going to have any girls in your car, you had better take that down before-hand."

"they might get the idea that you are objectifying them."

Monday, March 17, 2003

i go now to the land from whence it all began... wish me luck
cesto is officially over. their last show was at electric earth with us two weeks ago. jess will be taking his other band to france to get them back in line.
so i really want to start a band, therefore i am posting on here...what i am looking for: i have a million song ideas, and i want to collaborate with someone on lyrics and music for the songs, i want to be lead singer, i can kinda play guitar and i can defintely play piano.

i am looking for any girls who want to be in a sleater kinneyish type band.

what i am looking for:
drums (though i would be willing to try this if i can't find anyone)
lead guitar
back up guitar (if we can't find one, that's cool)
song writer

so if anyone wants to be in a kick ass girl rock band, please leave comments or email me! email:, thanks!! or call me: 608 259 9433
~ kat
today has been an awesome day for me. i woke up with less of a hangover than i thought i had. paul and nick, thanks for coming to our house last night. it was good to see you. i had to leave the echo early, i was having trouble. i paid a late fee on a parking ticket today. and i have been slowly working on my computes all day. i spent the majority of the morning creating a screen saver for myself out of the crappy windows text-scroller screen saver. now i have a huge 200pt brown bomb symbol scrolling flying over a nice cool blue background. it looks cool. i mean it. the weather is beautiful except the humidity had made by hair stand on end. but it is still nice out. and i haven't seen a bat yet today.
i just made sqaure cupcakes (one does what one can when one does not have a muffin pan) and i ate tomato soup with goldfish pasta...yum. but now i sleep...i have been watching the sun rise far too much lately. oh yeah, HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY! :-)
just partied tonight with paul carthew. I love that guy like a brother. We played presidents at the Paradise and pool at the Echo. I lost big at both places. Sorry Paul. But all in all, it was a wonderful time. Reminded me of the old days when Paul lived with us. One time he and I ran the pool table for seven straight games at the Echo. But I shouldn't live in the past...

Sunday, March 16, 2003

the masses are mobilizing on west wilson and will soon be attacking your tummy
melllissa, where did u get a job??? because i really really really really need a job. :-) (i am considering working in the bakery with adam that's how desperate i am!!)

in other news: anyone who didn't go to the peace vigil sucks. :-) it was amazing to see people from the union the mlk blvd lining the strees candlelit. it was awesome. :-)
and i don't think ian is batman.
i also just had to spend a long time helping a lady who smelled funny.
britney spears sings joan jett. i want to cry. i got a new job! now i have 2 shitty paying state street retail jobs. fucking great.
ps ian maybe ian you are secretly batman and you just dont know it...
i went outside for a significant amt of time today..state street was swarming with kiddies and people. the alarm went off when i left urban (damn gc card. grr) it was so nice out, makes me wish i didn't have to get a job. don't you wish you could just play all day? could have left with the state kids today to go to florida, if i had money, i would have....*sigh* barbecues are fun. more people should have them this week...(hint hint) this week is going to suck. anyone having any parties?? (again, hint hint. :-) ) ahhh yes not so subtle hints...

Saturday, March 15, 2003

i was working on my computer when all of the sudden i heard a rustling and a bat flew up out of my heat vent!!!!!!! i yelled and ran out of my room. it started crawling around on our kitchen floor. i threw a blanket on top of it, and it started squeaking like mad. i started freaking out. then i chased it around until i somehow guided it out the front door. this all happend a few minutes ago. my heart was racing.

why do the bats like my room?
man :( Everyone is talking about how nice it is outside and I'm stuck inside at a computer terminal for 10 hours. At least there are new computer terminals in the break room!

I'll be home in just a few sweet hours kiddies, just keep your pants on.
what is it about warm weather that makes you actually want to clean?
the windows are open at the ranch!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2003 i am so fucking bored. someone save me please! (i really really really need to get a job soon else i will jump a cliff soon out of sheer borement! :-) ) i have left my house 3 times in the last week, that's it. save me. please please please...anyone??
you held the horse, i slit his throat, the blood ran melting the snow, the meat was carved, the children screamed. and the women cheered.
i'm leaving work. i don't feel like typing up this monster microsoft word document. in avoidence, i have been misusing the internet for over an hour now. but it's time for a more permanent solution. i don't know what the inspectors have found, but i have inspected my own computer. i can postpone action no longer.
i just bought a ticket for clem snide at the globe next friday. it was eight bucks plus a dollar-fifty. it's really weird that they are playing early, the show is from 5 to 8pm or something like that. but it should be good. anyways, if anyone else wants to go, i am driving my big mother-fucking mini-van.
nick's was crazy last night. happy birthday kevin. i couldn't even bring myself to go to the one class i had today. i'm not hungover, it just seems like i always meander my way over to the catacombs instead. i brought some old aislers set over for kaleen, and for payback she demonstrated the coffee grinder. coffee house rigamarole excites me. i want to work in a coffee house. no, strike that. reverse it. a coffee home. mom and dad, i'll try to find one with benefits. it's gonna be hard, though.

nate- find out when your summer class is taking place. we need dates. everyone else- keep it cool. practice tonight, and band meeting. we need to get started planning this summer touring. i have a new idea as well. so we need to draw on the weather map. maybe we should get a real map. maybe we can use our old airplane maps! do they still exist?
it doesn't matter where you are. its over the top.
ach neine, why do all the young ones always fall in love? so you aren't a scenester by going to nicks and drinking that pbr?? ;-) just kidding.
you know its scenester night when nick's runs out of pbr. but we got the last three bottles. cute cute cute cute cute cute girls.
Have you heard the new Black Box Recorder CD? I think it's up your alley... I'll make you a copy if you want. I'll be stopping in on Friday, March 21st. Will you be there? If anyone else wants a copy... I can hooks you up. Also... Nate... sorry I didn't post the question about your dad in the DPlan interview... it didn't really fit... but I think I emailed you his response. If you didn't get it, let me know... well I have to go everybody, sorry... there's a DPC covergirl waiting for me :(
it has been determined there is some sort of neural link between myself and muffin, there are no other possible explinations.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

hey who is coming to meet me at the bus station tomorrow? i shall be arriving at 315. actually, i dont need anyone to meet me, since ill only have one tiny bag, and i live 2 blocks away. forget i said anything. its these damn antihistimines. i think im allergic to my cat...i dont know how it happened after 14 years, but it did. my parents say theyre still going to keep her. now i understand where their alliances lay.
craig. shoulda come to the party...lots of cake throwing and beer throwing and things being put in freezers. interesting to say the least. walked in on the younguns "doing it" (only not really doing it) didn't go to bed till THAT Is a rock star party. :-)
ian it was frankenthaler. helen frankenthaler.
in library mall right now, one guy is reading off country names and wishing that peace may prosper there. another guy is screaming out the lyrics to my dad's gone crazy by eminem. it was sweet.
i think we know where the true enemy lies. destroy!!!!

Sorry I missed Vox Humana last night. But, I know you were worried about me finishing my paper. You guys can rest easy, it's done. Adam said he was gonna barge in late last night with a bunch of booze. I waited up, but alas, he didn't come.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

hot. i was hoping it was you mabel. ;-) marcus, that is a great topic...good luck on it, though i myself don't believe it's true. and we still love you even if you are leaving...*sniff* :-)
Hey guys what is up. Thanks Kyle for the great poem(I knew you had that great sentimental side.) Thanks to everyone who is making me feel ok about the career move, I appreciate it. I am going to miss you all but I am sure I will see you in the near future. I am alone and writing a paper about how a lot of people believe that Shakespeare was Christopher Marlowe. I am bored. Love you.
something rotten is going on at
i'm sorry, kat...that was me.
so i just woke up after falling asleep for a nap at 5 30 pm yesterday. i woke up once to my mom calling me from florida and me very confused at this ringing thing and babbling incoherently, this was last night at like 7. i somehow also ended up naked this morning...i have no idea how i got this way. this is not normal...18 hours of sleeping. and ending up naked. any ideas?? and YES there is a show tonight, it's going to be faboo!! please come. orpheum, 10 30. :-) that is all. now i go.
okay... so first the monteal trip is canceled... and now.....

i've been kicked off the southern comfort reaseach group. i am sorry i don't drink southern comfort two times a month. i don't even drink it once a month. all i drink is the goddamn plastic bottle liqour that gets hidden under the counter at bars. you want the real truth, research group?? what am i going to do with my life now?

as a start, today i guess i'll just skip all my class (singular), take off work, read the rest of "doctor glas", and look at paintings all day. i got my body and my mind on the same page.
the fact of the matter remains that cats are cleaner than people

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I've discovered that all I need to be happy for life is a cat and a laser pointer.
mmmm . . . . freedom toast
peoples...i am posting this a day early so you can all plan study breaks ahead of time. there is an orpheum show tomorrow and there is a live video production provided by sarah rentz, plus three super stella bands that all sound a lot like Sonic Death Monkey (barry jive and the uptown five), and melissa said she'd pay for everyone.
we are going to have to buy some more mics then.
soory kids, i got lost.

but ian, i finally found a bit of, is tonight a night for going out with mel-is-sa? please? i have to take a test at 5:45, but i am going over to my friend dan's house after, which is on your side of town. i will stop by or give a call. oh, and i guess you found my phone number, but if you still need it i only require 3 drunken cartwheels and perhaps a bad joke or two, and it's ALL YOURS.

what's cheap tonight?
today i did something i thought i'd never do. I bought Michael Crichton's Eaters of The Dead (soon to be a major motion picture according to the cover). I'm gonna do a book report on it for my scandinavian studies class. I haven't done a book report since high school. Can i write it on notebook paper? Does it have to be college ruled?

hey ian!!!! I'm thirsty for some orange juice!!!!
sleepiness in full effect.
i think we all are gonna sing. even nate!
idle hands are an invitation for the devil
all that jazz...i think matt should sing too. why don't you all sing?? ;-) i have a job interview tommorow morning for a job i applied to on the internet...i can't remember which one it is. ha ha. this should be interesting....

Monday, March 10, 2003

sorry about the hat/scarf. it was all me. i dont have any excuse. sorry if it held anyone up on sat. it was all innocent fun, but i guess thats how most everything starts out
OK, so I thought I saw THAT show, but it did seem kinda weird that Marcus was leaving in May and it is still March. I am glad to hear there will be a proper farewell show. Pack the house people.
a man named marcus came to town/
and severed necks as they spun around/
to glimpse his sexy ass profound/
but the killer just laughed and made his rounds./

you'd think that when we heard the news/
of his farewell we'd sing the blues/
like the hottie girls of past venues/
omitted from the ones he'd choose/

but no, my friend, you are quite wrong/
for when we heard marcus was gone/
we gentlemen broke in to song/
"farewell fair foe, be well move on"./

and finally we could speak the truth/
that weighed on us since we met the brute/
was kindly now at last removed/

love you marcus. good luck.
what do you do when you've lost faith in humanity? and i am going to be a hipster and join the crowd and say I want to sing. :-)
this must be the end of DPC phase 1= (collect underwear) .....phase 2 = ?........phase 3 = (profit)
marcus you were a good frontman, i wish you would've gotten a lead singer internship, but may the rock continue to flow through the veins of the surving members as they continue on.
i wanna sing too! craig sang bass. matt sang tenor. me and little brother sang bass and tenor.
actually, I'm pretty sure all of our songs will survive this transition. We'll just have to practice them for once

Sunday, March 09, 2003

marcus is leaving? and you didn't ask your biggest critic if that was ok first?? i see a problem with this... did you all perhaps forget about what i would say?! we need to work on your communication skills here boys..
in reality however, massive congrats to marcus for getting to do that internship, the freaking rules.
although your fans will more than likely see the untimely death of a few of your songs (due to vocal ranges), i think that all will be salvageable when it's all said and done, craig (who i'm assuming will take over singing responsibilities) will do just fine, there is little doubt in my mind about that.
it is the end of a century and the untimely beginning of another..
everything's changing... pretty soon i'm gonna be leaving this country...oh wait... i'm not in a band... it doesn't matter... carry on
in other news: i am sad marcus is leaving!! whens the last show?? :-( as for april 9th, very excited! wahoo.
marcus, i wish you a lot of luck this summer at spring green!

the weekend in st paul went well. eclipse records is a pretty cool place. not only are there vinyl and cds, but the basement has videogames. not your space age 2 dollar videogames either. and there is pinball. and, there is free coffee for customers. that is cool. currently we are are in the process of getting some good shows together for the next month. there will be a proper hometown farewell show for marcus. and kurmudgeon is gonna be coming down to madison in a couple of weeks with grickle-grass sometime after that. also, we are going to head over to iowa for a weekend stint with the poison control center. so it should be pretty busy. i am excited as we are also just getting started putting together a tour for this summer. so, find us a place to play in your hometown.

melissa, call us with your phone number... i lost it!
The news to which Jeremy is referring is that marcus is leaving the DPC. He received an intership at American Players Theatre, which is a great opportunity for him. We're all very sad, however we will continue without him. Last night was technically marcus's last show, but we're talking about having a special farewell show with him sometime soon in madison. We'll keep you posted I'm sure.
Tonight I have learned of the news.
I am saddened.

I saw THAT show.

Saturday, March 08, 2003

haha. you guys have to hang out with me on sunday. you promised. haha.
i quit my job today (quit before i got fired. was going to be fired next week) anyone know any place hiring? please? that is all. i go now. ps this weather sucks donkey balls...
a) has anyoen seen my blue hat and scarf? b) does anyone remember me wearing them back home after the detachment kit show?
I wish detachment kit were my friends. I'd give up all my roommates just to be friends with one member of the detachment kit. If, like in the end of spiderman, i had to choose between a car full of my roommates and a single member of the detachment kit, i wouldn't hesitate to let my rommates fall to their death in order to save the life of a detachment kit person.

But I'm just kidding . . . or am I?

better watch it

Friday, March 07, 2003

i just fell on the ice and broke an entire Carlo Rosi jug.
the contents are now staining the concrete and my elbow is throbbing.
thus we had to go retrieve another.
i'll be home a little after 5:00.

this morning at the catacombs i saw laurentia, my first art history t.a. ever. she was working on something with some students when she recognized me and called over. she said to them, "this was one of my favorite students..." i told them that i had taken art history 101 with laurentia. "wow, i didn't even know there was an art history 101!" said on of the girls. aww yeah there was, and i took it. good memories.

before there was the black-haired girl, there was the art history girl prototype.

also! i am getting paid $100 by southern comfort to be video-taped while i drink. and i need people to come with. so mark your calendars for march 22. from 6pm to 8pm, probably at the echo, we are going to drink. a lucky few will get paid as well. holy shit, i'm selling out. oh well, if there ever was something to sell out, it's two hours of me drinking what corporate liquor wants. i drink southern comfort once a month, right? on average, right?
I was just going to say we should practice this evening. I'll be home at like 4:30. This time we should begin practice with some stretches, drills and such. We should run some laps around doty. Let's keep in shape gentlemen.
when is everyone going to be home? I hereby call an emergency band meeting

i think we need to propose a second resolution
thanks to everyone who came to my opening. it was good. i am at work now. it is not good. our electricity went out this morning, so i almost didn't make it here on time, which woulod have been both good and not good.
d - i saw the news yesterday. they also had another song up for download somewhere else. i thought they were both pretty boring. i will probably not be playing them for the streets of madison.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Economic Left/Right: -6.12, Authoritarian/Libertarian: -7.25
big throbbing in head.... ooww....

nate, sorry i ditched out on your opening, i'm lame. i was sleeping off a migraine, forgive me?
economic left/right: -5.25, authoritarian/liberatarian: -8.21 I don't know if I win or not. What are the rules again?
mmm cursive. craigy, tell me how it is!! andrew rock star says it will change my life... are you going to see them on the 20th at the fireside??
Nate! I posted news for you. Did you see it? It's about Yo La Tengo...
economic Left/Right: -8.25, Authoritarian/Libertarian: -8.41

i win!
Economic Left/Right: -7.25, Authoritarian/Libertarian: -7.59
Economic Left/Right: -6.62, Authoritarian/Libertarian: -4.72

is this okay with the rest of you? if not, i think i can change. jon- that video's not very mac friendly....i get sound but no picture.
What a good day. Janel left me off on state street so I could buy the new Cursive album before I went to take my test. I left my bag in the van so I couldn't study before it. Luckily it was way easier than it should've been . And the way home wasn't dreadfully cold so I took my time in order to finish listening to the CD. And what a great cd it is.
hey, i just saw the coolest rock video ever....oh my god, oh my god...get it here
i think i can quit my job now, becuase i've made it to the holy grail of madison libraries: the state historical society. it actually looks like you'd think a college library would look like, they have crazy, messed up space-age copiers, and instead of getting time and newsweek like the other libraries, they get the magazine of the american rifle association and cartoon proFILES, which interviews newspaper cartoonists and has features on long lost strips. it was cool.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

HEY!! We were on the Channel 15 six o' clock news! There was a 5-second shot where I saw Ian, Matt, and myself standing on Bascom Hill. This is the kind of publicity the Wilhelms need.
I missed the show, but you silly fucks missed a great protest! Seriously guys, it was rad-ass
sorry i missed it, i had to write a paper.....hope it went well. after leaving the protest, i was crossing the street by ian's pizza when a car sped up and ran through a puddle right next to me. what the fuck! they splashed grey mush all over this girl and i.

fuck you, black-car asshole!

kate let me borrow a cd from her. "the makeup." this singer on this cd is so sleazy, it's super funny. all in all, it's really cool... the first song is called "pow! to the people". the scene creamers are made up out of people from this band..
you silly fucks missed a great was seriously awesome. but most of the fun was after the show anyways....i love band boys they are amusing. ask tom, he had a great time buying them drinks. ha ha. hope the protest was fab...i was too tired and it was too damn cold to be out there. : / such a slacker am i. (and matt, why does protesting constitute a tie??? *confused*)
protest protest protest!

let me get my tie
craig, make sure you leave a pair of keys here if you leave this morning, cause i have to go to work.
guess what I saw in the new release section at Four Star....Battle Royale!!!!! And I asked them to order songs from the second floor, nate.
had a break through in self therapy

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

is it time for me to rise
Well Craig, to be honest you were the sexiest man of the night... I just figured that was understood between the two of us... so just keep it up!

Hey everyone! Watch MTV tonight at um 9.30 tonight! Apparently they're supposed to mention tiny mix tapes. If not... we'll fuck 'em!
so, echo is the plan for the evening? i must let my publicist know in advance.
the Echo monday night tradition is dying. This is sad. Very very sad. The only veteran members there tonight were me, janel, and erin barr. Not even the other original founders, matt and nate, were there. How can you people live with yourselves. Mike the bartender seems very upset.

By the way, tomorrow the echo is having a Marti Gras thingy where they have great food all day. Mike was urging us to come tomorrow. You will if you have any dignity left in you.

Oh yeah, and I'm sorry I didn't make it to the orpheum. By the time I finished my paper it would've been too late.

Monday, March 03, 2003

from saturday, i recall ian standing atop the pcc van.. and then he was taller. on the roof, our roof above the entryway. only there was no flood or lava, and i don't believe he's a monkey rooster.
animals go!
art by nate, this month at the catacombs, went up this evening with the help of janel.
there will be an opening this thursday from 7 to 9, with food.
craig, i might be wrong.
What a good time I had in Madison this weekend. Today was even better because I got to audition for American Players Theatre. It went extremely well. Rick probably did better than I did but hey he's really good at that Shakespeare fellows stuff. We auditioned in the Vilas building in Madison and from their we moved to a very odd and awkward time at the Echo Tap. Here we were greeted by a drunk man who told us a joke that went like this, "Did you ever hear the one about the Polish Lesbian...She liked men." This was particularly funny to me because a scene I did with one Eric Nameth had the same joke in it. From there the man yelled at the barkeep and left saying that his cab should have been there by now. Following that little episode Rick and I drank a guiness and watched sumo wrestling. It was rad. Finally an older lady asked us if we were mormons because we were dressed nicely with ties etc. She then preceded to ask us what are goal in life was. We said acting and she became utterly astonished, paused for about thirty seconds(we couldn't help but laugh although we felt bad) then asked us for our autographs in case we were ever to be famous. We thanked her but declined and left the bar before the woman could ask us for our phone numbers. peace.
shit, i've fucked up big time. i thought that the first late due day for my take-home test was tomorrow in lecture. turns out it was today. and so now this paper is going to be marked down two grades instead of one. oops. it doesn't help that this paper is no good, either. there goes 20% of that grade!! on the upside, erica loaned me a copy of "solex vs. the hitmeister." this cd is really good! and every track has the word solex in the title.
D, what can I do to become more sexy? And nate, isn't it, "we can't touch the ground"?
i think that later i may have been the drunkest man of the night. either me or ben h. ;) thanks to poison control center for coming out and making the electric earth show super awesome. we are going to head over to iowa and play a show with them soon. i wonder what the pcc shows on home turf are like.... i just want to say that bicycle day played the best i have seen them so far. good times. our shows page is starting to dwindle, so lets do some shit. twin cities this weekend!!! i just ordered pro tools 6.0 for my computer. i hope i can pay for my car insurance in a couple of weeks.
boys and girls: please come to the show tonight! it's very important...please please please! :-) (10 30 stage door theatre in the orpheum 5 bucks 21 up bayside, asking autumn, helsinki 86)
I think D was the sexiest SILVERman of the night. heh

uhmmmm . . . I gotta go dismantle some missiles KABOOM!!!!!
Hey DPC, thanks for rocking out on Saturday and making my trip worth making! Next time you invite Poison Control Center to play, be sure to supply helmets! Sorry to say to the rest of you... but Ian, you were the sexiest man of the night... with Matt as a close second... the rest of you need to raise the fucking bar! APG- didn't you learn in highschool that hot glassware looks like cold glassware?
we can touch the ground.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

i burned myself 4 times this morning in the glass lab. moral of the story: molten glass is hot.
mmm yes the show rockedcore last night! :-) i hope the party was fun...(i am assuming it was, because i heard lizzy in the alleyway at 3 30 this morning, when i was fitfully attempting sleep, proclaiming she was talking out of her ass and was with 4 guys..tee hee. :-) ) and my mom just declared when she brought me my present from cancun that my pupils are really big, and holy shit they are! it looks like i have been smoking weed...ha ha ha. funny stuff. anyways. boys, I heart you! mmm yes. ok enough geeky gropiness for one day (but i am not really a groupie, because i have not slept with more than one member of the band or any member of the band for that what am i then?? hmmm...)
also, since my esteemed colleague nathaniel bartley did not debrief you on the happenings of last night's show, I shall. It went quite well. The sound was good in there. Racecar melody, despite their lack of bass, was good. Roy G. Biv was also in tip top shape. I had a really good time. Tonight's show was also good. We played a really short set, but it went well. We needed to give Poison Control Center an ample amount of time to rock us into oblivion. The way they beat the shit out of each other and the crowd is as entertaining as can be. Bicycle Day and Cesto rocked me as well. I'm in love.

Saturday, March 01, 2003

d thought we were dead when we didn't blog after our show last here you go, we aren't dead.