Monday, June 30, 2003

sorry about missing the party dr. aa. i was busy trying to work out 'oh snap (tha 446 is back)' over a 5/4 beat over the theme song to 'the adventures of pete & pete." which is to say i was playing metroid prime and then hung out with my girlfriend and went to bed early, still hurting from friday night. the 409 should have non-day-before-work-week-party. we'll even bring dead baby animals to eat.
bling bling. tonight starts the kick off of FREEEEE anime monday....and i best be seeing all your fabulous faces there! we are showing the animatrix....TRUST ME, you won't want to miss's amazing. :) in other news, who is going to the 'dise tmw night??
c'mon kids, where were you tonight? see wwb for post-kegger details. y'all missed it, we played "hey nineteen" on our 'jukebox' tonight.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

cottonballs for toe nails
[reposted from the WWB]

I have to alert all you creative types that as of right now, you can download six (6) different acapella 446 tracks and make your very own 446 REMIXES for the forthcoming remix album "The People's History Of Tha 446."

Oh Snap (446 Is Back) - 99.900 BPM
Reminiscin' (Let's Blow It Up) - 90.000 BPM
Want 2 B Rich (feat. Calloway) - 114.725 BPM
Two Thousand Four Four Six - 82.000 BPM
Autumn Knightz - 108.000 BPM
Rasterize - 130.000 BPM

Each of these mp3s is encoded at 192kbps and features a short click track at the beginning; aside from that it's strictly vocals -- with the exception of "Want 2 B Rich," the drums come in during Calloway's chorus.

These links won't work from inside NEW BLOGGER, you'll have to view your actual blog page.
ian pants, the stage door email is: :) yay.
in other news...i am working double shifts all, i am working from 10 am till 2 am at the ' someone best be buying me a drink at the show on wed!! ;-) someone should have a party soon...hint hint. hehe.
there were a couple of kids at the smog show tonight in the front row who were fairly out of control. one was wearing a pearl jam shirt and one was wearing a 'i heart smog' shirt. i wanted to tell him not to be 'that guy', but i was worried he might injure me in his air drumming frenzy. i also got a bird machine poster. that's about it.

Saturday, June 28, 2003

this new blog thing is wierd. today i am wearing pink pants. is anyone going to see smog tonight?
show last night went pretty well. I think there were more than 10 people there, which surprised me. Not sure how nate's other show went since he played early than expected and I missed it. Show in minnesota today has been cancelled.

Friday, June 27, 2003

I don't think my dad knows who matt pinfield is, matt. Next time try to explain yourself better.
a big thanks to all you dpc boys and gals for coming out last night.
matt! i've heard so many good things about your bass playing... a job truly well done. ian, thanks for letting us use your bass. dpc, thanks for letting us use your band member.
my only regret is that mabel severely lacked in stage presence as compared to jacobstone...i will forever hit myeslf for forgetting to bless the audience between songs. fuck.
sloggin' is like workin' hard, or ploddin' heavily as in sloggin' thru tha mud pit
snoggin' is the same as kissing or making out, it's just the english (as in the country drr folks) way of saying it. i have no idea what slogging is. and the mabel show was fantabulous, and that's amusing as hell how 20 ppl told me matt pinfield was there. underwhelmed (sp?) would definitely be the word.
matt, or anybody else at home right now, can you call kyle and double check what is going on tomorrow? if we're not going to the twin cities, i am definitely going to see smog at the annex.
was matt pinfield there to watch that miserable christian rock band jacobstone?

also, what is "snoggin" and what is "slogging"
Last night was fun. Matt Pinfield was there! He talked to Steven while I stood by and watched. It was everything i imagined it to be. underwhelming
Caroline Craig's mum and I are not snoggin we are slogging. Hey Matt how was last night at Luther's Blues?
Doty Ranch is only a few letters away from DUTTY ROCK, fuck you guys.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Saturday draws nigh. Do you?
i am subcontracting some work out. i think all will be most pleased.
hey! I'm playing bass for mabel tonight at Luther's Blues! come look at me! Ian, remember the giant robot luther allison? well, we're gonna make it happen
nate and i flyered and guess what, we saw a west wash asian'
(does asian rhyme with snoggin'?)
because he and your mum are too busy snoggin'
hey dad, why don't you be bloggin'?
that's an interesting suggestion. what inxs song are you referencin'?
let's make all our blogs rhyme. I'm looking at yahoo maps to get my direction
(it could be like that inxs song)
i do, you just are never paying attention.
nate, learn to play drums like this
Oh shit, I'm indigenous.
Ian purvilicious

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

now there is confusion on the west wash blog about the use of "___ is the new ____". i guess any phrase is considered dead once it hits doty. anyways, who wants to flyer when i get home? the template is in my room if anyone wants to go make more copies this afternoon. it's in a red folder under a couple of cd's on the floor by my white bookshelf. there's a kinko's copy card in there as well. anyone?
super mario sunshine, for a cool $21.02, should be here on monday. another ebay success story right here.
I dreamed that I was reading an article about a class you can take called Body Pileup. It teaches you how to properly dispose of a massive amount of dead bodies. For some reason, one of the movies they had to watch was Casablanca. There was a picture of some students in the class, all of them were people I knew from marshall.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

does anyone know what time we need to be at the show on the july 26th? i need to know, i've got a wedding thing to be at.
10 or maybe 1 but mostly never 11
steven, these doty boys know us so well, they even employ our own catch phrases and nonsensicums as a means of retort and a form of ridicule!

you guys are making a brown man blush.
i advise occupation to eliminate these crazy blogging customs.
(4) Fuck Stanger
Ian, are you implying that residents of Doty Street are (1) ahead of the times, (2) behind the times, or (3) total dicks? Please respond in binary.
Ian is the new hitler.
i don't want anybody to ever fucking say "_____ is the new _____" on this blog again. we don't do that shit on this street.
Craig, Don't be surprised when you see a 1000' blast disk attached to your car. I've modified it so it has a nuclear bomb propulsion system. You won't have to pay for gas anymore.

EDIT: 1000' blast disks are the new spoiler
ps, we're going to post info about saturday's show once we get it straight ourselves.
i got mine out a couple of times to go to take a leak. it was a great show. i'm glad i finally got a chance to see the pale riders. and live to tell.
So, what happened with everyone's cocks at the show last night? Were they out or what?

Monday, June 23, 2003

allllright, so you all have been already been informed...but i am going to do it again so you don't forget!! :) tonight, the stage door, doors, 9:30 pm, 18 up, 5 bucks, drum roll please.....the pale riders, saving face, asking autumn, farewell to please come and rock out with your cocks out! (except not so much the cocks out part) xo
Sat. show in the Cities...I heard conflicting things about it. Where and when is it happening for sure, if it is happening at all?
so, monday: pale riders at the orpheum
tuesday: nothing
wednesday: the way back at a house
thursday: mabel at luther's
friday: dpc at the annex, kaleen and amy at the terrace
saturday: dpc in the twin cities

marvin just wrote me. he says he has a new band. do you think we could have them play the show on saturday too?

Sunday, June 22, 2003

hey, just a reminder, the way back's last show is this wednesday at 128 e johnson. i think theyre starting between 10:15-10:45, but the show itself starts at 6 or so. the other bands in unknown order are tan as fuck, the dutchies, mumber toes, and right arm severed. i think i'll probably be there around 10 at the latest, and all of you should definately attend if possible.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Who has a gamecube? The ranch has one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who has radiohead tickets? me? what?

Friday, June 20, 2003

matt, i'll be home around 5:30 so we can practice.
i am not really sure what the order of the bands is tonight, but here is the info:

I'm With Cupid
The Wilhelms
Shuffleplay and the Mutations

and it's $4

come on down to the doty ranch after the show too.
for the record, janel moved her boob into the line of fire, attempting to avoid a punch in the arm after shoving me at the show last night. have tangled with janel before, i offer my consolation to ian.
Wilhelms will be playing 2nd or 3rd so, if the show starts at 9pm, we'll prolly play around 10pm or 10:30
i was getting a coffee from our cafeteria when the checkout lady says to this guy, "are you gonna go to that marshall festival this weekend?" the guy is like "naw, i've been banned from that festival. they don't let me go there no more." so i said, "are you guys talking about marshall, wi? that's my hometown."
the lady says, "yeah, it's the marshall fireman's festival or something." i laughed and told them that i was thinking about going to that this year.

the guy was just on one track like, "yeah, i've been kicked out of all of 'em...marshall....deerfield...waterloo....cottage grove.."
what time are the wilhelms playing tonight?
check out our hotmail! fuck yeah!!!!

"Alright Boys,
Were the Pony Club, were a Ska-punk band from Scarborough, England. We just happened across your site one day and thought itd be worth sayin hey. Good to here other people ripping off the name pony club, keep rockin,
love PC "

Confidential to Craig's dad: your son is also a pervert.
ian: sorry for punching your junk, but if it's any consolation, nate punched me in the boob earlier

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Frontman, Frontman, Where for art thou Frontman?

Anyway, last night was the first time Minnesota saw the DPC without Marcus straddling a mic stand. It was good to see that they can make a successful transition with Craig as the lead vocal. The set was solid and from those that hadn't seen the gfuys before I heard nothing but good things. Can't wait for the next show.
Things got a little crazy last night. Justin from kurmudgeon took a bottle to the head and bled all his favorite pants. Bill from middle picker tended to him and gave him varying degrees of advice. Eventually, Justin went to the emergency room and got stitches.

To this day, I don't know why all of it happened
HMM. janel i am sorry if no one returned your phone call but last night all i did was play mario kart with billy. and, liz, i don't know where your house is, so if you could please inform me by way of a blog or message before tonight's intended get-together, that would be fun-tastic. because i may have to come later than l-a-u-r-a.
like the slimy bastards we are, vox humana has slid into the show tonight in the wake of Mercy Chord's tragic chain saw accident....get ready to rock
i had a dandy of a bike accident this morning. right in the vicinity of dayton. perhaps i will bypass that junction for awhile. and after returning to the seat of my bike a plenty two blocks later to glance at the gushing spurt of the reddest blood one has ever seen, except for maybe that fresh roadkill squirel i saw a week omen. no. but i wonder.. do the drivers who pass numerous bicyclists day in day out take notice to such a target of misplaced color?especially on that of a pale member, or notice the fact that pedaling has become difficult for my left retarded leg, moving at a vastly slower rate than that of the regularity or non-palsy? also of note, work had only a completely outdated first aid kit containing three items of which i could use one. thank you for that one. so that i did not have to use post-its to soak up the blood.they don't soak.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

but of course, all this anger is i am not yet who wants to host my birthday party next month...!!....
we went bowling last night. why are bartenders outside of the immediate university vicinity so adverse to 21 year olds drinking? it's like, way to go being twenty one you think you're all high and mighty, huh bitch?! well, i've been able to drink for 38 years!!! and i just think, mr. bowling alley bartender man, don't be an ass, and i'll probably get wasted and leave some ridiculus tip! i spend more time in bars than in any place but my job. eat that bitch!
oh nate, i just listened to the broken social scene--you're right it rules.
off to minnesota we go! see you at the anchor tomorrow.
we're doing the same thing as the giddy motors. Our tour of madison wisconsin begins and ends with the anchor inn
and has anyone added the new names to our email list and sent one out about tomorrow night? i am on the verge of actually starting to work now.
tinymixtapes says that the giddy motors are playing the anchor inn on their tour. twice. once to kick off the tour, and again at the end before they hit steven's point. why the anchor inn? twice?
can you guys wait until i get home to pack up my cymbals?
last night at genna's, the table behind us was talking about being in a rock band, the echo tap, and the absurdity that is the uw library call number system. it was wierd. erin may or may not have called the police on the walk home. she should blog about it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Ha ha ha. Craig's dad's on the blog so everyone becomes a comedian. If you're so tough, why don't you invite your dad's to the blog?
craigy, our baby needs more diapers.
HEY CRAIG! Remember that time that we went to took the redeye to Vegas and ended up with those $1000 a night "escorts" and totally couldnt pay and had to work for "Sonny" for a week cleaning up after when he "took care of business with the Manzettis." Man, that was such an awesome trip.
Hey Steve!!!!! Who do you think taught me to be who I am?
Hello Butch, your son is an alcoholic and a drug addict. He is also addicted to drugs and alcohol. And drugs. So I took it upon myself to perform this intervention, where I inform you that Craig is addicted to drugs, and alcohol. And airplane glue. Sorry you had to hear it via the Internet but it's true.
no, it was a more assertive, more crazy of a yell. any crying would have been tears of joy.
haaaaa! ian's crying. i was looking at our team list, and there are ton of people who haven't blogged in a while. ben? katy? helena? sarah? kyle? paul hasn't even blogged in forever, and he's got his own icon. it's making me want to cry.
Craig I was just checking to see if your mom was reading the Blog today. Hey Ian why are you crying???
My dad's on the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he's talking to my mom. this is weird.
hey butch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
butch is here now...i feel like the blog has a touch of class it's never had before. i am also intimidated.
there are now 4446 people in my personal network on friendster right now. next step, 5517?
Hey Mary I made it on the blog

Monday, June 16, 2003

so ian invited me to be on friendster...what do i do now?
tentative date for FDF reunion: july 12. mark your calendars, chimpville.
be the first kid on your block

hey, the vowelless STV SLV said they might replace CJ with a chimpanzee. Is he refering to nate?
working = lame

silently counts away the hours until he is broke
maybe MOMN and the UPC could trade some shows.
How come the Useless Poser Club never plays Chicago?
i have to work wednesday morning and i don't think i can get out of it because we are understaffed.
I'll go tomorrow night, and the effects of mono are coming back and I probably won't drink. So if someone doesn't want to go they better have a good excuse.
what do you guys think of leaving for minnesota tomorrow night? that way we can hang out during the day on wednesday.
Dr. AA is using their real name
The mono is back for episode two: attack of the 'cleosis

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Who is this Dr. AA? And what does this person have a Ph.d in? Can't Dr. AA use their real name? Too scared? I saw Ian laying in bed this morning, coloring. Eat that!!!!!.....for breakfast!

In other news, my dad wants to join the blog. This is the best idea in history.
From 18 Wheel Singles.Com:
Divorced white male, 5'8', 130 lbs., blonde hair, green eyes, smoker, SD, 51 years old. In search of honest, sincere, one man woman, sense of humor, fun loving. Likes fishing, camping, bowling, pool/billiards, cuddling, holding hands, long term relationship. Hoping to hear from you soon. No fatties or druggies.
you should be jealous, because while you and ian were eating breakfast, we were watching the highlander on amc. there can be only one!
i bet you're all jealous because i saw ian at breakfast today and you didn't.
I know what you mean, Janel. My pinky toenail on my right foot is split in two. It really bothers me sometimes.

We got an ad for S&M porn in our inbox. It's in spanish! Happy Father's Day!!!
watch out for long toenails they can be deceiving in that sense.

Friday, June 13, 2003

that is what charlie would say, if he were here
more ovaries!
and here is some information about the wilhelms show next friday!

Electric Earth Cafe
June 20th
9pm $4

I'm with Cupid
the Wilhelms
Shuffleplay and the Mutations

I hope my new drums are ready to go by then!!
that show in milwaukee is a no-go. it's all booked up. well, maybe we'll be a little faster on the draw next time....

Thursday, June 12, 2003

ian, did you bring my change to the bank? how much was it?
atticus? from "To kill a mockingbird?"

yes, he did rule. John Dillinger ruled too. he was the gangster's gangster.
I emailed that guy about the milwaukee show.

I win!
ponies, what say you? can everybody play this?
dude, I think we should e-mail that glenn guy. Sorry steve, we're lazy bastards. I'm going to go take a nap.
i'll be home a little after 5pm. what are the exact details about the art show? like, what time does it start, what time does it end, what's the address, etc.
re: show. milwaukee, july 26th. all day long. me and zaid are playing, as are the new blind nationals, this robot life, bang! bang!, 80D, endless deceit, and the sinister quarter. e-mail that glenn guy if you want on, because he's almost done setting up the show. tell him that you're "miller bradley approved."
atticus ruled.
excellent, excellent. what time are you coming back home to day ian? and what show in july?
right, kim is driving her car.

STV, what is that show all about? cause we just haven't done anything about it yet...
you guys and your instrument trading, i mean seriously. how come DPC isn't going to play that show in milwaukee on july 26th?
ian, i'll see what that crash is going for used, and then you give a deal off that. i'll email the booker about the posters too. about the art show tonight: when we took your van to the show on monday, it was absolutely packed with art. after the show tonight, we need to load everything up again and bring it back, unless someone throws down money for some of our stuff. so anyone who wants to come party would need an extra car to go in. i think that's what you meant anyways since we have to get there way early and stay to the end, but i figured i should mention it. oh canada!
nate what are you thinking ($) for your right side crash? i have to buy a ride and hi hats, so i might not be able to buy it for a week or two.
nate and janel: kim and i are going to come to milwaukee tonight. if anyone else wants to go, we may have room. also, check our hotmail account about doing posters for the annex show.
they better need one. anyways, canada owes us after the amount of effort we put into our spring break trip.
oh, and 51% of our set needs to consist of songs by canadian artists
I talked to a person in power about the canadians. She said she'd help us if the canadians need an opener. She wasn't sure if they needed one. We're gonna need to organize a campaign. And we're gonna have to start eating french fries with vinegar and mayo.
oh my god we've been infiltrated.
how's it going wwb associates?

zildjian A medium 18" crash cymbal
pearl boom cymbal stand

just wanted y'all to know.
did anyone else see that they got the drummer from the helio sequence to join modest mouse?
alright, we have two new members of the blog today. if only c.m. mabel would finally accept our invitation, we'd be set for the summer. anyways, matt talk to people with power about the canadians! kelly, if you are reading this at all, how can i get the great america coupons? and if you looking to party in a rundown ballroom tonight, janel, melissa, james, and i are going to milwaukee to show some of our art in a huge performance art/bands/drinking/gallery/party at turner hall. if you do come, bring your big burlap bag with the $ on the side and throw some my way.
what the doty is up, fuck ranch!?!?
what the fuck is up, doty ranch!?!?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

i want to record at coney island. and i want to know trish dresser.
my drum set is coming together!!!
it's the work of ebay.
i never thought i would care, but i felt so good today when i found out that i got my first positive feedback.
that was me. i made a difference in someone's life. i made their auction experience positive. they got a positive feeling from me.
that's a good feeling to have. i was a fast payer, and they appreciated it. it all went well, and i was acknowledged for that. i am gonna acknowledge her when i get my cymbal stand. that's how we communicate.

items won so far.
pearl bass drum pedal
pearl hi hat stand
pearl cymbal stand

more to come. i got some special bids right now. just wait.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

how often does one actually have a 10 dollar bill? i want one!
how often does one smell their ten dollar bills?
how does a 10 dollar bill end up smelling very strongly of pepper with a hint of perfume? does this happen often?
the wilhelms have a show next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
electric earth and more info TBA

Monday, June 09, 2003

i think its an art show....
Milwaukee? What's in Milwaukee?
i'll be home at 4:45, maybe a little earlier. you guys are going to milwaukee today and thursday, right?

my bass drum pedal is getting mailed today!! and by the end of the day, i may win a hi-hat stand. we'll see....we'll see.
so i went to my summer class today, which went fine and all... but get this...for a required packet of photocopies (photocopies mind you, not a text) i had to pay frickin $65. what the hell is the world coming to? where are the days when teachers werent afraid of copyright infringement? the whole point of copies is that you dont have to buy the book. i dont mind a $20 packet, but $65? jesus
new curtains!
ian, when are you getting home from work today?

Sunday, June 08, 2003

did anyone see this?

TMT Exclusive: Good Gospel Truth Records Signs Unstoppable Robotic Menace
Interstate supergroup the Unstoppable Robotic Menace has reached a tenative agreement with the Good Gospel Truth Records to release their Covers EP this Summer. Featuring their personal renditions of Prince, Pere Ubu, Dntel, Etc Songs, the record will surely be a hit among the hip indie crowd and their parents. Members of Piltdown, Bicycle Day, Driftless Pony Club, and Mabel will guest appear on the record. Following the surefire success of the EP, a single will likely show up in the Fall. World wide success will arrive shortly after, hopefully in time for the Christmas season.

posted by d

Friday, June 06, 2003

Can you space out the doing nothingness time over 2 days if you do it all in one chunk? What if you never go to bed?
Mi computadora esta spanish!!!!
i got a sore throat last night. i woke up this morning with a sore throat.
I woke up this morning with no sore throat!!! I recently discovered that I lost about 15 pounds. I haven't drank in like 3 three weeks. Having mono is the healthiest thing that has ever happened to me.
hey yalls, where were you tonight??? i went to nicks with the full expectation of fun and merriment, as a usual thursday night involves, but with limited peoples. whats the deal? i know you dont have homework. i guess some not so cool people moved away, but thats no excuse not to get drunk on a thursday night. i am very dissapointed. that is all i have to say. tschuess

Thursday, June 05, 2003

trouser trout, anyone?
At this very moment, erik gunneson may or may not be listening to our new songs.

confidential to nate: sure
more wildlife: craig, you should watch jenny's house and see if the possums are living underneath their porch or not. they might be planning a strategic attack on the ranch. i could come home to find your corpse overrun with baby possums. you best prepare yourself.
also, matt: are we still on for post-work basement noodling?
pigtails, if i'm not mistaken, actually refers to the two side braids displayed by such american sweethearts as 'dorothy' from the wizard of oz and pippi longstocking...i cannot explain the origin of their name, because it is common knowledge that pigs are known for their curly tails, and braids are, in their primary form, straight. ponytails do, however, look like a pony's tail.
too much hair talk, craig? too many commas?
nate, that's way too much wildlife for one blog.
i am at pharmacy right now. on the bikeride here, i usually pass this tree that someone had hung a bunny doll from. it was kinda wierd because it looked like that stick figure from the blair witch movie, except it was a rabbit so it felt like it put there with me in mind. anyways, this morning it was gone. as i pondered this, i didn't notice the large goose that thought i was getting to close to its babies and stepped right in my bath and started hissing at me. trying to avoid it, i nearly biked into the pond. down with geese.
when girls have their hair pulled back, why do we call it pigtails? is it just to keep up with the farm motif set up by ponytails?
I hope everyone enjoyed their free whiskey last night. I had some pretty kick ass decaf tea.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

work is boring me to death. someone tell a story. or comment on this. also, bicycle day's house rules supreme over the ranch.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

our new cd is back from paul. i like it lots. i am sure that other people would too, if anyone else (except craig) were around right now to hear it.
p.s. liz, i had some leftover gazpacho. it was a-ok. sorry i missed.
i become less exciting every day. i often get distracted by my bed when attempting to go out. but tonight i plan to succeed. because sam is back. and i don't have mono.

JIM, YOU STILL HAVE MY BIZ MARKIE BEST OF CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!11!1

i'm sitting in my nice new cubicle right now. it's got a window view. yesterday i called my parents to tell them that i had gotten a raise. mom wasn't too impressed. too bad they didn't give you benefits. mom, i'm not looking any gift horses. what about that job you were going to look into. the one for the graphic arts company? i found out that they put out illustrations for the pleasant company...
driftless pony club's class warfare
My throat tastes the way old ladies smell!!!!! ...and possibly taste?...
oh for goodness sakes...
will you three just punch eachother in the face and get it over with?
and fyi, i don't think paul mabel has a home phone number anymore...
oops, yeah, show is tomorrow. No sense of time....mono. For your information nate, I was writing a resume and cover letter, not being lazy.
i do have said cell phone on me, but we should probably try his house first. and if i do get him on the cellphone, i can't go pick it up or go hear the mixes since i am also at work. i was looking more in the direstion of our lazy roomate with mono.
wait, i thought the orpheum show was tomorrow. cause colony of watts is playing at the anchor tonight. hmmm.
i can maybe call paul on my office phone. but nate, don't you have a cell phone on you? the same cell phone that contains his number?
from "RU-486, the chemical used to induce abortions, may extend the life of brain cells" Abortions for everyone!
I hope everyone has fun drinking their free whiskey tonight at the Orpheum, you non-mono-having assholes.
is someone going to call up paul mabel today? i have his cell phone number here at work if it's needed.

Monday, June 02, 2003

i miss jim and dave. our new neighbors have been loudly playing old collective soul this evening. yeah.
It's 8:45. You know what that means..... to the pillow!!!!
i'm going to manitowoc for some dentist. yea. schmea. and while there, i might play some cards and drink some whiskey. but i'll be back drink more whiskey,..and is it for free??
we should wash those diner party pans..

Sunday, June 01, 2003

i am at home. we helped my grandparents pack. they are moving to tenessee. my grandma wants to work at dollywood. my family is very loud and very drunk. i got an ironing board and a cooler that says something about air conditioning on it. my sister has eaten an entire box of fruit snacks in an hour. the little girl across the street wants me to stay at her house. nobody can stop making jokes about my hair. i am going to go eat a lot of potato salad. goodbye.
I went to the emergency room. Finally, a reason for my pain. I have mono!
hey, ian, I stole your YYY cd and now the sexy vocals of Karen O are filling the media center