Sunday, August 31, 2003

An accomplished product manager, technology evangelist and analyst with over 15 years in wired and wireless network and data communications.

Proven ability to influence senior management to drive strategic direction, accelerate technology adoption and drive product plan from concept through implementation.

Extensive experience leading cross-functional teams and creating user centered products and services for wireless data and Internet networks.

Created innovative data services and new marketplaces to drive value and business opportunity for major carriers, such as Cingular, Sprint PCS, DoCoMo and others.

Frequent speaker and contributing author on strategies for wireless technology and evolution (e.g., GPRS, GSMA, SDForum, Women in Wireless, MoNET).

Lecturer at University of San Francisco in Telecommunications program on Wireless Technologies, Standards and Industry Bodies.

Eight years as a research analyst with a focus on Human Factors in RF communications and weapons systems.em>
just in cause anyone is interested, i made a blog for my days in france..

Saturday, August 30, 2003

I just watched They Might Be Giants. After a long debate in my mind, I've decided that I'd name a band after it too.

D, ask her what it was like to work with Sly Stalone in Get Carter.

Friday, August 29, 2003

it's friday night. i work till 9. i'm bored. what is everyone doing tonight?? and i am going to rockford this weekend to see cheap friend's dad is in the band and her band is opening for them. mmm yes. i am highly amused i am going to see cheap trick. am i supposed to act like a groupie or something??
i have arrived in france and almost in one piece... go me! and my room is smaller than the kitchen in my old place.. go figure...
I just scored an interview with Rachael Leigh Cook for the page. I need you all to help me out here. I have nothing to ask her other than why she's not on friendster and whether or not she'd consider seeing me again.
Thank God Advil is legalized!!!!!
the dpc of denmark needs to learn how to rock more. but they are affiliated with Department of Eskimology, so they do have that going for them.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

I'm bored like a felon
I believe I have a strong case of "mono 2". That's the sequel to mono. And sequels are generally worse than the first. Except in the case of "The Road Warrior". Let's hope this is like "The Road Warrior".
dpc gets mentioned in the new isthmus. unfortunently, no mention of colony of watts, mabel, vox humana, or 446.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

While waiting for the bus yesterday, I heard someone get shot.
i'd have no guilt about these boots are made for walkin'
Nine iNch Nails (NIN) - A Warm Place

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

these boots are made for walkin - nancy sinatra
saint etienne (St.E) - sylvie

Monday, August 25, 2003

I'll go second: Driftless Pony Club (DPC) Two Cars In The Garage
Fun game!

let's everyone name a guilty pleasure . . . music-wise

I'll go first: Stone Temple Pilots (STP) Purple

Sunday, August 24, 2003

House warming party at Caroline's tonight. 8pm. 409 w. wash. There will be food of some sort. BYOB

More Carlo Rossi????
who's sellin' cheap drumkits? i want in. i mean, i want one.
new 446 referencing doty and the magnetic fields!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Hey everyone, thanks for coming out to my party it was rawked in a way that didn't involve DPC playing.... go figure. A huge thanks for caroline and Evan and Matt too cause he helped for putting it all together.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

again: Dinner party at Caroline's new home tonight. 9pm. 409 west washington. food. wine. food. cat. house. aquaintances
just thought id say hola from spain. i think ive smoked enough gauloises and lucky strike cigarettes to kill a small horse. perhaps not, but my lungs would disagree. i hope madison is nice. barcelona is sweltering and smelly but lovely at the same time. keep drinking the pabst for me there, as i already miss it. the cheap spanish beer just doesnt compare.
check out this spam that i got.

He Finds Them. He Fuks Them. He Farts on Them

Sometimes there is a man who steps forward, steps apart from the crowd. This man, while not immune to fear, somehow pushes beyond himself and while doing so, teaches us all how to be better people. The Farthammer is not this man. The Farthammer is just a guy who loves to fart right on the face of unsuspecting girls right after he comes on them. This is the story of two guys, a video camera and a desire to flatulate on the faces of girls across the world. This is Fart Hammer!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Hey all, sorry about being MIA, but my comp has been down for the last month. And if you didn't miss me, that's your problem. Anyway, you plan on being in the land of the "Ya knooooww"s and long "Oooohhhh Yah"s for a show any time in the near future?
Dethmers. She was the force behind O'Cayz Corral (RIP). LONG LIVE THE HIGH NOON
woot woot. a lady i work with, cathy detmartes (sp?) is opening the high noon saloon....she is cool as shit. and will be much missed at the orpheum....but y'all best be supprting the high noon! :)
liz my computer is sick.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

liz, sorry can't make it to the dinner party. I have to go home to marshall that night.

In other news, the High Noon Saloon will open in december!!!!!!!

Monday, August 18, 2003


Liz's Farewell Dinner Party
8pm this Thursday, Aug 21
409 West Washington (Caroline's new place)
RSVPs (628-4192) and in kind donations much appreciated

Sunday, August 17, 2003

the bat is free!!! the bat is free!!!!

sex don't ever wear out. they should make it into shoes
--uncle jeff

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Hey, if anyone is interested, we have tickets for the Epoxies show on Aug 22. they're six dollars so, if you wanna be the first person on your block to have a ticket, talk to us.

Friday, August 15, 2003

janel, something shall be coming your way shortly...
jenny, whats up for your b-day tonight?
liz can you get me a copy of the norton anti-v before you leave?
the doty ranch seems so far away from wilson least i have this internet blog to "blog."
happy happy birthday to miss jenny vogel! the big 22...

Thursday, August 14, 2003

boo. i am no longer a resident of doty street... :( how so very sad. but y'all best be coming to visit at 941 east gorham, #5, eastside is the place to be! aww schnap. :)
craig, you are going to miss the doty showing of celine and julie go boating. anyways, the golfing phase comes after the bentley stage which comes after us going double platinum.
Craig tee time is at 11:45A.M. on Saturday at Lake Windsor Country Club.
if someone's home at home.
yeah, there shoulf be one between our dsl modem and our downstairs switch. you can borow it for a little while if you want.
ian- do you have a crossover cable perchance??
we will rise again, orange lazarus!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

one of our .net developers just left alliant, and i am getting a "situational" interview for his position. it's got benefits, vacation, etc. and probably a bit more money. i think i am the prime candidate if not the only candidate.
so if i'm going to be white collar from now on, i'm going to move across the street to the upscale apartments.

my boss carefully snuck in the fact that i would have to start coming to work at regular times during regular work days. ;)
november 1st: possible show with the 446. i'm trying to set it up at the stage door. or maybe elsewhere. keep your calendar open.
A HOLLER TO STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think we have anything going on. What's the deal?

and thanx for the congrats.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

congrats craig, you are a film festival champion. also showing at intermedia arts on a different night is my friend josh's film "supermax wisconsin" which i have yet to see.

hey, what's the driftless babysitter's club up to on saturday november 1st? anything? someone holler at me.
towards the bottom of this link next to the picture of the zombie eyes, you may find my name.
Perseids tonite!

in the hours before dawn.
last night I dreamt that janel had a baby and the whole house took care of it. When the baby spoke everyone heard baby talk but me. It was actually speaking to me. I was freaking out.
it looks like nkq might be scrapping the neenah recordsa and going to sleepless nights, so i'll be able to so how everything goes down over there. also, why isn't anyone answering the home phone?
might be giants, boy

Monday, August 11, 2003

Liz and I have recently come under the attack of a flying hellion mouse. We have fortified chewed up screens with red tape (blessed prior to use) but now fear that Satan's furry fiend is within the apartment. He watches us silently, rubbing his tiny paws together...he's waiting for us to go to sleep... soon we will join his demonic legion of rodent zombies for eternity!!!!!!!!! Wha ha ha.
actually, I'm just simply bladder boy, which is odd because if it were to make sense I'd be called lack-of-bladder boy. they also call me nappy, as I take many naps, or try to. Ah, work people.

new songs in the hizzy!!!!
shouldn't it be "the AMAZING bladder boy"? or is it UNCANNY?
I listened to the arcade cd all the live long day. I must say I like it. They have a song about the unicorn killer. break it down, toadstool
actually, ian, it's 'bladder boy' (sometimes andy mumbles).
and happy birthday (a day late).
whew. rocking show saturday bizoys. for real yo. (except for me getting dragged down numerous times by drunken boys, but thanks for the boys who saved me) it's almost move out time...i hate moving out. especially in one day. what will i do next year when i live very far away from doty?? :( boo. everyone must come visit me in the boondocks...xo ~ kat
craig, you're boss just called called the wrong number and addressed me as "spider boy." what do you do at work again?
happy birthday jenny, im sorry i'll miss it. just dont end up like i did at pauls on my birthday. those memories still haunt my later paul's experiences. and guys, thanks again for playing my request on thursday, i really appreciated it. adios for a little while...

Sunday, August 10, 2003

hey baby(s)'s my birthday on friday, and i highly suggest you come help me celebrate. there's a girls-only part from 8-10 at my house on e johnson, which if youre a girl you should definitely be there, seriously. then its off to pauls club @ 10. if youre cool, youll be there. if you dont ill cry. if you need more info email me. so, i will see you there.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

back from the beer tasting festival! It's nap time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7pm Nottingham co-op 146 Langdon st. with Dietrich Gosser, Sparkle Causer, Arcade, Lipstick Vogue, and The Plus. $5

Later that same night . . . 445 w. doty st. movin' out party!!!! Colony of Watts, Vox Humana, and a very special guest will rock the house to its foundation. The rock will be so intense that the entire party will sink to the center of the earth and consume the planet from the inside out.

Friday, August 08, 2003

last night at the echo, mike the bartender came over to me and janel, sat down, and told us that every couple of years there is a group that really embodies the spirit of the the new generation at the echo. and our house was that group. it really touched my liver/heart.
hey dpc...
thanks for letting us use your equipment last night (tee hee). and your matt.
thanks to janel and helena for coming up to nee-naw, and a big good luck to helena in africa! (not that she'll need luck, necessarily, but you know.) we will miss you.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

oh oh look at me, pick me...
contrary to popular belief, i dont work every night... and oh yeah, i dont have a house anymore, or a phone, so if you need to get a hold of me (so i can go out, since i dont work every night) you should call 507 269 6489 that will probably work unless it's mon, tues, or wed night, and then i wont answer...

21 days
the email says 7pm.... someone call maurice for me. her number is in the hotmail account in the second email down from tv poet. find out if we need to bring the p.a. if we do, we're going to have to take craig's car tonight. and then we can fit helena. we'll have to play first, then mabel. janel, are you coming tonight?

my van just got fixed, so i will be home before 4pm.
alright, what time is the show tonight, because mabel will not be able to leave madison until 6:30. so, if the show actually starts at 7, things aren't looking good. and do we need to bring our own pa? can helena come up with us if she is ready to go then? and craig, car borrowage, tomorrow at 1?

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

fine, friday. Another sad thing about this blog is that it has become a mere form of communication between its members. And many of them don't even blog. Anyone who may want to check out stuff about the band (however unlikely that may be) will be in for a big disappointment. Unless they care to know who's using what car (or van!) when.

Has anyone ever been to this site? Some very useful and useless things on it. According to this site, our band is ready to sign to a record label...I think.

also, don't know much about the neenah show, but I know I love you.
actually, can i use it on friday instead? i also feel strange about the lack of other postings. maybe they know something we don't. what time does the show start in neenah tomorrow? i sort of remember someone saying 7, which means we'd have to leave at 5.
also, sure, you can use my car.
I notice we're the only ones blogging today. It seems like we don't have preference for work. I just call it like I see it.
i noticed how you didn't answer my question. it seems like you have a preference.
I noticed how you asked for a car (as opposed to a van). hmmmm, seems like you have a preference. I just call it like I see it.
alos, can i borrow someone's car at seven for 20 minutes?
do we have our pa back so we can practice tonight?
helena gave me a mixed cd last night. it's 'the adventures of pete and pete' soundtrack with the hella EPs. as you can guess, it is awesome.
I think tonight we should also practice songs we plan on playing at the show tomorrow. We may be rusty on some.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I'm going to marshall tonight, butch!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll bring my guitar with me and practice the cover.
matt and i emailed echo static back and said it wasn't feasible. the idea behind the title was that it would be funny and a good thank you to anyone that knows the band, and it would seem related to the last two eps to anyone who doesn't. and it'll be fun to say at shows. can people practice tomorrow night then? and waht do you think of the cover idea?
it's kind of cool. i've got to give a while to sit, though.

oh yeah, i can't practice tonight between going to the 3rd art opening and alissa & nyanika's (sp?) party at the corral room, there won't be any time. and i told them that they could use our p.a. for the party if they needed.

has anyone emailed echo static back about the 9th? two shows in one night is going to be tough, but three?
I can't believe no one has told you about the cover, ian. Nate and I thought of an ep name we like after you left. We called matt, but we didn't want to wake you. The info you want will be in the band e-mail account.
dr. Aa, it's cool. if you had come, though you would have seen this guy play his small guitar and sing a song about butter-tooth betty.

i have heard of spin spin coupling before, but i haven't heard them.

another thing i haven't heard is any ep name.

also, another thing i have not been made aware of is what cover we are going to be working on.
who is spin spin coupling? and doesn anyone want to practice tonight and work on new stuff and the cover? and what does everyone think about the ep title after a night's rest?
not a whole lot of blogging these days. Did anyone notice the luther's blues website saying that we're playing there on Sept. 9? We should update our shows page.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

hey ian, sorry we never made it to the ranch for the afterparty. everyone got drunk and wanted gyros. i was one of them (one of the everyone, not one of the gyros).

Saturday, August 02, 2003

that is what jolly bob's is there for.

i was so hungover this morning that i got up at 8:30 and cooked a ridiculous amount of food for no reason at all. now i feel better. strange recovery.

Friday, August 01, 2003

wait, the party is on for tomorrow night!

we had an emergency meeting at jolly bob's tonight, and it has been decided that the party will happen. it will be an after party for the show.
the calm before the storm....
well, there has been no organizational planning. i think that some roomates want to have it and others don't. and kid dakota is playing that night. and i haven't talked to paul since we went camping. so i don't think it will probably happen. maybe we will celebrate at 445's moving out parties next weekend?

jenny, there is a present waiting for you at your house.
ian: what's the story morning glory? when is your birthday party? i am getting conflicting reports from various roomates of yourn.......if it 'tis not saturday, then i am going to minneapolis to see echo static and grickle grass....if it 'tis saturday, i shall stay to get your little ass drunk (and probably myself in the process....)

this sucks. i cant wait til sunday so i can come back to madison. i forgot how boring rochester is, especially when no one i know is around. if anyone should happen to come to roch, you should call me, although i dont know why you would come here. and get this, i work til 10pm at the fair here on sat, and then have to be in madison 8.30am sun. other than that, im fine out here. i hope no one misses me too much.