Tuesday, September 30, 2003

did you guys check our email? if we can, we should make that happen. when we saw them play in milwaukee, they had an awesome pixies cover.
Name: Ms. Margee
Email: themusicdragon@hotmail.com
Request: My boyfriend broke up with me because my dad died and I was depressed, and now he makes out with nasty girls, and I pretend that I don't care, but now I could never want him back because he made out with nasty girls, and i dont want anything to do with nasty girls.

Monday, September 29, 2003

Hey Craig... you realize that there's an indie rock girlfriend quiz?
whoah. i dont' see you guys for a few weeks and massive amounts of drama. what's up with that yo? ;-) anyways, if you want a show at the high noon saloon, i work with cathy and might be able to hook it up. ie. put in a good word. let me know boys. i best be seeing allll you goons at the vox show on wed. ciao. ~ k
I was unaware that this existed.
here's my indie rock boyfriend apparently:

adam green
adam green (moldy peaches): you and adam are goofy
as hell. who mistakes her steak for chicken?
you do, dawg!

who's your indie rock boyfriend?
brought to you by Quizilla
lighting blot!
you have a good point, d. Sorry I blew up at you. Let's never fight again.

(we have posted at least once every hour since 9. Let's keep it up.)
If I were to post here as much as I do there, this blog would be supersaturated with bullshit. Check this:


click on COOL
d, I see you post way more on the west wash blog. What makes them so fvcking special? If we're not careful, this may start another war.
STV, I think you mean Yngwie "fucking" Malmsteen
I just received a response from Cathy Dethmers saying that the High Noon Saloon will now be opening in early February.

matt, I don't know. Maybe. It's possible and yes.

matt: it could have been
a) brian stanger
b) tim gonzalez
c) yngwie malmsteen
About three years ago, when we lived in the regent, I remember meeting a guy who said he played guitar in Five Dollar Foundation and he wasn't Jason O. I think he had a slight beard. What was going on? Had I skipped to an alternate reality for an instant? Did Five Dollar Foundation ever have another guitarist or am i crazy?

that conversation makes me sick

Sunday, September 28, 2003

ok, let me make it clear that i do not want a penis. i was just saying that id be able to take care of it if i had one.
colony of watts has mp3's up!
guns are good. the penis is bad. it is used to spread the seed.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

jenny, i'm sorry. i think emotion got in the way of rationality during our argument last night. don't let my cynicism stand in the way of your dreams.
whoa, this blog has gotten a little racy. No more penis talk from jenny.

Show last night went well. Cats not Dogs and Mercy Chord were my favorite bands of the night. Close second was Matt and I. I have a super sore throat today. I think I've finally excepted the fact that I'm always going to be sick. Penis.
IAN: if i had a penis, it would be awesome and you would want to suck it. i would keep it clean. i dont care what you say

Friday, September 26, 2003

Matt and I are playing a clean guitar set at the Klinic tonight, probably 10 o'clock. Some old and some brand new, never before heard DPC songs. We're playing with Mercy Chord and Cats not Dogs. Come on down.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

d, send me a request on friendster. I don't know how to use the damn thing. Whenever I go onto it it's super slow or doesn't work.

and dad, good, not much, yes, thanks.
Craig: Your "being famous" paychecks will come in the mail the day you add me as your friendster, kid... at least... there'll be a better chance of them coming...
BUTCH! nice to see you back in blogging action. you should come to madison to see DPC on november 1st, then you can also see the 446 and i dare say they will change the way you think about music.
Ian, you're acting like a high school girl. Can't you just get over the fact that members of cats not dogs may have possibly called us names at one point?
nevermind. i'll play it
i'll try. sorry, i know you're pissed. but you shouldn't have said yes without asking me.
i don't want to play it. sorry. let's try to help them by finding another band. i'm not playing with cats not dogs and it's just too short of notice. i want to go to the show at the catcombs.
I'm gonna play at open mic tonight.

when do we get our "being-famous" paychecks in the mail, d?
I think I will blog today. Hey Craig how are your cigarette burns, are you getting any practice in, were there 4 beers left for you when you got home the other night? I read the article in the Tiny Mix Tapes I was impressed good review.
i can probably practice a bit at 7:30 or so.
hey ian, did you check the e-mail? Shelby called last night. Nate and matt are willing to do it, but since you're cell phoneless we couldn't ask you. Can ya do it?

And can we practice tonight, everybody?

I can't get the Parthenon (sp?) taste out of my mouth today. What a delectable late night meal.

I think my dad should blog today. He's well overdue.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

i like the pedal thingy. perty. :) so what's new in band land? i forgot what the music world was like...oh wait, i was never in a band so nvm. haha. just kidding kids. anyways, what IS new in DPC land??? orpheum land sucks. :) hope to see you all at the stage door show tonight? (saving face, droids attack, polydream) xoxo
whoa, a pedal steel? i'm j-e-a-l-o-u-s
nope, i'm going to play my new pedal steel!

ian, you can play drums!
we didn't ride the same bus. guess that means i'm in the clear. remember on that field trip though in third grade when we had hardly met? i sat next to you then. you ate club crackers and played the batman soundtrack for me. your walkman was cooler than mine.
d, i can never be mad at you. except when you wouldn't let me sit next to you on the school bus. and i think new kentucky quarter is recording that weekend in green bay.
well shit, man. you better have a pretty good fucking reason. craig didn't go to that film festival so he could play at the big horse.
I hope you find time to do the dishes in there.
Nate, are you still mad at me?
i don't think i can do the 18th show either.
I think her CD is a promo I got. I'm going to keep referring to Ester Drang as her because A: anything with the name Ester deserves a female pronoun and B: anything that's that pussy deserves a female pronoun.
i can't tonight, i have class, then janel and i have to finish a poster.
so, are we going to give this practice thing a try tonight? I'm looking in nate's direction.
ester drang's? haha! were you researching them for review? nice. yeah.... i have infinite keys.... not such a good cd as i thought it was.
I have her CD. I didn't like it. Anyone interested? $5! Hardly used!
ester drang dropped, and jonny needs to fill the slot. i told him we're in.
Thanks nicole, for the wonderful review.

I can play on the 18th, ion. What's the occasion?
guys, can eveybody play on october 18th at the catacombs? let me know right away if you can't.
FYI. Tiny Mix Tapes posted an excellent review of a DPC/German Art Students Show courtesy of The Perfect Face's Nicolemc99. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING FAMOUS NOW.
it took a couple of tries, but me and jp beat up on chad and friend in darts last night 657 to 32. or something close to that. we're turning pro.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I just received an e-mail that was from "inflate your br easts" and the subject was "to the moon"
I've got 4 miller lite's waiting for me at home. Can't wait to get at 'em. If there's less than 4 when I get there, it's asskickin time!
We should probably set a time for the practice schedule too. Like 7:00 tuesday and wednesday, and 2:00 Sunday, or something.
Couldn't the wilhelms practice also?
i guess that's okay, but i would rather work on the wilhelms if we are going to play this weekend, and since dpc doesn't have a show for two and a half weeks.
i think dpc is practicing tonight
i think it would be overkill. but what time should the wilhelms practice tonight?
so, what if we made a practice shedule that looked like every tuesday, wednesday, and sunday?
i owe matt 5 bucks. and janel, we need to get the lightning bolt/catacombs flyers done.

Monday, September 22, 2003

since i have taken off work today (i am sort of sick. well, not really...) and am hanging out at the catacombs all day, i have decided to further incriminate myself by illegally using the memorial library infolab post graduation. go badgers!!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Zaid's set last night was good. I especially liked the keyboard songs. It's too bad that Mark Hull and his crew were talking and laughing loudly amongst themselves through out his set. Then Mark Hull played after that, made no mention of Zaid or us, played some songs and made lame jokes that his friends wouldn't stop laughing at. He spent half the time badly tuning his guitar. By the time we set up, he and his friends left. A class act.

We played a seven song set and some random guy paid us 50 bucks to play for another hour. We pulled out some songs we hadn't practiced or played in probably a half a year, including agent starling. I had a good time, I hope the people who had to sit there for 2 hours did as well. Thanks to everyone from the west wash blog who showed us around and allowed us a place to sleep.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

chi town here we come
Two nights ago Janel brushed my hand with her cigarette. Kinda hurt for a while. Last night nate went to hug somebody and hit my lip with his cigarette. I have a big scar. Cigarettes are bad for you.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Jimmy likes Elaine. Jimmy wants to ask Elaine out on a date. JIMMY'S DOWN!!!
Kurt Vonnegut is coming to the Union Theater on Monday! Vox Humana better be there since their name comes from a couple of his books. Maybe they should open for him.
On second thought, if Jimmy Carter came to town, no one would care anyway. Is he even still alive? How about Christopher Reeve. Everyone likes Christopher Reeve.
I don't care if Jimmy Carter's coming to town. I'm sure we can sacrifice some time for practice.
depends on when, jimmy is coming to town dude.
Can everyone practice this evening?

Thursday, September 18, 2003

when: Friday, Sept 19th 10pm-??
where: The Razzmatazz, 409 West Washington
why: Because it's fuckin' National Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow!
who: Every last one of you scurvy curs!

I'm not sure how much we'll charge, if anything, but we'll definitely have beer, Captain Morgans, and tequilla with limes so you don't get scurvy! Come dressed in your finest pirate fashions!
is colony of watts playing tomorrow night? because i thought they were. but this carries no information. and jimmy's in town tomorrow. boss.
No. We have tons of pictures we haven't put up, yours included. Pictures from almost every show we've played in the last year. But the newest pictures on the pictures page are a year old. We need to update that.

Has anybody seen this? I recommend Girl From Ipanema.
Moving way down the list to the discussion on pictures, where are the ones from all the shows in St. Paul and Minneapolis? Do I really take pictures that are that bad?
two blogs showed up while i was writing that last one. the blog is prolific today! let's keep it up since work is a big bore today. hopefully we won't be hearing shouts for fivel mississippi and casa bianca at our next show.
so are we for real not getting evicted or should i double check when i get home? because it's not like these guys haven't messed things up before.
our song page is awesome. it's got 25 songs on it, a total of 2 of which we played last show, 7 we've played this summer, and 12 songs we could probably play again sometime. which leaves 13 songs we haven't played in at least a year. i feel prolific!
The songs page is under the electric earth photos, but i have provided this link for those not savy with the world wide inter net. Oh and Ian, dont try to change the subject, this page has been HACKED......BOOOOYYYAGGE. Your "setlists" arent so "secret" now that the world knows all of your song titles, save the ones that havent been updated.
This is what I like to see. I wake up this morning and there are 4 blogs already.

Micah, I'm a little worried. I've noticed your insanity has strengthened over the past few months. Is there something you want to talk about? We can work this out.
well, hackers ain't shit but good people.

i called wisconsin management this morning, and we are all set.
"The time has come," the Walrus said, "To talk of many things..."
Dont worry about jon hacking your page. Today I hackisized his face
TRON, where is the page. Is It On The Inter Net?

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

today i found the secret long lost dpc "songs" page, suckers, I hacked your page.....BOOOOYAAAAGGE
matt is the one that talked to her, but i think the security deposit checks are in my room. craig needs to write a check for a security deposit, if i remember right, and then we need to give them back those checks.
um...we should get on that. doesn't ian have all the information?
we just got an eviction notice.

if we don't pay up on the fucked up rent situation, we'll be saying adios to the doty ranch. as of the 22nd!

also of note i've got more pictures besides those o-mouthed ones if you are so bothered. how about the phone booth..
how come my picture is the only one without an open mouth? i feel slighted. i get go meet with john hitchcock and talk zacuum table!
how come my picture is the only one without an open mouth? it looks like you guys are so into the music/singing that you are flabbergasted at your own awesomeness

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

So, what do you do when one, scorching August night, the music world’s coldest rapper asks you to come spit with him on the road and to be the #1 Hype Man in his brother’s Squad? Tell me? Well, first you reprocess all ya just heard (cause maybe, maybe you think you didn’t hear clearly). And then, you simply say yes and prepare for all the work that has driven you to this time – when time meets and introduces itself to opportunity. Writing every day! In the car! And on the road!
By metric button was worth every penny. I got to dazzle the lead singer with my awareness of broken social scene
the intrigue has commenced
cats not dogs covered an old babes in toyland song last night which was pretty cool. and i can't believe how long it's been since we've seen the shivers play. but the real story of the night is matt's TWO DOLLAR METRIC BUTTON. ask him about it.

Monday, September 15, 2003

I love my mustachio and I want to dominate everything because I am the crown prince of rock

I love those danes, motherfuckoo!
actually, it is the shivers that you thought were playing. The show is on their website, not this other shivers' website. motherfucker.
I think I am going to the show tonight. Another band called the shivers? That's good schtick.

On the west wash blog, lil twee general called Fight Club a stupid movie. Somebody better hold me back!

Also, it's colder than a motherfucker in my room (let's make motherfucker the word of the day).
pretty harsh ian.
i thought that the shivers were playing at luthers tonight, but i guess that it's just the shivers. so i don't think i'll go anymore. especially not to see jason loeffler's band. those motherfuckers can burn in hell.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

well i have decided to come out of my hermitous state and be social again.... so, in the famous words of a lovely whore from jekyll and hyde, "so come bring on the men...come let the fun begin, a little touch of sin..." hahaha just kidding. what i meant was, is there any good goings on anywhere this week? OOH! and the most exciting news...i have a phone again!! and internet soon too! yay, huzzah! like a ray of light from the heavens above....(the voices of angel choirs shall be heard)a phone! (yes yes i'm a nerd) anyways, my ph nbr is: 257 - 0519. so i best be getting some phone calls realllll soon or i might be having to take some lovelies down to china town... ;-) smooches. ~ kat

Saturday, September 13, 2003

guess how cool i am....i just went on a half hour bike ride in the rain!! it was wicked fun!!
the show last night at the corral room was excellent. Except that Colony of Watts played an excruciatingly long 6 song set as opposed to their usual 5. Man, did they think it was the Colony of Watts show? Also, my ears are still bleeding from Vox Humana, but it's a good kind of bleeding.

Friday, September 12, 2003

craig, your video tape for the twin cities just came back with insufficient postage.
yes, I did hear that. What's everyone's favorite John Ritter song?
Craig did you hear that John Ritter died last night also?
tragic day today. Johnny Cash died of complications with diabetes. This makes me very sad. So many great songs came from that man. Does everyone have a favorite? I think mine is "One Piece at a Time".

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Holy Crap!!! new songs to download in audio! A couple songs we played at luther's blues the other night

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I'm a member of www.foester.com!
friendster is on crack. how am i supposed to make friends when their god damned server is that slow?
blogger is on crack. they need to stop changing everything all the time so slow people like me can keep up. laura punked out on her own birthday last night. let's give her hell.
Jordan's was fun. Not many people there. More of an intimate gathering of friends.

I made it to work fine today, dad. I didn't really over indulged too much. But, like nate, I will probably take a nap when I get home as well.
hattrick for butch?
Craig this is your dad, from what I gather it sounds like you might have over indulged last night. Hope you made it to work today.
Craig this is your dad from what I gather sounds like you might of over indulged last night. Hope you made it to work today.
to clarify: way to be drunk last night guys. i taped one of the signs to janel's forehead this morning before i went to work. i think i am going straight to bed for a couple of hours when i back this afternoon. how was jordan's last night?
People will read your blog and think Janel and I were drunk this morning.

I concur. I think the show last night was one of our best.
the show last night was good. very good. we got another archers of loaf comparison and a fugazi comparison, which is new. someone should burn some copies of the live cd, because i really want to check it out. and janel and possibly craig, way to be drunk. it was real funny this morning.
The tinymixtapes Mabel album review has come in. It will be posted soon.
Congrats on the Herald article guys. How does it feel to be listed as one of the best picks for local music?

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

liz, stay in france. FROG
SWEET. now we can make a press kit. finally! we'll never play the chalet again.
Holy crap! Have you seen the badger herald today?
i can't play it..
i can play it.
i can play it.
I replied to her about the e-mail she accidentally sent to herself, but not about playing the show. I guess I'll respond now about that.

SHOW TONIGHT: Luther's Blues. 9 of the clock. Info on SHOWS PAGE.

also, we may debut a brand new song or two.
did we get back to kelli last night?

Monday, September 08, 2003

Echo Tap tonight??? I think yes!!!@

Sunday, September 07, 2003

OK, but I get to be Sam.

You two! why don't you up and have sex already? Like Sam and Diane from Cheers
steve! stop it! I already told you that you were done! No more encores!

Saturday, September 06, 2003

bye charlie. your balls never looked so good
2 dollar wine... mmm... and cheese too
you guys give charlie a very special henry sibley high school "hello" from steve sleeve.


Friday, September 05, 2003

charlie and jim are in town!
hey stink butts....uh....ian? did you stay on our couch last night? when the tv wouldn't stop spinning i decided it was time to vomit or pass out. i chose the latter.

so. i am going to a partay. not now. later tonight. you guys should come. telephone me. baby. um. okay. bye.
damnit. I probably should have done something more than just say that that was your last blog. I guess I trusted that you would respect my rule.

There's a write up of our show in the isthmus this week.

Also, gentlemen, we should practice tonight. I'm going to marshall at like 4:30, but I'll be back at around 6 or 7.
OH YEAH? then what do you call THIS ... how about the "encore blog"

Thursday, September 04, 2003

sounds good to me. give me a call, and i'll see you maybe later.
This evening, TV's were stolen, as well as hearts.
In other news, my mono 2 is reaching its bloody end.
In other other news, steve, you have blogged your last blog.
In tri-other news, melissa, how about nick's tonight? That is where our phone number can be revealed. But I still have to make sure everyone else is willing to go.
hello. children. in the process of "the move," our household has misplaced the phone # of your household. you should repeat it for me, either on the blog, or through our top secret phone message machine located at 260-8459.....

p.s. we should go out tonight.
p.p.s or tommorrow, because i have no money tonight.
p.p.p.s. or maybe this weeeeeekend. as you can see, i am open to suggestion.
Butch: your son is squandering his money away on guitars when he SHOULD be spending it on alcohol and the occasional recreational drug. Set him straight.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

NEW GUITAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%^&*(*$@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fischerspooner is playing Chicago on October 5th. I think we need to seriously consider assembling a band of people to check the show out. Anyone agree?