Friday, October 31, 2003

happy halloweenie!!! im so excited that i havent been able to fall asleep yet. well, maybe its not halloween, it could be the crack rocks i found on the sidewalk. anyway, if anyone needs to sauce up before they go out tonight, feel free to stop by my place, 139 e johnson, around 8...i dont know how long well be there, maybe til 9 or 10, you can try calling 217.9426 if you want, but im trying to get rid of some boozes, oooh PLUS i got some goldschlager today, which is fun. alright, maybe ill see you out tonight, if not, have loads of fun!!
i didn't write that

Thursday, October 30, 2003

yes, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
my costume:
this is me for All Hallow's Eve:

there's sambuca at d's house!
Oops. Wrong blog.
A: switch the O and the E in the last word of your name
B: may i borrow your camera on Nov 10th?
that website is radical!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

someone should go as gizmo duck for halloween. craig, i'm looking in your apparent direction. all you need is the will. and a wheel.
it's all boxes... it's all fucking boxes!!!
or mail it to me...
d - throw up a link to the band/label.
nate: are you still friends with richelle martinez?

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Oh, well, you'll be missed.
I'm helping a friend film a movie tonight. No can do. Also, we should practice by 7.
alright, dinner/pumpkin carving, etc is at 8:30. we are bringing the beers and suspira, which means we should probably head over a little after 8. who's all in?
It's pumpkin carving day! Get yr templates ready!
oh yeah, Nate, I took the liberty of returning that movie last week.
sic rodbard on that. what night is that? matt - cesto song or incomplete sentence?
You should've done the "Schindler's List"-into-a-slapstick-comedy idea. NOTE: I by no means find the Holocaust funny.

Oh, yeah, US Maple is gonna be playing at The Knitting Factory when we're in New York. Hurrah! They're one of the best bands out there ... And Adam Vida is way cute.

Monday, October 27, 2003

i showed my found footage artist video today. 90 percent of that class didn't really get it because they had never seen the end of planet of the apes. who felt pretty dorky? that would be me.
Yeah, I think he's the unofficial e-mail guy for the band.
stupid friendster isn't working. he'll get it if it's just to contact@parisbla bla bla?
If I remember correctly, Zinkgraf had a few left over -- you can e-mail him through the Paris, Texas website or thru FRIENDSTER.
jp - congratulations, i might have to schedule my trip out there around that. also, i just emailed zach z about the old paris texas/owls posters and he says he's out. who can i talk to next who might have an extra one?
craig - yep.
CROSS POST, cos I'm so excited! I got a job at next year's Sundance Film Festival's Music Café! The line-ups are basically industry showcases, but, last year, Doug Martsch did a coupla solo shows. Weeee!
a guy at work just showed me a clip from a matador compilation DVD. It was a Yo la Tengo video with the guys from Mr. Show putting them through rock school. Are others aware of this? Cuz I wasn't. It was Yo La Tengo/Mr. show goodness.
Nate- Ask me in person next time we meet. As far as Ben on Blog... do you know what you're getting yourself into? Joshin!

And in case anyone's interested... a cool-ass interview with Neko Case by some hot chick was just posted at TMT
d, i need to hear the ben weed/deaf girl story.
also, why isn't ben on our blog?
Guess what everyone! Tessa is in Madison for the week! Anyone who'd like to hang out with Tessa and me is certainly welcome.

Craig- Those people were key players in making my Rochester life interesting...

APG- yeah...
hey wait, i know those people... how did that happen? cause i dont know half of the people that suddenly appeared on the blog... i guess that's what happens when i move to a different country....

to everyone that i dont know... let me introduce myself... i am, by the power vested in d, APG. enchanté
kurmudgeon was good as always. thanks everyone for coming to the show and drinking up the free beer. Did we return the keg yet?

d, thanks for not coming. I'm always blessed by your absence. also, who the hell are all these people you're talking about?
Stephenson shit yes. He'll be meeting a handful of those people this weekend actually. We told him about Stephenson though -- more specifically: his experience with too much marijuana and the deaf girl.
d - chris rock! what about stephenson? wait, so nothing is going on?
as of 12:10, the button is still not lost.
Nate- If neither of us remember, the plans weren't important or non-existant. As far as Beloit goes, I don't know, I've never been. I assume you're referring to something Supe said. I spent Saturday night and Sunday shoving Rochester down the poor kid's throat. I think he's confused about the people in the town, which he should be. The people he met, other than my family, were pretty tame. He was not exposed to Trevor, Catherine, Chris Rock, Ginny, or Ben Hamilton. Were he to meet those characters, he would be doubly confused.
So you never have to ask that stupid question again: How'd yr band get its name?

If you lose that button, Bartley, you're dead to me. I made that trade in good faith.
steevee: you've been hollered at.
d- i have no idea if we had plans tonight. what's happening? when's red market want to come? is rochester really the new beliot?
post-califone, jp spilled a drink on a table and then preceded to flick the spilled beer on me. when soup showed up and was told of her behavior, i had the remainder of the drink dumped on my head. it's all good though, since i got her clinic button and will try very hard to lose it.
Califone last night was amazing, as usual. And then I got drunk.
d: blogging don't believe in kurmudgeon
I love you all.

Caroline- I heard about those messages... I also heard who it may have been... and yes, it was someone from the West Wash board.

Nate - Did we have plans tonight? I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing! Also, I say we get Kasey, Alec, Elma, and Big Muff down here. How, you ask? RED MARKET @ CATACOMBS w/ DPC. It's time to do this. How can I get you to help set this up? We need to spread word that these guys are changing the face of music. We'd also need some kind of band to open for them, then they can open for you? Thoughts?

All - How was Kurmudgeon? Why aren't those guys on this blog. Do Owattanans believe in Blogging?
aside to kat...
i put it in my other blog.

that's right everyone... i have a mistress.
i will conquer the beast, i will do it.
don't hate, participate! or participle

someone holla at me about the REEE-MIX

Sunday, October 26, 2003

charlie, sorry, my browser ate my last email i tried to send you, so i got fed up and was going to come back it and haven't yet.
sorry to do this on here, but lizzy liz what email are you using in france and what is your address there? how am i supposed to send you shiznit if i don't know your addy? :) ((hugs)) from madison
bling bling. sorry to interrupt (sp?) the fight and what not....but i had to put my cat to sleep, if anyone doesn't want a cat or had kittens let me know. that is all. see you all this weekend in fab costumes i hope!! btw, i best be seeing your asses at the 'pheum at some point during the 3 days of halloween FUN! (that's capital f for fucking fun)
re: writings on the wwb

??? Was it someone from the wwb who left those messages on the committee answering machine?
i'm sorry, wwb. i didn't mean what i said. let's never fight again.
west wash blog sucks.

war starts now
why do think god said that? i need an answer now

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Can I come tonight? I love to PARTY!
Nate: I'm done with you.....thanks for the e-mail...
Don't forget to set your clocks back an hour tonite!
Daylight savings tonite
Poor Wisconsin footballt team, at least we're still ranked. (No. 20)

wow, that's what happens when you blog drunk. What I meant to say was the DPC will be playing with an alternate bass player. Beer will be present.
it's fucking beautiful is what it is
party tonight at the doty ranch!!!! The DPC will be playing with an alternate Beer will be present.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Matt, I'll be in MSP.

Tell the ol' boys "sup" from Star-P

the flamin' groovies "shake some action"
the shins "gone for good"
the decemberists "billy liar"
matt - where are you? i don't know anything about our pro tool audio tracks and what we have available for the project.
The guy who wrote that is a native Canadian... perhaps it's some Canadian jive...
d- what am i looking at?
if it's the one about hot hot heat.... "Nous à Petit Mélange des Bandes sont les journalistes d'occasion" that's not quite right.. that means that you are used journalists.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

This was all action on stage.
NAte: Nice story, very intersting. Say was all that action on stage or on a screen?
hey, i had a radio show once. it was tits.
oh now you want to go to MPLS.
Oh, so you think you're some kind of expert, huh? Do you have a radio show? I DIDN'T THINK SO.

PS Costes is playing tomorrow nite in MPLS. I think we should go.
confidential to jp: i still think atmosphere 'bird sings why the caged i know' into lightning bolt 'ride the skies' would have worked. someone back me up on that. i'll make a mix to prove it i have to.
I hope Lightning Bolt doesn't go into Johnny Cash. BAD SEGUE.

Confidential to Nate: You know what I'm talking about.
Colony of Watts: Marry the Maid
Mates of State: that super great new one
liars: Mr. You're on fire, Mr.
here's the mix so far (in no particular order):
postal service - clark gable
desaparecidos - manana
lightning bolt - 13 monsters
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
some blonde redhead
some hella
dandy warhols - i am a scientist
minibosses - mega man 2
the music - getaway
the darkness - i believe in a thing called love

keep it coming . . .

Folsom prison by Johnny cash and some blonde redhead.
i can practice tonight, now.

and 13 monsters by lightning bolt.
I'll go first: Mega Man 2 by the Minibosses
hola! everyone should suggest a song or two to put on the next doty mix cd!
APG- Check out TMT today. How did I do with the translation?
Of course she did, she was jealous that she'd never seen B2tF
they stole my idea!

and, soup, caroline did it.
soup - if it is your homepage, it was accidental. maybe it's a sign though.
butch - actually, it was a good show except for maybe being 10 minutes to long. but i was taking it as performance art, not a rock show. and as far as perfomance goes, it was easily the most thought-out, intense piece i've ever seen. there was lot more going on plot-wise and prop-wise that actually carried the content.
Yes son I just got done reading it. Sounds sick and weird to me I hope you don't think this was a good show Nate.
Nate, did you set my homepage to
yes, and the naked guys went out into the audience and demanded that people spit in their mouths.

also: "rails and wings are bigger than jesus" ....maybe
Wow! Dad, are you reading this?
You forgot the induced vomiting. ALSO: I got a flower from one of the porno-social opera players.

More about this artiste, Jean-Louis Costes:

In 1997 a group of Jewish students dragged French absurdist Jean-Louis Costes to civil court for "inciting racist murder" with lyrics from Livrez les blanches aux bicots ("Throw the White Women to the Arabs," self-released in 1989), which contained over a thousand racial slurs. That suit snowballed into a five-year ordeal that cost Costes thousands of dollars and had him facing the prospect of prison.

In an interview with his ex-wife (and Suckdog bandmate) Lisa Carver for a 1997 issue of her fanzine, Rollerderby, Costes explained himself: "I wanted to do the worst possible CD, worse than the fascists, just to show them they are not so bad," he said. "I could be much worse. Because, if they look bad, like the worst possible man, then they are like God, like the devil. But, in reality, they are basic, middle people, stupid, with no ideas--even about torture. I can torture a fascist better than he can do. I can imagine very bad things. So I thought I could do a CD the worst and show the skinhead bands are just rock 'n' roll, nothing special."
also, don't read this unless you read the first post:

the show also featured a song that started off with a cell phone ring, that caused a drunk to start yelling at everyone to show some respect and turn off their cellphones, a plastic blow up doll that the audience was asked to finger, and one of the guys going down on a small plastic baby doll. i am sure there is a bunch of other stuff that i am forgetting at the moment too.
afterward, we went to the tornado room and jp invented a drink. it was so good, the bartender gave us dirty girlscouts to try. they were really great.
alright, this is going to be a blog about a) the best show ever and b) you don't want to read this part if you are sqeamish at all. seriously.

we went to at nottingham co-op last night. the first band we saw was cock esp, who were a two guys, one with a chicken mask and one with a donkey mask, thrashing sequencers while the girl singer stripped dowon to her underwear and yelled a lot. it was only 5 minutes long and it was better then it sounds. the headliner was Costes (i've heard this link is not safe for work), from france, who was back in america for his first time in ten years. the show started witih two men in suites on stage, with a large lit up background featuring two naked men crossing their dicks with a naked women standing on top of both their shoulders. the music was played off a discman, with the two guys singing on top of it. the first song was about coming from france to give us bread and root and was the only song i really understound the words to, due to the screaming and whatnot later. there was much psuedo-freakout/breakdancing after this song, and then the two guys ended up with plastic crotches strapped to their faces. this is when things started to get weird. through more dancing, the guys got naked, and a girl ended up on stage. there was a lot of dick thrusting and screaming by now. some chocolate sauce showed up and everyone was eating it off each other's asses and spitting it into each other's mouths. flowers were shoved up asses and then given to the crowed. the guys humped each other and then started to push the woman around. a world virgin cult idea got introduced. the woman got naked except for a bra, and there was more dancing/groping followed by the woman and of the guys peeing in to cups and drinking it, then pissing directly into each other's mouths. plastic trumpets and flutes were stuck in asses and then played to the music. the hardest to watch part followed when the women pulled out a box cutter and sliced her crotch and started bleeding all over the floor. then it looked the guys dicks were cut, small bells were pulled onto them, and then they were fed the slice that was cut off. when the woman's bra did come off, needles were put through her nipples, then into the guys dicks. the whole thing ended with everyone nakedly ridding someone's bike around the room. it wasn't something you can really forget.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

bye ian. In other news, it has been proven that Arnold is not, in fact, mentioned in Back to the Future II. Just goes to show you, don't believe everything you hear.
i'm off to portland! see everybody on sunday. go to okkervil river/ caliphone/ clem snide for me. i'm pissed i'll miss it.
it's a terrible loss.
as of 1:18 am, bad news on the WWB.
Don't worry, Charlie. I'll pick you up a souvenir when I go looting this year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hey guys....Just thinking about Madison, especially when its fall now. I think that it will be very hard to celebrate Halloween in NYC this year....I will miss Madison dearly during Halloween. :(
We're making pizzas!
Burt: i wanna come to dinner
Same deal as last week, except without the cubs game, we'll either be watching Queer Eye or Back to the Future II, I have no idea what we are making.
Dinner tonight? I knew nothing of this "dinner tonight". I'm a big fan of dinner. Details, I need details.
does anyone else like the sugababes?
How many Doty Ranchers can I expect at dinner tonight?
i don't know if i am angry that another band has a name like the wilhelms, or if i am happy that there are other people in the world that think like us. i'll default to anger.
we watched willard last night and it was basically awesome. almost as awesome as people actually wanting to buy our posters. we're legit!
you need to go here and check out the brilliance that is rails and wings.
DAS VILHELMS are the new vas deferens. fuck you i just saw LUDACRIS at the metro

Monday, October 20, 2003

Sorry I don't hate anyone.
a band called the Wilhelm Scream is playing at the fireside bowl!!
as for nov. 1st, i think craig talked to peter and he said we were on the bill despite the flyer and the seventeen other bands scheduled to play.
charlie: next time you see dan rather, say hello for me.
yeah, you dudes should talk to peter about that november 1st show. i called him and e-mailed him but i haven't heard back from him yet.
Hear ye! Hear ye!
Guess who is shooting a film in Manahattan right now?
That's right you guessed it, the one and only attractive man in the world.
The man, aside from the DPC, that I would make out with.....
MR.....Johnny Depp!
P.S. Sarah and I walked by Dan Rather in Central Park last week. I said hi to him, He responded in his authnetic Dan Rather news casting voince with a: Hello
I love you all
also, are we confirmed or not confrimed for the nov 1rst show? and what is the order?
what is everyone talking about? jon, rails and wings is just the name of our little firm. why didn't i get a copy of the vox humana cd on friday?
charlie, email coming.
what happened to the cat?
d. what the fuck did i ever do to you?!?!?!

oh wait, stupid question.
eat shit. i hate you all... except charlie and pat

Sunday, October 19, 2003

sorry to interrupt d and jp, but craig and i are going to the echo.

d: you should set up in the echo.
I just had this longing to get up in front of a crowd and play old school Star-P acoustic.
D: Okay. I didn't. It was just a note saying how sad I was that they were in Iceland.

Do you still wanna go to Nottingham tonite to see Old Time Relijun and Bobby Birdman? Last I heard, both bands were gonna show up. "Hit me on the hip," so to speak.
No you didn't! It wasn't their fault!
D: I told them that they were dead to me.
Vox Humana were pro rockers on Friday. Am I thinking of the kid in the red shirt? He was especially pro.
tronsolow is Jon, guitarist of the huge band Vox Humana. Thanks Jon, for the shout out, but why single me out? Is it cuz of my dashing good looks?
JP: Were you mean to them? Did you give them your phone number? Who's Tronsolow X?
Janel and Nate. The posters you made for the show are tops. thank you. if tiny mixed tapes knew what was up they should probably write a review of them, five star ratings i would assume. but what is rails and wings?........shout out to craig
Confidential to D: I just sent Calla a letter. OH, YES, I DID.

Saturday, October 18, 2003

melissa, you used the internet!!!!!!!!!!!
i left my seven inch at your house last night....
but i didn't draw anything.
i'm still hungover.
D: My address is:
155 E. 88th St./ Apt. 3C
New York, New York
If you put down that address I'm certain that I will receive anything that you send me. Maybe we can be pen-pals?
In the mean time take care.
Nate: E-mail me!
Craig: Sorry that this blog is turning into nonsense...probably my fault.
Poor Wisconsin football team. who drew the penis's? huh? kids? i live in the penis house. it's been penis-ized. penis.

anyways, so i passed out early. shut up. (assholes).
charlie, do you remember me? we had such fun... you gave me your address in new york, but your drunk ass must have written it wrong. i sent you a post card and it was returned to me. i feel so shitty about the entire thing.
living vicariously through a blog while in another country... what does this say about me?

Friday, October 17, 2003

I feel uncomfortable.......
whew . . . I'm glad that's over with. i didn't know what to do with myself. well, i guess i could've thought of a couple things. nevermind
Type-n-gripe? This blog is dead to me.
Patty- My name is d. I am a semi famous individual. I work for a well-respected publication. Here is my bio:


styles: suss, famous, gorgeous, genius, rude, beautiful, pulchritudinous
others: Arwen, L Lisbon, B Guðmundsdóttir, L Lin, C Glover

Senior Editor
Chicago, 1981
rating: 5/5
reviewer: leah

Nothing bothers this irate superinitial more than preachy, anti-mobile phone individuals who ask to borrow. Honestly one of the most temperamental bitches with whom you'll ever come in contact, this (ex)exexecutioner is known well for becoming bored of activities faster than you're willing to admit you or your boyfriend unloads. D's latest enamorment is that with the art of ballet. The editor spends hours per day in mr p's office, stretching and allowing the boss to critique every graceful motion. Though the door remains shut, rumor has it mr p's hands spend an awful lot of time hidden under the desk during these sessions. Other than the dancing, with the faces of the 83 (now) seemingly innocent who've fallen at this editor's sword constantly haunting the conscience, d attempts to find solace in revising others' precious pieces of indie bullshit (you've been asked, by the way, not to make the mistake of confusing guilt or shame with an unclear conscience). And just when you thought it impossible for this foxy bastard to sound any sweeter, you're about to learn that dr d and colleague mr p share a Valentine's Day birthday. And if that still isn't enough, inscribed (as if by a typewriter) on the kid's shoulder is a miniscule letter P. Homage to the editor-in-chief? Your guess is as good as anyone's, but rumors are in circulation that it may have something to do with Johnny Depp. Adorable nonetheless. In addition to that, what's evidently an emulation of a librarian's date stamp, across d's forearm is tattooed "Sept 23, 2026," about which, upon inquiry, the sociopath enjoys explaining, "it's the day I'm going to die." Among other queerish behavioral taboos, d enjoys posing the questions, "Isn't it funny how jealous everyone is of my body?" and "Don't you ever get so sick of those urethral razors that you wish you could use them on your wrists?"

Side A: Likes
1. Scattered Photographs
2. Mirrors
3. Barbed Wired
4. Bottled Water
5. Broken Glass
6. Buckets of Buttons
7. Orchids

Side B: Dislikes
1. Wet Blue Jeans
2. Rusty Flatware
3. Plastic Hangers
4. Low Pressure Showers
5. Children of Any Age, Race, or Volume
6. Plexiglas
7. Handshakes Too Firm

I woke up at 6 this morning, couldn't fall back to sleep. I forgot what the morning looked like. pretty nice.

appendage: stomach of a cow. no wait, I already have one.
nate i'd go towards green bay if we had a car. but i prolly couldn't be gone as long as one says is necessary.
matt have you cured my virus yet?
and is arnold not in BTTFII as i once thought?
nate are you meeting me and others at noonie?

what about an appandage that is from another, yet added to your body. which would it be. which one. and where would you place it. why.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Pontuf is a true California girl, according to Jenny. FYI.
Multiple Issues.

D- identify yourself, or the wrath will come.
Craig- maybe you should consider drinking Metamucil, shitting out all of your food, and then no more worries about losing your figure?
Talk about protein in urine-- interesting. I also agree with making band news more apparent... as your groupies seem to be making this blog a "type n gripe" (yes, i came up with that on my own)
euchre tonight!!!

nate: we've always posted band news on this page. but yeah, news on the front about upcoming shows and about past shows would be good.
Charlie: I miss you. you are in my thoughts every night as i lay my head down to sleep.
Matt: You have to #1 in the cup, not #3.
what web page?

and who's this charlie fucker? he sounds like an asshole.
charlie: yeah, got your email. i've been really busy at work and school today, so i am waiting till i have a little more time to right you back.
blog: when was the last time we really used this page for news? we could start posting upcoming shows and news stuff on the front page from now on.
d: show starts 10 or so.
anybody: car? any possiblity?
I tried to sell my plasma today but they said I had too much protein in my urine. they said i should stop exercising so much.

I'll show them too much protein!
I'm as surprised as you are, charlie. I expected it to be really good. Not so. Good performance by Sean Penn much of the time, but that's about it.

I think this website needs a new page devoted solely to band news. This blog doesn't seem sufficient for that.
Charlie: Looking forward to seeing you / meeting Sarah as well. YOU BETTER KEEP ME ENTERTAINED.
nate: Have you read my e-mail yet?
Craig: Mystic River wasn't good?
JP: can't wait to see you and Sarah can't wait to meet you
matt: very funny story of Sarah sucking my cock in front of you. We read it in the archives. I love you all
Hey Micah: I miss you
dude you should have been a philosophy major.
it's deaf, but will it be def?
...or will it be death?
nate: what time does the show start and end on freitag? shannon's gonna go to this deaf happy hour thing... i think i'd die a more content individual if i were to experience this event.
I went and ate too much again today. This time spaghetti. At this rate I'll never get back to my boyish figure.
burtster - i have to go to green bay to record a demo with my 'quiet' band. depending on what happens in practice tonight, they may want to leave friday night which means no art opening and no amazing seven inch release show for me unless i can get up to green bay myself sometime early saturday. yeah.
You could ask him what it's like being Ryan Adams' bitch
d - I wouldn't know what to ask Eric Miranda. Sorry
nate, why are you going to Green Bay?
also, is there any possibilty at all i could borrow someone's car this weekend/who wants to go green bay?
d - how do you accidently get an interview with somebody?
jp - cool, i recognize raw as i got copies of this and this in high school somehow.
Françoise Mouly is the arts and cover editor of The New Yorker, co-editor of Little Lit and the avant-garde comic and arts journal "Raw," and wife of Art.

Sorry, D -- I'll pass on the guy from The Plumbs. I have enuff problems interviewing people I know / like / admire. I'd be shaking in my boots if I got to talk to Squiggly Line Guy.
Eric Miranda was in The Plumbs. He was in Jesse Malin's touring band. I accidentally got an interview with him, and would feel bad getting out.
jp, you squiggly line dream might come into fruition. who is francoise mouly?
Yeah who is Eric Miranda? Nate, the Darkness is always present in all of us. Yes, I woke up with the Darkness in my head, yesterday I woke up actually singing.
Actually, get me an interview with the man who draws the squiggly lines in The New Yorker.
Who is Eric Miranda?

And if Nate gets Stephin, hook me up with Art Spiegelman and/or Françoise Mouly. Thanks/merci.
d - hook me up with stephin merrit. please.
also, swear to god, woke up with the darkness in my head. soup, what about you?
No, usually its those crazy koala bears that crap the rainbows. The bunnies are always running around crapping blogs. It gets pretty crazy around easter.
Nate- Don't forget that Dave Fishel lives in Brooklyn now. You should contact him before going. Also, which was the interview you wanted?

JP or Soup, will either of you please interview Eric Miranda?

Charlie- Don't forget to include dumping Nate at a NY party in those big plans of yours.
ian. blog
you mean, "its like a bunny crapped a rainbow in my brain?"

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

saw the movie Mystic River tonight. To quote a very famous song: "overrated"
man oh man its like a blogger bunny took a crap on the internet. talk about a blog explosion
a-ok, nate-o-ate. add one to the bunny tally. let's start a blog called "shambly" where all we do is fight.
kyle told me he hasn't had the internet for a while. Ben came to me in a dream and told me he no longer exists in our plane.
caroline! we need confirmation!
dr. aa - you're welcome here whenever as it seems most sane/madison wwbers were here anyways today. and if you didn't catch it on the shambly blog yesterday, there should be bunny suit you need to pick up for me come oct. 31.
charlie and sarah - can i get a private perfomance possibly when i come?
d - i say probably just forget about it, unless they really, really want it up. they're got pabst on their side anyways now.
stv - any news on other november 1rst bands?
kyle grickle and ben edison - i think you guys have gone the longest without posting. where are you guys?
Emmie gossip? I can neither confirm, nor disconfirm.
hi doty. long time no chat. i came home to find the west wash blog in shambles, all sorts of in-fighting and name-calling and declarations of people threatening to leave. all they do is fight over there. can i hide out here for a while?
The Internet is a playground for marginalization / generalization. That's why we all get along so well on the WWB.
Oh Charlie says that the dpc should cover that song. I don't know if I agree, as I am still holding out to hear your version of "Brandy" by Looking Glass
wtf?! no girl seriously enjoys TMBG?? Besides myself, I could name 10 others off the top of my head.

i feel so marginalized.
Craig, according to our records, Nate and JP are going to be staying at our swanky abode starting Dec. 6. Of course, during their stay, St. Nick will be stoping by and filling up shoes and stockings with goodies (perishable and non). Craig, don't let this information intimidate you-- feel free to visit and stay with us anytime. I am sure the one-eyed kitties would enjoy your company. Afterall, weren't you the one to decide their theme song is "Beautiful" by C. Aguilera? Yes, I think that was you.
When exactly is nate going to new york? I wanna go to new york. I wanna see your show. I want the WORLD!
Hey guys! I have an hour, one man show on the night of December the 5th- Sorry Nate. Anyway it starts at 7 pm. I am going to have an hour or so of my class A material on transferred onto a DVD! After that theres no telling what could happen!
Love you guys a lot
Nate- got big plans when you roll into town
Love Charlie
Nate I need a definitive answer. Should the Mabel review go up?
I wish I were able to carouse around town acquiring onions and seven inches. Guess I'm too busy obeying "the man". Some day you'll all grow up too, and it won't be pretty. And when you get to be my age, you'll use big words such as "carouse" and "acquiring".
seven inch from a certain west wash dwelling band and ex-doty band is awesome, 2 songs each. we checked the onion to see if the release show got picked but the onion totally blew it. there is a mabel pbr ad in it though. whose beer bottle do we have to suck to get a dpc one?
i have a lot of original peanuts comics back home. my dad kept them from when he was a kid. they are practically falling apart though.
the east coast:
"i now announce that it's time somebody put the fun back in rock'n'roll! i now mandate that the darkness be the next big thing."
I have to admit, I'm a darkness sympathizer. I'll turn a blind eye to their gratuitous hair metal rocking and cod-pieces. after all, they were just following orders.

time to go get a certain seven inch from a certain west wash residing band.
Confidential to the Taco Nite Players:

"The man some fans blame for Tuesday night's Cubs loss because he reached out and touched a foul ball that Moises Alou was trying to catch is a diehard Cubs fan who coaches youth baseball in the north suburbs.

Steve Bartman, 26, works at Hewitt Associates, an international consulting firm in Lincolnshire.

'He is an associate at Hewitt, and he is not coming to work today because of the incident,' Suzanne Zagata-Meraz, a spokeswoman for Hewitt, said this morning. 'That was a decision that Steve and [Human Resources] made together. We have been in contact with Steve.'" (From the Sun Times)

Like, whoa, reporters with a lot of time on their hands. Poor Bartman.
Fantagraphics: Yeah, they're in trouble. But this Peanuts thing should help them out.
RE: Making out. I would glady make out with anyone who put on The Darkness to set the mood. And I would think about the bassist while doing so.
What do you mean you forgot how good please be robot, the one girl i can never have and eurovixen are? THEY WERE ALL GOOD. There is a non-live version of Mareike, but it didn't have a cello... that one you have is the best there is. It's sort of lost... like all the new school star-p, like my 80 pound masterpiece art project that took my roof rack with it into the air on the freeway, and like my heart that went with it...
also, charlie just called and might be putting on a solo comedy show in new york for december 8!
fantasticgraphics: weren't they on the verge of going out of business a couple of months ago? i am way out of the loop though....
make out club: i think soup gets dibs on the bass player for some hot moustache on moustache action. i call the drummer because, well, you can see the guitarists pretty clear in the video and i have some hope left for the drummer.
star p: i am actually listening to them right now. i forgot how good please be robot, the one girl i can never have and eurovixen are. is there a non-live version of marieke available?
My sister seriously enjoys TMBG, so THERE GOES YOUR THEORY, JP!
RE: Food allergies
Craig, I'm sorry to hear yr allergic to nuts (exception: Peanuts). To bad you'll DIE when we all have to go into hibernation.

Speaking of Peanuts, the super-awesome comic house Fantagraphics is re-printing the complete Peanuts. Which is pretty amazing, cos the Schulz Estate is notoriously picky about who gets to use the Peanuts' likenesses. And the anthologies have covers by Chris Ware / Chip Kidd!

Oh. And Nate and Soup should make out with each other. But if they have a shot at hard frenching The Darkness, go fer it.
I'm glad d has the balls to say what's on everyone's mind. "Elixerbeth, I'm sick to death!!!"
I don't think anyone would argue with the notion that star-p kicks the darkness' ass ANYWAY, so let's talk about them instead.
soup, what do you say? someone's gotta see how effective the darkness is as a musical mood setter. and what about the emmie gossip, doesn't caroline or somebody edit for it? i want to hear confirmation from a source in the know.
I'm allergic to nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless you're talking about peanuts, cuz I'm not allergic to them.

do you want Nate and Soup to make out with The Darkness, or each other?
That's when you know Taco Nite has been a success -- you can live off of nuts and berries for the next 4 - 6 weeks.

Nate / Soup: If you both like The Darkness so much, why don't you just MAKE OUT?
I ate way too many tacos last night. I'm not even hungry yet today. That's strange for a fat ass such as myself. I think I may have to agree with JP about the Darkness considering what I've heard so far. I mean her A/V comment. Although I do appreciate the obscene lyrics.
wait again, missed trees post.
yeah, i am feeling way, way better this morning even before hearing said SINGLE OF THE YEAR! i think there is definently a connection between tmbg and the darkness
wait, forget about the darkness for a bit.
a) rumour has it a certain west wash stationed rock band gets some major respect in the next issue of emmie.
b) six parts seven w/ dave bazan - a blueprint of something never finished -- is going to be the single of the year, besides completely making me forget the darkness open first listening. i might have to alternate between the two the rest of the day.
Yeah, it's definitely a boy thing. Just like TMBG. No girl seriously enjoys TMBG.

Feeling better?
treesway - maybe the darkness is just awakening the 10 year old boy in us again. or maybe you have yet to wake up in the morning with a high pitched voice singing 'get your hands off my woman...motherfucker!" in your head.
RE: The Darkness.
A better A/V project than a rock band. IMHO.
oh its been checked and rechecked, god I love this band
soup - check out track 6, it's the smack song.
thanks for introducing me to the darkness nate
thanks for hosting dinner soup.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

liz, what's the link for your blog again?
yes, let's practice. and we can talk about it tonight. i will be home between 7 and 8 at the latest.
feeling chastised no more french
I don't care. the news can be publicized whenever.

are we practicing tonight? has it been decided?
uh, honey i shrunk the kids maybe?
oh, i get it! French Class!

Who knows what that's from? If you answer correctly in the next thirty minutes, you'll be awarded the satisfaction of answering something correctly.
PS. aside to laura.
j'ai perdu ta addresse d'email. je te prie, m'envoye un email et nous nous commnçerions de parler beaucoup en ce langue étrange, et sécreté. Je tu éxplique tous mes adventures ici et tu me renconte tes adventure là-bas. tout ça va ici, à bientôt (j'espere) et je tu souhaite une bonne journée.

people. i feel far away. why?
going multilingual.
you should definitely wait to tell the blog that DPC signed to jive, but friendster message me about it first.
can we practice between 8 and dinner time then? and should we wait until everything's pretty much set before we really publicize the news?
guys, i don't think i can practice anymore tonight. unless it's around 7:30 or 8pm. cause i'm going to have to stay late at work tonight.

kat, the scene creamers were okay. they have a drum machine now instead of a drummer. so it was weird. and also, they have turned the scene creamers into a new lineup for weird war. must have some contractual obligations to fufill or something.

our pr manager tells us that the news should be publicized as soon as it is not news anymore.
oh yes i see now. just because?
hey nate, jurassic park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ranch - jp's and soup's dinners are awesome. we should bring beer.
sarah - yes, 517.5. i think they practiced for 3 some hours. it was not awesome.
sleevester - i don't think we are ready to post the news on our blog. maybe we'll friendster message you.
craig - You are alive when they start to eat you?
Aw, shit. We must postpone the BTTFII screening scheduled for tonite -- as the Cubs could clinch its first World Series appearance since 1945. But ... the dinner @ 9 offer still stands if anyone is interested. TACO NITE! All parties, vegetarian and carnivore, will be accomodated.
what is this interesting news kat is talking about? GIVE YOUR ANSWERS DIRECTLY TO ME

Monday, October 13, 2003

Are you talking about the house that that kid Quade lived in. Remember when Charlie and watched the Two Towers trailer on his computer in the middle of the night, then left his place and crept to your window, and proceeded to scare the shit of you?
there seems to be a band practicing in the house directly behind our's. new meat?
ps ian how was the scene creamers?? i really wanted to go, but work and no money... :( i am jealous. what's this interesting news i hear about dpc?? you know what i am talking about boys. please tell me what's up. good luck vox on your tour, i'll see you friday. (ps everyone best be going to the vox cd release party friday at the tornado room, and i will be doing the door most likely) who's going to the lava lounge tonight? i hope i see you douche bags there...(he he just kidding about the douche bags part) *smooches* ~ kat

Sunday, October 12, 2003

show last night was fine and dandy. Lydon Moon was the highlight of the evening. A pleasant surprise. If by "pleasant" I mean "shitty", and by "surprise" I mean "band". They were an instrumental 80's metal band that showed up out of nowhere and decided to put themselves on the bill. We couldn't load in our stuff cuz they were in the way. they other bands were wonderful, however.
Arnold isn't mentioned in Back to the Future II, if you think he is you ate too many paint chips

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Who has the triliogy? Cause we really can't watch Back to the Future 2 without watching one and three at the same time. Mmmm Lea Thomspson.
welcome, Burt Reynolds, to our humble blog
well, I don't think arnold would show up on a filmography or cameo list either way. The argument is that he's mentioned as being president. He doesn't actually appear. But still, I'll believe it when I hear it. Bring it on JP, now we got two other people I know of that care.
New Blog!!!
i really don't think that arnold is president in 2015-- craig, i also care. in fact i just wasted 10 minutes of my life researching back to the future II online. arnold's name does not show up in any of my searches, nor does bttf II show up on any of his filmography or cameo lists. but then again i swore that beetlejuice said "nice fucking tree" before honking his crotch--- and was embarassed upon rewatching it and he had actually said, "nice fucking model"
does one deserve to soil a bathroom one never cleans?
JP i'm curious, but i'll trust someone else to re-watch it and tell me the outcome.

also, nate. i've already prep-ed three screens. if you could flatten and kinko-ify and oil that would be great, i'm off work at five.
I'm willing, JP. I'm also probably the only one who cares.
nate, i've downloaded kristoff's images on my computer.. we forgot about the camera being due yesterday, so i'm going to take it in at noon when they open to avoid a late charge.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Are we too chicken to take my challenge? I THINK SO.

janel, matt, and I went to the Rainbow Room for the first time ever last night, at least, it was the first time for me. I can't speak for the others. What a crazy time that was. Don't worry, dad, I'm not gay.
there never was a moustache due to poor facial growth genetics. curse you dad!
you better have shaved that beard into a mouse-tache.
i just shaved the beard off. i feel (look) sixteen again.
hexagonal decode system. it's not impossible, but it's going to take some time. remember these numbers.

the scene creamers now play with a drum machine. it is really weird how their sound still comes through, the show is kind of like them performing karaoke of themselves. the blush was in top form, drinking extreme amounts of water, forsaking guitar tuning.
Listen up, jerks. I have come from the other blog to settle this once and for all: There will be a screening in the very near (back to the) future of BTTFII, to prove to all of you that Arnold Schwarzenegger is president in 2015. If I am wrong, I will make like Werner Herzog and EAT MY SHOE.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Hahaha! Very funny Craig. Nate I'm doing fine - E-mail me at Chaz45672003 at yahoo fot com
Coney island is a recording studio in madison. Joke's on you!!! How does it feel comedian?
When are you all going to Coney Island, or is it a joke and I've missed the inflection of your voices due to blogging?
to charlie - i want one. i might have to go best buy. we're all going to coney island eventually!
To nate- I have a Sponge Bob Squarepants Mouse pad. You can buy one at Best Buy for 7 dollars. We're going to Coney Island?
I'll go to coney island if charlie goes.
no means yes. yes means of course. donc
I'm glad we have charlie around to set things straight. Who wants to go to the coney island shindig tonight? charlie, i'm looking in your direccion.
Craig, you are right, Arnold Schrwarzen....errr you know what I mean was the President of the United States in Demolition Man. However Arnold was not in that movie, that movie starred Sandra Bullock and Sly Stallone. Arnold starred in Kindergarten Cop.
With much love
so i will write a check and drop it off at wisconsin management to cover the summer water bill. then you guys can just pay me when you pay me for the utilities.
if you want to be a bunny, you should be checking out the wwb right now.
scene creamers!!!! and i just found out yesterday that the blush is opening. matt, watch your leg.

i think i am leaving work at noon today, cos i just don't give a fuck. i need to get ready for the scene creamers!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

i just happened to go to the poison control center web page. looks like alot of stuff has been going on since i last got a chance to look. including marriage plans...
Did anyone see on the board that Johnny notingham called and asked to use our PA on Saturday. I told him he could. Also, can everyone practice on Friday?

Danny Krill works down the hall from me!
i tried to get the new d plan today and nobody had it or had seen it...did madison just not get any copies or is it delayed?
ouch janel.
printing the poster didn't take hella time of mine. i'd say it was more a Minor Threat to other things
while I have yet to see any proof that ahnold is president in back to the future II, I did find out that he is mentioned as having been president in Demolition Man. Could JP be confused?

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

sounds good to me, nate. Not sure, Ian.
hey everybody,
rich from my work is looking for a starter guitar for his nephew. he wants one that won't be super expensive, but one that is in okay shape. he told me to ask you guys, so if anybody wants to sell an old guitar...
i have nkq practice on thursday. if we practice tonight, can it be right at 7 or earlier?
i think we should practice. i can't practice tomorrow. can we move tomorrow's practice to thursday? if you absolutely can't practice tonight, maybe we should practice on thursday and friday this week.

i remembered what's going on on thursday. Euchre tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are we still practicing tonight? janel and i have hella work to do to get the poster done for the show this weekend.

Monday, October 06, 2003

I suppose it's time i thank everyone for their birthday wishes. thanks everyone.

isn't it about time we put a link to Colony of Watts on our links page as well?
just so i don't forget these genius lyrics:

"since the beginning of time, we've made it our crime
to help everyone
and we won't rest til everybody gets the best
ambulance ambulance

we'll ride the cheap ambulance"
Does anyone else run across certain numbers and get the strange feeling that they look familiar... much like some names tend to? I just ran accross 1172 and I KNOW I know this number...

Natronik- I have to get those Polyvinyls to you. I'll drop them off this evening, or are you heading my way?

Who at the Doty Ranch wants memory for their computers? I can drop those off as well.
d, you're dead to me.

but the greats things that Linsey's Lezzie Seduction has done for cinema no one can deny.

seems like i have something i'm supposed to do on thursday. can't remember though.
well, apologies to jp, i did not remember ahnold being in bttf2.

i just got an email that the super eights have a new website. go there and listen to their songs.

is anybody else going to go to the scene creamers on thursday?
Craig- You're gonna kill me. Her birthday is October 4th. BUT I searched the Internet Movie Database to find another starlet with your birthday, and I found Autumn:

"Started her career as an exotic dancer in Alabama using the name Jade. But there were so many other women in the business using that name that she changed her stage moniker to Autumn. Later, after her debuts in magazines and videos, she began being billed as Autumn Jade."

She's starred in such films as:

Score Brabusters (2002) (V) (as Autumn-Jade)
Stacked & Packed 4: Helping Hands (2002) (V) (as Autumn-Jade)
Bosom Buddies 5 (2002) (V) (as Autumn-Jade)
Score Xtra 7 (2002) (V) (as Autumn-Jade)
Bosom Buddies 4 (2002) (V) (as Autumn-Jade)
Ultimate Autumn (2002) (V)
Best of Chloe Vevrier: A Decade of Enchantment, The (2001) (V)
Best of Voluptuous Volume 2, The (2001) (V)
Bosom Buddies 3 (2001) (V)
Bosom Buddies 2 (2000) (V)
Linsey's Lezzie Seduction (2000) (V)
Autumn's First Time (1998) (V)

Surely one or two of these were mentioned in one of those bullshit film classes you've taken?

Anyway, sorry everyone for all the hype and disappointment. I'll still ask her: "Hey, I have a friend (who's taken, mind you) who has ALMOST the same birthday as you... but a year later! Cool, right?"

Sunday, October 05, 2003

butch, what did you get craig for his birthday? he told me he wanted a 2004 escalade, i said you would probably get it for him.
hey. we're going to the nitty gritty at 7:30 or so for craig's b-day! he's gonna either win $3000 or $30,000. Whatever shapiro's willing to cough up.
happy birthday craig

geesh, i leave and everything gets interesting... u were just waiting for me to leave, i know it
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CRAIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2003

yes bekah is having a party tomorrow....saturday....night
Nate it looks like my show is going to be the time when you and JP come into NYC, December 6th right?
sometimes life is so overwhelmingly beautiful i want to cry. uquag u xiyks rwkk tiy qgar u nwan
nate, go to

Sunday is my birthday, d. (just using you as an excuse to let everyone know.
yeah, bekah is having a party. is it tonight or tomorrow? will we be in spring green?
hey, i need cathy from high noon's email. someone said they had just talked to her. hit my email with it pronto!

stay behind my aura dammit!
headband jeff told me that bekah was having a party this weekend. could this be true?

now i will help improve blogger by taking a 15 minute survey
Who's going to Fisherspooner in Chicago on Sunday?

Stay behind my aura!

Thursday, October 02, 2003

it's the remnants of a battle, or more truthfully, a massacre of those who died unknowingly. it can only be presumed that the gaseous cloud must have ended all bodily functions. there is a semi-permanent graveyard for the fallen (the corpses are left to the elements of the kitchen).

the bees are dead.. for the night.
yup, same emily. her brother lives in portland too, so i my finally meet this man. anyways, i am leaving on the 22 and coming back the 26.
I've heard all about 88th street. good luck man, good luck.
Oh shit, Craig, glad to know you can sleep now. Charlie says a big thanks to Janel for letting him sleep naked in her bed. Also, thanks for the complimentary aspirins on her bedside table. Now that is pure hospitality. Are any of you still in school? What kind of jobs do you have?

Charlie is jealous that I have been blogging longer than him. Good.

Craig- you are a princess vaginaface!
Oh shit, who invited Charlie?!?!?!!? I'm glad you like where you live. I can sleep now.

Hey Ion, is that the Emily whose brother I worked with at the Monona Terrace? We're like family!
Hello all! This is Charlie Johnson, aka Don Mogsley. Just thought I would let everyone know that Sarah and I are doing lovely in New york City. We live on 88th st, I like where we live. So stop worrying about us Craig! Jesus. Anyway, good for you Nate, did he say: lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, onions...etc? If he did thats just great!
Say what kingd of sandwich did you get, eat and then poop out of your asshole?
It was really great of you guys to invite Sarah and I on your blog, you guys are so great.
Love Charlie
charlie! i just went to quizno's and had that guy do that thing he does.
Purvis, you should rent a car and drive up to Seattle and give Simmons a little shit for some kicks if you get bored.
my dad's side is jewish. his grandparents were probably hardcore. his parents weren't. he wasn't at all, and I probably know less about it all then you do. i'm actually baptized catholic.
i am flying out there on the 22 and coming back on the 26 so i can see my friend emily and also katie and jane the postermakers. and to take a little vacation from madison.

so, does silverman family history = silver joos?
we don't have to play the show on Oct 26. it's mainly for kurmudgeon, but I would really like to play with them.
when are you going? and for what reason? how will you get there?

i actually don't have a real reason to go. i forgot that i'm supposed to be jewish.
i get done with work at 5, so i really can't practice much earlier.
dave, you could come, but you would probably have to find a place to stay.
i must introduce those, who have not yet had the fortune, to the ways of jesus dubbya christ. abundance of them in portland. matt knows.
ian, you're going to oregon? i think you'd better invite me along. i have missions.

does anyone need a ride to rochester this weekend?
can we practice any earlier than that?
6 is okay with me. i am supposed to go to portland during when that anchor show would be. i guess i'll see if i can go a week before.
we need to pay rent!
and what time can we practice? 6 okay?

d, you're a beautiful man.

we got an e-mail from mr. blues.
which party hasn't been a charlie balls out party? janel: i won't be in class today as i am sick.
I'm at work. A call came in for an Andy. I didn't know any Andys so I asked a co-worker who he was. He told me that it was the tall, thin kid at the counter. I walk over to the counter and the guy was a foot shorter than me and a good twenty pounds heavier. How is this supposed to make me feel?
not the pirate party. the charlie's balls out party.
god, after drooling over kori gardner and the merchandise girl for 90 day men, i stumbled into cap center to buy some crackers. i giggled all the way home, "it's just me and my ritz!"

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

ok, charlie now has a blogger id
it is Don_Mogsley
please invite him to join
his email is
thanks, you're a doll.
black is back, all right.

kiddies, i have wonderful reports that the dpc is doing well with its diminished numbers. nice. janel, thanks again for the sewing machine and giving jenny a buck home on my b-day. you know our pad is fab and ready for your visits. now i will attempt to get charlie a blog id. hold your collective breaths.

keep the faith,
d is used to the nate-bow-out, but is as of yet unfamiliar with the nate-bar/party-bow-out. i have no idea which party/bek you are talking about, unless it was the pirate party and that was not ditching, that was nate with a serious need to go home.
nate ditched me in 3rd grade. we were supposed to collect bugs. he played nintendo with eric ogbern instead.
I was going to say death to the tabernacle but I wasn't sure if that was how you spell tabernacle. So d has finally been introduced to nate ditching. Trust me, it doesn't get any easier.

Ian just informed me that I already saw Victory at Sea, and he's right...not good.
d, Nate ditched you at a party? never!

Death to the tabernacle! pow! pow!
Is Bek the girlie you introduced me to at the party where Nate ditched us?
marcus called and said he's coming here. We're going to go to 770 and then to the orpheum. Marcus is my friend.

Wizard of Oz!!!!!!!!!
vox humana, 90 day men, and maybe another? it's bekah's birthday tonight, and she's gonna be there.
what's at the orpheum?
i might just skip it all together. i really didn't like victory at sea last time i saw them. i am going to the orpheum for sure. and skipping the annex, cause the kills are fake as shit.
Are you all going? I don't know if I want to... if a pretty girl begs me to I might.
that's fine with me.
the mates of state show starts at 7 tonight. Can we practice tomorrow instead?
the question we must answer is how he can go from this. !
oh . . . ha!

You have penetrated me!
you haven't done your daily reading yet, matt.

stay behind my aura!
what pic?

the pic is fine, the caption calls for a response.
marv told me you'd be pissed. i said, "nah, he likes that pic."
d - all get you back for that.