Sunday, November 30, 2003

I want to rent Prince of Persia, or maybe XIII. Or maybe Viewtiful Joe. Or maybe I'll just eat a pizza.
oh. nice work.

carry on, then
sorry, its hard to represent when you're outa your mind on ABSINTHE!!!!!!!!!!!!
two in a row over 24 hours???

repra repra ZENT

Saturday, November 29, 2003

i'd like to give a shout out

combining forces with the driftless pony horses
we explorin / settin courses
for the shores of the fourth coast
and when we land / we're in demand
we plant our flag / and take command
cuz we're dominatin underground hip hop / you understand?

that was for my main man d-saronno and velocirapper

Friday, November 28, 2003

Craig, I would love to attend Bubba Ho-tep with you this weekend if you need a date. I read the summary of the movie and I need to check it out. Maybe we can sneak in. Ian, I left that lease shit in your mailbox, try to have it filled out so I can turn it in on Monday morning (while you're at work - dork)
Happy Thanksgiving to you all, even Kat, whom I never met. I've finally decided that Rochester SUX. I love you all. See you soon.
just a reminder, who's going to see Bubba Ho-tep at the Orpheum this weekend!?!?!?!?! Ian, didn't you have thanksgiving dinner with Janel?
melissa, that's what my mom told me as well. thanks to everyone who did make it out for the show on wednesday. i am very happy to have gone out on such a good performance. where is everybody in this town? thanksgiving was lonely here yesterday. i watched the movie big from start to finish and cried at the end. transformers for girls! thanks matt for waking me up later to see wild boys, the greatest intellectual masterpiece since the commercials for i'm with busey. who would have thought that they would be able to combine jackass and crocodile hunter into a one-stop extravaganza. i have not laughed so hard in a long time.
mmm pumpkin keish...
walking home at 3 o'clock on thanksgiving is a eerily quiet situation.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

aloha. sorry i missed ians last show. or not. i mean, i really am sorry ian. but you know, thanksgiving is more important than you.
sherock. unfortunately, i did not get the money....they got my luggage back to me (two days after i left the friggin airport) so unfortunately, no date baby. how did the show go kids?? what!?!?! i missed craig kissing sad. :) D, ghettokitty is me kat. and that's all. i am sitting here in my swimming suit wishing my friends were here having fun with me...isn't that somewhat ironic or something of that ilk? (i haven't been in school in a year, give me a break) drunken debauchery up ahead with the fam.....oh god does that scare me.
great show last night. I had a great time, especially when I kissed Ian. Vox Humana are always good. The Heavenly States rocked hard. I think the movie we showed, Zardoz, may have upstaged us. Thank you everyone for coming.
d- why you gotta bring my family into this?! beware of the wrath that is coming your way...

PS. the students here are on strike for better pay... no school!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Jon has an 800 number?
Jon = 1-800-I-EAT-POO
oops never mind
micah, what's jon's number?
For that matter, no one is allowed to dream about Natalie Portman, because she is my girlfriend. I will kick your ass.
Thanks for the car, Craig.

I wish I could for reals. I, unfortunately, had already arranged plans with Bob Hust and Rachael Leigh Cook when I was told about this show. I'd bring them to the show, but Rachael is very particular about where we're allowed to be seen together. Sorry brahs! I know you know I love you all (except ghetto kitty ... don't know who that is)
thanks for the car craig, i put some gas in it for you.

who's coming to our show tonight? cause i'm going.
It was nothing without you d.
Is Nate outta the house yet? COS HE SHOULD BE!

... and a Happy Thanksgiving to the Doty Ranch.
at first I thought the chips were ridiculously average, but as I got closer to the end, they became more and more ridiculously bad. Oh yeah, and I'm going to kick your ass royally.
Personal grammar crisis: Is it dreamed or dreamt?
Ridiculously awesome? Or ridiculously bad?

PS. I dreamed about your girlfriend last nite.
I'm eating Lays Cool Guacamole chips right now. They taste ridiculous!!!

(and also sort of like sour cream and onion)

The car is still at the house nate. But you probably know that by now.
if anyone dreamt about my girlfriend, I'd kick their ass royally.

Matt, your dream hurts my feelings, cuz you went to new york with chad, wells, and I. There's no mention of I.....or wells, but I don't care about wells.
this reminds me of the apocalypse
vespids are the best pids.
craig: i am just double checking that the car is still at the house.
Confidential to Caroline, Soup, Nate, JP, and Matt (Jason can read this if he must): How was the post-D gathering last night?
i got an email from anna pliner (the girl from my high school who marcus talked german to) and her boyfriend wants to kick my ass because I dreamt about her on Saturday, July 13, 2002 (check the archives). I guess we can never go back to minnesota. But, on the bright side, anyone who looks up "anna pliner" on the information superhighway will be directed to

and Dr. AA: don't lie
Holy Crap!!!! Who's going to see Bubba Ho-tep with me. It's showing at the Orpheum on friday. No one should miss this!
ah, dicks and bullets. two things i would not like to be penetrated with.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

YEEHAW! what time are you going over there. i'll skip out of work to go take a look if it's in the afternoon.
ian we are going to get some papes tomorrow from the bedford square beyacth! BOOYAGE!!!! we would like to play first tomorrow.
Confidential to D: Take some dick with a bullet.
nate: in spite of the fact that you were talking to d i'm going to pull an APG and comment anyways... the real question is why in the hell is naz even on the fucking list?
look out boys, APG's coming state-side. That's right, APG will be arriving for her US tour on the 19th of december, making stops in oronoco, rochester, winona, and madison before returning to France on the 4th of January. is there going to be a party for new years? lets get working on this people... let's get working...
Confidential to SLV: Take a bullet with some dick.
dudes. wednesday december 19th at phyllis' in chicago with may or may not (full band)? let me know as soon as plausible.

we can all get together on stage for sexy terrorist (remix), followed by ignition (remix)

shorthand: DPC + MOMN = ? ASAP
anyone know who's playing first tomorrow?

(if I keep up this blogging, this is going to become the Craig Ranch)
nate, car? what for?

dad, (butch) I keep forgetting to tell you. The brake light for my car will often stay on for no reason at all. What gives? ...kick it!
in addendum, next time we go do karoake, i want to see d sing "where have all the cowboys gone". KICK IT!
dude who emailed us: we are emailing him back about another date.
i have sexy terrorist (remix) in my head right now. does this make me a narcissist? also, my sense of smell is actually coming back today. everything's more interesting when you can use all your senses.
craig: car?
matt: don't wait to long to go to kinko's, cause if they have to do it, they might make you come back later or tomorrow to pick it up. in conclusion, where's bobby smiley at?
hey, dude who e-mailed us....what are we doing about it?......kick it!
To this date, 20 copies of the promo have been burned. kick it
confidence, d, confidence. shit, I should be ignoring you.
Nate: I'm not good with lists. I don't know what to say really? Tommy Boy? I have no idea...
6:30 or 7:00 sounds fine with me.
6:30? 7:00.
are we talking to that dude tonight at a bar or is he e-mailing us or something?
d: talk to me dude re: pinkterton being released on tommy boy and 69 love songs being only 37.
Craig: is d bothering you? Just ignore him
Craig: $2500? My last haircut outcost that shit ... I'm in it to escape this cage of solitude in which I've found myself entagled for score after score. Why doesn't anybody talk to me?
Kat- I call that with your new luggage settlement- I finally get that super expensive date you have been promising me.
sam's here!!!!!! sort of!!!

d, I think you're just in it for the money.

when are we practicing tonight, DPC?

Monday, November 24, 2003

Bloggity blogg blogg bloggin, bloggtologist......blogtastic. Bloggon, bloggish bloggarious bloggbastic.....bombastic.
Who's this ghetto kitty? I have to meet this kid.
artwork is in. it is way rad.
so i am in orlando florida for 10 ten days with my will be fun. sometimes having the rents pay for everything is ok. :) the downside, the fucking airline lost my luggage! but they are paying me 2500 sweet is that?? well have a great turkey day....i know you will all miss me. (haha) ian, that really really sucks i am missing your last dpc show. :( good luck with theshow kiddies! ~

Sunday, November 23, 2003

glad you guys like the remix(es).

Saturday, November 22, 2003

no, staying to the dying breath of the party i was at last night.

on the upside: i fucking ransacked aura today. i am going to be styling tonight.
Lydia Lunch was at the Union? Motherfucker. I always miss the good stuff.
thanks sleevo. Track two is already the hottest buzz around madison.
what, my post?
that was a low point in my life.
you guys should hopefully get the CD tomorrow (saturday). i would definitely recommend smoking copious amounts of trees before listening to the disc. sorry butch but you know how we roll. strate up

Friday, November 21, 2003

there is an art opening at the catacombs tonite. 7-9pm
it's a group show including nate and i
check it
IS the new album out yet? If so Nate can you bring it with you when you come
okay. i'm going to see the bottle rockets with my co-workers, so i will probably roll into that party around midnite or after.

something that i think we should do is lower the bass drum volume on shallow inland sea. it is a little too much up to the chorus. although it should strong.
the party has a superhero theme, so if you come dressed as a superhero of some sort, cups are only $3 instead of $5! 314 S. Broom, Apt #2 (Apt #1 is also having a party, so make sure to go upstairs).

Ian--I think I'll be going over there sometime tonight, but not until after Lydia Lunch at the Union.
what's going on at the catacombs tonight?

so...i found out the address for the bad black-haired girl's party tonight.
anyone want to go over there later?
it's close to doty...
talked to sam last night about our cd. He is a firm advocate for doubling our guitar tracks. I think he may be on to something. Also, he pointed out a place where I should re-record my vocals. I kinda thought so too, but I wasn't sure. His suggestion validated my thoughts. I told him to e-mail us specifics. If we do these things, we will have to dish out a little more cash, but I think it's worth it. Don't want no shitty cd. We could at least try it on one song and see what difference it makes. And d, how can you hate someone as pretty as yourself?
Meeeeeeeeeatt- Sorry I didn't stop by last night ... not that I was invited anyway ... I was more tired than roadkill. Don't be mad wuka. I'll see everyone 2NIGHT at the catandcombs. I don't know why I wrote this. I hate myself. Thanks.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Matt Happy B-Day big boy have a good time tonight. Don't die of alcohol poisoning.
You're right high school football does rool
Thanks, everybody. I'm gonna go somewhere tonight. possibly the rainbow room.

high school football roolz
happy day of your birth, matt.
yes, happy BRITHDAY matt.

can the DPC play a show in chicago on wednesday december 17? it would be with MOMN. i realize that's a wednesday and you guys have a new bass player and all that, but figured i'd ask anyway.

remixes in the mail today.
Happry Brithday Waaa!
ATTN: Matt
RE: Birthday
Happy Birthday.
happy birthday to you. i would like you to dance.
happy b-day matt. do you realize that your birthday is on the same day as the last two bands battle it out in band to band combat, and euchre night? that's awesome!!!!!!!!
matt resembles an oompaloompa in that pic. new matt halloween costume(PALOOMPA)!!!!!!!!

happy birthday matt!!!
Back when we burned books I dreamt in Gold Leaf writing ... it makes no difference in MY life.
your inabilities become my insecurities that eat away at his soul

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

i have killed another! therefore i am winning

oh and nate, i've rigged a trip wire, which blockades the secret entrance as double protection against the invaders.
i was not wearing shoes in that picture.

so.....for all who have not heard it though the grapevine, i am leaving the band once we get this album finished up. i am super proud of how far the band has come since we first started out, and i am sure that driftless pony club will be fine without me. many of you know sam, who is a great guy, and he is already practicing the elvis leg shake for use in live shows and studio. man, i can't believe that i have to listen to these guys practing in the basement without me.

i'll still be around, and somedays, i will even blog. though the purple underwear will be no more.
yes maybe.
thanks, d.

nate, did you lock yourself in the attic?
matt's not joking. had he not been home i would either would have had to risk life and limb trying to escape, or would have had to survive on used art supplies and small rodents for at least a couple of hours. thanks matt! and thanks at&t wireless!
yes, the vocals do seem a little quiet at points but i wonder whether that's a problem that will be fixed by mixing or mastering. As far as I've noticed, the vocal level seems to vary according to the system your playing it through so that leads me to believe that it might be a mastering problem.

on a side note, I just saved nate's life
Sam left his copy at my place -- he must have been under someone's spell.

We discussed it and they're definitely rock awesome. I mentioned that I'd like to hear the vocals brought a bit more into the foreground.. with maybe some kind of equalizer/filter to add ?tone/depth/color? -- but Sam said he felt the high-end was a bit high, which is why I thought the vocals were drown out.

I'll listen more carefully and give you more specifics if you like -- that was a background listen, but it's definitely super impressive.
actually, jordan heard 'i pinch myself' last night and he said it was awesome. however, i think he might have been drunk and he heard it off a discman in the back of the lava lounge, so we might want other opinions.
hasn't d listened to our early mixes of 6 songs? what did you think, d? if you didn't like them, just lie about it and tell us the truth in person.
shhhh . . . wisconsin management might be listening
if by fallen you mean scraped off by car doors, then yes.
Ha! nice one, nater

we could use the tiles that have already fallen off
the number only really depends on how many cds we get burned and how many cases we make. i vote for 517 copies, each of which come with a tile from the side of our house.
yeah, we should sell them for like one dollar or give them away. How many are we making? There may be a lot of people at this show.
matt, nice front page update. WE HAVE REAL NEWS ON THE FRONT PAGE EVERYBODY!i would only change silkscreen duo to awesome art making duo since they aren't screening the covers, we're photocopying them and you should link to their website, which is also awesome. also, if we have that pic of ian peeing on the website, can't we throw up the rest of the pics we've got?
i say we just give it away, since it's a promo and all. otherwise, really cheap. unlike a lot of free/cheap promos i've seen, i think this one is actually going to look completely awesome/professional since melissa/james are doing the art so i think will have no trouble getting rid of them. will farrel/hop on popwith the the kids played by the wilson brothers.
I just saw this on the perfect face blog:

There is talk of a potential free Flaming Lips show on the Kohl Center lawn in late April, stay tuned . . .

// posted by Nicole @ 3:40 PM

holy crap!!!!!

if everyone would rather go with broken limbs, i guess I would be okay, if I drank a lot. And I remembered that we can't have rinse on there because wendy said she wants to finish after thanksgiving. Unless we use the old recording.
my vote is for broken limbs
also, matt should mention the demo on the news page. also, how much will we charge?

also, he'd play Sam I Am.
yeah, i was thinking of manifest or broken limbs, cranes acoustic, then remix. we could put rinse/lather too, but i don't want to spend a whole ton of time working on it in the studio when we could be mixing. we just need to figure out what we're putting on it, so i give it melissa and james, they can finish the artwork and we can start burning copies of it for next week.
Question: What Dr. Seuss character should Will Farrel portray?

I say, the Lorax
I say we put cranes acoustic on the cd and maybe Manifest Destiny? also, we could have a hidden track with rinse/lather?
don't know sam's e-mail.

1. Sexy Terrorist (Special Olympxxx Remix)
2. Sexy Terrorist (Steve Sleeve feat. Max Rockwell Remix)
3. Sexy Terrorist (Special Olympxxx Re-Remix)
alright blog:
steve, what's the name of your remix? sexyrist brasterisk?
what song from the mixes are we putting on the promo cd? i should get this information to melissa and james
the big LITTLE FRIENDS OF PRINTMAKING 2: THE SOPHMORE SLUMP opening is friday, 7 o'clock at the catacombs.
ian should make an official statement about next weeks show.
sam is on friendster, and if he's on friendster he surely has time for our blog. what's his email address?
i think that is all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Charlie, if you meet Lorne Michaels, ask him if the 446 (rap group) can perform on SNL. Preferably when Paris Hilton or Evan Marriott is the host.
adam, you just got a blog invite. colony of watts and ben stephenson: we are still awaiting your acceptances.
Charlie I resent the postcard! Let the penpalship begin!
Nate awseome rap song!
My friend Lou owns a karaoke business in NYC....The SNL cast booked four after show parties with his karoake business the first one being last Saturday Night/Sunday morning. So Lou and His associate Mike have both seen my stuff at local comedy cliubs around here. They thought it would be a good idea if I went to the parties and worked up a good rapport.
Craig- thanks for the correction....the good thing was that I just kept calling him Chris and not Chris Barnell errr I mean Parnel
hey, my boss andy showed me this
can some one make me a copy of the mixex when we get them?

and lil' ipod - can we get our studio pictures from you when you have some time to download them?
new 446 called paris hilton, tx. it's got me, soup, sam, jp, and jason on it, though not in that order.
charlie, going to the snl after-party would be awesome, though i don't think i would recognize any of the current cast.
so how did you get invited to this show, charlie? or are you full of shit? and it's chris parnell. just letting you know so you can avoid an embarassing situation.

Monday, November 17, 2003

The echo is a monday thing to me!
On Saturday Night I was invited to an SNL after party show... There I met Dan Akoryd, Seth Myers, Horatio Sans and Chris Barnell. Along with two Conan writers. The party went from 3-8:30 in the morning. I'm invited to three more after show parties the next one being Dec. 6th...I'll try to get you in Nate if I can. Secondly, Chris Barnell told me that hes very intersted in my show and when my DVD of my show comes out that he will look at it...oh yeah so did Seth Myers..... Side note Dan Akroyud divorced his wife recently and is now engaged to this really hot girl, whom I danced with on the dance floor....Anyway my friend Lou sauid he saw Dan Akroyd pull his fiancee' into the ladies bathroom and bang the shit out of her doggy style....There was a lot of coke and weeed there which alway s makes for a good time!
is the echo still a monday thing
It's also unusually warm today -- also makes me think something big is about to happen. WATCH IT!
sleeve, the contact page.

the news is really bland on today. Global warming linked to wine quality? Subway Guy a superstar?

I shouldn't say this, but it kinda makes me wonder if something big is about to happen. Watch your backs.
some m. doughty fans over here, EH? YOU KNOW, once upon a time i submitted two songs to be on the m. doughty tribute album, but i think the album got put on permanent hold.

in other news, where oh where should the DPC remix(es) be mailed to?

ps - matt, thanks for giving d the clap.

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Matt - Thanks for giving me the clap.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

fuckkkkkk. i want to hear m doughty cover magnetic fields. fuuuuuuuuuckk!!!
apparently, the emmie has picked their top 20 albums of the year to be published in the next issue already. Looks like were too late boys. Might as well quit now.
m.doughty's voice makes me cream my panties.

besides covering 'real love' once again.. he played the book of love by magnetic fields.
At the Essen House tonight Matt pointed out that white culture sucks.

Oh the revelations that do occur over a boot of Heffenweiss.

Friday, November 14, 2003

How did I not get ME on the WWB quiz? I was Sleevestar.

In other news, I am CRAIG.

Which member of the DPC are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
and stv slv.
sleeve star

Which West Wash Blog Cast Member / Affiliate Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
awesomeness! i am still nate!


Which member of the DPC are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
i was just checking out what was happening one year ago today on the blog and it was full of awesomeness, including:
AND: the west wash and doty ranch quizes we where talking about last night.
(edit, now the west wash one works too)
thanks d, we need backup on this.
attention certain someone: I'd rather it not seem as though someone defecated in the sink.
Thanx, sleevo. We're not sure where we're getting it mastered yet. but it'll be as soon as possible.
I'll be sending you guys the remix(es) next week. When/where are you getting the new CD mastered?
Well, then, if I was yr gf, I'd be really MAD.

PS. Hope she feels better.
so, I'm thinking Rinse & Lather shouldn't be on our CD. I don't really like it, and it doesn't fit with the other songs. What does everyone else (in the band) think? Matt seemed to agree with me when I asked him.

I already had mono, for your information, JP.
You know what that is: THE KISSING DISEASE! You're gonna get it next!
my girlfriend has mono!
yet another use for glue
Two robbers left a German taxi driver glued to his steering wheel before running off with 300 euros ($351)
the thought of my eminent failure was too much to stand

Thursday, November 13, 2003

See what a little blog-o-versy can do? NOW, YOU SHOULD ALL COME TO MICKEY'S.

we broke the fifty post mark today!
i'm gonna post this again because I think it was buried by the 446 before we could thoughtfully consider it--as usual
Ha! Craig loses!
Aw. Damn. Missed the blog-o-versy. You guys make up too quickly.

Answer F:
Flosstradamus. You are Flosstradamus. Last
reported on the run with the masters. You are
not dead, you are not in jail and you will be
recording on the new album.

What 446 member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
L'Ozone. Odds are you've got a sweet 'stache, or
is it stash. Doesn't matter, either way should
reel in the ladies.

What 446 member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
actually, matt what's his face from solid gold just walked in. time to see what janel's up to.
Mac G4
Mac G4. Rumored to be changing your name to Mac
G5, you sample the hottest.

What 446 member are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
alright, back to the studio.
how bout this
neither. The "A" is for "Ankle."
is that based on our inception or our demise? i want to know how much time we have left.
"I'm going to die on Sept 14, 2007 A.DPC."
you're gonna get killt!
"Hat trick"
"You are alive when they start to eat you."
"Am I gonna die?"
"We're all gonna die."
i kinda want to use the word killt though, since i rairly get to use it...except today on the blog. killt! killt!
"i think i am having a better time than her." is pretty good
actually, "let's never fight again" might be kind of cool. come, i need more feedback. me and janel are at the same computer lab right now. i think i am having a better time than her.
what if he said "i'd talk to you but I got a euchre tournament to play tonight."
okay, this argument is behind us. let's never fight again.

i really did choose f) something completely different. how about he says, "let's never fight again."

d: i'd talk to you but I got a euchre tournament to play tonight.
d: i'd pay you in OTHER ways and there'd be no need to talk

(sexual intercourse)
d: i will talk to you while you do the dishes. fair enough?
i just want to clarify that i know i need to do the dishes and am not arguing that. i am just saying that i haven't needed to use the dishes in the past week or more, so i was unaware of the dish situation. had i needed to use them, i would have realized they were dirty and needed my help to get clean again.
i need more input on the bunny word bubble.
I'll do them if you pay me... or if you just talk to me :*(**********
the way i see it, if nate refuses to do the dishes, he gives up the right to use the dishes
but I'd go with:

re: d) stop fucking around jerk

I got all excited upon first glance, because I thought some of you were actually talking to me :*(
craig - i don't think i've actually been in our kitchen more than once in the past week and half. that's why the dishes or not done.
also, i just realized the piece will be displayed at the catacombs first, so the use of fucking in the bubble might not be able to happen...
g) what? just fucking finish me already dennis.
Zing! to Craig.
d) stop fucking around, jerk.
f) something like, "do the dishes, nate."
alright, i need to finish my silkscreen quick like. should the mounted bunny head being saying:
a) damn it nate!
B) damn it nate, stop fucking drawing me already.
c) please stop. for the love of god, just stop already.
d) stop fucking around, jerk.
e) now you've gone and killt me
f) something completely different.

answer me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pandemonium on the Doty Ranch blog on 11.14.2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if fitch were on this blog the consequences would be disastrous. If you still want to risk it, give him a call. You'll have to call me for his number.
Craig: why isn't Fitch! on the blog?
enough of this venue talk I want . . .

I'v heard enuff of yr excuses, C.

Nate: This album sounds like it'd be up yr alley.

And finally: The Glass Nickel is a pretty rad bar.
steve, also the Glass Nickel has shows now. Never been there. Ian seemed to like it.

JP, the quote is more of an homage to your name. What a great name it is! And I would accept you as your friend, but friendster is always either too slow or doesn't work. I hate it!!! I guess I'll give it another try though. I always do.
You know what, Craig? I'm really sensitive about my name. THANKS A LOT. Accept me as yr Friendster, so I can EDIT YOU OFF MY FRIEND'S LIST.
STV: there's the Klinic which is supposed to be pretty good. I guess crystal corner bar has shows too. 128 E. Johnson used to do shows. I don't know if they do anymore. The nottingham co-op has shows. You can always play in our basement.
my morning just got more awesomer. on the way to humanities, i remembered i still need to register for one of my classes today, so i ducked inside memorial library to use their computers. unfortunently, since i didn't go to work this morning, they were understaffed, so they sent my boss out to due my job, which meant i almost walked right in to my boss as she was investigating the library directions. i freaked out and headed into the stacks, waited 5 minutes in the hope she had gone to a different floor and quickly left. i am still not sure she saw me or not.
where are the current places to play in madison? besides the unions, stage door, anchor inn, and the corral room. does anyone do basement shows anymore?
matrix revolutions was a very funny movie. jesus h. christ it was a funny movie.
oh yeah. We'll say it's making fun of JP's name now. Didn't know exactly what "quote" you were talking about.

nate, with all this extra time, how about doing the dishes?
Craig!!!! What movie is "You are alive when they start to eat you" from???
you are alive when they start to treat you! so, basically, janel and i had an awesome time last night. the key decided to put in control by pedro the lion which is not really bar music, but was still awesome. and i pulled a moment of awesomeness this morning by forgetting to set my alarm last night, waking up an hour late for work, walking to work and deciding once i was at wendt that i really didn't want to work and would much rather work on my litho, so i called in sick to the first floor while on the second floor. it was awesome. you guys are so not awesome for going to see yet another movie without janel and i.
actually, no, d. How does my quote make fun of JP's name?
Craig: You are alive when I start to hate you.
Craig: Is your quote making fun of JP's name?! If so, YOU'RE A GENIUS.
Craig: You're gonna die. We're all gonna die. Could be twenty years, could be tonight.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


how about this: the world is round, and ian, matt, nate, jp, d, janel, steve sleeve, dr.aa, apg, butch, charlie, sara, tronsolo, and everyone else on this blog is a stupid jerk. I'm better than all of you. Okay, maybe not butch.
I don't know... I think blog-tro-versing a geocentric system might be more successful than that, JP?
Okay, how about this: THE WORLD IS FLAT.
Craig, the trick is to start a blog-o-versy. That'll get the text moving down the page. GO!
we have to blog today to get that scary picture out of here.
Matt ass nice.
steve, that's not what my dad said. He said homework is for POSERS. You obviously need a lesson in butch lingo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

homework is for SUCKERS. that's what butch benzine told me, anyway.
Fuck. Wrong blog. Again.
I feel like crap-ola. No drinky for me.
d, i'll probably get a beer, depending on how much homework i can get done today.
c'est vrai

what's going on tonight? wanna drink a beer? anyone playing at stagedoor?
you can keep it for wwb and the actual blogger page, and that's all that really matters.
i don't get it, oh you mean that missing picture thing above my name? lame... i like this name... :|
d! you're killing us!
also, we need to talk to colony of watts and vox humana and whomever about be featured on the new album. should we tell people to show up at like 2?

and djork, can you change your nickname back to d? it's messes up our actual dpc page when you switch it.
soup taped the simpsons for me from sunday night, so people can watch it whenever i get the tape home. thanks soup!
we might also be in today's capitol something something times as we got intereviewed at the art spiegelman lecture last night.
AND they have some of david lynch's tandem press monoprints up in display in the memorial library circulation area.

Monday, November 10, 2003

YaY! A new album. I want one! Hurry the hell up!
Edit: Mtn Dew
You mean Mountain Dew Code Red (I know it's manufactured by Pepsi, but GET IT RIGHT)
Oh, yeah, my camera. Please take good care of it, Nate.

Now, I have to go make the best sublet ad ever for The Cardinal. I think I will take a cue from Pepsi's Code Red and do some "Urban Youth Marketing." ART TIME!
everything's paid up
on friday night, we went to quasi. to make a long story short, i told janet how awesome she was and she gave me a free shirt and i will be sending her the hella poster me and janel did. it blew my mind.
pictures from recording should be up shortly.
D- on sunday, we recorded little bird in two takes. The rest of the music was recorded and most of craig's vocals are done. I think we have stick and carrot and shallow inland sea left. after that we have back up vocals, a few over dubs, and mixing. Which should be done next saturday.

let me say this, Wendy Schneider is a great person and, if anyone ever asks me where to record, I will suggest none other than Wendy Schneider at Coney Island.

I could be a spokesmodel.
wait, kat do you have a new email address now? no longer using the old one?
I love four square. I hate four square with Matt though, he always does chicken foot and cherry bombs. Stupid jerk.

Anyway I want to hear about yesterday. Did you get what you wanted done? Little Bird? Did you get it right? This is supposed to be a diary, but all I ever read is SPAM.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

who loves four square?? remember playing that back in the day?? welll my sister is in a four square tournament at her college, to fundraise for the childrens hospital. the thing is though, she needs to send 100 ppl a letter seeing if the can donate, she has to do 100 so she can go to the national tournament. if any of you would be willing to let her send you a letter, (you don't even have to donate at all, but if you can donate even a dollar that would rule), please let me know, and email me your address, my email is: hope you all had a good weekend! i had a blast. smooches. ~ kat
Your recording session better have gone well cause you have to do your part to defeat The Red Menace
we missed the eclipse tonight cuz of recording!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, wasn't the eclipse around the same time as our "Little Bird" fiasco? Kinda makes you wonder....

Saturday, November 08, 2003

back from recording

forth to sleep
yo, someone e-mail me the lyrics to "sexy terrorist" as soon as possible, it is Very Important. steve at sleevestar dot com, OR sleevestar at hotmail dot corn.
Maybe if you all change the band name to Blackhawk Pony Club you would no longer be so fucking mediocre anymore.
give it back to the people!

Friday, November 07, 2003

the true origin of our name . . . straight from the horse's mouth.

this is an email we received:

"Driftless pony Club is the name of a youth horse club which changed its name in the early 90/s to Blackhawk Pony Club.  All left over t-shirts were donated to goodwill several years ago.  I was the regional director for this club and just wanted to let you know that I found your use of the name funny.  The name was changed because many members felt that it conveyed a less than competitive picture of a group which was highly competitive in the areas of eventing.  The name was originally adopted to describe the area of the country we were located in, which is the Driftless area of the ice age glacier in southern WI?  The glacier deposited a large drift which exists today.  After adopting the Name Blackhawk Pony Club the members went on to compete and win national events no longer being so mediocre

Just wanted to give you a little history on your name."

the name of the emailer has been withheld to protect the innocent.
back from the studio.

forth to the echo.
That list of scary moments is impressively accurate to me...
It's pretty brilliant. What it does is every time there's a bank transaction where interest is computed, you know, thousands a day? The computer ends up with these fractions of a cent, which it usually rounds off. What this does is takes those little remainders and puts them into an account.
This sounds familiar.
Yeah, they did it in Superman 3.
Underrated movie, actually. Plus a bunch of hackers did it in the 70's. One of em got busted
my god, I couldn't watch superman III. I hated when superman went bad. And I couldn't finish watching Alice either. Super scary. I remember the pulsating tree root monster from Space Quest II. Don't remember the Bert and Ernie thing though. Oh yeah, couldn't watch thriller or the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz either. scared.
so i just stumble upon a list of this guy's top ten childhood fears, which is alright. but the update at the very bottom is the best part, because this always freaked me out and whenever i try to tell people about it, they have idea what i am talking about. BUT IT DOES EXIST!

snaring sunbeams on the Moon and transforming that solar power into electric gold for mankind
stv: we want to promote it on the 26th, but we're gonna have to burn the cds so we'll probably need it several days before.

has anyone seen my mekons rock n roll cd?
i am gonna be home early, so i don't think i'll have to meet you at coney anymore.
Wendy's expecting us at six sharp. I hear she has a large cane whip if we get off track.

STV: Could you finish it by Nov. 26th? We wanted to push it at our show that day.

Where the fuck IS doc grip?
hey DPC, what's the time frame look like for me getting this remix to you? as in what's my deadline

Charlie, you should watch this:

bought the new David Cross documentary "Let America Laugh". It's hilarious. Charlie, you should watch this.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

last night I dreamt that we were riding horses on a special dirt path, and it only took 2 hours to get to San Francisco. A crazy dream, or a metaphorical prediction of future society?
Last night, I think I might have complimented that "make me over" song by Hole.

I'm so embarrassed
mabel's in the top ten.
the link didn't work
oh. what happened, did one of nate's finally crack?
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! I guess I'm not playing euchre tonight. And we're the ones borrowing the crash cymbal from Colony of Watts.
ok your turn biz
i am going to be going to dinner for my mom's birthday at 6:30. i guess i can't practice untill after that. also, why are we the ones that are picking up the cymbal? it seems like the way things should work is that the person borrowing the cymbal would return it when they were done.
hahahaha Djörk!
don't worry about, i was figuring on it just being returned late. and you is switch your blog name to djork, i'll switch mine to the slight mispelling.
dpc - can someone please get the cymbal? i will probably be home around 8 or 8:30, i have to go to litho demo after class tonight.
I like the name djork thanks! I should use it...
I'm at work DUDE. Sorry, can you call them and ask for a little extension? I can come home for lunch, but I don't think I'll have time to run it down there... otherwise I can after work? Sorry man, I thought it was a 5 day.
djork: the mouse is gone, he escaped when i tried to put him in a smaller jar. he then chased his tail for 5 minutes on our porch. can you return m2 or can you give it back to me to return? i think it is due at four star in 40 minutes.
Nate: Sorry, friend. I didn't know drummers had capos. I'll call you later. Do you still have my mouse?
ATTN d: Stop being such a fucking jerk.
attn: d. you can borrow mine, jerk.
Attn: Craig, Matt, Ian! Do any of you have a capo I could borrow for a bit?
so, could some one stop by colony's house after 5 and get the crash cymbal?

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

FInd two reviews of the article and evaluate the evaluations. Write a review of the reviews of the article. Why the hell am I paying for this shit, Im just gonna end up in the gutter with a needle in my arm anyway, N. Sixx style
One time I met eyes with this raccoon in a tree outside my window, but he didn't come talk to me so I figured he wasn't interested.
BE WARNED: the occupants of 427 w. wilson have been invited to the blog.
we gotta get that new DPC album done soon so you don't die, tron. And yes, Vox Humana's bassist is named Adam, and yes, he is hot. No he is not on the blog. He should be on the blog and we should have a huge picture of his beautiful face on the front page of our website.
hey jon, where are you guys right now? hope you're having fun.
contradictory relationships that reveal that verity is ambigious
Who wants to hear something funny? My friend Catherine in Rochester saw Vox Humana play at a local venue. She called me up afterward and asked, "Have you ever seen Vox Humana?!" I told her yeah and that I thought they were very cool, and she goes, "Their bassist is soooo hot." Hahaha! She also said that their eyes met at one point, but he never came to talk to her, so she figured he wasn't interested.

I've met the kid, I think his name is Adam? Is he on this blög? I want to show him a pic of her... see if he remembers. They should hook up.
here's some lessons for all you lame asses..
If I got stuck in that shit "quicksand" I would put in the new DPC album and fucking rock out until the sun went down....then id get the hell out of there.

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Actually there arent really any cases of people actually dying from being sucked under quicksand. Most people die of exposure or dehydration after they get stuck in quick sand and cant get out. Me Id probably bite my legs off and get the hell out of there.
i saw jer on sunday at b-side. he is living in chicago now, and he was just in town for halloween.
what happened to bicycle day's new cd? i miss seeing those guys.
fitch just e-mailed me and asked if you die in quicksand, is it considered drowning? I say we conduct an experiment on steve for not being able to practice.

the debt is paid, ion, and the bank account is plentiful.
hey matt. i am upstairs. come visit me re: keyboard parts to songs dude. hey bobby!
the recording tape and dat tapes have been ordered. it's waiting for us at full compass.
I can't practice tonight. Sorry guys.
i can practice.
has everybody been gettting their money together so that we can pay for this, and has the band account been payed back all the money that has been borrowed from it? i don't want to pull a boogie nights.
also, have we gotten recording tape yet?
I can practice at seven tonight.
I can practice at seven tonight.
can we practice at seven tonight?
that frog is on my desktop at work. that's so last month.
ah, first post of the day

Monday, November 03, 2003

i was there, i just didn't get my picture taken.
please update your histories accordingly.
Nice pictures...makes me and Sarah miss Madison but what are you going to do.
Craig- Awesome costume. Very Unique, funny, and well done. Bravo to you sir!
Nate- You looked very cute in that bunny costume.
Matt- What the hell? However funny none the less
Janel- Very funny. You were so white trash
Ian- So I see you did not participate in the festivities this are dead to me now. (As Matt would say)
Overall a great job! Wish I (we) could have been there
for pictures of the DPC in action, as well as Tha 446 and halloween costumes go here. (I'm Scrooge McDuck)
Tonite I ordered Pad Thai (without peanuts). It was good.

Micah- Get the Simpsons Hit and Run game....Its a fun game with loads of Simpson fodder. You can be Homer, Bart, Lisa, Marge, Apu and Grandpa Simpson. Plus you can interact with a lot of Simpson characters. Fun and Funny! Essentially its like DTA but in Springfield.

Love Those Cranes!!
Sorry, Craig. I have only talked with Nate about his obessions with cranes. I didn't know it was a Doty Ranch collective obsession. ALL CAN ENJOY!
Someone tell Steven/Melissa I'm sorry if their kitchen floor is littered with 446 CDs. It's Stanger's fault.
why does it have to be confidential to nate, JP. I like cranes too! (safe for work; take a look!)
D Porn! (Safe for work, take a look!)

By the way, Doty Ranch Blog administrators:
I believe an invite is decidedly necessary?
Telephone Sex! (Safe for work, take a look!)
Conifidential to Nate: Crane Porn! (Safe for work, take a look!)

Sunday, November 02, 2003

DPC is a good band. And they are cool also.

By Steve
Damnit!!!!! Why do I love The Good Gospel Truth soooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know someday they'll break my heart.
the good gospel truth has a new song out. you can download it at the black label empire website.
I want a cake shapped like THA 446, BIZ!!!!!!!!!
or this:
I want a cake shaped like mount vesuvius
Thanks d, and everyone who was at the show. Tha 446 is back!!!! There were tons of bands last night. I particularily enjoyed Southerly, If Then Else, that delay pedal guy (Toyndai Braxton or something), and of course... Tha 446.
I love the DPC! That was the best shit yet... and I wasn't even drunk!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

someone broke my duck beak!!

Show tonight at the Orpheum Stagedoor. Starts at 8. We go on at like 12:30. There's 7 bands. $8 at the door. BOOZE. Three brand new songs and two still quite new songs!!!
someone stole my dinosawr head.

you're dead to me