Wednesday, December 31, 2003

oh yes oh yes everyone should come to the 'pheum...caro and apg, if you want to go to the 'pheum at some point, let me know. i will be at bekahs at some point with sherock. i can figure out a way to get you in...i will see alllll of you at bekahs most likely. :) and matt, yeah man you should stop being such a fat ass!?!?! ;-) he he he. just kidding. where is the sparkly dress and tiara matt? put it on, and i'll buy you drinks sometime.....
My plans include Bekah's and maybe the Orpheum and the Colony of Watts house. APG will be with me if I ever find her!
Is everyone going to Bekah's house tonight and to the Orpheum?
Also- every zoo sucks
The Lincoln Park Zoo is what really sucks.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

How can anyone hate Linkin Park?
right column, 2nd clipping. i hope these guys come back sometime soon.
guys, I just heard that Linkin Park, POD, and Hoobastank are going to be in Madison on January 30th. This marriage of perfect musicianship can not be missed. We must cancel our MN shows, even the 31st and the 1st because we will need a rest from all of the amazement.

p.s. i really really fuckin hate linkin park!!!!!!!!!!!!
kat: HOW MUCH?
damn. sorry matt. but hey, you can still wear a sparkly dress and get trashed, in fact i would pay money to see you wearing a sparkly dress and a tiara. :)

Monday, December 29, 2003


Sunday, December 28, 2003

hey, what is everyone doing for new years?? please tell me. i plan on getting very trashed and wearing a sparkly dress...anyone else down with that and where are you going. smooches. ~ k
peanut butter M&M's are the shit!

Friday, December 26, 2003


Micah: I must say that Peanut Butter M & Ms put everything else to shame ...
I don't see how someone can be so bold as to state that M&M's are the only candy with a thin candy shell, completely disregarding the presence of Reese's Pieces, of which Pieces are clearly the winner of the thin candy shell war. Peanut Butter M&M's are a tragedy.
stop bickering you guys, that's not the holiday spirit. I THINK BUTCH BENZINE WOULD AGREE WITH ME!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

matt: charlie chaplin
also, i got punch drunk love on dvd from my parents for no appereant reason for christmas.
also, also, i went over the mabel site to figure out how to spell montmartre and they happen to have a new website that's pretty cool.
my plane is supposed to be back in madison at 9:30 pm, then maybe some drinking?
nate: you book the show then
merry christmas everybody! wait until you see the ridiculous hat and scarf my parents got for me from the gap. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! i mean, thanks mom & dad.
we actually talked about having a basement show sometime in January. Not sure there's a ton better places to play than the klinic. it's supposed to be great. Plus, kurmudgeon and colony of watts want to play it. I might be around saturday night.

i hope kyle is having an excellent christmas. i wonder if assholes can do that.
so, no posters yet? craig, what did katy get you? what's happening on january 3rd? is anyone going to be around saturday night that might be able to give me a ride home from the airport?
[edit: this was edited before it hit the main page.]
did anyone ever notice how sxe craig looks under the light of a christmas tree? no? didn't think so.
all is well....santa countdown = 5 hours. merry christmas/happy hannukah/happy kwaanza! (sp on all of that. i SUCK at spelling) do i have a lot to be grateful for? i should say so. (sorry, holidays make me emotional and contemplative) you guys i love. *mwah*

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

i'm coming to madison on the 31st to get myself drunken in a completly new manner of wine drinking... i've gotten better at it... france and all... see you all soon....kat, i'll call you on fri or so..
cex is your friendster?
nate, you are going to flip out and maybe even hurt yourself when you discover what katy got me for christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

APG - call me at my rents if you get this in the next couple of days. 608 845 9674. i will be there till thurs night, or call me at one of my many jobs (try orpheum the weekend after christmas) please do sweet thang, we gots to talk! :) 2 days till santa comes! yippeeee! (i am over the flu. that is the best gift ever)
Nate: I forgot to tell you that Rjyan, after months, accepted me as a friendster. What a tease.

JP: I just realized I forgot to leave my number when I called you ... it's 608 FUCK YOU
have my fucking posters shown up yet?
also merry christmas!
i think i am coming home saturday instead of sunday now. florida is boring.

Monday, December 22, 2003

d- commence pistol whipping
His name is Gimlee -- and your head will roll across the Doty Ranch floor before you disrespect him again.
LOTR: ROTK- Nate would be the dwarf

Craig: Would I be Legolas? (correct answer: yes)
ok, so here is the deal...anyone who has been around me in the past 5 days...i am reallllly sorry if you get sick. i have influenza (you know, the kind that's killing all the babies)... i'm sorry! :( i'm not contagious now...but well i was. ugh. seriously, if any of you feel just like it's a sore throat...go to the doctor right away! it gets worse, trust me. i am on pain killers and flu meds. so sorry if i made anyone sick! :( really sorry. love,
~ kat
i think if i were a Lord of the Rings character, I would be Samwise Gamgee, only not as fat. Janel would be Liv Tyler's character, Ian would be that king that was going to burn his son alive, and Matt would be Gollum.

I take that back, I would be as fat.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

see you in a week, madison.

Saturday, December 20, 2003



whistle (tip)
jp got me this for christmas. THANKS JP! YOU'RE AWESOME!
Matt's a little queer.

Friday, December 19, 2003

goddamn the cd is done . . . sort of

you can listen to some of it in audio
i leave for one day and the blog is taken advantage of. I kept my eye on Dr. AA and STV SLV since their first blog, watching out for this type of behavior. I feel that if we're not careful, another war will be upon us.
those are your choose, these are my choose, we got choo-choos
i choo choo choose you!
jason: shoes
j ---> @-'-,----- ;-)
stv: sox


d ---> >:P
hey d, why don't you take the express train back to LIARVILLE

jason: what r u wearing


micah who R U this is a private chat room

If anyone reads this in the next hour or so, go get me a bacon cheeseburger. And bring it to my house. I am hungry.
wait i was just gone for a second, COME BACK

: )



fine stv i'm leaving this chatroom
just download it later to my aol, OK?

i have to go print something out on my printer and another printer

any ladies wanna cyber IM me
police shot my dad
police navidad

Thursday, December 18, 2003

thanx, everyone who came to our show last night, and thanx to May or May Not. And thanx to steve for letting us sleep in his apartment and show us the bars and the Doughnuts. It was a good time. sorry for being too loud.
Thank you Matt and d for your assistance. It was greatly appreciated. Everyone have a wonderfully merry Christmas or holiday season and I will be thinking of all of you while on the beach. Well, some of you anyway. A special shout out to Kat who is taking care of megadeath and basil. Love You Kat!!
oh, if you ever meet Sam's dad, you can call him either "Dad" or "Mr. Grant"
heh heh see here I'm now by myself, uh erm talking to myself! Now that's chaos theory...
She-rock: I fixed your box. DON'T EVER CHANGE YOUR NAME AGAIN!
67 shows! i think that's a prime number
she-rock: I'll fix the X in your box as soon as I figure out how
yes i meant jp... sry joyed keyboards here.. blech
tequila cat

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

hey kids...hope you liked the cookies...i dropped them off on my way out of town this morning. good luck at the show and ill sees yas in a few weeks! ciao bambini!
and if your box has an x in it, then you've been sleeping with the wrong guys
Everyone's in Chicago for the DPC show EXCEPT ME BECAUSE MY ID IS LOST.
Hey whats going on tonight? And how do I get rid of the box with the x in it?
Aside from drums, what else is the DPC bringing? We got you covered on that bass amp, but probably want to use whatever guitar amp you're bringing.
Passport should work.
Steve wins the prize for naming the song, but the prize is then immediately retracted due to his calling me out as a liar on the WWB, thereby ruining all my fun. SOMETIMES TELLING THE TRUTH IS HARDER THAN LYING.

PPS: I may or may not have a passport. Does this work?
RETINAL SCANS! Yes, but you need an ID to go along with the scan.

"Does Anyone Care" may or may not be by the Cranberries
who ever left us cookies - thanks!
d-- I don't think you need IDs in chicago

they have retina scanners

right, stv?
i think MMW is pretty sweet if you're [*][*][*]

which is why i listened to them pretty often in college.
1.21 records?
maybe....but now i am confused.
Nate: Don't you mean "I wouldn't mind having a name by which people wouldn't be confused after hearing -- unlike, say, Driftless Pony Club"?
i wouldn't mind having a name that people aren't confused after they hear...unlike say, driftless pony club.
record label name: "what we should we"
Call it: The Booty Ranch
only if we can recklessly fill it with drunk dotyites.

what we should we name our record label/collective?
Nate- Sadly the landlord was finally able to fix the heat. No more hot tub, but 427 does have a bath tub if you are interested?

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

I was searching the internet for pictures of Matt Weber and found THIS:

Actually, no, jerk: It's yr god-given right to beat the crap out of yr siblings.

Anyway, Nate: Congrats on the namecheck in the GP forum. But AA to be considered Breakout Artists of 2003? That's like nominating Fountains of Wayne for the Best New Artist award at the Grammys. OH WAIT.
well, it's no hotel room, but it'll do
I'm a proud owner of the good gospel truth! it's time for a praise-the-lord-a-thon!!

just when you thought the wisconsin management co. couldn't get any nicer, they send us christmas gift cards again!!!
Thats crap, its an older sibling's god-given right to force opinion upon the younger siblings.
the address is it looks like the smallest run they can do is 500 for $700.... so it probably won't do us any good... one interesting thing might be to buy the cds bulk from them to get them with a color silkscreen print. for 500, it is $.75 per cd. then we could package them ourselves.
where was it duplicated?
the new charlemane cds got delivered to the catacombs yesterday. jonny gave me one, and i'll show it to you guys. they look really professional. a girl from planet propaganda did the art layout work. and the production sounds really neat. carl recorded with the guy from his & her vanities and then mixed it at smart. it was mastered at colossal. anyways, they duplicated to cdr with diamond cases. the cdrs have full color printing on them. everything was shrinkwrapped with the sticky anti-theft thing holding the case together ( which also read "charlemane" and had the bar code). i haven't checked out the website for the duplicator, but i wonder what the smallest run they can do is. and how much it is. cause the professionalism kind of blew me away.
you mean jp? anyways, the point is moot since i decided ben really needs the new postal service album.

also, rails and wings love here and here. it's stupid but i am glad that people outside of madison actually made a point of remembering our name.
influence, shminfluence
nate, i think that jd is the voice of obscene amounts of reason... you should listen
yeah, i am not saying they're not good, but i don't think my brother would like them and if i can avoid any exposure to them over break by not getting it for him, good. he has a tendency to not take things out of his cd player for days at a time. he might like some of the less laid back tortoise stuff though.
Yeah, so, you have no love for them, but they're still a good band. Yr brother might have love for them. I think it's kind of egotistical to determine what music is okay / not okay for yr sibling to listen to.

Anyway, how about TORTOISE? Or JAGA JAZZIST (aka the Norwegian Weather Report)?
craig, i am trying to be a good influence.
ummm, i have no love for MMW.
i think what your brother really needs is DPC's Janel
What's wrong with MMW? Hrmmmm?
mix cd might be the way to go. as far as the YYY"S go, he said he actually liked 5/11 songs on the cd, which is about right when i think about it. i think it was more the singing style than the music. he got the bela fleck form my dad, who also pushed pat methany on us so all the kids are familiar with the instrumenal. i think he could handle hella, but i am not giving him medeski martin and wood. i got to figure out what to give my sister too, since she is into indie rap and i am not sure what she has.

i don't think he'd be about the matmos either, i think concept glitch is a little over his head.

new favorite library! geography has a bunch of wierd hidden stacks and desks, is quiet, looks like you'd expect a university library, and some guy a table over is tapping his foot and flaunting the fact he is listening to us3.

Nate: Broadway went way under. The occasional used CD discovery long ago became a thing of the past. They were though the only decent Rochester resource for vinyl ... but again ... the selection was not really on rotation and the internet still offered better options.

Ben B would be all about Saule and Matmos.
RAILS: If yr bro thought YYYs was too much, I bet Hella and LB would be too (after all, even though they're instrumental, they're not even remotely close to Bela). I would suggest Medeski Martin and Wood if he's into Bela.

BUT, if there's anything I learned, you cannot force yr musical taste on a younger sibling. My lil' sister never took to Public Enemy or Atmosphere, but that's okay, cos I get to raid her collection of TuPac and Chingy albums. Make him a mix CD of stuff you'd think he'd like and then get him a gift certificate to or something. That way, he can buy the stuff he likes off yr mix.
godspeed: my brother doesn't have the attention span for that kind of thing. and i don't think he would get the darkness and anyway, i want to be a somewhat good influence on him.

broadway: yeah, that does suck, but they did have a decent used cd occasionally. and don't forget trudging down there in middle school to get pumpkin boots.

what should i do for lunch today?
Cesto gave them a bunch of their Simneed in a Tins to sell back in the day. Broadway sold them all, but then refused to give Cesto a cut of the profit (as was agreed) because they had no written records of the exchange. So Cesto basically donated dozens of CDs to the store, the store sold them for $7 each or whatever, keeping every penny. Bullshit. Some of the guys who worked there (Jay and Erik) were definitely all right guys ... giving me discounts and such. The owners were downright scandalous though. I'm all for supporting the local shops, but not when they're doing what they're doing to a bunch of high school kids. Forget about it.

Rochester can still get their CDs for even cheaper on the internet. Fuck Rochester anyway. I'm sick of hearing about it. Chicago is my new/old hometown.
why not godspeed? or maybe more instrumentals will be too much as well. how about the darkness?
how did they steal from cesto?
i emailed my brother last night to see what he was listening to these days so i could figure what cd to educate with this year. he said the last three cd's he had bought were hail to the thief, bela fleck and flecktones, and something else. he had also bought the yeah yeah yeahs but said it was a little too much for him. i think i should get him hella since he obvious digs the instrumentals (ie bela) or should i just go straight to lightning bolt?
i have to work until four and i am counting on the blog to keep my occupied. go blog go!
"If Johnny Cash is a redneck, I don't want to be any other colored neck"
--craig benzine

Monday, December 15, 2003

who cares? they stole from our good friends cesto.
D- why the fuck didn't you tell me broadway recs closed down?
i lost my id. can't come on wed.
I'm right here nate. I'll be taking one huge nap when i get home from work. maybe, hopefully, it'll go until tomorrow morning.
where's anybody at?
i think i messed my knee up last night jumping in to the pool. where's jon and she-ra at? i hope their heat is still out.
I was in a hot tub last night!!!
you can now download our new single/promo "i pistol whipped him and told him to try harder. he never disrespected me again." it's got the one new song, an acoustic demo (with janel singing backup), and a remix by this guy.

the only thing missing is the buchanan's ridiculously good artwork, but maybe we'll put that up as a download file.
so, download it if you don't have it.
driftless pony chumps, re: wednesday. i would suggest getting to phyllis' around 7:30 or 8:00 pm. SEE YOU THEN.

EDIT: phyllis' is 21+
pool party!

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Yes yes, global warming, or just another part of the planet.. i saw thirteen tonight, it was fucked up... Im coming home on friday.. brace yourselves
i was cleaning out my room when i stumbled upon a writing excercise from my first year at school. another guy and i had to work together on it for introduction to public speaking. the following is a transcription:

1. We had been together for over a year. Through good times, but mostly bad.


2. Today is the blackest day of my life. Today shall be remembered as


3. The charred body lay still in its "oven of death".

4. This day, Tuesday, is as black as dialated pupils.

5. As I ran into the house, which I had just set ablaze, I stopped to pick up her black baby chimpanzee and left her to listen to her walkman and the crackling flames.

6. She thought she couldn't burn, but she did.

7. Her clothes, that had been soaked in* Kerosene, did not help matters. (* the stink of)

8. She had been with a man, a man other than me.

9. "Whoosh!" The house blew me out with my chimp in my arms.

10. The chimp cuddled closely as I caressed its cute semi-crushed cranium.

11. As the house burned down, our love and passion burned as well; never to ignite again.

As the embers slowly waned cold, I felt my love for her grow cold as well.

12. No cremation was needed as fate had intended her to be.

13. "The rodents, varments, and bacterium fled the wreckage with the speed of a chimpanzee."

14. "Fire burns," she stated in a monotonous tone.

15. For this funeral speech, I did not cry, I did not mourn, I did not lie. But I did write my feelings for her.

16. That is why this day will be known as "BLACK TUESDAY".
just in time for christmas!
Please please please let us now have that Saddam/GW Bush boxing match.

Go to the Tenant Resource Center. They helped us out when our landlord was being a dick. It is at 1202 WIlliamson Street. You can just walk in and talk to someone. They actually have some clout with the landlords and the city too. And you can defintiely withold rent for not having any heat. If you got the cashiers checks at a bank, the bank should have a record of the transaction.
dear blogger,
tonight the heat in our apartment went out for the rest of the weekend so our friendly renting agency put us up in the inn on the park until jonathan
Kat, I'm pretty sure you can withold rent for the heat not being on. You also cannot be actually evicted without a court order so you can buy time by simply doing nothing. I tried to find some more concrete info for you here but there really isn't any good info on the sight. Regardless, I've known people who have consulted with Tenant Resource in Madison with good results, so I thing you should research and know your rights. Don't be bullied out of your apartment when you are not at fault. Madison downtown housing is run by exploitive dicks and I'm sorry you have to deal with it.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

fuck. so i am completely fucked right now. my landlord is retaliating against us because we got him in trouble with the building inspector for not having heat for two months (amongst many other problems) he is also claiming i owe him two months rent (which i don't...i only owe him one months rent)...and since i havepaid him in cash and cashiers checks, i have no way to prove this. i need a loan fast (i have the money, or will have the money, just not in 4 days) does anyone know where i can get a loan for 500 dollars in 4 days? i am going to be any advice or ideas would be grand. thanks kids! oh also,we want to get out of our any advice or ideas or loopholes on how to do that legally would be good too. thanks. ~ k
i dreamt that i saw a train full of people stop and then after a few seconds, tip over. Some cars on the train had no roof and people started falling over. In another dream, i put in a cd and discovered it to be everyone who used to live in 445 singing a cover of Eleanor Rigby. Then I woke up alone.
Yeah, you did. That was awesome, thank you.
Did we steal a pizza for soup last night? we like robin hood

Friday, December 12, 2003

apg - global warming is a beautiful thing, no? That's probably the reason for all those exciting floods! Keep polluting and maybe we'll be rained out of classes here, too!!!
CONFIRMED: We have a table for six waiting for us at the Esquire at 8pm. (Jp, Soup, Nate, Frank sans Katie, Matt and Janel). If the latter two don't show up, we have extra space. HOLLA!
the same underwear matt wore yesterday
i wore a tank top today... what did you wear?
this was on the wst wsh blog:

Top Nine Cities I visted this year

1. Berekely, CA
2. Port St. Lucie, FL
3. St. Paul, MN
4. Milwaukee, WI
5. Orlando, FL
6. Madison, WI
7. Beloit, WI
8. Owatanna, MN
9. San Franciso, CA

maybe he spelled it wrong, but i don't hold it against him. why should you?
this is seriously blowing my mind.
hod dy heam gurts
head my god hurts
god my head hurts

Thursday, December 11, 2003

CHARLIE TELL US ABOUT YOUR SHOW!!! in detail please.
Here's your picture MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!
I love(miss) the smell of photo chemicals.
my hands smell like photo chemicals again... oh the stench
d - i completely forgot about that until now. thanks.

soup - the anchor inn. at 10.
i look at my watch and it's a quarter to one ... uhhhhn ... i cummed

If I were in town tomorrow, I'd definitely be at the Frogs' show.

Matt, tell me or I'll take your hat.
okay, so the frogs are playing at mother fool's coffeehouse tomorrow night. god help us. i am going to head over there and then cut over to the corral room to see the super eights and the shivers afterwards. anybody else in?

craig, it's "who's sucking on grandpa's balls since grandma ain't home tonight?" track 19.
I'd like to catch that show, where is it?
I heard someone coughing outside and i thought it was nate. but, alas, it was someone else.

d: that information is classified
I'll go see colony of watts tonight.

I work down the hall from danny krill. I saw him today. nate and i must be brothers.
some jerk just threw a pen at me. luckily she was pretty cute, otherwise a fight would have broken out. off to class.
I think i just saw Matt walk by my apt. Verification?

She-Ra - If you share a computer with Jon, he might have accidently blogged under your name last night.

paper=done. last time i was at this computer lab, i was across from matt locher from solid gold. today i am across from the krill who isn't danny from the danny krill band.
You really shouldn't do that when you think no one is watching.
wait, wait, wait
Someone is impersonating me! I was not on the blog last night and I did not hear Micah.
A reward goes out to whoever catches the shari wannabe
Am I creeping you out yet?
You're on a Macintosh. By the window.
Confidential to Nate: I see you.
i am currently trying to write a paper that might be due in 40 minutes. i am not really sure. and i am at helen c. white computer lab. looking at the lake. and checking out blogger. basically, i am just trying to see who is going to see COLONY OF WHATS and us tonight. whoo!
Since we're posting pictures, I'll post this:

Download a PDF of this flyer and hang it up everywhere. Or don't. (Here's a larger preview GIF, without slightly distorted text)

[ Author's Note: I made this EXACT SAME post on, except for the part I'm writing right now, so I'd like to use this space to send a shoutout to Butch Benzine ]

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

this monkey rules you
micah, i heard you the first time
I guess I just needed to reiterate (sp?) my anger. By the way, who was the one that told Mother Nature it was still OK to let it snow in December.
micah, I heard you the first time.
SLV: Want me to post a picture of my ass?
Well there goes the end to my happiness for the next 3-4 months.
D, you and your fabrications. THE BLOG LIVES!
Caro: STVSLV forgot to pay the bill AGAIN.
what happened to the west wash blog??

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

add another three

Monday, December 08, 2003

add three more to the list

i'm on a killing spree.
You've been scheduled to have my foot up yo' ass. Echo Tap tonight, bra.
We've been scheduled for mastering at colossal on Friday December 19 at noon. mark it
i got em.

broke its spine too.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

charlie: i want to hear about your show.
the joys of dodging dog shit under your feet

Saturday, December 06, 2003

you're a flower-crusher????
Craig what's with you and Jurassic Park anyway?
Is everyone coming to the wonderful Skye's house tonight?
Micah- the dead, bleeding pig will not leave me alone
last night I dreamt that we walked by some talking horses. One of the horses was voiced by Sam Neill. The other one couldn't talk very well. Matt said that all horses could talk, sort of.

what are you talking about, janel? That is sooooooooo rude.
hey craig, remember when you ruthlessly crushed that innocent flower at the elderly care center?

Friday, December 05, 2003

"you've got a lure i can't deny....." the cats are licking each other...does that mean they are gay?? i best be seeing some of you fools at the mabel's going to be fab. ok i'm done rambling. ciao. ~ k

ps my email has changed if any of you's
Charlie -- I'm sorry the weather may have a sour turn on yr debut. Hopefully, it'll all work out.
Does anyone still have the address of the Anti-DPC webpage.

Good luck Charlie.
booty ranch 4eva
janel, i didn't know that you had an art opening tomorrow. where is it at?
Will someone please change this Blog's name to "The Booty Ranch"?

hey ian. the textile open house is from 4-6pm. also during this time, i'm going to dinner with my dad. so not sure if i'll be able to go with you. if you do go, and see kim, tell her to come to my art opening saturday 7-9
didn't beat it, but played it until 2 in the morning. What am I doing with my life?

learning how to spell my name.
Bloggin' from WHA! give it up

Criag-did you beat viewtiful joe?
hey charlie. charlie, don't go playing those avant-garde games with your audience tonight. i want straight, honest comedy. like in the old days.

if anyone is looking for something to do tonight, you can come see me at the catacombs. my first sans-dpc show, and i am nervous as shit. i should be playing first, sometime closely after 8pm. dietrich gosser and zach parker are playing as well as a group called castor and pollux. it's 5 bucks. watch me fuck up bad.
Matt: The NEw York Comedy Club on E. 24th St.
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM Friday December 5th
Starring, written by, directed and produced by: Charlie Johnson
Dan Akryod has a really hairy asshole and it took me a couple of times to squarely insert my erect penis into his asshole because my penis head got entangled in his nappy asshole hair. But after a snip there and a snip there with the ol' scissors it was clear sailing and FUCKING from there!
So in short yes I had Dan Akroyd and he had me.
Caroline Burke: Nice romping thingy! The most intersting thing I have seen on this website yet!
--------------------------Just kidding DPC!
Nate and JP: See you in a couple of days!
Ian: I'm thinking of you!
Craig: I masturbate to you.
I'll tell you guys how it went on Saturday Morning!

Thursday, December 04, 2003

prehistoric frolic
Worry not, my friends of the Doty Ranch blog ... for I care not what APG says to me. She is nothing but chameleon, obviously green with envy, like the rest of the freedom frogs, by which she finds herself surrounded.

1. Broadcast - Valerie
2. Broadcast - Pendulum
3. Broadcast - Man Is Not A Bird

Honorable Menschen: Tha 644: Hit Tha Ground
1. DPC - Sexy Terrorist (Special Olympxxx Remix)
2. The Shins - Mine's Not A High Horse
3. Atmosphere - Trying To Find A Balance

3. Paris Hilton, TX - Tha 446
2. Hey Ya - Outkast
1. Take The Weight Off - Good Gospel Truth
d- when i want your opinion i will give it to you.
charlie- good luck
Name yr top three singles of 2003 (tho, they don't have to be properly released as singles, e.g. Kelis "Milkshake") -- it's for my super, end-of-the-year (award-winning) radio show on WSUM. GO!
surprisingly, i have to work tomorrow morning. the afternoon would work for me.
well, tonight is euchre night. That's my conflict. That starts at 7. Tomorrow morning might be better, unless you want to film for like an hour this evening, too.
I can film!
alright: we can either film tonight after 5 or tomorrow morning. either way, someone (i think it's craig) will have to do about 15 minutes of shooting with janel tomorrow morning. i was thinking about starting tonight so i could possibly start editing tomorrow, but tomorrow is fine as well. i am going to class right now, so please discuss.
I thought we were filming on friday. But I am available after 5 today.
matt: filming?/??
Chay should apply to INTERPOL!

The international police organization or the band. whichever
i just ran into chay. he's graduating in two weeks, then appyling to work for the police department, then applying for law school. i am jealous.
craig and matt: are you guys available for filming after 5 then?
Kat should be a kind of goth girl too.
Nope, the KATMOBL belongs to a kind of goth girl. She used to park in front of our driveway sometimes, bitch.
Nate and Janel: Please quit it.

Liz: What cat? Cats don't do dishes. Your justifications are a stretch. Nate should just do the dishes ... I THINK THE AUDIENCE WOULD AGREE WITH ME ON THAT ONE.


Kat: I saw a Jetta (or Passat?) that had the license plate: KATMOBIL parked near my home. If this is your car, I'll tell you all the secret shit going down this weekend. PROMISE. If not, I'll just spend the rest of today prank-calling Paris Hilton. PROMISE.
janel blows.
i already talked to john and we are on for thursday.
confidential to JP: yeah, i messed up on the cap locks too, and that was after i read the article they supplied. CAPS LOCKS FOR SOME, SMALL AMERICAN FLAGS FOR ALL.
confidential to nate: I got 9/10 on this quiz. I should've known better about the UPPERCASE. CAPS LOCK ON MY ASS!
nate sucks.
john wants to meet with us next week to look at things we've done this semester. since you're apparently gone on monday, i said 11:30 Thursday the 11th of decembers will work. so get out of work early that day.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

no way charlie. that rocks my balls. soon we will be saying we knew you way back other news, i am home. entertain me. what's going on this weekend that i simply cannot miss??
hey, charlie, that's real cool. give us some more details. where is the show? how did you get it? Who did you fuck? Dan Akroyd?
Sorry Nate- Have been very busy lately....seeing as how I have my own one man show!!!!! Yes thats right my own one man show on Friday the 5th. I'll call you tommorow or you call me. It might be better if you call me. I'll be running around all over town. Wish be luck people I'll need every bit of it!
Get away, kitty
to further elaborate on the dish idea, after have recieved a good thrashing on it, i would like to clarify. Buying paper plates make out of recycled paper in super bulk from some place like sam's club would not be expensive, nor bad for the environment, as you are using recycled paper and paper is biodegradeable. the money could easily come from the soap that is not used, as well as the savings in the water bill from water that is not used washing the dishes, and the chemicals that are generally needed to make the dish area clean enough to enter cost money that you wont be needing to spend either. As for the irresponsibility issue, when i see a cat, i call it a cat. Besides, sometimes you need to make a sacrifice to not have a sink full of dirty, smelly, food-encrusted dishes.
appropriate response
As far as dishes are concerned, I always preferred the 445 method of assigning blame to each individual dish and then covering the old dishes up with new ones. And then smoking pot to forget about dishes. Or put them in their owner's beds.
But when you use bones you run the risk of a monolith sprouting from the sink in your kitchen. That sucks!
hey, i've learned to live without dishes. I use bones like the ape at the beginning of 2001. Bones are better because you can triumphantly throw them in the air when you have vanquished your quarry.
and they'd cost money.
Liz - That's the worst idea that's ever come from a Hust. Nate needs to learn to take responsibility, even when not responsible for that responsibility. What kind of father figure are you molding by settling with disposable kitchenware ... and they'd be bad for the environment.
I took care of my defunct check.

Liz, that would be bad for the environment.

It's really hard to type right now cuz i'm using one of those keyboards that are divided in half. it's really not a problem, except that I type the 'b' key with my right hand. apparently I'm supposed to use my left.
it is of my opinion that the upstairs of the doty ranch should invest in paper plates and plastic cups... thus converting dish doing energy into less energy of taking out the trash...
it is of course, just my opinion
yeah, i talked to janel about that last night and the zero forging was brought up as a possibility. she also said that craig wrote it out for 200.80 or something. where's sam at? he should be talking about how awesome the cure cover band's bass player is.
everthing has been corrected. After carfeul analysis of Nate's handwriting, I forged another zero onto his check.
nate, you wrote the wrong amount on your rent check! you made it out for $28.00
dishes will be done before i go to new york, but after i film my movie.

where's charlie at? what's happening in new york this weekend? we are still trying to figure out who we are staying with when, so i should call you, but i want to know what i have to look forward to.
those dishes better be done before you leave for new york.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

it never rained...
anybody want to go see the hat party tonight at luthers with me? they are playing with the german art students and the mosaics. it's $5 at 8pm and we can amble to somewhere else after that..
!.? Would be the name of an indie rock band trying to capture the general hipster population with their VERY UNIQUE NAME!!!

Have you ever considered encoding your movies and putting them on Matt's server?
what does an exclamation point, a period, and a question mark mean then?

anytime you wanna watch the movie, you can...but I'll be taking a nap this evening!.?
Ok smart guy.
Excited and antsy?
Ok ok ok... but what does an exclamation point, then a question mark, then another exclamation point mean?
Antsy and excited?
True true.... but what does a question mark, then an exclamation point, then another question mark mean?
no no no... three question marks means I'm getting antsy.... a question mark and an exclamation point would mean that I'm excited
Craig when can I watch your movies??? (three question marks means I'm excited)
i made my own spaghetti sauce last night and it's damn tasty!! you proud of me, mom?
i wanna be in france.

everybody, i am going to be an opener for the catacombs show on friday!
yeah, friday morning or afternoon will work.

I replied to Eric Bain and set a date for tonight at the Echo Tap at 10:15.
Good morning:
I write to them from the Race course of the Zarzuela in Madrid and wanted to put to me in contact with you to put a Pony Club in our race course. We told on 107 hectares in the best site from Madrid only 5 minutes of the center. If they were interested, I would like that they were put in contact with me.
Very been thankful.
Cristina Ester
yeah, friday afternoon would be after 5, if matt could do it, otherwise friday morning. what's going on with that guy tonight?
the president just closed all of the schools here because the weatherman just announced a huge down pour... wouldnt it be funny if he was wrong
nate, define "afternoon". If it's not after 5, then I vote friday morning.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Oh, man, I'm super excited about "The Simple Life." NEW FAVORITE SHOW!
tomorrow night is queer eye at 9 with food and sam's going to be there, so i say we move it to 10:15 dudes. how about thursday afternoon or friday morning video recording?
i can do it. but forget the music scene, let's talk about the season premiere of the new Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie show, which will have just aired. and let's talk at the Echo!!!!!!!
hey, can you hambres meet with Eric Bain tomorrow night around 9:30pm to talk about the local music scene? I can. if so, we must tell him which bar to meet at. My vote is for the rainbow room.
i could do it in the afternoon any time this week except wednesday.
Craig: Get a real job BUB

Matt: Keep up the great work!!!
That won't be easy, cuz I work from 10-5 and matt works from 4-9. Unless we do it on a day I don't work, which will probably be friday.
i need to film my movie this week, which means i need a) Craig b) Matt and c) Janel or another girl to all be in the house at the same time, for approximently an hour or an hour and a half. Help me out blog!
I think I burnt my tongue on that pizza! i should've rented a game.
where is everybody? i thought it was ten o'clock. but the clock says ten to three am. who knew?

just a touch of nocturnalitis