Saturday, January 31, 2004

She-Rock, I suggest you don't call it Paul's house when I am the one that is here. From now on you shall call it "Micah's Opium Den" Oh yeah and I concede defeat on the issue of the o.c.
my house is actually having an anti-valentine's day party on valentines day. Naturally, i won't be there until after the DPC CD Release show, but all of ya'll should come on out!

Shari - decided to leave a message on your phone afterall.
she rock, ghetto kitty is right here. hey asshats, when is someone having an f*ing party? (not that i am ever home anyways...but stil. i am beginning to miss you assholes. :) ) eau claire kids... my boys (the profits, the band i am doing merch for) have a show at the stones throw next friday, what is that venue like? and if any of you are in EC, you should go. ok, well see you guys never....xo ~ katers
Caroline- First, what time is Lost in Translation and is it only playing on Sunday? and Second I am going over to Paul's for the supper bowl. If you dont want to go there I will run it over to your house.
DPC was (the) shit last night -- for real.

"Worst band ever." - Ian Purvis
Shari - have not gotten any invites to this superbowl gathering, but I could be there provided the game doesn't go too late into the night because LOST IN TRANSLATION is at the Union!

Friday, January 30, 2004


*i still have no idea what that is
-d: You can have the A square to start...but keep in mind that i'll move my way to A and banish you forever to the D square. Get it? -d square? mwahahahahahaha.
D stuck his tongue up my nose last night.
don't pull that on me. I HAVE SENORITY!
Hey man -- it's quality, not chronology. BAM.
if it wasn't just to instigate drama, i'd probably have to fire you. don't forget, i've been working there longer than you.
Are you talking about his shades?

Confidential to Nate: Check out the TMT Convo. I just left an awesome post. Don't feel the need to reply -- it was just to instigate drama.
Oh My God
All you had to say was three men and a baby or three men and a little lady and I would have had it right a way.
Confession- I had to google him- I am so pathetic
Where in the world is Ghetto Kitty?
you send that CD directly to me
magic marker equals covered

if only we had enough bills to cover up the dirt
no, seriously, this is awesome.
wow. our cd looks awesome. COME GET ONE RIGHT NOW!
Ed dude EFF that. You're always doin' cherry bombs and chicken feet -- OK, only if I can start as king.


that is all.
matt, cover up the magic marker on the refrigerator with some bills before you leave. we better wait to ask elizabeth what it truly means before we try to wash it off.

everyone: change your nickname
BUTCH - where are you? you need to defend your good name.

Confusion- who is Butch Benzine and if thats not him in the picture, who could it be?
Caroline- Finding Nemo is still here and where will you be for the superbowl, cause if you are going to be where I am going to be, I could bring it.
matt: i just found out that uw has a dinosawr club. the email is
everybody: don't change your nickname. it messes everything up. please.
i'm going to some film festival in may
printing photos with frozen chemicals is impossible
with a wound like this, I could feed Audrey II for a week!
caroline, let me know your eeee mail and i will hook you up with the top secret access codes to JASON'S BLOG (confidential to jason: i think she actually meant "butch" and "benzine")

EDIT: never mind ... your message got directed into the junk mail folder because of its TOTALLY VULGAR subject line

Thursday, January 29, 2004

fuck and blog? wow
i like the way my name looks in capital letters, especially so near to the only two meaningful verbs in my life
There's a new girl on the blog -- AND LOOK WHO SHE BROUGHT WITH HER.

(hint: it's not Butch Benzine)
STV: I will taint your blog like it ain't no thang.
no preggers, lonely pony

if this doesn't work properly, copy and paste:
craig: DO IT. then we can RETROGRADE MOTION together on the WB the WWB!
since half of hangs out over here, i would like to remind all of you (except difficult matt, of course) that if you'd like to leave your digital droppings on westwash, you're more than welcome, just let me know your e-mail address, which i definitely won't use to sign up to receive FREE EMAIL PRON (unless your name is difficult matt)

Nate: um -- newER retrograde motion definition?

d - new retrograde motion definition.
shout out to butch b!
Matt thanks for relaying the message about Craig's car starting.
chkyreml stv
listen, listen, stv already filled me in on the retrograde motion. clearly you guys are talking about the horrible ahead-of-their-time grind-metal duo, that we played with in the depths of hell des moines.

i do not have chopped and screwed. GIVE IT UP TO ME STV SLV

i mean, homework is awesome
Lyyyndsy, sorry but the correct answer was 21.118712081942875902786237360985

Nate, you/Ben can have it for free. PS: It's not really that cool
Nate: Um ... retrograde motion?

stv: does jason have it or can i trade something for it?

cover star: it's my pleasure.

jason: do you have chewed and scrapped? i let you in on retrograde motion if you do.
You are alive: On the name, your first guess would probably be correct. Regarding the alphabet, 33 letters: 21 consonants, 10 vowels, and two letters without sound - soft sign and hard sign. Your pants, I didn't take them. Who are you?

Nate: It feels excellent. Thank you for making this a reality for me.

Steve: 446
GUS: no.
STV: is there anyway to get chopped and screwed via the internet?

AZN JZN: RETROGRADE MOTION is all about stars & stuff. or the benjamins, specifically ben hamilton and ben van steinburg.

we should make lindsay's black square/x be the album artwork.

lindsay: what is the square root of awesome

d/ben: 446 chopped & screwed is for real, minus the cover artwork

jason: this is the retrograde they keep talking about -- you may remember that FDF played with them in "some of these moines," iowa WHAT

everyone else: A/S/L
hey, somebody fill me in with this retrograde motion business. i don't get it. is this like, a white people joke that AZNs don't get, or something? CUZ I DON"T THINK IT"S FUNNY*

*because i don't get it.
craig, did you try to start you car in a retrograde motion or not let me know.
Good morning Craig how is your car starting? This morning is a good test if it is the battery or not let me know.
retrosuperfuckingheroesinahalfshellgrademotion, turtlepower.
lindsey: how does it feel to be a cover star?
d, you may try chris malec
lindsey: your NICKNAME needs to be cover girl.

craig: fucking RETROGRADE MOTION.

dpc: we need a copy of our cd to give to exclusive company to get more shows.

people: i wasn't so good tonight.
the yeah yeah yeahs are playing at the barrymore the same damn day as our luther's blues show!!!!!!!!!!!!! damnit on many levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey lindsay. What's your middle name? How many letter's are there in the Russian alphabet? Where's my pants?

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hello this is D from Lindsay's new blog account. She's too shy to make her own post! Someone ask her a question.
Does anyone know any excellent cellists in Madison?

Oh and SLV: Ben Stephenson wants to know if the screwed and twisted CD is legit. If so, he's fronting the paypal.
what is this "the office" that everyone speaks of ?? i am confused
ah, i see. well, if colony of twats or the band named after a misspelled nirvana song happens to bail off the bill, let me know. and THANKS FOR PLAYING!
stv: check our main intro page. we're not going to be of much help, unfortunately. i we've already scouted out all the venues and bands available that day.
I see you have discovered my army of punk monkeys. I shall have to rely on my army of emo salamanders.
OMG someone turned manplanet into monkeys.

confidential to jason: i'm cookin

CONFIDENTIAL TO DRIFTLESS BOOTY CLUB: my pals bang! bang! are looking for a show in madison on the gayest day since gay came to gay-town: valentine's day, AKA saturday february 14th. know of any coattails they could ride in on?
DR. AA: you are living the dream. take me with you. please.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

it shore is. that's why i've stopped and now i'm wasting time on the internets
DR:AA i heard you up to about a half hour ago. homework is for sucks.
who's studying right now, blog if ya hear me
Craig: Are you talking about Scarlett in Girl With The Pearl Earring because there was buzz about her being nominated there. I did not see it though. Sean Astin ignored again. FUCK.
craig, wait, wait...
I'm pleased with the nominations, except no scarlett johansson, and lost in translation wasn't nominated for every single award. (I would kick your ass in fantasy oscars. Wait, should I be proud of that?)

Nate, retrofuckinggrademotion!!!!
Got damn it's a good thing this DVD I just bought is Region 1 ... I didn't even check before I ordered it. THE BOOTY RANCH GONE WILD Vol. 4: The Phantom Penace.
That Hansel is so hot right now!
wait,, more continued RETROGRADE MOTION!!!!!
d, i will tried harder at it when i get home.
J: Go listen to Sage Francis at McDonlads. Tell me what happens.
damn, "the office" is so hot right now. are you guys lovin' it or what? BIG MAC ATTACK

confidential to stv: cook it up
Nate I'm not in her network so I can't see her page ... search for Alexandra Kovach.
more continued RETROGRADE MOTION!!!! and more PRO - MO!
janel - if you are talking about the bill in the upstairs kitchen, if you look at the accompanying letter, management company paid the bill and we owe them in our february rent. unless this is a different bill.
seeing how the 25th was on sunday, yet again we've muffed a payment date. ie utility bill. perhaps this will supernaturally take care of itself supernaturally.
Caroline: You can buy / do something for / to laptops and PS2s to make it so that they are not region restricted. It's not really worth it though, as you'll find your limited viewing of your purchase frustrating nonetheless. Practicing patience might be your best bet.

Craig: What do you think of the Acadamy Award Nominees?

Let's do fantasy Oscars ... like fantasy football. Wait. Let's not.
nate! retrograde motion!!!!!!!!
can anyone's DVD player play "region 2" DVDs? I just found out that the second season of "The Office" is already out and can be found on eBay. Too bad the dollar is such shit compared to other currencies right now.
last night i dreamt that craig was explaining this scene in edward scissorhands to a group of people. they didn't understand it, so he asked me to explain. i started with the plot and got all the way to part when the suburb storms the castle, when i started wondering why they had never seen the movie in the first place. i asked them, and they said of course they had seen the movie. i got kind of annoyed and then woke up.

D - i still couldn't find her. email me her page or the list of connections or something.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Nate: Our writer Rachel is friends with him. I was telling her about your column because I know she's into posters. She sent me to his site.

It's Alexandra Kovach. She looks quite old ... but a lot like her. She denied my friend request though lolwtflol!

I also found adam rodriguez and some other people. whoa dude.
where's lexi? i can't find her.
d - yeah, that is andrio abero, he did one of the pedro the lion posters for the cat this fall. he's pretty good, really consistent. i was going to talk him in a couple of months about tmt. how did you find him?

Nate: Have you ever heard of this guy? Check out his posters ... tell me what you think. Janel too.

I may or may not have just found Lexi Kovach on friendster.
i would like "the office" back, please.

sweet, this is like the WWB, but in slo-mo
24/dog/brown meadow

any tail out there?!

great tail
ok let's talk about what brings us great tail, nawmean
it brings me great joy, but no tail

Sunday, January 25, 2004

the devil made me do it
18/F/NewYork (well New Jersey actually but that's not as cool lol)

now caroline ... why are you on the BRAT diet?
bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. right-o
SLeeeeeeeeeeeeow that birch dowrn IS AFTER C
its a shame about ray
on the tarrrrrrrmac
cos yr a sxy trrrist
dodngo likes to smoke
wanna cyber
do u have a boyfrd?

Saturday, January 24, 2004


Friday, January 23, 2004

oh yeah --- and --- why oh why oh why oh did i leave ohio?
Why izn't Marvin Lin on this blog?

my old professor gives the THE WONDERS OF PHYSICS every year. some of you have seen a late 80's version of the performance on cable access. the ads for this years performance are up at the physics library right now. we need to decide which performance to go to and so we can get our free tickets.
one second post jinx!
thank you.
That's easily the best idea I've ever heard. I'll start researching.
there should be a MIDI laugh track that kicks in when you load up TMT.
Don't you mean the OMGs?

I love dissing the readers. Anyone sad enough to actually read the site deserves a little punishment.

But you know ... it's all for fun. Just easin' the tension baby -- just easin' the tension.
i don't know, the OMG pretty much takes the tape to another level.
Nate: But the tape was so good .... I told you to come up with a better title. I'll still change it, if you have a good one.
didn't Dean's scream sound just a bit like Meatwad?
15/f/st louis

The Word of the Day for Jan 23 is: kerfuffle.
craig broke my shoes tonight. it was a long walk home.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

i can't believe you actually put that robot/hank/jenny mixtape request up.
Nate: I haven't finished the column layout yet. Marv and I are still discussing how to do this. Everyone's general layout will be similar. Soon!

Craig: You don't even know my language.
appleseed cast is playing at the rathskellar tomorrow night! i mean, appleseed cast is playing at the rathskellar tomorrow night? hmm.....
practice tonight after 9. d, i'll expect you to be there.
APG: I'll consider this settled when you make Charles Ubaghs an authentic burrito.
went to work at 7:45 this morn and I was the only one who showed up. For a place having ten of thousands of dollars of equipment, it was suspiciously open to the public.

d: i told the truth. whats so horrid about that? and despite it all i still have rolls of pictures on my side of other < p > variants to prove im not a complete bitch...
but if you want a war..
Craig did you get your battery out of your car? If you did,when you put it back in, just hook up the cables and check to see if you have lights and the car will start, if not you will have to have a new battery.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

is anyone planning on going to eau claire you need a you need a hot tub....hmmmmmmmm?
CONFIDENTIAL TO JP: thanks. thinking about adding comments or something. also, i can'tsteal borrow music from the radio station for you if you don't email me back.
CONFIDENTIAL TO NATE: Keep on truckin'!
who's d?
d: sound.
d: awesome.
APG: The wrath will never end. Forget not what you did to me and my < P >

Nate: I've been kicking a few ideas around the office. I'll upload a sample today or tomorrow and provide a link to you here.
d - have you worked on the interview layout at all?
PS the state of the Union was last night.. you know, big important presidental speech
d, why you gotta be like that? always bringing my family into it? In other news, i'm still on vacation here sucks for you guys
when did the new photos go up? what happened to all the old photos?
guess which band has an interview at WORT the day before their CD release show? hint: they live right down the street from the station.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

so the past 5 hours and 33 minutes have been sweet.
they shoudl have broken that shit down into stuff like

short people voted for:
rich people voted for:
ugly people voted for:

um ... what happened to Charlie?
It would be interesting to have the raw data for that, break things down like how many 17-29 year olds with a college education identified themselves as very liberal and how many of those supported Kucinich, etc.
fascinating breakdown of iowa caucus

EDIT: except this doesn't say how many people were surveyed in relation to how many people there were total, so i question the statistical significance of it.
caroline, I've done two out of the three things you suggested. i haven't gotten a battery.

d, why are we whispering? caroline's too busy eating and drinking to pay any attention.

SLV, i'm sure my dad doesn't know who kris kross is.
Hey, you know what was awesome? That Slayer album from 2 years ago.
BUTCH! ever since the cold war, craig can't start his car without a kris kross tape in the deck. what gives?
pssst Craig ... don't listen to Caroline .. she's crapulent
try keeping your gas tank full? get a new battery? keep your car warm by spooning with it on especially cold nights?
dad, ever since the ridiculous cold I can't start my car without a jump. What gives?
confidential to jp: this might be the best/worst thing ever to happen to my work schedule.
d: noted.
Confidential to Nate: Now you can play Sim City online.
Nate: Handling paper all day long can cause ones hands to feel quite dry. Rather than using sticky tack or rubber thimbles, they've provided you with skin product that will emulate those natural oils that keep your hands healthy. Happier hands make happier people. I think the dollars spent by the administration must have been a worthy sacrifice, as you are soon to see a vast improvement in company morale. Three cheers!

Craig Bnzn: I sent you a special note in Friendster. It concerns your girlfriend. It might be best if you checked it out ... alone.
i really have no idea why they are concerned about our hand care, unless a better cared for hand produces better copies. each moisturizer even has a number so it corresponds to one of the bags you check out. i am debating if i should try some of the product out.
moisturizers in bags.
crapulent or moisturizers in bags?
I don't get it.
at work, they have started issuing us our own skin moisturizers in our running bags. it's kind of weird.
1. Sickness caused by excessive eating or drinking.
2. Excessive indulgence; intemperance.
first day of last semester!
oh man. nothing describes me more this morning than "crapulent." Look that shit up muthafuckas!
there's something in the reeds.
thank you, thank you
precisely! he said he saw a woman, didn't he?

Monday, January 19, 2004

I walked past D's house and I happened to glance in the window and I saw him with a WOMAN!
Je vois le fromage mort. J'aime Bob Hust. Il est cooool.
actually, you can read the onion review of it here.
i was watching some movie starring alyssa milano on tv, where they spent a good half hour developing all this drama about this guy not wanting to continue his family's business and how disappointed his dad was and alcoholism and just all this stuff, when all of the sudden ice t showed up and shot the rest of the family. it was pretty weird.
APG: Indeed
The Amazonsaurus belongs to the herbivorous sauropod Diplodocus family.
I vote that the Driftless Booty Club take up the Two Thumbs Down Records anti-deal.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

bought "The Office" on DVD today. WONDERFUL

decided on "Sector 005" for the label, sorry SLV.

may be going to Genna's tonight. what's everyone else doing?
caroline -- aren't you proud that you were a part of something so gnarly? because the four of us were (as well as gardbard)
Is Madison up to anything tonight?
FYI, tres gnarly=shitt-tay

Saturday, January 17, 2004

never heard of them. oh well, go ahead and MISS OUT ON THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME THAT ISN'T ACTUALLY A DEAL AT ALL.
i'm on soup's computronix. Hotmail doesn't work here for some reason, despite the fact that soup is a hot male. ha ha ha, i kid. don't worry dad. i have a girlfriend.

stv slv, it's not a bad idea, except that we were planning on sharing a label name with colony of watts and vox humana. not sure if they'd go for it since they don't know you guys, at least I don't think they do.
matt thanks for the tips. you are my sunshine

seriously, "janel" should be a two thumbs down release. i'm revamping the two thumbs down pages and DPC should totally get "signed" to TTD. we don't give you any money or really do anything for you, but if we're gonna win this war WE MIGHT AS WELL BE A TEAM AND TYPE IN ALL CAPS ALL DAY EVERY DAY

TTD 001 - five dollar foundation LP
TTD 002 - five dollar foundation EP
TTD 003 - tha 446 welcome to the fourth coast
TTD 004 - tha 446 remixes
TTD 005 - tha 446 screwed mixes
TTD 006 - jason's DVD thing
TTD 007 - driftless puny club "janel"
TTD 008 - may or may not demo/EP
TTD 009 - tha 446 pirates of the fourth coast

live the dream. think about it.
STV: in response to last night's perdic-o-mint: I've heard that sometimes, when you're real drunk, the body sweats profusely in order to get rid of the poison. I assume it looks something like when the HULK turns back into bruce banner in that terrible movie. So, maybe you sweated all over your drawers.

As for blanket: how else would you shield your body from the harmful UV rays?
happy birthday, blog. i can't believe a year ago today I was playing super metroid. we've had that gamecube for a year? wow. time flys when you're playing a woman soldier on the TV.
as of now.. there is not yet decisionied making made or any of that in regards to labelnade
i was just looking at last year's post for this day and it is a pretty weird read.
anyone have extra Old 97s tickets?


two years ago, i made the first post about getting the second mates of state cd for free from alissa. coincidently, she is back in town and throwing a party at her old place.

also, all caps locks posts have gone up 1000% this year with the introduction of a few west washers. there was some other stuff i was going to point out but i can't remember it right now.
i wish we had a spare apartment just sitting around to throw parties at.
bret's graduation party was a party proper indeed
what's happening with ice skating? somebody yell at me please.
BUTCH! glad to see you, rumor around town was that you forgot your password. other rumors had you stealing the master tapes for the new DPC album and trying to sell them to roc-a-fella records
Steve Sleeve...I'm baaaack
the Shedd Aquarium was great!!!! but the ride home was the worst ever. It only took 10 hours.

Ian voiced his opinion. That's good. But we still need other opinions. We have to decide on a label soon or get rid of it all together.

Friday, January 16, 2004

okay skating goers call me tonight or tomorrow afternoon... two-three-nine-1148 or email me, campnic at yahoo dotCOM
Arrrgh foiled again

My uncle might move into one of those gay condos.
i just came home from lee's and there was a wierd car in our driveway and SOMEBODY WAS ROBBING OUR HOUSE!

actually it was just sam and he was getting his bass and covers cd. BUT STILL!


oh wait


(baby lets reproduce)


p.s. matt don't read this
my day is open, so any time is fine, but I do need a ride!
It's somebodies birthday tomorrow!
The errant microphone has been found! In nate's bass drum as is the custom.

I'm sorry I ever suspected tha 446
So we should probably solidify some skating plans, huh? What about going at 2 or 2:30 that way same can skate for awhile before he has to go to work?
Who wants a ride?
hey, what are you going to chicago for? or are you just going to be "going to chicago"

guys, really, who wants to have anything to do with those kind of apartment complexes. they are replacing the neighborhood that we have known during the time we've lived here. you're never even going to meet a single person that lives in those buildings.
Hey everyone! I just registered!
so far matt, tron, janel, and I like "4th ward". We need to find out if the majority like that cuz we are almost finished with the artwork for the cd. Someone should call colony of watts today, and someone should talk to the rest of vox humana. Time to go clean myself and then go to chicago. is still an available domain name. I think it may be time Micah built himself a webpage
I will fight anyone with a modified 1896 Mauser C-96 9mm Parabellum, also known as this:

AND! your sole mode of transportation has got to be a light-cycle.
tron, the only thing that you can shoot from now on is a blaster.
"even the fastest guns choke sometimes, lets hope the bullet that chokes you is mine" - Pale Riders cd is done! i like 4th ward regards even though i am non-denominational

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Just so you know -- Besides hearing it on a lot of cop shows, a "ward" is a division in the Mormon Church. You identify yourself by wards -- Ex., "I'm from the 11th Ward." So you may or may not get a LDS following. But hey, it worked for Donnie and Marie. And Low. I'VE OBVIOUSLY BEEN IN UTAH FOR WAY TOO LONG.
here's the new idea I like the best, it's from Janel. "4th Ward Records" in honor of the new apartments by the echo.
i like "dull coated tit"

or you could release it on two thumbs down
practice tonight after 7?

pit stains and nowhere to hide records

how about "mother nature records" or "no-goodnik records"

but if I have to choose, I'll have to say "Sector 005 records"
so what is going to be the name of the record label we're putting the new cd out on?

Micah Records
sector five 005
thin-sheeted pastry
dull-coated tit
hamptonian era

vote now, or add a write-in
after weeks of invisible testing, i am still not sure whether or not KFC is good hangover food.
I hear ya, ian, loud and clear.
ian is invisible
gotta get to work before this wears off.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

booty ranch a/s/l
hey guys. thanks for inviting me anyway. real nice.
woo hoo, new whistle blog (tip)!
i can drive on saturday.

DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!! heyooooo, whats happenin

no really, i can drive.
speaking of rides, all of ya'll who don't have cars can take the bus to the Anchor. It's at 1970 Atwood Ave, I believe, and I'm pretty sure that the bus I took there a couple weeks ago was the 3 bus.
i want a ride!
what sort of self-respecting park doesn't open until 2pm on a Saturday?
The park opens at 2 and Sam has to work at 4 so sometime in there when it's comfortable for everone and people get to stay for at least a little while. I can drive up to 3 people. Others? Or we could hoof it, it's like a mile from downtown.
jazz sandwich
im totally in for ice skating. what's the timing and all that jazz? also, i really really wish i could come see the wilhelms play tonight, but i have class and then i have a test tmw. boo. im sorry boys. i will be there in spirit. :) xoxo

i'll go skating. (don king)
matt: it's sam's, and he's been awfully cold without it the last couple of days.
HEY there's a dark grey coat in my room. I think someone left it here on saturday. if you want it back, you must forfeit your first born child or guess my name.
the wilhelms ride tonight! anchor inn @ 10:00 also the hat party, full vinyl treatment and none other than vox humana. are you ready to hear our 6 brand-old songs?
ha! thats a must. Yeah, definately Tenny, it's great out there.
I'll bring the thermos of hot chocolate! :) Are you going to Tenny Park?
i am in.

Jon: if you guys find a see through plastic bowl lid in your tour van, it's mine.
Hey, we are going ice skating on Saturday. Who's in?

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

confidential to stv: NO I"M BACK NOW
this is probably a good movie, i want to find out where to rent it. has anyone thought of a good record collection name...i sure havent yet, awww shucks
the "porn star or my little pony" link doesn't work!!!! is this the end of an era?
let's get your parents'
who wants to go one tour?

we currently have the vox humana van in our driveway, and it's huge and smells funny and is hard to drive. and i really want one.
HEY I thought I told you guys never to change your names

Now i have to go fix those broken squares
d - alright.
caroline, move along and ask whomever you like about that. i don't see what i have to do with it. YOUR blog name is, however, ULTIMATE.
caroline, you ask d about that, he was spreading rumors across town.

confidential to jason: HI JASON R U IN BARABOO?
hey everybody, I'm eating a sandwich at work right now! where did it come from, you ask? why, I made it myself this morning.
Cool ... not sure what you mean though. Send me an email describing what you want to see in as much detail as you can. From that I will create a page matching the present format of the site. Remember to include everything you intend to display. I assume you'll be wanting to include several sample works. I need to know everything you feel is important about the presentation / design -- otherwise it's in my hands AND YOU DON'T WANT THAT.
yeah, it should be a go if we can get the page laid all out in the next couple of days.
Nate. Did you talk to Marvin?
i don't see anyone else at their blogging stations.
Today I call for some ultimate blog action from the crew. Let's put forth some effort!!!

Let a blogtroversy begin.
three things:

  1. a euro is currently worth 1.28 up 20 cents since i got here
  2. this is worth looking at
  3. Caroline, i tried to email you and your email account is full so.. the fax nbr is 011 33 4 42 26 36 22
i wish i got to save my little planet in my pjs
but i guess some people are just lucky like that
and publishimo!
no matter. i have no soul anyway.
There might actually be a convoy going to Tyrol around 4:30 tomorrow evening since I'll be picking my neighbor Zack up after he's done with work (c'mon girls, he's cute!). Tyrol is open until 9pm, so there would still be several hours of skiing/snowboarding left. It costs $16 to rent skis, boots, & poles and $20 for snowboard & boots.

I finally have a phone that works again (!), so call me and let me know so I can pick your sweet ass up too! I'm going to go in the morning around 11 for the first part of the day for anyone who isn't giving their life up to the man tomorrow. (628.4192)

STV: since when do I make fun of blog names?
seriously nate, did you see that guy in his SUIT? da manager, straight up. if caroline makes fun of that blog name then she has no soul.

Monday, January 12, 2004

anyone want to go to baraboo internal medicine clinic tomorrow and take advantage of ...

oh, nevermind.
I was dubbed Da Manager at the 446 show the other night because I flossed so much.
wait, what happened to the sexy cam(b)el(l)? i demand new, more satisfying name change unless the new name has some story i didn't catch on to today.
Holy crap that would be fun... hrmmm I should work though...
anyone want to go to Tyrol Basin tomorrow and take advantage of the $10 all-day lift tickets?!
boooty ranch is a funny, and i likey
Booty Ranch Montage (3.5 Mb - quicktime)

Same as above (3.5 Mb - mpeg)

Silent film scenes include:

-Shirley Temple
-Tha 446
natron: we'll mark it down for TTD 007

weezer dance party at the doty (booty) ranch.
post and publish?

Sunday, January 11, 2004

thanks for to our party everybody. is ttd intersted in releasing the debut shirley temple album, provided the minidisc can be salvaged?
Thanks Doty for the kick assness of last night...
Yes, thank you Dotys. I have a mop I can bring over if you need it -- Nate was saying you guys didn't have a working one at the moment. Just holler at me. I also have that yummy Pine Sol stuff.
thanks to the doty ranch for hosting all the madness. and the AA batteries.
good job boys, all of you boys! tonight. (so that was slightly disconnected. sorry. it's 3:39 am. give me a break) i especialy enoyed tha 446. oww oww. :) xoxo

Saturday, January 10, 2004

guess who just showed up . . . the honorable Mr. Pabst J. McBeer

Party begins now
just another hardworking day of plunger darts.
nate's pissed.
.................if you must, it'll be alright.
Can I come at 9:59? Please?
that's ten ten, not ten eleven or ten twelve. you hear me?
Party in our basement tonight!!!! There will be performers (Tha 446, DPC, and the Shirley Temples), and a barrel full of hops and other ingredients. Come around 10.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Thanks, d. It's in the mail.

To make it easier to vote for the DPC and the 446, click here:
don't forget to vote for the 446 as best hip-hop group, THAT INCLUDES YOU, DIFFICULT MATT
I just voted DPC best rock band for the MAMAs. Craig owes me a root beer.
post and publish!
matt, you're just being difficult, that's why everyone calls you "DIFFICULT MATT"

Thursday, January 08, 2004

d: i can't help it if you, quinn, peter and nate treat like a goddamn AOL chatroom.

did you guys make handbills for the show? or is it a "private party"

my follow-up question is: will there be a VIP lounge?
well, you should've done it that time, ass.
I never hit Post and Publish because of habit. If I do it on the West Wash Blog, IT TAKES 20 GOD-FORSAKEN MINUTES STV SLV.
hey, does anybody publish their posts? the only way anyone's shows up is when I post.

(comment on previous post: what post? where?)
Confidential to Craig: Don't read the previous post.
I could use some body storage space soon... um, but don't tell Craig, I don't want him to see it coming.
I'M IN! I will shake some maracas.

In other news, I just reserved a public storage locker. Who needs to store some bodies?
i'll assume the lack of answers means yes.
wow, were up to 11 degrees this morning, better call the fire dept., I'm sure there'll be wild fires. I'm going to wear a headband to work to keep the sweat out of my eyes.

practice tonight? 6 o'clock?

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

i was asleep dude. or at least half asleep since someone slammed the front door every 30 seconds.
nate manages to be sprawled on a chair in front of the TV when everyone else in the house bustles around him with garbage. He is an amazing creature. I think I'll write a book, epic style, like Lord of the Rings.
Edited. I was also just told. This blog is not safe from the eyes of the perfect face ... how easily that is forgotten.
we have been informed that the Single Frame show is actually at Union South!!
I feel it is growing very dark...
I'm not sure whether or not it's been announced here, but:

Single Frame Ashtray: Sat Feb 28 - Madison, WI - Union South

Nate: Yes
d: i feel YOU. i FEEL you. i NEED to borrow your external hard drive.

so you quote love unquote me! i am loving ripping albums and finding all this stuff i forgot i had. magnetic fields time!
Nate: Sorry I didn't go out last night. Needed a little rest, feel me? I'll be there to celebrate on Saturday though. FOR SURE.
practice at 5:30 on Thursday, everybody?

(DPC, there's an e-mail in our junk mail, and a new one in our real mail.)

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

we're going to eat at 7 or so, then out drinking. you should come.
kyle of grickle-grass got into a car accident!!!!
appyhay irthdaybay, atenay!!!!!
Nate. See other blog.
Nate's got a bortday. Frohelichte Geburtstag!
Birthday! Who's birthday is it?! Somebody gets a spanking!
bon anniversaire nate!
rockstar S: i thought the K and the Z came? and i called you, but got no answer. my tears froze to my cheeks.

and moo! if it's nate's BDAY happy berthdaye nate!!!! mmmm feliz cumpleanos a ti!
happy birthday nate
tin roof mister plow. tin roof.

Monday, January 05, 2004

So Ang and I invited people over for a movie night and not one person came. No one loves us. My heart is shattered.
it's too damn cold for sledding. sorry, not going. you can use my car if you need to though.
let's meet at the doty ranch (517) at does that sound?
matt you little bitch, those nylon pants are mine, mine i tell you!! ;-) umm so i am prolly being retarded, but where are we meeting and at what time for sledding??
actually, sam just called me and said that he screwed up. he works on wednesday. he can practice thursday or friday. or tuesday, but matt has to work until 10. or today if for some reason we don't go sledding. That means we can hang out with steve and go to the party. this is great.
Hey guys, I'm having a party with pony rides and magicians on Wednesday nite. OOOOPS.
hey, sure steve. i love hanging out with...wait a second...NOOOOOOOOOOOO! stop bothering us!
Hey, do you guys want to hang out around 6 on Wednesday?
as of 5 minutes ago, my vacation from work is over. It started on the 19th of december.

DPC is practicing at 6 on wednesday. Nobody bother us.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

also, I call dibs on the x-small women's nylon pants
also, the ranch has a kiddie pool that might just work as a sled
Craig: Wednesday would be best for me. Tuesday, i work until ten so we could do it real late. Monday would work . . . AFTER SLEDDING

caroline: correction: EDIT: janel said almost the exact same thing as me
nate just ate six cheeseburgers! in under fourty minutes
WE STILL NEED SLEDS! kat couldn't get any, i can only get two, and the ranch only has a kiddie sled.
Hey, sam can practice Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday. call me immediately after you read this and tell me which day you can practice. I mean anyone who reads this. In fact, I'm going to call myself.
i call dibs on large pair. (men's) And i can drive. But one probably won't be enough. i love hot chocolate.
i call dibs on one pair men's medium bib snowpants!
I think I should be able to bring one plastic saucer, and one plastic toboggan sled. Also, in the category of appropriate snow attire, I can provide the following if anyone needs it, so blog or call me and call dibs:
1 pair men's large bib snowpants, black
1 pair men's medium bib snowpants, black
1 pair women's medium bib snowpants, black (probably will fit 5'4" to 5'7")
1 pair women's medium waterproof nylon pants, black
1 pair women's x-small waterproof nylon pants, black (these fit me, but i won't be using them)
1 pair women's x-large ski gloves, dark green

who all is coming and who can drive?

p.s. i can bring hot chocolate in a thermos too!!
Tomorrow night at 7 or so: we are going sledding at elver (sp?) park. bring sleds
hey, don't forget about ian's "lynched people"
all of youASSHOLES who didn't come to annie's last night suck donkey balls...twas drunken fun, especially scategories (sp??), props to caroline and annie for the best ones of the game: SPOTS: warts on genitals, CRIME: kissing genitals in public. fucking hilarity. :)
while i was braving the blizzard like conditions outside, i came between two apartment buildings and both were chanting "GO! GO! GO! GO!" then a brief silence. Then the whole block exploded into "WHOOO!" It came from everywhere.

Did something amazing happen during the packer game?
jp it would be " en privée"

in another note, im back to france again and i had forgotten how long it takes to go through customs over here... the line looked long so i decided it would be best to skip them. good decisions
Yes! Man I'd like to see Beagle 2 come through also though.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Clarification to Kat's blog or writing or whatever it is called.
Annie's is having a board game party with booze- but the majority of us are not going to waste money at the bar tonight. So come for the board games and fuck the bars. (Or you could still just come for a pre-bar) The fun starts at eight with Cranium so be there or be square
good king wenceslas went out on the feast of stephen.... mmm hugh grant is so lusciously adorable. (though i heard he is a randy dirty man in real life. but i would still do him. :0 ) boys, you should go see love actually, it has a hot chick in it who gets down to her silken red undies. oww oww. so who all is going to annie's for the before bar? board games and alcohol? what more could you ask for?? :) i best be seeing you sluts there... ciao
JP, the show is totally on. I talked to everyone at the ranch (as well as Butch B., just for good measure) and they said it was OK.
PS -- Sam -- Where the hell have you been?
Dear Doty Ranchers --

I just want to make sure that having the DPC / 446 / TST show is OK for next Saturday -- Nate seemed to volunteer, but I wanna know it's kosher with y'all. If not, no big deal. I'LL RENT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN.

No really, if it's not cool, no big deal (you can e-mail me en privacée -- or whatever the french may say (help me out APG) -- at pfafflin ut wisc dot edu).

Friday, January 02, 2004

i am sure that sam woul be happy to pose showing his big bowels.
you guys should stop discriminating against sam and put a picture of him up. a picture of him in his big bowels uniform.
NEW ROTY DANCH blog-person. I can't wait to talk a lot of shit.
hey, talked to sam. we should practice tomorrow. How about at 1 or 2?

Thursday, January 01, 2004

I think you should resolve to acknowledge that EARTH DAY IS THE EARTH'S BIRTHDAY (Birfday), NOT NEW YEAR'S DAY.
my new year's resolution is to stop being such a fat ass.
Happy New Year!!
i am wishing my future self an extrordinary NEW YEAR! (capital letters influenced by craig's jubilation towards festivities) and i vow to read the road atlas more often, with its abundance of silly city names.

sHoe boat!

oh and to the fat gunk monster clogging our shower drain..happy fucking newyear mf. you wont see the light of day. gunk junker.

Court Binder.

(this was written 5 and a half hours in advance when I was only slightly inebriated. so, I have a few rules I must remind myself of. 1.) Don't drink too much. This might've already been broken. if so, then 2.) Don't kiss Zac. and finally 3.) Don't disrespect the Queen even if you don't believe in monarchy as a viable governing institution.)