Sunday, February 29, 2004

sherock may be a bigger drama queen than me (just kidding sugar!)...but i totally should be in the video...bring it on baby. :) he he. as for the passion D, it depends on when you are going. i am in, let me know. call my cell tmw night. 608 469 4993 (don't stalk me please anyone.) you guys missed a great band at the profits show...bishop allen rules. look em up on their site... ask soup how rad they are if you don't believe me... :)
Scene stealer, eh? She might have to be craig. Not because he does, but because he should.
she ra - we can give you at the echo tomorrow. and you should call who you want to play (though i think you'd make a good sam). and we should get our cover star in the video too.
Monday night. The Passion. Who's in?
2 things
One, I lost my DPC ticket. Is there anyway I can get another?
Second, I was voted the scene stealer in my 9th grade acting production. I only had seven lines and played an uptight drunk, and I was amazing. So, the point of this, is that I would love to play a DPC member in a video.
side note: what actress would play sam? i am preliminarily going with uma.

edit: i forgot she's already playing jon. anyone else?
this is actually a fairly old idea. from matt, july 25, 2002, back when marcus and ian were in the band, and dear old sam was not. take it away matt!

However, Jim, craig, nate, and I went to the White Horse because it was happy hour all night. I don't want you to get the impression that we are raging alcoholics. We wanted to get a single drink. Instead we got three and moved on to paul's club where I had a whiskey Manhattan thanks to Jon. Those are good. They put cherries in those things. Being well greased with social lubricants, our conversation turned from "riskiest places to masturbate" to "which celebrity actresses would play the males on doty street." As a band, we had discussed this very thing for a music video but extended it to our neighbors. Uma Thurman as Jonathan Arris. Janeane Garofalo as Jim Schneider. Okay, these are approximations at best. We took into account both looks and apparent personality and tried to come up with the closest match.

here's that band:

Angelina Jolie as Matt Weber
Alyssa MIlano as Craig Benzine
Drew Barrymore as Nate Bartley
Sophia Coppola as Marcus Truschinski
Sigourney Weaver as Ian Purvis

man, it took me forever to do those links. I couldn't get the pictures I wanted. I should be doing my homework. I have class in an hour.

nate again: this idea turned out to be a little out of our budget. so, we're basically giving you the oppertunity to be your favorite dpc member for 3-5 minutes. and a saturday afternoon. pizza will probably be involved.
ATTENTION FEMALES: Do any of you want to play us (DPC) in a music video?

we're thinking of making a video for one of our songs and we want girls to play us.

here's the preliminary concept: A band is trying to practice but they keep getting interrupted by pizza boys, mormons, angry neighbors, rabid dogs, etc. The pizza boys, mormons, angry neighbors, rabid dogs would be played by us.

if you're interested, talk to us.
stv slv's reign of terror has been stopped . . . for now
can someone find out if sam (aka kid ontario) will be coming down to chicago next friday?

p.s. i rule the blog so far today
tron, holy shit, that's awesome

we're actually putting a 446 dis track on the new 446 album. it's because we are TOTALLY ADVANCED and are able to show humility in our near-impeccable rap prowess.

so the digital ninjas are a rap group? sweet

Saturday, February 28, 2004

one year ago: we played at electric earth with poison control center, cesto, and bicycle day. cesto broke up after the show.

two years ago: i was trying to find janel because i wanted a cigarette. we getting ready to play electric earth with mabel, the right arms, and tron solo and the digital ninjas.

today: no one plays electric earth anymore. we haven't seen ppc in several months, bicycle day broke up and no one knows how to get a hold of them to get their last record. mabel is back in town playing a radio show tonight, god only knows where the right arms are, and tron solo is talking shit to the 446.

vox humana plays their last madison show with adam tonight. and i am trying to find janel because i want a cigarette.
you only need to hear the secret detail which is this....we are going to get Ruff Shan to rap on our 446 dis rhyme. Doty Street Lives!!!!!!
Tron solow was the first band to fight the MCP and WIN
butch b. is now on
tron solo, who are you? i see that you're also playing at the orpehum on march 26, alongside the legendary 446. someone give me the details

Friday, February 27, 2004

oh who's excited for TGIF??? I know i am. :) (yeah, im at the 'rents with no car...give me a break) but chicago tmw. sorority girl action saturday. who else knows what will happen in this barrel of fun?? have a good weekend kiddies. xo
wells, a friend of mine in the army, sent me this e-mail:

Leaving Tommorrow at 1225. Kuwait


Thursday, February 26, 2004

have you ever slept with a businessman?
the girl who moved to michigan?
i saw holly burns
That question is bullshit to begin with. If everyone listened to her there'd be no janitors because no one would clean shit up if they had a million dollars.
heyyyyyy d.... yeah dude, we should sooo see it next week. seriously. :) so i am going to be gone the whole weekend..have a good weekend dears, and everyone better go see vox humana's possibly last show. :( i am so sad i am going to miss it! OH, and everyone should come see the profits play at the annex on sunday at 8. that is all. i go now. xoxo
Expired Canned food is the new Candlestick in the Conservatory.
Nate: Oh, please. You actually pay attention to the expiration date of canned foods?

Confidential to everyone else: Sorry, I tried.

Nate, don't read that last part.
fitch? i don't see the carl vincent listed, though.
I dreamt last night that the movie "Beerman" won the oscar for best picture. It was a modern re-telling of a classical greek story.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Kat: I wanna see it. I won't have time til next week though. Not sure if yall wanna wait. Also, thanks for the email. I actually got through an entire test (it was only 6 questions). It told me that I MAY OR MAY NOT have ADHD. WAAAAAAH. So now do you love it or do you really hate it?
confidential to jp: i was just about to make some tomato soup from the one of the cans you gave me, when i noticed the experation date on the top. DECEMBER 27, 2002. are you trying to kill me?

confidential to everyone else: jp's trying to kill me.
hey does anyone by chance want to see the jesus movie? (i know i know, but looks freaking good. and it's all in ENGLISH subtitles. how sweet is that?)
Natron: R U coming to Chicago this weekend? FLYING LUTTENBACHERS!
this is from jonny, who heard it from a dj at the radio station:

"dpc's pinch myself is madison's hey ya."

Goddammit......11 million fucking long red ones when youve got nothing and then you can get three tetris' in a row and they dont give you shit. god damn communists. Im gonna kill that little dancing russian.
Jesus- Adam's my roommie and I did not even know that Sat. would be his last show in Madison. Now tell me you were out of the loop. Congrats on Janel being in the Jukebox at the Echo guys! Sorry Caroline if you came to the Echo on Monday- I was obscene and in bed by midnight.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

oh yeah! i'd totally forgotten about the kd/vh show; thanks for the reminder b/c when I first saw a flyer a couple weeks ago, I definitely wanted to go. Here's to finding enough money under the seat cushions!
wait, what!?!?! wtf. where the hell is hurlbert going? i am so out of the loop.
come to our show on saturday at the stagedoor....vox humana...its adam's last show in madison with us, and its with kid dakota beyatchhh
D's coming back to chicago this weekend? I better shave my legs.
so fish fry cures headaches ehh?? interesting. last time i ate so much i thought i was going to puke. D: bro! you should hang out with me in chi town this weekend! seriously. i think i will kill myself if i have to spend the whole weekend with my 'rents. (kidding kids, kidding. i love my parents to no end. they just drive me insane from time to time. :) ) hey, anyone going to chicago this now it suddenly seems like that's the cool place to sister and i and a bunch of sorority girls are going all should come with. come on, it will be amusing at least. :)
Isn't anyone going to Chicago with me on Friday!?

Nate. Situation's changed. Mom's not leaving til Sat now, so I momn be driving down on Friday.
Damn, I meant Friday. Yeah, I don't think Saturday Fish Fries exist. So Friday anyone? (sorry Caroline, maybe we can come up with a Saturday night tradition)
wait, we can't go to fish fry on saturday, it disturbs the whole friday fish fry ideal.
Fish Fry on Saturday??? I can make it on Saturday, but not on Friday
Hey! Who is up for another Fish Fry this Saturday?

PS: Fried fish cures headaches or something like that. It also makes you cooler and people like you more. (For all the rest of you)
D: lame. totally lame. i mean really. :) matt: well drr douche, i did take ibuprofen. :) 4 actually. thanks for all the help assholes. (just kidding) so yeah...what's everyone doing tonight? entertain me. now dammit. :)
DPC is in the Echo jukeboxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

Monday, February 23, 2004

kat: ibuprofen

PS: see, i care
kat: how about a nice, warm bowl of soup?

oh snap.
oww oww oww. hey. any cures for a SERIOUSLY bad headache? (i know none of you really give a shit. and this is prolly boring. but whatevs) seriously. i am going to break something if my head doesn't stop hurting soon.
if they can't take care of the copy they got, they don't deserve another

helena called and we were the most played again at wsum last week. also, pinch myself is now scratched so we should give them a new cd.
d, lol. so i am assuming you did not go over to his house to "clean" then? :) good choice bra, good choice.
FUCK! those stupid priffless pony clubers are getting all the good shows.
for those in the know, i posted an important message on our super-secret-sectorfive-site.
Quick Quiz: Who's gonna play at Party in the Park?

[ ] The White Stripes

[ ] Gizmo Duck

[ ] Priffless Pony Club

[ ] Fuck Stanger
last night at the telefundraising-a-thon, I called a guy named James Brown but he wasn't home. So, I turned to my coworker and pointed at my computer screen showing him the name. "look, I got James Brown. he wasn't home."

co-worker: "Who's James Brown?"
me: "You know, the hardest working man in show business."
co-worker: "nope."
me: "sex machine?"
co-worker: "Sorry. never heard of him."

I was disappointed so later that night I watched a national geographic show called "British 747 vs. Volcano." That cheered me up.
Soup, Lyns, and Katronic (and Nate): THE coworker's child was born this weekend. He came in with pictures. I said "congratulations," he said, "I CALLED YOU."
JP, what again is yr new eeeeemail?
STV: Buttons ASAP. I'll be in town Friday. I think. I still gotta make a flight. Weee!
word of the day:

potvalient (POT-val-iant)

Showing courage under the influence of drink.
Such courage is also known as Dutch courage.

I think, however, my weekend included more [*] (and drink) than valiance.
I ws just kidding about the CD, though not about the ass beating. Just bring it down to Chicago next time you come. Also, Nate: what's up with TTD 008 and/or TTD 009

JP: what's the deadline on button designs? What day are you coming to town?

Sunday, February 22, 2004

hey stv, my ass is yours. just take off that superbowl ring next time.
jp: aaaaaah, my mind was just blown. behaving commencing.
Nate et Soup: We should pool our money and drain our blood for this.

P.S. Nate, MAYBE I'll let you see my Chris Ware in person. IF YOU BEHAVE!
seriously, wow. i am jealous.

i can mail the cd to stv unless someone else really wants to.
confidential to jp: wow. you are the luckiest girl ever. and for 10.50. wow.
I know that was supposed to be confidential to Nate, but that is awesome JP!
Confidential to Nate: OMG! Look what I scored on Ebay!
Original Shark Bites rule the world of that which is gelatinous and fruity! (And by gelatinous and fruity, I mean totally awesome.)
WHAT THE FUCK, I get back from vacation and there's no DPC CD in my pile of mail. Thanks a lot dudes, see you at the flagpole at 4:00 tomorrow, whereupon I will beat all of your asses. Ian and Marcus included.

dude, i was the new awesome back in 97. (justkidding) hey assholes, i am really crabby...someone make me not crabby. any ideas that don't involve leaving my f*ing house? thanks. im me. a/s/l pic?
Katronic: 100 pts for remembering the name -- 100 more for doing it. YOU ARE THE NEW AWESOME.
she rock h. shut up. :) i hope you went to that movie and ate your damn popcorn and candy and peanuts you silly bitch. nate: you are totally an assHAT. because you didn't come to chi town. twas fun. you suck. i'm a lame asshole and really want to see that new jesus movie. i know, what can i say? so yeah.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

I believe I thought I saw that passion of christ is only 2 hours long. Mel Gibson is slipping in his old age. Its time to hand his epic cape and scepter over to the Russell Crowe.
i think "d" must have been in a weird mood when he watched reign of fire...because the correct answer is....."this movie is the only thing i have worshiped since jesus got slain by that pilot guy"
i.e. time for another sweet mel gibson movie

Friday, February 20, 2004

Original shark bites are available at Woodman's shopping center.
Not only do I own Reign of Fire the DVD, I also own the video game. You are free anytime to borrow and watch the "greatest post-apocolyptic movie featuring dragons" ever.
oh wait, it gets even better!
wow, this is completely awesome:

You feel pretty confused and have a pretty dull look on your face
You have absolutely no clue about anything you're doing
You ignore all commands and stare directly into space
You're not really focused on anyone
And pay no attention to anything.

Welcome to Zardoz
If you're dreaming, you're there
If you're thinking, you're there
Welcome to Zardoz
Think of it what you will
While people look at you staring off still.

There seems to be a confusion between dreams and reality
There are no real thoughts crossing your mind
There seems to be a confusion between chaos and society
There are really no differences
Between the two in this place.

Welcome to Zardoz
If you're dreaming, you're there
If you're thinking, you're there
Welcome to Zardoz
Think of it what you will
Go ahead and think off it what you will.

Earth has been calling you all day
But you just don't have the right connections
You finally arrive and ask "Wha'd ya say?"
"Welcome back to earth, How was Zardoz?"

The next dimension
Give it no mention
People's intervention
You can sense the tension

Your mind's taken flight
You're gone for the night
It's out of your sight
Away from all light

Zardoz... Zardoz... Zardoz... Zardoz...

d: you should call me at work eight27-5300 ext 245
D: well, what do you have to say to this?

Soup: I just talked to Carla for about 5 minutes. I didn't have the mail ready when she arrived and I apologetically asked if she could wait a minute. She said, "Of course, I'm here to serve you," turned bright red then said, "with the mail that is." NEW AWESOMENESS.

Don't be mad Lindsay, she's got a steadier flow than you. What's a kid to do?

Soup again: Call me between 12 and 1 please.

Nate: I wouldn't really know what to say, sorry.
sorry, i should probably stay in town and some work done.

also, seriously, who else wants to talk about bunnies singing motown?
d: I get off work at the latest at like 6:00. I'm going to go home quickly throw some things together and leave. Nate backed out but Kat and I are going. Cool?
Micah do you own the movie? I have never seen it.
Micah: I watched that and I may or may not have been in a strange mood, but it's not as bad as one might think.

Kat: You crazy girl.

Soup: This evening. Let's discuss.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

In present-day London, twelve-year-old Quinn watches as his mother, a construction engineer, inadvertently wakes an enormous fire-breathing beast from its century-long slumber. Twenty years later, much of the world has been scarred by the beast and its offspring. As a fire chief, Quinn is responsable for warding off the beasts and keeping a community alive as they eke out a meager existence. Into their midst come a hotshot American, Van Zan, who says he has a way to kill the beasts and save mankind - a way Quinn's never seen done. "Reign Of Fire" fuses a medieval past with a post-apocalyptic future in this exciting tale of adventure and survival.
After much consideration, I have decided to sell my bowling ball to Angie for a fair price. With the money I have decided to go to a movie with Renee tonight.
Kat, do not hold me to that, because I may just back out after you have bought your ticket and popcorn and nachos and candy.
I guess I have to return my new bowling ball. I guess it just would have been nice for a little warning, so that I would not have gone out and bought my very own bowling ball gosh darn it. By the way it is yellow, because yellow is the new pink, not orange.
hey asshats, (excpet for nate. nate isn't an asshat, he's an asshole. but still being an asshat is way cooler...asshat is the new assclown. kinda like orange is the new pink) what is everyone doing tonight? or i suppose i am not cool enough for y'all to inform me of what you are doing... *tear* either way, i am not going bowling tonight (as i was formerly going to do) and i do not have school tmw, and i do not work till 10 tmw. so tell me what's the dealy o. caro and sherock specifically, call me around 8:30 or 9 you silly bitches! :) katout. <> <

ps d, i know this is slightly delayed. but yes, i am crazy. :) you just don't know me well enough to know just how crazy i really am. bwah!
Look Soup. I love you to death but if we're going to continue with this relationship, rather than dragging it through the mud as we have been, we need to learn to start communicating with and understanding one another.
did anybody end up going to see frankenixon last night?
d: I'll call you tonight, I'm planning on going after work sometime between 3 and 6 depending on some things.
what do you mean your janel cd doesn't work????????? come on over and get another one I guess. maybe we should consider getting our cd copied and pressed somewhere else.
my janel cd doesnt work
and they are?
d: yes
Soup: You didn't call me back. Have you any thoughts on this weekend?
just saw the shins on conan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I look just like the singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

practice tonight at 5:30 or 6???????????????????

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

let's go to the church key tonight and listen to our cd!! wooo!
NEW FLASH! Penguins are lining up at San Francisco's City Hall for marriage licenses ...
Or a hope for a future with more articles about penguin sex. Nice!
Caroline. The article creates a sense of hope for a future with more equal rights. Nice!
gay penguins try to hatch rock in NY

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

those who know can go here.
Quit trashing the Greatful Dead, man.

Edit: Zing!
Worst band fronted by a bearded lady. Ever.
"Worst band ever." - Ian Purvis
caroline, i think we're all smart enough to realize that that stupid website isn't the be all end all.......except for maybe ian. ooooooooooooooooooh!
here's a great monkey animation to lighten the mood
i also matched 100 percent with Kucinich, and next on the list was Sharpton. I matched the least with Edwards, but I think that's actually who I'm going to vote for. That quiz did not touch on a lot of issues that are important to me such as socioeconomic differences, free/fair trade, equal education, corporate corruption and taxation, etc etc. I think it's a somewhat good tool to use, but I know too many people who have used it as their main pre-voting education. It should also be looked at with a bit of suspicion since it was created by a large corporation (AOL/Time Warner). I mean, props to them for even making it possible for people to match 100% with Kucinich and Sharpton, but there are reasons that the quiz didn't contain anything about corporate corruption, taxation, and monopolies and also didn't contain anything about media reform (granted, maybe that's because they're not issues on people's minds, but that's related to the fact that they aren't presented in the mainstream media...but i digress.) If you ask me (and i know you didn't, so sorry for being on a soapbox), go ahead and use the presidential match, but I encourage you also to check out and the candidates' webpages that describe where they stand on issues. That's a better way of comparing them than using the mediocre compare/contrast tool from presidentmatch.

additionally, vote no on the casino. if you want to know why, here's a sloppy example of my reasons in the form of a conversation with my sister over AIM (most of what i said above I also said to her, so sorry for the repeats)

DPC, sector 005 meeting tonight at the echo at 8!!!!!!!!!!!
d: actually, if you wanna use my camera to take pictures of janel's picture, I don't know if it will work very well. I think it has a minimum focus distance of 1.3 ft. it might not be able to zoom in as much as you like. depends on how close you wanna be

edit: i just tested it and it could work. it's a big painting, right?
Nate: I could try Sam's -- but for things like this, digital is for sucks. I'm a suck. Let's do it. Just have him bring it to the next practice.

Matt: That's perfect if the digital doesn't work out well.

Craig: You wish. Butch told me all about the "Benzine Benders."
d: 6 to 8 inches. (is that what we're talking about?)
d: my camera is 28mm to 80mm
matt: the film is upstairs on my desk. there's a check for you there too.

d - would it be better to use sam's digital camera?
Nate / Matt: How many times in do your cameras zoom? Let me know when you get a battery for one of them.

Kat: You crazy.
you all do the sleepage part at the wrong time!

it's so quiet now.
Everything that is open during the day, should also be open at this hour. but run by a different set of people. perhaps with an hour between to shift over from the birds to the owls, and neither would have to come in contact with the earlies, unless they mistakenly awoke too early(if it was daylight savings or alarm clock failure) IF you needed the store that normally closes at seven, don't worry, it'll re-open in an hour. this would thus avoid this null set of shit that misconviences me, my owlie. i'm ready for the bar. or anyblub but being considerately quiet.
aww fuck me. im drunk. fun hanging out with you kids. soup = rocks my world. i will see you athe next dpc show with my FREE TICKET! fuck yeah. goodnight loves. xo

Monday, February 16, 2004

I match 100% with katy as I also match 100% with Kucinich and 93 with Kerry. I will be voting for Bush, however, as he had 8%, so he must be doing something right and deserves my vote. I also don't want to start a fight, but I will be voting yes for the casino tomorrow, and think you should too, but do what you will. I will gamble regardless.
we must organize a Sector 5 meeting sometime. maybe we can do that tonight? i know COW probably won't be attending the echo but i assume some of VH will.
i cant say via this mode of communication, and i dont know what will happen. all i know is that apparently in the last few days, the dpc has gotten quite a following at wsum, among a good percentage of the staff at least.
helena: how does one get kicked out of the anniversary party? is there anyway to facilitate this?
My sister and I drove around SLC today, rocking the DPC. Good job, guys!
I too match 100% with Dennis Kucinich. Kerry's a close second with 93%.
apparently, I'm a 100% match with Kerry and Sharpton.
P.S. Did everyone get some birthday cake?

Go there; it tells you who to vote for!

I match 100% with Mr. Dennis Kucinich.

DPC: You guys are #1 in the WSUM charts this week! Also, if someone backs out or gets kicked out of the Anniversary Party, you'll be in it. Maybe i'll see you at the sketcho tonight, but I might be out campagining for Chester A Arthur...
hey asshats. hey kids.
so the band i am doing merch for is planning a tour for this summer, and i am kinda trying to help them out by jump starting on my contacts and talking to people and what not.

they are a band from madison called the profits, an acoustic band sort of, with a stand up bass. think jack johnson, john mayer, slightly dave matthews, and guster. it's not really my kind of music, but seriously, they are AMAZINGLY talented. :) their website is:, be forewarned, they are MUCH better live, and the music on the website kinda sucks.

so if any of you could be of any help at all hooking me up with contacts, places to stay, hooking us up with a show, or just even names of ppl to talk to, that would rule my world. please help in any way you can, and i will forever be indebted to you. :)

if you got anything for me, email me:

thanks kiddies! xoxo ~ kat

ps sorry for the long long post. but you know love me. :)
EMOPIXIEKAT834LYF wtf rotfl a/s/l brb ttyl
im not emo. hey, someone message me...i don't have to work today and i am bored out of my skull. pixiekat83. message me. entertain me. tell me a story. or ill never talk to you again.
Katers- Echo tonight. Stop being so Emo.
Why can't my posts be as full as awesomeness as Janel's always are?
a bruise on my forehead from an incomming blow but was yet also a synchronic action acted of two one of much greater height.. mush more force.. . .much. ow.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

hey jerks. so yeah, i am feeling not so anti social anymore...anything fun and exciting going on this week? well call me if so. i repeat call me. oh and did i say CALL ME!?!?! (as no one ever does. i know i am obnoxious, but i am not THAT obnoxious. don't make me feel all emo assholes. :) )
Hey everyone!
Just a reminder to vote on Tuesday and to go to the Echo on Monday. Priorities.
thanks to everyone who came to our cd release party last night. we had a very good time. special thanks to echo-static, who besides being really good, were one of the nicest bands we've gotten to play with.
ps i have some valentines for some of you FUCKERS that didn't come. :) they rule. so sucks to be you!
shizit. you ASSHATS (ahem, j and soup specifically) who didn't come to caros party suck my balls. even if you made a short appearance, you missed all the fun! asshats. happy anit valentines day everyone...hope y'all got laid, i sure as shit didn't. :) xoxoxoxoxo
omgomgomg dpc ruled the shit in all the world tonight. no wonder they call yall the booty bros.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

d: she'll prolly have to come early with us if she wants to get in. even if we have her on a guestlist, i assume they'll check IDs
valentines shingles
Doty Boyz: Can we get cover girl in tonight if she's your merch rep? Otherwise I'm sure you all will understand that I'm probably not able to make it. :(
I didn't see much of anyone's set, but I really liked SSION :) Numbers were good too, but I was totally digging on their costumes and antics. At least for their first song, that is.

In other news:
After the DPC show tomorrow night, there is a HUGE anti-valentines day party at The Razzmatazz! 409 West Wash. If you have a significant other, you MUST break up with them at the door! But then you can have that awesome make up sex, so it's all good. If you don't come for the love, then come for the hate. word.

new favorite dinosawr (credit to katy): thesaurus rex
i bought a trin-tran cd! ssion was no good to me. well, at least they were no band. just people singing to pre-recorded music and a visual extravaganza. alot of costumes. but when the entertainers have no substance and it's substance free union south, there is not much to go on. numbers, however, was the real deal. no costumes or movies needed.

Friday, February 13, 2004

jp, d: this fishfry just won't be the same without you guys... since you were both at the only one i've ever been to. i'll fix you guys a plate in memoriam. and then i will eat them. both. the plates.
SSION -- The dudes who make The Liars videos ... tell me how their show is tonite.

PS. Numbers rule the skool.
oh i forgot to add d to that list.
ok, so here's what i take to be the final head count:
asshat me
asshat nate
asshat soup
kat asshat


leaving at 7pm? sound good? i can drive. i don't know where kathat lives. and i don't know how to get there. call me if any of this is disagreeable and i'll send over BIG SAWP

Like I never rode in a limo
Like I just dropped flows to a demo
Like it's ninety-two again and
And I got O's in the rental
Back in the Stu' again, no prob' livin was a whole lot simpler
When you think back, you thought that
you would never make it this far, then you
take advantage of the luck you handed
Or the talent, you been given
Ain't no, half steppin, ain't no, no slippin
Ain't no different from a block that's hidden
Gotta get it while the getting's good
Gotta strike while the iron's hot, 'fore you stop
Then you gotta bid it, good riddance
Goodbye, this is my second major breakup
My first was, with a pager
With a hooptie, a cookpot, and the GAME
This one's with the stool, with the stage, with the fortune
Maybe not the fortune, but certainly the FAME

d, i don't think I'm going to go to the fish fry tonight, but you should go.
Sorry I don't have any.
d, if you have money, you should come to fish fry with us tonight
Nate: No money.
i'm super hungry. is anything happening before we leave for fish fry?
d - are you coming to fish fry tonight?
I just signed up to come into work tomorrow. Let's start talking next Friday's fish fry -- looks like I'll have money then.

Where's Caroline, my new friendster, been anyway?
You two totally killed the blog.
Kat, answer your phone
baby, how do you know being an asshat is a bad thing? i mean it is only in the greatest affection i call you asshats asshats...only the people i secretly am madly in love with do i call asshats. he he. :)
ian: you're in for a ticket. i'm going to the serf right now. scheduled pickup for tickets is around 4:30. can i get $$ from you round then? CALL ME and leave me a msg, or whatever so i have your # at least.

kat: are you sure you want to eat dinner with a bunch of ASSHATS?
no way, you are all asshats. you cant deny it. i want fish. now dammit. just kidding. someone call me at home, as i decided to be a slacker and not work. 257 0519. (dont stalk me now that you know my phone nbr please) if i were not obligated to see my friends play, i would totally go see nbrs for FREEEEEE. gotta represent for the kids though. doc, sleep with all of them at once, that would totally rock my ass off...and for sure they would play then! :) no but for really, saving face is total eye candy..i would sleep with all of them at once.

final list: there might be more, we'll see
wrings hands
Okay, so final list is Nate, Jason, Myself and maybe Kat correct? When 7?
reminder: we're going to be on 89.9 FM at around 3:00. That's in less than an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you're welcome dad. Sure let's get a new battery tomorrow. How about you come at around 1 o'clock? or we could meet somewhere?

not sure if I'm going to the fish fry yet. Can't think about food. Just ate a ton at Wasabi with my boss.
j, those other three copies were valentines. I'M JUST TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT I LIKE YOU!
it's a charity?

fine. nate will pay for you. that will be your fee for "services rendered"
Hey, I'm just trying to help out another charity.
I'm not robbing from a fucking charity.

did you get all that d?

Here's the plan: Jzn walks in and pays ... then you walk in a few minutes later, all nonchalant, and sit at JZN's table. Then you get a plate. Voila! FREE FISH.
J: Yes.
d: do you like fish?
J: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
d: maybe you should come with us for dinner. do you like fish?
J: I'll cook something I s'pose.

Nate: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
butch: you're welcome.

dr. aa - i had a candy bar, but otherwise, that's been it since last night.

NUMBERS - for free!
d - are you coming to fish fry tonight?
ian, there was no reason for you to send me 4 copies of that reply. but thanks anyway. i distributed the extra 3 copies to friends and family.
d: what are you doing for dinner tonight?
J: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
d: you should totally go, all you need is a little bit of money
Craig what are you doing tomorrow during the day I thought we could get you a new battery for your car.
also, the german art students are playing tonight at the Klinic! two klinic shows in one weekend may be a lot. i don't know.
Hey Craig and Nate thanks for the happy birthday greeting from yesterday.
Nate and J: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
nate: i had a bowl of cereal and a banana this morning. before i go to the gym i should probably eat a little more, like maybe some green tea. but otherwise my last 'real' meal was around 6:30pm yesterday. i plan on not eating a real meal again until i'm surrounded by geriatrics and delicious battered deep-fried fish.

ian: i sent yo ass(hat) a reply. working on it..

saving face: i didn't know they were playing tonight! sorry, i was born yesterday and since then i've been living under a rock. i'm trying to get them to play with tha 446 at the stage door on march 26. maybe i should go "persuade" them, and by "persuade" i mean "sleep with all of them at once"

d: you should come tonight.
d - are you coming to fish fry tonight?
Nate: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
DR. AA: i am still fasting. are you?
d - are you coming to fish fry tonight?
Nate: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
d - are you coming to fish fry tonight?
Nate: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
d - are you coming to fish fry tonight?
Nate: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
com on people, we're talking FISH FRY here! all-you-can-eat! with dessert and salad and fish and soda and potatoes and all sort of stuff! and old people! when's the last time you ate with old people?

take off that mask and check your mail.
Nate: Don't think I can go. I have absolutely no money.
FISH FRY TONGIHT! so what time are we leaving? if it closes 8:30ish, should we leave at 7 to guarantee maximum use of the buffet? is there video game playing beforehand?

besided saving face, numbers and trin tran are playing union south tonight. for free. and the poster is all kinds of glow int he dark, tank-bear-head-hotness.

and we're going be on WORT radio today at 3:00. HOT!

also, i am not an asshat either.

bows to applause
im hungry. hey asshats, whats up with this fish fry thang?? seriously. y'all are confusing me. someone call me at ragstock tmw and tell me what's up, else i shall have to put the smack down for rizeal. btw, since i know you are all lazy assholes (just kidding, love you), the nbr for the rag ist 251 3419. :) in other news...anyone want to go see some AWESOME bands with me tmw night after fish? it's saving face (come on, a hot punk rock chick who plays bass??), the snaggs (cheap tricks robin zander's daughters band, who can resist that??) and arena venus (i know nothing about this band, so no shameless ploys to get you to come for this band) sorry, this was really long...i am exhausted, but now i cant sleep. boo. :( soyeah. see you loves tmw night i hope! xoxo
cover: who's your cousin?

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Matt: But my cousin's team won.
cover girl: god, i hated that game. that's the second time i've seen them lose it in the end
Matt: You have a twin and he was at the girl's basketball game tonight, messing with some cords and looking bored.

Boyz: Let's do this on Saturday. Sorry to keep pushing it off but I'm still sick and have a bunch of news to edit still. This way we can take some good outdoor shots too. SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND.
hey craig, i forgot to give your change for your sandwich yesterday. remind me that i owe you $4.50 on saturday or i'll forget
when did we go last time? i felt like it was kinda late, but whatevs. i have to mentally and gastronomically prepare for this.

MESBMA fishfry goes to about 8:30ish.
matt what time do you all practice?
yes, happy birthday dad:

happy birthday butch!
d: you takin pitchers of us tonite?
the only problem with going later is i don't remember when fish fry closes.
i can drive; why are we going so early? let's buy some [*] and then get blizzowed and THEN go to the fish fry.

BY THE WAY, everyone that's going to the fishfry needs to stop eating NOW. i'm holding out for tomorrow night.
i hear 6:20! where's everybody else at! i mean where's everybody else at?
I am so 'bout the fish fry, I can drive 3!

5:30 doesn't work for me I work till 6, how about 6:20?
alrigh, FISH FRY tomorrow night! who's all going, who can drive, and what time do we leave. 5:30? who's going????

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Where do I go?

J: awes
NATE/DPC/D: radio version of "megamayne"

download it and have WSUM play that shit ish
"shake it like a polaroid picture....dont wanna meet your daddy, just want you in my caddy...dont wanna meet your momma, just wanna make you cumma..." she - rock, yes my id was stolen (lame) and yes we are still hanging out tonight, i will call you when i get done with class...or actually, i will just stop by your house.
hey nate and janel (not the cd), we got a call from Wisc. Manage. Co. They still need us to send in our renewal form letting them know we're not renewing our lease. unless of course some of you want to stay. which would be odd.
you guys had some fucked up childhoods. when i was a kid, i was busy practicing kung-fu.
OH MY GOD IT'S CALLED "CHIGGLES" and it's a "chubble"

I had something similar, it was called a "Beeple"
the recification of the situation has been completed, commence stage 2

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

J: Those jokes aren't allowed anymore.
Katers- how'd you get your id stolen? And are we still hangin out tomorrow?
MADISON: we will be going to the east side business men's association for fish fry on friday night. it is all you can eat and got the HIGHEST RANKING on suv jannelle and jake's fish fry site. you WILL a) start thinking about awesome it's going to be and b) clear some time friday night to go. you WILL NOT eat anything after breakfast on friday morning. that's it.
i will answer your questions when you spell our band name right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but seriously, we need your address.....y
i wish someone would have called me about the carrots. i've been peeing orange.

d: i only eat babys.
STV: we need your addressy.
how about you ANSWER MY QUESTION ABOUT THE CD, craig

or do i have to ask difficult matt?
yeah, the show is 21+. Sorry. I have no idea how strict the Klinic is.

Jason, we made it to 3rd! you can stop eating carrots now.
hey is your show 21+? i have to be taking an intro lit class, and i told some kid in my discussion that he should come to your show, and he said he could get a bunch of people to go, but most werent gonna be 21, so i said i'd find out for him by tomorrow if it was or not. or at least is the klinic strict about that stuff?
this is so lame and i cant even believe i have to ask this...but here goes. kat got her wallet stolen from her this weekend in chicago. therefore kat can't go out for two months till she legally turns 21. this sucks kats balls. a lot. So what i am asking is if anyone knows ANYONE AT ALL. who has an id who looks kinda like me, just short dark hair and dark eyebrows will do, that i can have, or even just borrow this weekend. if so, please please tell me asap! thanks loves. :) xoxo ~ kat

(that song is so WWB two months ago / so seventh grade)

hey driftless puny club, when do i get a CD?
Dude J so did I. Baby ones. You too?

Boyz: Katie did "really likes" your CD. I'll send it.
guys... i ate some carrots.. sorry
HUNGER STRIKE for my boys in dpc
i won't eat until they get to at least 3rd place
Yeah those two bands have their entire middle schools voting for them. WE NEED MORE MEN.
thanks D, I was wondering how we got so many votes so fast.

but we're going back down again.
Craig: I just told everyone in my office how cool you are. Hundreds of people voted; we got you up to 4th place.
we're in 9th place!!!!!
ugh, today is not good.
as awesome as jesse is, he is never allowed to visit madison on a school night ever again.

Monday, February 09, 2004

d, since "the incident", you have finally, totally redeemed yourself.

(pretty sure janel can take photos)
Nate: Yeah that's what I meant with the my obsession with uniformity bit and meeting up with you all before your next practice. So we'll do a photo shoot on Wednesday or Thursday. I will not be doing any group shots. Can Janel take color photos this Saturday night? Kodak is fine -- because you guys are my friends.
d - we need straight band photos too, probably in a nonplaying setting. if you don't mind kodak, we already have one of their four packs just laying around.
we practice on thursday night. but we'll be playing at WSUM on wednesday night. whatever
Matt: I could use my phone, but the joke would totally be on you guys. If you get me one of those 4 packs I could take the pictures on Saturday too -- although, I'm not going to promise that. But fear not, someone else can do it, or I will very soon anyway. I like Fuji 400 (you know, with the 4th color) layer the best. When's your next practice, tomorrow? We could take some super cool shots just beforehand. Can you guys please try to make yourselves look indie that night?
d: sounds good. that's what I wanted to happen to the website. I want it to look something like the CD art so using janel's art would work. And this site definitely needs some consistency, so if you want to take pictures, we'll pay for the film.

EDIT: or are you gonna take pictures with your phone? cuz then we won't pay for the film
Nate: Jesse Bradley is going to be in town this evening. We'll go out to eat and do who knows what else. Are you in? As far as a new DPC overhaul goes, if you all are into hearing my ideas, I've got this idea of theming it after some of Janel's awesome artwork if it's cool by her -- that giant piece I was so crazy about at her last art exhibit to be more specific. Use small sections of it on each page or something. It's hard to explain. However, with everyone's permission (namely hers of course), I could take some photos of it, and make a sample of exactly what I mean. If using her art is a bad idea, I can use some of Nate's? If using art at all is a bad idea. I can do something else too. As far as the band photos go -- I'm all about uniformity for things like this, so I can also take new photos of you guys while I'm at it. In addition to that, if you don't have live photos with the new lineup, you could make that happen this weekend. Use the band fund to fly APG and her camera to the states for the weekend. All of this of course is an 'if you want' type of thing.

Matt: If Nate's coming out tonight, you can give it to him -- or just come along with us. If you guys are into seeing samples, when the time comes just email me your FTP access codes and I'll put some up for you.
i think it'd be pretty cool to have an overhaul, especiall with the new album coming out. the green text/black background is getting a little old, it'd be nice to have something a little more cheery.

also, i am sick of my photo on this page. why the hell do i have my eyes closed.

also, we should get new band photos this week for onion, etc.

d: In response to your WESTWASH blog: do you really want to do the DPC website? I'd be more than happy to give you the keys. This website needs an overhaul and I don't really know what I'm doing.

if you wanna help out with the reconstruction, I prolly can do most of the maintenance
d: when can I give you the stuff?
i don't know what your problem is, D, but i guess you miss out on the magic fingers of Craig Benzine.

(don't worry dad, I'm not gay)
What? You guys covered the Mario 2 theme song?
you misheard difficult matt, the press release is not 86 pages long. he is formatting it so it can only be read on TI-86 calculators, and must be transfered though one of their direct link cables. it also includes a killer mario 2 game simulator.
Nate (cross-blog reply): She hasn't yet told me, however I will be sending it to someone regardless. She was excited to listen to it though. I believe it was Friday when Mattt told me that he was in the process of revising the press release. He also said that it was going to be about 86 pages worth of content in scroll format, so who knows what was true -- you never can trust a kid with three Ts in his name.
matt's got the press releases.
Hey Roty Danch: I need a press release and CD to send off to North Dakota's Katiedid. STAT. There's also a kink in my neck. Who's on it? Not Craig please.
just another man named Monday

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Stv you're right. They've already changed it back.
i miss bicycle day. can someone lend me 'it's time for a rock song'?
it's taking forever for my water to boil!!!!
I believe D is referring to beating the bastards of city hall.
D- what the hell are you talking about?

Saturday, February 07, 2004

i'm sitting at my computer aiming my middle finger in the direction of your house, tron. (update: the middle finger now signifies the word "buttmunch")
how about this for starters are a buttmunch
tomorrow would be great... i'll just give you a call sometime a little after noon or something, or call me 257.0568. thanks again!
helena, call our house, i don't have your number. you can use my van before 2 today and whenever tomorrow. i am going down to state street for a while, so i'll leave my keys here.
American Splendor is a fuckin great movie!

Friday, February 06, 2004

I know Utah gets a lot of slack for not being cool, but they just played The Postal Service during the weather segment of the news. NEW INDIE ROCK NEWS BROADCAST!
hey, when you were little did you ever call anyone "buttmunch"? I'm gonna start that up again, pronto.
we should just go the party and have a good time. if they want dpc, the can get their fill next weekend.
I suppose we could see colony and play in the basement afterward. That might be a little late though

thanks so much ian; when would be better tomorrow or sunday?
i want to go see COW tomorrow night. why are they planning a party the same night?
sure, but if you have a box spring that's wider than a double, you won't be able to fit it inside. doubles and twins fit, though, and you might be able to strap something on top.

everybody, skye called last night and they want some bands to play at 10 south basset on saturday night. so if dpc wants to play, you should give them a call.
hey ian, this there anyway i can borrow your van sometime this weekend? i need to move a bed over to my house, as im still sleeping on the couch here. i'll put some gas in you van and buy you a beer sometime, please!
Shari, so sorry, no disrespect intended.
Craig: Who's guff?

she-rock H: That's nuts. I didn't know your name was Shari. What's my name?

JP: For you I listened to Star-P last night. I only got halfway. It's really not that cool.
Soup, correct spelling: Shari/ Sharbare
D- for your information we did exchange names last night.
I had so much last night and my dart skills are very impressive when I am blindfolded. Too bad none of you will ever see it.
Nate the conversation was much more elaborate then that.
d, are you giving me guff?
Sharon/She-Rock/SheRa/ShareBear/Sharoline/Sheri: I have never seen someone do that with a dart before. I bet you can't do that blindfolded.
The rest of you, thanks for getting me drunk last night, really.

Sledding will be awesome, you will all acknowledge the awesome power that is sledding.
d - yeah, it looks good. they've been notified.
Craig: Would you PLEASE stop gloating about us not going to Paul's last night? GOD.

Nate: I know you've already checked, but Seripop = changed.
finally, I've been waiting for three years for someone to welcome me to this century. Now I can get on with my life.

she-rock, I bow to your dart playing wisdom.
last night:
she-ra: hey, don't you know all these guys? it's the dpc.
friend: what? no...
she-ra: you know, the driftless pony club.
friend: you guys have a horsey club? i want to join!

Crazy compulsive blog action from my new friend she-rock H.

Did you notice that neither of us cared to learn each other's real name? WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY.
For everyone who was not at the Echo last night- She-rock dominated the darts. I played against the boys and they were crying because I was pulling out superhuman tricks they had never seen before.
D- it was very nice to meet you last night
Soup- it was very nice to meet you again last night
Nate and Craig- Im sorry I had to see you last night
Caroline and Matt- Im sorry I did not get to hang out with you last night
Sledding excusions on Friday night (after 10pm) and Sunday afternoon! Friday we'll probably go up by Liz Waters and Sunday we may go to Elver! BYOS (bring your own sled, or swimming pool, or snow tube, or some other sledding accessory to make up for our low inventory).

Too bad there's so much crossover now; we should have a BOOTY RANCH v. WEST WASH BLOG snowball fight.

p.s. there's a giant snow cock just down the street
janel, take your beat poetry elsewhere

i thought i smelled summer today, but it was merely a fevered lawn gnome drunk off of liquid paper. his teeth were filthy, so i made a meow meow lick them

Thursday, February 05, 2004

was that "bizzle" there in place of "bizzle"? (you know what I mean)
hey d: is someone at TMT gonna review our CD or what, bizzle?
I hope you guys make it into the top 8 bands. That was the only thing I could think of to somewhat fix the problem, or at least give non-high school madison-based bands a chance. As for Chester A and Fucktards, we got the pre-arrival time slot at that show, so all one of our households vote went to you.
PLEASANTS! and pubrish
oh wait, I thought you were someone else. Nevermind. You're great, d.
At least you're being honest. I'll try not to use this blog anymore though -- out of consideration.
d, don't be so upset. I really appreciate all of those things. I already told you that there was no reason why I hate you.
alright, my iPod is currently set on random mode and i just got:
city of bones - three mile pilot
everything reminds me of her - elliot smith
the marionette's cottage - unwed sailor
hocus pocus - enon
untitled - sigur ros
adeus maria fulo (goodbye maria fulo) - os mutantes
candy girl - low
they're winning - the walkmen
lustrous poppies - number one cup
this is not a house of life - the good gospel truth
but then it went to transitionz az a ridah by murs and the flow was interrupted. substitute sunflower for candy girl and this would be good mix cd. that's all.
Craig: Oh real nice from someone whose band has just been CAMPAIGNED like crazy for this WSUM poll by you-know-who (and if you don't know who -- it's the same guy who drove all the way to Minneapolis to watch this same band play). Eat shit cowgirl.
hey, the winners of the voting are the top 8 bands now. The Mosaic is going to pass us and put us in 9th.

d, i hate you. no reason.
sleevestar: new band name: driftless pony cred

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

did matt fart again?
Matt: Was that you?
Does anybody want to go to the Liquid Lyrics Lounge tonight to see what that place is like? The Mercy Chord is playing with Gal and Lad and Awesome Car Funmaker.
MATT: you should the twin cities shows and the 446/shirley temple show to our past shows page. that's it and that's all.
NATHAN WELLS says hi everybody!!!!
just a reminder for everyone to VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! vote again if you already did. It may work.
d: have your sister send me one. OOOOOOH BURNNNN sorta
Soup: Thanks for going out to lunch with me. That was the end of a long-lived craving for Laredo's.

Lindsay: I got this for you on the way back: ----'--,--@

J: I didn't get one for you.
after living here 5 years, me and janel final just got library cards. new, free retrograde movies!
d: fuck you, you're ugly. now shut the fuck up.*

*see WWB.
hey, the plastic constellations have a new website. there are two new songs to which you can listen.
Sure, see you then.
Oh God Soup, quit making me nervous. Can you make it at 12.30 today?
I dunno D, Laredo's? I don't think that place is up to my standards, I mean I'm way too good for that place. Maybe its okay for you, but not for someone like me.
'kidding of course
apg - what about my mom?
Soup. I bet Laredo's would help. What do you say? As I've already explained to Lidsnay, I was in Rochester too long, and out of contact with my Madison friends, who are not stuck-up and snotty. Thank you Soup for not being stuck-up and snotty. OH MY GOD HOW PATHETIC, MY FIRST BLOG CONFIDE SESSION.

When I'm in a bad mood I usually do at least 2 of the following...
1)Smoke a pack of cigarettes by noon
2)Drink a pot of coffee
3)Swear at my computer
4)Trip over things

It doesn't help but I always make sure to do them, maybe you should start with that.
I'm in a bad mood. This never happens. Someone help me please.
party in the park: so so far away, but i've got this side of the ocean covered.
nate-your mom is my art history teacher
helena and nicole: was just reading the wsum boards. you guys are awesome.

kat/she-ra/all - why is there all this talk about not going to the show on the 14th?
Who the fuck is 3 doors down? I am so mad. Who voted for this band over my God's the Flaming Lips? These people better be ready to experience she-rock.
Kat- Angie and are are renting movies and eating take-out on V-Day, and gettting drunk. I would invite you but I never hear from you anymore. :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2004 mean [*] i think...or brasterisk.
So I decided to go in the lab today...I painted some toxic resin on class E fiber glass. When I went to throw my trash and waste away, one of the pieces had stuck to my plastic gloves. I was then reminded of the quote from Super Troopers..."Littering and? Littering and?". Then I went home and got high.
Sam Grant: You Downer's Grove North jerks seem to be everywhere -- I just ran into a pal of yrs, Erick. By run in, I mean chatted with online. I'M A DORK.
who wants to binge drink with me on valentines day?? :) (bitter about the holiday = yes but still my normal charming delightful self! :) )
i think we've gone up in the rankings since i last just checked. did we jump from from 2.5 to 4.3? it looks like we only need to double our votes to get into the top five positions.

meatproduct for earwarmth - i haven't used aim for more than 5 minutes since freshman year, but i'll bust it out for you when i got home from class today.
(especially for D because there's a grammatical error!!)
NATE: AIM = herejesuis.
let's forget this voting nonsense and just have Lady Microphone play at the Party again.
STV: I said that last night.


PS: at the echo, mind you
Urizon Wireless
just to let you know that urizen band is some new ska or punk band from madison. thats what ive been told at least. no offense to the dpc, but im actually putting for chester a and the fucktards seeing as how i joined them yesterday afternoon. go chester!
spotted by the lil' general at west wash:

MTV holding interviews for MUSIC VIDEO assistants
Reply to:
Date: 2004-02-02, 11:38AM CST

MTV networks wants to give you the chance to work on the set of a music video! If selected, you will be given a ONE WEEK PAID POSITION on the upcoming MTV music video "Rock for Love." No experience necessary, film & television students encouraged to apply. Please bring resumes and demo tapes if you have them. You MUST be over the age of 18 and legally permitted to work in the U.S. Interviews will be held on Wednesday, February 4th from 10am to 6pm at the Courtyard Marriott Madison East: 2502 Crossroads Drive, Madison, WI 53718.

Compensation: $125/day
how did that happen? all my work computers aren't working either. more hooray for madison!!!!!
3 doors down is playing at the all campus party instead of the flaming lips. Hooray for Madison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the computers at my work say that votes have happened on them already. some of them are ones that no one else uses. damnit.
chops. the chops heard round the world. sir chops-a-lot. you know, chops.

Monday, February 02, 2004

currently 1,875 people have voted on who should play the party in the park. with 25.4 percent of the vote is URIZON. for a band i've never heard of, 476 is lot of votes. that's all i am saying.
is everyone going to the echo sack tap tonight? I sure am.
echo sack tap!
aww the sack tap!!!!

happy groundhog day, craig.

(back slap)
shows went well. We sold like FIVE CDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(heel click)
nice one dude!

(sack tap)
nice one dude!

(high five)
FUCKING shitheads

(ha ha)
i don't ever want to see my neighbors, honestly. coupla shitheads.
Jason: maybe you should ask your neighbors to save those hours for blogging, instead.

Shari: I grabbed the DVD just before the mailman was able to lay his meaty paws on it. Thanks!
Micah- my deepest apology and in the issue of the OC I hope you learned your lesson. Do not ever doubt my television intuition.
Katers- I miss you and the stones throw is one of my two favorite bars in EC. You will have fun and probably meet some cool peops.
Caroline- I dropped of your DVD. Hope the mailman didn't steal it.
Craig what is this awesome story about your car dying is it just the battery and did you put in the replacement battery you had? Let me know and by the way "PATRIOTS WIN"
LIGHTNING BOLT vs. HELLA: wow. first question is how anyone figured out what the drummer from lightning bolt was singing. i am not sure who to support on this east coast/west coast noise-duo battle. actually, i'd be kind of suprised if this was true.

winter 2004 TC tour also featured talking heads and violent femmes covers, and first time playing countdown with sam, despite us never showing it to him before. pics will probably be posted soon.

JP: you got email! edit: nevermind, you're too fast for me.

those who missed our 2004 tour of the twin cities missed something indeed. It'll take years for scientists to completely understand.
NEW RETURNED RETROGRADE MOTION. we have this awesome story about craig's car dying.
RIP booty ranch
good game, no?

Sunday, February 01, 2004

the ranchers go out of town and the blog dies. this is so sad.
the profits are saving face brethren. is that a word because i'm not sure if i spelled it right. OOPS i mean write. as in: write on, brother. i'll tell you what, that ian gy doesn't know a pedal steel from his ass, so he should sell me his pedal steel. or his ass. look, whichever.

micah's opium den