Wednesday, March 31, 2004

wasn't that the same tour they snuck into a hotel and pretended to be guests to get the free continental breakfast? i think the story ended with them being chased out of the hotel and stealing a plaque.
i remember at the stagedoor when he told me the story about their mini tour and how they decided to go the whole 3 or 4 days without eating and only drinking bloody marys just to see if they could do it. (that's where the line in manifest destiny comes from).

this is sad and shocking. jer was always a very nice guy. i wish the best for his family, and i'll miss him greatly.
Jeremy Misiaveg, 23, formerly of Madison, was killed early Saturday morning when he fell on an electrified rail of Chicago's subway.

His father, Ben Misiaveg, of Lansing, Ill., said his son had lived in Madison on Gorham Street for about a year with members of his band, Bicycle Day. His son had worked at a Steep and Brew coffee shop, he said.

At about 12:35 a.m. Saturday, a Chicago Transit Authority conductor on a passing train saw the young man's body on the track between the Chicago Street and Division Street stops, said Chicago Police Officer Jo Ann Taylor. Misiaveg was found facedown and unconscious on the "third rail" - the electrified middle rail that powers Chicago's commuter trains.

Although emergency personnel thought he was still breathing when he was found, Misiaveg was taken to St. Mary's Hospital in Chicago and pronounced dead.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's office ruled the death an accidental electrocution. A spokesman there said the man's death would have been almost immediate due to the large amount of current running through that rail.

Ben Misiaveg said his son moved to Chicago early last winter after his band broke up. Jeremy Misiaveg had been out with friends Friday night and was on his way to his home on Chicago's north side, his father said.

So far, authorities haven't discovered what caused him to fall onto the track.

omg. is this true? jer of bicycle day died yesterday of electrocution? does anyone know if this is actually true? holyshit. go on to read about it. :(
evidently, jer from bicycle day was found dead on some rail tracks in chicago this weekend. does anyone know to get in touch with any of those kids anymore?
did anyone tell anyone about our dinner party?
thanks janel. :) hey,yeah...i have gotten numerous viruses from friends emails...i just basically see what the email has to say and don't open the attachment. it's fucked up. what's up with that virus? grar. seeeee everyone tonight.

nate: i've done that before. and if you go to the bank they have it there, the machine eats it after so many seconds and you need an id to get it back.

j- hello i`m apg. have no fear i can`t harm you from here. any damage that will be had will have to wait until july
matt: we totally need to add this dude to our link page. argh.
jp: so sorry. what do you advise?

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

P.S. Nate, I also got a virus from yr smoothnougat account today.
Hey guys. I believe one of you have one of the viruses that are going around. I just got an email from with the text file attachment that most people have been getting. I would suggest updating your antivirus software and scanning. You can download it free from doit's webpage.
assloaf its at nine pot luckie
sherock h - dude, my birthday party is the day before easter (april 10th) and easter dinner/my birthday dinner is april 11th. soooo you best make it friday night and saturday day...else fur will fly. :) jk honey bunny! hey asshats, what is this dinner party thing? thanks for telling me. ;-) (jk sort of) or maybe i just don't pay enough attention. what time does it start? etc. <3
hey, do you guys know how I do?
craig, i just transfered the money from paypal to my checking account. i can either write you a check, or get cash from the bank tomorrow, cause i realized last night that i lost my debit card in the ATM by gennas yet again.
nate, you still owe me money.
okay just to make sure pudding/burt is you Nick, right? And I am totally game for camping out for either or both movies
we need to see the one man band movie, cause THE LONESOME ORGANIST IS PLAYING RIGHT AFTER THE PERFORMANCE!

j - i just to die by catapults and trebruchets.

I was kinda interesting in seeing both of those actually, we could camp outside the Orpheum Friday night and try to get in. We might still be able to get tickets for fakers it has a weird time slot when most people are working... in fact I am working... hmmm...
ELO: i noticed the rent thing, too. HOT! but enough talk, let's...

JZN,STV: there goddamned better be a corned beef hunt.

nate: what's this fear of axes and bombs all about?

she-rock: my name is joe. i don't know if we met.
j - only matt has the power to fix your broken link. and stv's broken link. and kat's broken link. i haven't i already told you guys not to change your nickname? it might be back to remedial blogging for you guys.
will there be a corned beef hunt?
melissa, that's okay. even wizards have to rest sometimes. everybody, we are cleaning the house tonight, right? for the dinner party tomorrow? who all's coming?
Maybe Intermission-
it has cillian murphy from 28 days later
or Fakers?
Awesome! Now who wants to go see a movie?
Yeah we did get a free jamba juice and it was a brawl at our house for it between Adam, Ang, Brian and I. Brian won.
Film Festival:
All your questions will be DESTROYED by answeres here
There are some local filmmakers but there are lots that are not. It's really just a big festival to screen newish films. I think they screened "Y Tu Mama Tambien" there a couple weeks ago and "Spellbound" etc. Its a pretty big deal. It goes on all weekend at many theatres.
i'd hate to see what you'd do to pay the amount we pay for rent.
Micah- Who is getting married?
Also this thing you call the film festival, are they local filmmakers? and when is it?
J- who are you? and I was j/king about the swearing
Katers- when is Easter dinner- b/c I may go home for part of the weekend
i'd kill somebody in front of they own mama for some corned beef hash, or i'd go buy it
I am Micah. Did anyone else get a coupon for a free Jamba Juice in the mail. Also, is it Jamba or Jamha? And another thing, people from my hometown are dropping like flies to the marriage disease and its freaking me out.
i'd kill a human to pay $375 a month in rent....I'D KILL A HUMAN !!
Shari, film festival is pretty cool lots of cool films. You can preorder tickets for shows or try standby about a half hour before any show. Most of them are sold out so are standby only right now.
hey. how do i get rid of that broken picture link near my name on the published version? i don't even see a way to ADD a picture.
thanks, so far, fellers. unfortunately, i haven't actually seen the covers of your records. but i like the sounds. consider me a big fan.

and fuq the 4446. playa hatin' m'er f'ers. been riding Jaxxx C's nutz for years now. and all on top of rush samples.
j, i'm craig, the balding gentleman on the right. although, don't be fooled. I have a fuller beard now.
Hi I am Shari
Will someone tell me a little story about this film festival?
i am still arguing hella's "ho's in the house" as the ultimate 446 sample, despite my failure to get anyone a copy of the song. as far as the 4446 goes, they should find their own samples.
i think somebody (STV/AMZ AZN) should use that midi for a 4446 song
j - basic rundown - from the blogger page, you can probably figure out everyone who overlaps with the west wash blog. from the actual dpc diary page, anyone who has underwear next to their name is in the dpc/lives with dpc. after that, they should probably introduce themselves. except for lyndsy. she is on the front cover of our last ep (dpc knows better) and is probably responsible for 75% of the sales of said cd due to her general awesomeness. and you should watch out for APG, and WWJpD. they are both smarter than me and should be regarded with extreme caution. good luck.
j -
waht the fcuk?
she rock, waht the fcuk?
holy shrimps, that introductory fanfare was long. i sure hope that was for me. if it was for another j: wasn't that long, other j? i'm a big fan of the mesozoic, myself, as it gave us the pterodactyl and archaeopteryx, so that song was particularly appropriate.

can someone do some more introducing for me? i know nate, d, and kat's alter egos, but who is everyone else?

i do have a minor criticism: YOU NEED MORE ANAL GLANDS.

Monday, March 29, 2004

J- welcome . . . to the DOTY RANCH
janel, call our house and remind us about weds or we will forget. i forgot already.
hey ian, us pinball wizards were too fucking hungover to leave the house yesterday. or answer the phone. so don't you worry. we'll have another chance... someday....
Badger Sublets got me a response like 12 minutes after I posted my ad.
So I am still in my first year of Madisonites and I was just wondering what the deal is with the film festival
Matt- String Cheese?
You need to stick with the food name for sure.
Maybe fish?
Anyone in Madison got Film Festival plans? There's still a few things I want to see, but I really dropped the ball on getting signed up early this year.
oh yeah! if anyone knows of anyone looking for an apt for the summer, or even now...i am trying to get a subletter. possibly two. it's $375 a month. etc. i don't even know where to post to look for subletters. any ideas? and tell ppl to call me if they want an apt!! thanks dudes.
hi joe!
good times this weekend chumps. though on my part more drinking should have been had. :) i have decided we should make saturday/sunday morning breakfast an every week tradition..coz it rules. being hungover and drinking bloody marys rules. who is in? (except not this weekend for me.) saturdays would be good. it's so loverly out. go have fun. i will be stuck doing nails. boo. so have some fun for me. <3
nice to meet those of you whom i met this weekend. i like your town. and your band.

for those i didn't meet: QQQQ SSSS ... I
what difficult matt means to say is, we're really busy in april and we haven't yet thought of a date that would work.


your choice
Dudes- when are we filming?
rizzle-grizzly miz-ocean, fool
Good seeing y'all against this past weekend.

Dudes. Forgot about Sunday picture taking. Had guests. Can I come over and do it tonight?

Sunday, March 28, 2004

ATT: I will be booking Wed. May 5 and May 12 at the Klinic. Wednesday has become the local band night there so if you wanna play just get in contact with me.

Also, the cover will be $3 and pitchers of Pabst will be $4. $1 cans.
dinner party at 517 w doty wednessday 9?
pot-luckerie or bring liquids o' alcohol vino
do it.
toot yur assets

me and jason and bobby smiley. notice that bobby is rocking the bottle of hennesey. courtesy of my brain is made of things made of platinum.

craig. courtesy of ogden. you know how we do it.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

craig: don't fucking swear in front of your parents, you hear?
Hey, show at UNION SOUTH tonight. We're playing at like 11 or something. Starts at 9. Colony of Fucking Watts is playing also.
By crappy American 80's, I hope you don't mean awesome American 80's like Animotion.
d: everything they play is crappy american 80s for the most part... but i'll pay more attention next time i go to a boƮte... what exactly are you looking for specifically?

Friday, March 26, 2004

Darling don't shave your head.
if i get to keep my job, i could probably get monday off, and i'd probably come down on saturday to hang out. i want to avoid the van glader if i can, since it takes alot of time/money.

P.S. that may or may not be awesome. i think stephin really needs me to be there for him.
P.S. I may or may not be able to come up to Madison to get you that day ... details to follow.
TAKE MONDAY OFF! It's nearly three months away ... Of all people, Stephin would be most disappointed in you.
JP: i know, but i want to see if i can score a ride down there. the van galder after sunday's show to be home in time for monday work=not a must.
Nate: Fran and I are going to the Sunday MF show -- you know the rule: If a band plays three nights in a city, the last show is generally the best.
nate, i ain't going. you can keep your cock to yourself.
a) who wants to go see the magnetic fields in chicago this summer? they are playing june 25-27 and i want to go to one of the shows. a car is not a must but would be good. we need to get on this cause stv says tickets are going fast. who hears me?

b) who wants to go see cockfest next weekend? cock esp is especially worth seeing. don't forget the stellar review i gave them last time.

thanks jp.
Whoa whoa whoa. Everybody needs to just CALM DOWN.

Soup: Yes, there was a picture of Rachael Leigh Cook on my mirror. I might be wrong, but I think Lindsay (or someone) cut it out and sent it to me.

Craig: Honestly looks so awesome right now. Get a logo and I'll do something to it. Matt and I discussed meeting up on Sunday for getting the ball rolling on the new

Craig: I will.

APG: Please list some names of some Dance and/or Pop they're playing in the clubs/on the radio there now. Thanks!
Confidential to Nate: You know this will have an awesome sound.

friday april 2nd
atwood community center
2425 atwood ave.
8pm sharp
all ages, $4 with cock, $5 without
brought to you by 23 productions

cock esp - legendary premature satisfaction
orphan cocktail - hide your children, madison's own bloody noise orgasm
cock blocking peons - sludge noise on drums and bass
pirate cock - milwaukees destructive noise janitors
bruce cockkiss - a u haul truck load of antiques and a drunken man in a
right cock severed - adventourous public humiliation
David, is that a picture of Rachel Leigh Cook on your mirror?
d: you could help us with our website anytime. we got some things that need cleaning up, like the lack of pictures of our cd's in the audio page. and our shitty photos section. also, check out You find that that needs a little bit of your aid.

d: don't do it.
well not that short -- but sure.
Whatevs. I don't even know which photos you mean.
d: why? do i need to post the pics from the last time you did this?
I will.
d: don't do it.
I'm going to shave my head.
d: possibly. work is probably sending me home early. i don't think i have the materials for it though.
Nate: I wish. Maybe that could be your business?
D: can't. we have a show in two weeks. does your business involve dog anal glands?
I'll give you business to attend to.
Nate: No idea. I don't do reviews. Talk to Marvin "Brrr" Berry. Also. I'm going to Crotchlester in two weeks. Consider it.

Soup: Can't sorry. I got bidness to tend to.
d: when's the dpc review comig out? and dog anal glands??

soup: you missed a good show last night. unless you were there and i didn't see you.

J: joining forces with the driftless pony horses.
d come to lunch today
DPC: What's the deal with the website? Y'all need to give me something to start on!

J: On TMT there's a review up today of the new MF Doom, Madvillainy. Download it. It's mint.

EDIT: Matt: Got your messages. Can't reply. Sunday looks good to me.
kat: what d said.
d: nice translation skills
everyone else: hi
so who wants to be stage dancers for tha 446 show? y'alll betta reckanize

Thursday, March 25, 2004

sam looks like a funny rodent in one picture.
hi. i forgot i can blog too. i am as cool as the rest of you. i haven't been on here since the color scheme changed to caucasian. um.
give craig's parents some credit. i think they know what the word "fuck" means. anyways, these things happen.
ha ha ha ha ha. craig: bite me :) (and i mean that in the sweetest way possible. no really!!) <3
this should be reiterated:

COLONY OF WATTS/PALE RIDERS/BLIND SHAKE tonight at the Orpheum Stagedoor
ahhh! that's so scary d! craig's parents... sorry. :P sherock: ok MOM. (justkidding) are you going to the pale riders show tonight? you better be. everyone else: see you this weekend probably. bye. <3 oh yeah, i have to give my first pedicure tonight! ewgh.
This just happened:
Me: Hey Tom, Happy Birthday. What are you gonna do tonight?
Co-worker: Oh you know -- head over to the ex-wife's place and feed her some tube steak.
practice tonight at 5 or 6? that goes for you too, kat.
I e-mailed them like 5 days ago. (insert cricket noises here)
maybe we should email them and see what's up.
colony of watts disc reviewed in the new isthmus!!!!!!!! very positively!!!!!!!

(how long have they had our cd now?)
ok that screwy cat is showing up everywhere, what is happening
Pale Riders/ Colony of watts show tonight!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

hey kids...i know im not on here that much, and now im just doing it to use you. but if by any chance anyone out there is looking for a place to live next year, we have a spot open in our apt. its a nice place with decent rent on e johnson, just a couple blocks from state street. there. thats all for now. but maybe ill see you guys sometime soon. have a good one.
Because Kat did'nt get the hint from Craig- I apoligize to Craig's parents for Kats horrible potty mouth
Also, my birthday is July 7 and i am not going to ask you not to have a show, in fact you should throw me a huge birthday party and play at it.
everyone hates craig. JUSTKIDDING. because i love craig. : * thanks D. ohhh lizzy. you will be missed. parties are always fun when liz is around, especially when me liz and caro are around. that = high jinks and trouble
just turn the other cheek, craig.

"blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"--Life of Brian....and.... the Bible.
If you've sensed tension from me its because I hate Craig.

And Jon. I also hate Jon

Also, reasons to celebrate on June 15th number 1
Micah -- Whatever. Basically, the third of every month should be cleared for me. THANKS.
so not to sound like a bitch...i wouldn't have brought up the birthday thing if i hadn't of mentioned it like a million times. i don't expect everyone to know when i am having an event. and i am not reallllly mad. it's just that since y'all are my friends, and the people i see the most, i wanted you there. but c'est la vie i guess. *shrugs* you can all go barhopping afterwards at midnight and buy me drinks if you are not at the party.. ;-)

no way, so the show is on the 9th now? jigga what? that makes me really happy, coz not only can i now go to the show, but you can come to my party. yay. :) blah. enough about this fucking party... i have had enough and it hasn't even happened.

you bitches better be at 'tha 446 show and the pale riders/colony of watts show if you aren't in either one of those bands.

is any one going to the mamas on sunday?

lizzy, translate por favor! :)

i sense some tension here from people. if anyone wants to fight, bring it, because i have had a shitty two weeks and am definitely in the mood to break some noses. (i am not even kidding) :)

ok done whining and being bitchy. see you all tommorow night!
Dear JP-

Wouldn't January 3rd be your half birthday?
are there even any rap groups in SLC?
kat- je sera la en esprit!
I found a better rap group to hang out with.
Whah? No JP on Friday? What the deal yo?
DPC: You better keep July 3rd open for the rest of your lives -- It's my birthday. Oh, and February 3rd, too -- It's my half birthday.

In other news, well, there is no other news. Have fun on Friday / Saturday!
we're probably playing at 11pm or so
Kat I am coming to your party- but don't know if I am bringing a guest.

DPC- do you know what time you guys are playing on Sat.? I have to go to another show, but am hoping I can make both.
it's been confirmed. the show is on the 9th.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I believe the show is actually on April 9th. there's some confusion.
whoa whoa whoa, sorry kat, but i had no idea when your birthday was, much less if there was a party.

to my parents: sorry about all the "f" words.
wait, what? what days your birthday?
linds. speaking from someone who used to book for the stage door, it is the easiest place to get in to EVER. just tell ryan (the bouncer, who is in vox humana, and tron solo) that you are with 'tha 446, or go with d, or me for that matter, there is many options. dont' worry honey! you will get in. i guarantee it. if it is brandon doing the door, just tell him to talk to me. or have d put you on the guest list. easy as pie. since you are dating someone who is in 'tha 446 it's even a not bigger deal. :) good luck sugar pie. OH YEAH! DPC: you suck. you totally booked a fucking show on the day of my birthday party. how many months have i been talking about this? and i know i mentioned it to at least 2 of you many times. i hate you. :( but everyone else better be at my fucking birthday or else i really will stop talking to you. (ask soup. i freaked out last night. :P sorry)
Oh and by the way I am not about to tell you what I did on my 18th birthday for I was still in high school at good old RHS.
Turning 21 is not hard for me its turning 21 for the third time thats hard. You know myself, daughter Melissa and son Craig. Of course back in the 60s & 70s the age to drink legally was 18, so turning 18 for me was not hard, but it was a big deal.
when I turned 21 i drank with my parents at the nitty gritty and wando's of all places. Butch and I drank out of fish bowls. on the way back to the parking lot, butch almost puked. turning 21 is hard, for my dad.
Lyndsy: borrow someone's 446 jersey

lyndsy: i think if you are a 446 'roadie' or just pretend to be in the 446, you'll be fine.

Monday, March 22, 2004

I'll make you cookies too. Actually, Kat, we should make cookies together.
Thanks for the coffee, Ian. I wish I could say the mental alertness it's providing will improve the coherence of my paper (due tomorrow), but I think it's going to be a joke regardless. Also, Ian, thanks for raising a good point: who can get me into the 21+ show on Friday?
i won't stop until i break it
i luv the valley OH
hey my favoritest asshats ever...if any of you have a band website, or just a website period, could you possibly do me a favor and put a link of the profits on your site? please please please? i'll make you cookies. it's i will love you forever if you do. <3 thanks you!
Ian, I didn't want to tell you this but Hanah is your long lost twin sister.
so... i found out last night that hanah's birthday is august 10...

it's just too bad that i have never been more allergic to a person's cat in my entire life. my eyes were still itchy when i woke up this morning.
it's so much a matter of the design as it is being at the cat the same time as jonny to ask him about the buttonmaker, especially since they've been closed for the past week. i think i can stop by before class and see what's up.
106 days
craig, your last sentence confuses me.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

i was saying that instead of making a bunch of buttons based on your design (which is okay to do) you could just make the design and show it to everybody before you make the buttons.

so you could either:
1) make a design and then make a bunch of buttons before the meeting, or,
2) make a design for the buttons before the meeting.

it's just a question of how confident you are with your design.
craig, your last sentance confuses me.
hey, thanks sleevester.

nate, just a reminder that you're supposed to make buttons. if you would rather not just make buttons without anyone seeing the design, maybe you should make a design and bring it to the meeting.
craig's picture is broken. other than that the new site is gravy. ps AWESOME

Saturday, March 20, 2004

nate was too hungover to practice, ha ha ha ha ha ha
confidential to band: sorry guys.
shera, you are a day late, we went last night... though theres no reason we can't go again tomorrow night.
hey yo- are you guys going to eat at the new buffet?
yeah what's the deal. you guys need a hand with that? website that is?
doty ranchers are gone cuz our website sucks a huge amount of cock right now.

Friday, March 19, 2004

I get off work at 6 want to stop at home first... 7?
but where's the doty ranchers at? soup, when you want to eat?
WWBS (shhh)
where's is everybody today?
they have quality food now...then they'll jack up the price and lower the quality in a few months. it's called predatory pricing or something...(i.e. price yourself into a certain market and once you develop a market share, jack it up. see: redbull)
the new chinese buffet is only 5 bucks? does that mean that the owners are awesome or the food is not so good? where's everybody at?
Nate: Yes, I'm down for either... I just discovered that the new Buffet downtown is open now... it is supposedly 5 dollars all day everytday.
janel and i stuck around humanities till around 3 last night to get the colony of watts poster done in one night. SO, i haven't done anything remotely spring-break like at all this week. what's happening tonight? anyone want to go to fish fry or china buffet?

matt: did the loading of the sector five webpage cause the doty ranch publishing to cease?
Nate- APG lives at:
14 rue 4 septembre
13100 aix en provence FRANCE


Thursday, March 18, 2004

hey bitches. why isn't current blogger showing up on the dpc page? hmmm? sherock - thanks baby. <3 where are you? i miss you.
angiosperms rule the world
angiosperms rule the world
Yes the Death Star does have a hyperdrive. Otherwise it would not have been able to make it from Alderaan to Yavin within a day of the Millennium Falcon. It was only about as fast as lightspeed. No .5 past lightspeed thats for damn sure.
sam just called. for some reason he was scheduled to work tonight. he's going to work and try to leave early, but maybe not.
craig: you should try questioning and destroying on the west wash blog. that would be a TRUE test of your curse power.
i forget that not only are my ANSWERS all powerful, but too are my QUESTIONS. Sometimes great power can be a curse.
you destroyed the blog with your question, craig.
what time we practice tonight? 6? 7?
she-rock: we're not filming on sunday.

it looks like the detachment kit signed to frenchkiss records and have a new album coming out in may.
Sunday works for me- what time?
Nate- I will bring a cd with me on Sunday-thank you.
Kat- for some reason, some girls feel threatened by other girls, therefore becoming defensive and bitchy. You did not deserve that and should feel reassured that so many people love you, including me.
can't film on sunday. matt has to work. but any ideas of when we can do it, anyone? the weekend would be better for me.

colony of watts has a small write up in the isthmus for their cd release. it sounds like they'd be better apprecieated in the 1980's.
HEY The death star does have hyperdrive. look it up
i have the solution and it is DRUGZZZ

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

what is it about girls that makes them so evil and petty and bitchy? even when grown women? i got completely ripped a new asshole tonight in the salon for no reason whatsoever. my family got ripped on because my parents paid for my class, i was told i didn't know what i was talking about because im "19" (yeah bitch, because you are 23 you know so much more than me!??!!?!?) i was told i am a spoiled immature brat with attitude apparently and many other things. it was not pleasant. either way, those bitches made the wrong enemy. :) this just retirates why i hate girls. (except for the lovely ladies on here and a select few others)

yes, sunday is fine. i was working but am no longer.

Nate I do still want the new Pedro if possible. I was out of town otherwise I would have gone to the Echo. Also, when does filming begin?
PS- I wrote all this this morning and I do not think it showed up, so sorry if this appears twice.
jason: damn.

craig: i will destroy you with kindness. and i won't stop until i break it.
we were thinking "Manifest Destiny", but what does everyone else think?

nate, you bring up a moot point, if by "moot" I mean "totally true"

Dr. aa: london is far far away and I hate "brits".

craig: you need to learn to "stop" using quotations.
guys - sunday is great. which song are you doing? i just gave your cd a nice, loud listen, and sexy terrorist absolutely rocks me.
craig - it's cause your the only one with the power to destroy the questions.
she-rock, the video will be done when we get off our asses. actually, how does sunday sound to everyone. We'd have to check with everyone before we could confirm it. that would be kat, she-rock, katy, and lindsey. right? how's sunday for everyone?

jon, can't help you, cuz everytime i put up a picture it only works for like ten minutes and then becomes broken. d, give us some of your wisdom.

nate, i won't rest until i forget about it.

(am i the only one who answers questions around here? I must be great.)
how do i post a picture on this blog...i see everyone else doing it and i want in
this is basically a communication problem that can be sorted out in about 2 minutes when i get home. you can always email me next time .
but i know you'll hear me on here.
can you drop off a blank cd if you have one?
craig -
la la la lala la lala
Sorry I was not at the Echo, but I would still love the Pedro Cd.
When are we making the video?
nate stop being mean to janel on the blog -- you always are.
well, maybe you should ask me instead of asking the blog.
why is nate pissy to me, for starting work on a poster we should already have done by now? i'm not a fan of last-min.
apparently in Jamaica there is a litl' place called Rick's Cafe.
It is noted, this is the place to see the best sunsets.
and also, the only place they let you jump off a cliff while drunk.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

nate, i was reminded that you need to do the buttons. it's my job to keep reminding you. maybe you should come up with a design and we could show it to the others, or post it.
No guys; Fagles.

David helped me with this.
lil' lyndsy: faglez?

lil' lyndsy: beagles?

D: Our copy of the Odyssey is on my Rochester bookshelf, but Nate can surely get it from the library. Just remind him to get the Fagles translation, and he's all set.

Nate: Did you hear that? Fagles.
Free Tommy Chong!
Craig: game on
craig: awesome new name.
still waiting!!!!
she-rock: impaling micah? that's hot
burt, you and I are two peas in a pod. it's shame that it took a spanish inquisition for us to realize it. (by the way, i have a huge chessboard in my room. i'm willing to make the first move if you're interested)

ian, i really appreciate you buying me a new cd. certain parties involved should be ashamed of themselves, and should be the ones dishing out the money (what little it is).

Monday, March 15, 2004

hey she-rock, do you still want the pedro the lion/are you going to the echo this evening?
I am going to impale you, Micah.
Thats funny I totally thought of guillotines too when Janel said mouse traps are reusable.
d - that's awesome action. new magnetic fields!
The real way to destroy Mousey Mouserson is wrap a paper clip around the part of the mouse trap that snaps. So then not only does the bastard get its neck snapped, it gets impaled as well. VLAD THE IMPALER STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
Bartleson: Ok she put the new album in the mail for me today. I'll give it to you once it's been received. I told her I'd email her about the interview again later. Well done! You're a pro!

Lindsay: Nate would like to borrow our copy of The Odyssey. How can we "make it happen"?

Call me psychic but Micah's about to post something not cool.
how's plans for the DPC video filming coming along? because i'm ready for my close up
nate: remind me to not invite you to my next spanish inquisition. can't afford all those new guillotines. and you always drink all the dos equis.
d - yeah, but it might be better to wait until we get the promo copy of his new album. i think it's coming out in early may.

apg - we could probably send you one if we had your address.
so who exactly do i have to bribe to hear/get a copy of this janel cd i keep hearing about? just cause i moved to another country doesn't mean you shall all be free of my criticism
Ok I'll tell her to offer a time a few weeks out. Evenings and weekends (incl. Fridays) work best I assume?
nope, didn't want to touch the mouse. it didn't really occur to me to not throw the entire mess away.

d - that could work, but i'd need some time to think of some halfway intellegent things to say.
i realized that. and that the problem was that you didn't want to touch the mouse.
Nate: I've contacted his publicist. I'll let you know. ; )

edit: She got back to me. She'd like to know if an over-the-phone interview works. Interviews around tour dates are evidently quite difficult for her to work with. What do you say, boy?
i threw the mouse away. janel is wondering why i threw away the trap it was in too.

d - can we possibly work out an interview with stephin merrit for when he comes to chicago?
she-rock, at the ranch we kill kill kill.

nate, be a man, throw the mouse away.

fausty, welcome to the blog. sorry we couldn't make it to the party.
Mice are supposed to be outside, running, playing, having babies. They are not supposed to be killed inhumanely by doty ranchers.
Nate: I still don't know what you're talking about with this interview. Don't be snotty to Janel.
woo hoo, I'm sorry I missed the great show on saturday, but it was my birthday and I was in no shape to be driving. By the way, I am in love with "Janel" it is superfantasical-o-rama!
confidential to janel: you can take the mouse out of the trap then.
directly at nate: mouse traps are meant to be reusable
you can drink the water in switzerland

Sunday, March 14, 2004

man, we had an awesome right up in rick's cafe this month. by awesome i mean that it was totally spectular. by man i mean dude, fucking check this out. by awesome i mean dude, kick ass! by right i mean write. woo!
btw good show

Saturday, March 13, 2004

show tonight at the stagedoor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 o'clock
i woke up sleeping with my head at the foot of the bed and my feet on the pillows. i don't know why.

Friday, March 12, 2004

RETROGRpArDE MOoTmIONo!! ! ! !!!
hey guys!!!, agent cody banks 2 is coming out. let's rent the first tonight and then watch the new one in the theatre tomorrow.
my god, the frogs are back again! tomorrow night at mother fools....
Attn: All Madison or wherever people. If any of y'all have old cell phones (functioning or non) that you don't use, I'm sending a couple of mine in to charity. Anyone who has any or has friends who have any lying around and not sure what to do with, I'll take 'em off your hands. Email me oxygendrug at tinymixtapes DOT com.
Yeah the wwb must be on a server that's gone to shite.
hey, is the wwb down? i haven't been able to log into it at all today.
other blog sucks, d wanna get lunch today?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

When are you all going to lay some instructions on me for the web site?
of course you can use our speakers jonny boy. by the way, at the last meeting i was assigned the job of registering our domain and putting up a minimal website.

have any of you seen Dirty Pretty Things with Audrey Touto (or something) from Amelie? it's in english and it's a pretty darn good movie. also, gigli is rentable now.
grandma would say,,, sip of irish coffee and a good stiff drink of TEA (whisky) will cure anything if you can still standup afterwards
Nate: Sorry I didn't get back to you last night, I didn't get your message until 11:30
dpc, may i borrow your speakers for the stagedoor this weekend, while ours are out on repair...for monitors.
D and Nate
Intolerable Cruelty was pretty bad, but I really liked Pieces of April. However, it is only an hour and twenty minuites long. I suggest renting Spellbound or Thirteen.
Nate if you burn the new Pedro can A. you burn me a copy or B. let me burn yours.
Katbaby- I am soo broke otherwise I would for sure go and get a mani/pedi. Also, Matt called me the other night and hes coming in April to visit, and you are officially the bridesmaid. The wedding will take place on a mountain overlooking the ocean, so I just want to give you a little warning so you can save up.
Another blogger is having pre-Starlight action. There was some talk of going out. And there is other friend get together.
d - sounds good. i just picked up the manchurian canidate from the library as well. pieces of april and intolerable cueltry both don't look super amazing, but i am interested in seeing either. or maybe o brother, where art tho?

soup - whas happening?
Lindsay: Wanna go to the store before 7:30 tonight? Or do you work :( If you work, I can get you essentials if you need.

Nate: Ok! What should we watch? I kinda wanna seea Intolerable Cruelty even though it doesn't look fabulous. Or Pieces of April which also looks probably rotten. I don't know. I really need to get away early though to work on news. I want to be sleeping by 11 because I haven't much this week THANKS.
dave: practice at 6:30, over at 7:30 at the latest since matt isn't here.

soup: what else is happening tonight?
Nate: I'll have to be home by 10 to do news. Until what time do you all practice? You can just download Pedro from me. I don't have any blank CDs to burn it onto. Feel free to borrow any DVDs.
There seems to be alot happening tonight, I will weigh my options and pick my favorite people.
A note for the movers and shakers:

Dance Party. Rock Hop. (Friday. Late-ish)

Be there. (And by "there" I mean 410 W. Doty, which we all know is right in the neighborhood.) Honestly cats, If you show up before 12:30 we won't have time to move the furniture. Additionally, If you think you have what it takes, you may want to submit a mixed cd to be spun for the kids. It will be a time! See you.
Yours truly,
confidential to d: i have some dvd's i need to get back to you. i would like to borrow ptl and maybe a dvd. regardless, do you want to hang out tonight after band practice? i want to watch a movie or something.
confidnetial to RIAA: don't read this.

EDIT: SOUP: same question to you as well, minus the ptl part.
craig, i didnt mean to sound mad. i hadnt slept in a long while and 'float on' was in my head so i thought id see what was up with it. strangely, though, today (actually a couple minutes ago), i was handed an "expanded and remastered edition" of that cd, so actually you dont have to burn it for me now. but burn me something else that i dont like that you think i ought to...please...

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Confidntel to Natron; I have the new Pedro the Liar. Eat dicks.
i think the guy with his hand up in tha air is happier than matt.
so im going to school to do nails in a salon (and eventually get the rest of my cosmetology license)...and i start working in the salon on monday. i desperately need appts! so any ladies in the house (or guys too for that matter) if you want to get a really cheap manicure, pedicure, paraffin treatment (these rule! especially for the feets), or anything else having to do with nails, blog me or email me ( or call me (608 469 4993) and i'll give you all the info! (it's at the matc downtown salon btw) help a poor sistah out! :) thanks kids. ~ kat
the first step to recovery is admitting that you have problem. thanks to people like you i can see my problem as a gift.
nate- glad you liked the book
sorry helena. i don't own any blank cds. but as soon as one of my roommates lets their guard down i'll steal one.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

craig when the fuck are you gonna burn me that modest mouse cd? come on now, you just had one cd to make for me...
Its on!
let's play sometime burt, or e. I'm the best.
Yeah, I thought they'd all enjoy watching me crush you.

me and soup tried this once...the blog wasn't happy.

1) Qp2 - Qp4 . Qp2 - Qp4
2) Kp2 - Kp3

Qp2 - Qp4
that website belongs to aaron- you probably saw him at the stagedoor for that vox show a two weeks ago. he is a good guy. check out the drawings (click on the picture of the man with the bird on his head).
Craig: Well I mean 2 isn't so bad......when it's out of 3. but this is out of 100. Well! you know what they say, even bad publicity is good publicity.
new colony disk sounds ++
buy it, mother huggers.
d, are you serious? i don't want that kind of stress.

Monday, March 08, 2004

DPC boys: Janel review is in. You'll see it within a few weeks. YOU ARE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKED.
weird, nate, i just logged in to post a link to that. that blog also has a link to twenty/forty, what's the connection? madison?
fucking wow. seriously, this totally made my day (psst, it's the last item.)

also, this is the best name of a blog, ever.
APG: thanks very much for the book. it was very sweet and strangely, really cheered me up, although it's entirely of bunny suicides.
thanks, slv.

who's going to the echo tonight? I think marcus is coming to madison. I can sense it.
I posted this on, but my favorite song on the new DPC album is "Jaxxxon Chrysler is Dead" with "Cranes That Build Themselves" as runner up. But really the whole thing sounds great, nice job dudes.
see how happy matt looks:

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Kat do i get in on the action too? I want in.
14 rue quatre septembre 13100 Aix en Provence, FRANCE

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Party at Katie and Annie's house tonight!

Friday, March 05, 2004

Micah LaDousa
403 West Dayton Street
Madison, WI 53703

Any mail should be a nice change from the 17 credit cards, loan consolidations and ads for graduation announcements I am getting daily. Stalkers, bring it on.

ha HA!
evidently, we are a source of madison going-out entertainment.
Kat- you know my address. 427 w wilson, 53703.
i'm watching an episode of columbo. Johnny Cash is the villain!!!!!!!!! he was piloting a small plane and a woman and little girl were sleeping in the back. He jumped out with a parachute and let the plane fall into a burning ring of fire, heh heh.
STV: I'll tell him.

P.S. who's kid ontario?
retrograde pizza tattoo? thanks dudes

tell kid ontario he's officially out of the band (rap group)
Happy birfday STV SLV!!!

I will pay for your pizza tattoo

Thursday, March 04, 2004

shirts: ahh, wha?

kat: you should know our house address.
oh yeah...who's ready for some tha' 446 action tmw night? i know i sure as fuck am. :) the show last night was grand...any silly TWATS that didn't come, suck. sherock h: what the fuck every possesed you to attempt to walk home from luthers!?!?! don't do that ever again. i would be sad if you died wilst walking home probably drunk and having no idea where you are. ....everyone else: i need all your mailing addys..don't ask why, just do it and you'll get a special prize in the mail. so that would be everyone on here...(if you live in a house together, i only need one person to give it to me. drr) so therefore...she rock, micah, doty ranch, sam, katy, DR aa, cover girl, hines, and anyone i am forgetting. either message me on aim (pixiekat83), or email me ( or leave it on here. but if you leave it on here everyone can stalk you and that prolly piss everyone. ok, done rambling. xo :)
funny story about the t-shirts. You will have to ask Hines, but only 3 are done and that may be all you will get.
i just tried to yell at matt, but he was napping so i decided to be nice and not yell at him, so i going to yell at him over 'the internet' instead. MATT CHECK OUT OUR AWESOME SCREENS!!

also, we have practice at 7.
does ryan have the shirts done?

Peter's # 608-469-4742 and since Ryan thinks that Peter will now get raped because his number his on the internet, I will also post my number 555-5555. Ryan feels better now.
So, after the show I decided to walk myself home instead of recieving a ride from Jenny. I ended up in middleton. Jenny, Katy, and Janel had to come rescue you me. Great show guys!!!
future-retro-motion back to the 4th
I'm fairly certain that I went to plant pathology lab drunk this morning. I made it there wearing pants and all, but I tell you, Colletotrichum trifolii inoculation has never been so silly. And Good show, boys. DPC in true form.

peter, send me jon's number when you get the chance.

BACKWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a genius.
jon, send me peter's number when you get a chance.
thanks all you wonderful people for coming to the show last night. And to those who didn't come: after a period of confusion, then anger, then depression, i will eventually be your friend again.
show last night was awesome. today's not so awesome so far. i think i'm skipping class and napping this afternoon.
whoever pulled that counter-attack move had better watch his back ass.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

i've been reading harry potter, and check out this trick i learned:

luther's blues show tonight damnit!!!!!! everyone better be there, I took a nap for this thing.
i guess it was my fault.

I have the power to deform the blog with a single post!
hmm, this is strange. I swear it's not my fault
what the hell just happened to our blog page?
we should make an banner ad for sector five for twenty/forty.
okay, if I'm going to be dealing [*], I get to play jason.
can I play a girl that plays ian?
ok, if i'm going to be dealing [*] in this video, will said [*] be provided to me by the producers?


who's playing ian

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

picture a small hairless dog. chihuahua type, scrawny
then picture it covered with pubic hair.but not full or as in bushy cute curls, . . but sparse coverage-where your eye can see down to the skin.
then pet it..
cuddle with it.
yeah. new background = not so much. sherock - baby doll, you know ill always give you a little sumthin sumthin. :)
Kat- I'll give you Nate for Sam only if a get a little sumthing sumthing, if you know what I mean.

So, I do not want this to sound offensive, but I really do not like the new background. Sorry, for the harsh criticism. I love you guys and I will be the first one in line tomorrow.
kat: you are going to have to fight it out since she-rock already called it in person. OR, there can be a drum off!
show starts at 8.

e: we'll need both of you guys to play the asian mafia that shows up to sell us [*].

if no one wants to go to china buffet, i am going to eat dinner. thas it.
no wait! i want to be nate...coz i have always wanted to play the drums. :) please please please?? when are we doing this anyways kiddos? and what time does the show START on wed? thanks. bye
Bunnies: I can be the other Asian dude...oh wait, only one allowed at all times...uh..mexican, yeah mexican dude.

How I miss China One Buffet.....
... I can't handle China Buffet tonight ...
which blog, this one or the sector 5 blog? are you on that one?

the meeting is at 8 at the echo, right everybody?
What about the lil IPod verse, doesn't that cancel it out?
that verse is disgustingly sexist, objectifying women to the utmost degree. that'll be $100.

the song's pretty long anyway -- how about you just cut the verse?

craig: tuesday nights aren't good. i'll try get what i can done at early today. keep the blog up to date with time and place.
i concur.
so if sam isn't coming to the 446 show, d will be rapping his verse in "paris hilton, tx?" ok good, then it's settled.
we should do china buffet tonight!
so what am i doing in this video? it better involve [*] and china buffet
that line up sounds hot!

can d make it to the sector 5 meeting tonight?
this video is like the matrix

current line up for video:
butch benzine- stv slv
janel - d
asian dude - jason whoa
random dudes - band
dpc cd - janel

Monday, March 01, 2004

i'll play the asian guy
too late, I believe katy will be playing the biggest alcoholic in the group, me.
dude, i totally want to be sam. but wait who's the biggest alcoholic in dpc? maybe i want to be nate....(hahaha, sorry that sounded bad)
YES, stv slv plays butch benzine, coming to visit craig benzine, who is played by katy?
Count me in for a wild enactment of my long-existent rock-star fantasy manifested as an as-of-yet undisclosed DPC member...
whoa whoa whoa, if you guys are filming a video, i get to be "butch benzine," you can film my part over the last weekend in march. how does that sound?
nate, it's "katy" with a 'y'. that'll be $100.
That'll be $100 -- best idea yet.
I think you should have all the girls throwing up on stage too.
cover star - if you want to (you should wear the friends of p shirt (or not)).

so far we have interest from: lyns, kat, she-ra, and katie. we just need to pick a filming day and who gets to be who.
Count me in on the video. Do we get to wear your clothes?
explorations of the undersides of tables in scottish pubs has given rise to one solid conclusion: don't accept a whisky drinking challenge from a scot
D, ha ha ha h, sorry, i forgot to mention it's my dad's cell phone... :) my 'rents are in florida for a month and a half (lucky bastards), so i am using his cell till they get back and i can get a cell. :) dammit. i have class till at least 8, so i can't go to passion. boo. sorry i didn't answer the cell, i am a lazy asshole and didn't feel like getting out of bed.

she rock: fine! i never liked you anyways! (just kidding. you know i love you)
Thats it Katers!! We are not friends anymore!!!!

J/k just being a drama queen
Kat: Either you're a real trickster, or that's the wrong cell phone number. Who's George? I'm telling Soup.

Whoever's interested in going to The Passion of Chrysler tonight, let's get a plan together. I suggest we go to Point or something, to get out of the downtown area, but you know, whatever. The point is showing at 6.00 and 7.00. The latter is on the Ultrascreen if anyone cares. So what's the deal?
fraggle rock is the all time greatest tv show in the history of the world. the dozers are the greatest characters in the history of storytelling.
down at fraggle rock ! !
down at fraggle rock ! !