Friday, April 30, 2004

my art show begins at 7pm tommarrow saturday, and continues until 9pm
i will be there.

and, this is a two-hour span which allows you plsenty of time to pop in, and out.
schmooze if you will. eat.
people are a suck or the suck. places and events are for sucks. either way, maybe YUMMY BUFFET at 6?
no Nate. you are for suck.
mifflin's for sucks.

what time for Yummy? and is anyone going to Mifflin?
"That's not the way we do things in America," Bush said. He then winked and quickly added, "...but in Iraq... you know how we do."
I'm in for the field trip. Do my parents have to sign a permission slip?
YUMMY BUFFET and darts and Janel's show, which I believe is from 7-9? Blog outing! And by outing, I mean a field trip, not coming down with the gay out in public.
what time is janel's opening tomorrow night? can YUMMY BUFFET happen?
Sorry Craig I guess I should have checked your show list. Maybe another time.
hey, dad, thanks for the offer, but we got a show in plateville tonight. I don't want to be worn out for it. golf wears me out. all that swearing.
Craig did you want to go golfing this afternoon say around 3:45 or so, or are you working today?
this really is Soup!


San Francisco rulz
tron: thanks....i think.

jp: thanks, for serious.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

so youre from a rap group called the 446 your mom told me that much before
she sucked my dick
what the hell you rap about moustaches and the internet, dj steve sleeve you
rap a bunch of nerdy shit
i was born in the ghetto disciplined by pistol whip, im from the 445
thats one better than you bitch
you want to know about the ghetto its not the 446, west wash is what you get
when doty street takes a shit
so the 446 is trying to make their mark but in the city of mad town we already
changed the locks
so get off our blocks before we grab our glocks and make all skinny mothers
start sucking our cocks
when mxb's rapping to the ninjas tracks we be ficking your baby's mammas givin em
heart attacks
cant take a dis like that well thats too bad yo your moms real hot
or is that your dad
so i check out your site hot or not dot com and i saw your ugly face
so i rated it one
mega man and moustaches yo thats real fun but while your playing with your balls
styles'll be makin your bitches cum
take a look at your posse...hmmm let me see you got the skinny ass drummer
from the dpc
the skank of the moustache fucks mxb, and you didnt have a dj
so you named your beat steve

thanks guys, happy awesome day steeve
Congrats Jenny! A Baby! Yeah!
Which Jenny is this? Not me, right?
My brother has a lot of pit bulls but no babies, I hope...

CONGRATS TO R&W. And to new Aunt Jenny.
happy birthday jon! you win!
weehoooo! that rules jen. aww little one. you're an auntie!! im jealous. my f*ing bros are 30s. what the f is that??? BTW. this is NOT soup. i am too lazy to sign out. this is kat. HAHAHAH. i fooled you. but maybe if you think i am soup you might actually respond to something i that would be shocking. heyyy if anyone wants half priced me and caroline at the white horse at 10. who knows what will happen after that? kat's feeling craaaaazy! <3
happy birthday TRON, for your birthday present i think you should type out the 446 dis track lyrics because i can only understand like half of them. really though, is dis spelled with one "s" or two? because the verb is dissing, and words like "missing" or "pissing" have two in their root form. i don't know the technical terms because i didn't major in english, i majored in awesome.
happy birthday jon. that link was your present.

yeah, this morning i went to the bathroom in my boxers and i heard the guide and to renters come up the stairs. so i wrapped a towel around me and walked to my room, saying hi. we didn't clean up anything cuz we didn't know about it.

you mean we did our dishes for nothing? Nothing!

*Jon, I didn't know you had birthdays. Nice work.
ha ha. matt, they were showing upstairs. we must be rented already.

tronathan solo, happy b-day.
Happy birthday Jon!
jon: link
congratulations aunt jenny!!!
y smf s

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

so a coworker of mine speaks: "Next year my girlfriend is living with 5 guys. I'm like 'What's with that?' She says, 'I've been sleeping with one of them for the past two weeks.'"

I respond,"Really?"

He nods furiously. Nevertheless, he got to go home early and drink.

yay! not that anyone cares too much, but yay, im an aunt now!! i have a nephew as of yesterday! im so excited that i just have to go out and celebrate tonight!
Shera: I can't, too much work, sorry. But really, you should eat so you don't watch the OC on an empty stomach, I know how it makes you a little overexcited.
Sharbare: Yup, I sure am
this is jon posting under a false do i get in touch with the fucking americans?
this is the real slim shari
Jenny are you on campus?
So, I would like to recall an AWESOME quote by matt the other night at the Echo.
"If a donkey and a horse can mate, why can't a chimp and a human?"

So, if you know of any good looking female chimps...
Name of Matt's first born we came up... Chuman Weber, any other suggestions?
This also made my day:TURBO TEEN
That woman falling out of the wine barrel on the westwash blog really made my day.

Thank you
OMG. I was in the computer lab today -- and you'll never guess who was sitting next to me? THE DRUMMER FROM DPC.

Can you believe it?
the girl sitting next to me in the computer lab just randomly asked me how marcus is doing.

marcus: i hope you are doing good, cause that's what i told her.
Earliest post ever. Paint it.

I will be on my couch in front of the TV from 8-9 tomorrow if you wish to partake in festivities.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

craig did. at any given point, someone at the ranch is probably googling something.
did you google the dpc to find that girl
i don't remember seeing her there, but she evidently saw us. and shook her moneymaker.

Lids: Well I kinda feel sorry for him, so I'll do it if it's ok with you.

Nate: Do you want me to bring anything to your brother?

Who is this she-rock H girl anyway?
D: Yes, that's ok. Also, do you really want to be Charles' internet boyfriend or should I say no?
this was on my friendster bulletin from carl johns. you guys could have up to 11 more people join the band!

96 Ford Club Wagon XLT 15-Passenger Van
136K Highway Miles, Great Condition
Former WI State Vehicle (Correctional Facilities)
New Brakes Recently
Nate: Yeah, I saw that first pic online earlier, but I did not know how to post it. That will be our halloween costume inspiration.

Also, I might change my name to High Dingy Doo Shulkin or (STD Hight Dingy Doo Shulkin if you must)
I used to love that show. Right up there with David the Gnome.

this site has the NOOLZE THEME SONG!
jenny: wow. i am not sure if i'm more amazed that you found it, or by how weird the description of it is.
Nate: Who sucks now?
The Noozles was a light cartoon show that made use of Koalas. The show centered on the adventures of Sandy, a twelve year old girl, a stuffed koala bear named Blinky that came to life when you rubbed your nose with his, and Blinky's sister Pinky (who had the same voice as Angelica from Rugrats). This show was Japanese in origin (?).

Blinky and Pinky came from Koala-Wala Land, a parallel universe to ours. By the end of the series, they return there. Among the other characters in the series are Sandy's mother, Alex Brown, who was Sandy's father, who was an archeologist and traveled around a lot, Franky and Spike, who were two thugs, Osgood, a lizard from Koala-Wala Land, and the High Dingy Doo, the ruler of Koala-Wala Land
confidential to whomever might be home: has peter called?
tron, is that King Klub show a go?
d - yes please.

jenny - koalas. speaking. underwater. crystals. nickelodeon. whaaa?
Nate, do you want me to steal The Odyssey from Lids' house when I'm in Crotchlester? I have to go there anyway to get her computer.

Lids: Is that ok?
soup - CHOLERA!
Yeah Soup have a righteous time fersher. Say hi to Robular and Janoodle for me. Send me a picture when you safies and landies.
Thanks Jen, I'm leaving in a few hours, I am psyched. We're gonna party it up Humboldt style. (I think thats the phrase)
Soup: If you read this before you go to California, have a wicked time. The music fest will be hella tight (I am trying to speak californian). Don't forget, California, it knows how to party and say hi to Arnold.
i killed another today. i'm getting all the death points. doesn't anyone wish to challenge me. to lavish in the brutality. to strike force against furied minis

Monday, April 26, 2004

STV: So, the real question should be: "Am I eligible for Section 8?"
"24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not."

Next April 24. Who's with me?
mr. difficult, "section 8 housing" is a thing where low-income tenants only have to pay a portion of their rent, and the landlords receive government subsidies that make up the difference. shouldn't make or break your decision.
oh also- Micah are you going to be around at 8 pm on Wed. evening?
Everyone- sorry for my wasting all of this valuable blogging space
haha Matt.
anyway- I have summer school on that Thursday until 12:30 so if we could leave later that would be fantastic, if not, I guess I'll deal w/ that when the time comes.
Kat- have you talked to Matt and if so what is he doing tonight?
ooh. i wanna go camping! i haven't been since i was 16 (and i seem to remember and unfortunate incident with a park ranger and 4 girls around 16 streaking. caroline. do you recall this? :) ) count me in. <3
I highly recommend the Star Wars Holiday Special for a good time. It features Jefferson Starship!!!!

I'm looking at houses over the internet and, just wondering, if the house is "section 8 welcome," does that mean good or bad?

Matt Weber LTD
C: were you dreaming?
I just squeezed my finger between the arm of my chair and the table. I other words, I pinched myself.

What do you mean, she accidentally accepted me? I prefer to be called a "surprise" rather than an "accident." I'd better join a less dysfunctional family.
Kim: Yeah my sister called and said she accidentally accepted you. She also said she already kicked you out. Sorry. Her rules. Evidently Lindsay's not even allowed in.
D: I've totally joined your family. Bogus reporting retracted. Now get out of my room.
She: It takes about 5.5 hours to get there and we'd check in at 3pm so I suppose we'd leave around 10am.

EDIT: We don't have to get there at 3 though. What time do you want to leave?

EDIT (b): Don't act weird
when would you leave on thursday?
D: Color looks good to me.

She: I was actually thinking of leaving on Thursday and coming back on Sunday. Check in and check out is at 3pm.
I want to go camping, depending on when you leave Friday and when you come back Sunday. I am a world champion lake swimmer and fire starter.
that's okay, you guys can do it while i am at the catacombs tonight. anyways, i just got back from lunch. no cookie for me. did caroline eat some?
How do you guys feel about this color:

i am overwhelmed by the amount of matt blogs today.

ian, sorry we didn't unload your van yet.

Wanna cookie?
Make my day. It ain't bogus, so those bogus points will bounce right back at you.
Kim: I mark everyone as best friend; I have no idea what it means.

It means that you are supertrustworthy, supercool, and supersexy. Jesus, get with it.

Also, I am reporting your family as a bogus group.
here's some more info on camping at Copper Falls:

Six people per campsite. So we'll probably need to get two campsites. You can reserve them on the internet and, as of now, there's a good number of available campsites. many of them right next to each other. So we should figure out who's going and how many campsites we need ASAP.

janel told me about it. also, i told paul and he's in!
Camping? Peut-ĂȘtre.
Matt: I've received the image. Excellent. Thank you.

Kim: I mark everyone as best friend; I have no idea what it means.
HEY let's go camping on the weekend of June 4th. Copper Falls State Park? It's five and a half hours north of here and it has ANCIENT LAVA FALLS. and a place to swim. Fishers live there as well and they eat porcupines.

People I know who have expressed interest in this:

Ian? ( I think I mentioned it to you. Otherwise, I meant to mention it.)

David, I am now on Orkut and we had better be best friends. I am thinking Orkut is a chance for me to go back and clean up all of the mistakes of Friendster, i.e., trying to befriend Connecticut and other dead wood for burning.
Everyone else, add me!
Whenever someone gets a chance I'm still going to need that high res image of the S5 logo! oxygendrug at tinymixtapes bot (com)mercial.
General Motors: People making automobiles for people.
HEY weird connection:

Caroline went to school with some of the women in Sailor Harlette. They ran cross country together. That's one degree of separation between me and SH. Enough to be my friendster. Or that Iraqi friendster, Ortuck.

Wanna hang out?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

d - yeah, it didn't show up in my yahoo account.
Don't let me doubt you're commitment to SPARKLE MOTION...

Donnie Darko is being rereleased in theatres later this summer. A new directors cut is being unveiled on may 29th at the seattle film festival and then a new edition is opening in theatres after that. It will have enhanced visual effects and music as well as 20 minutes of added footage. (I am assuming this is the extra footage also on the DVD, for those of you who have seen that).

Are you guys as totally excited about this as I am?
If not you should go suck a fuck.
well, no 'trusted friends' have invited me yet.
I don't know.
what exactly is Okurt?
Those of you who I know on here have been invited to Orkut (except Butch).
hey, I don't even know what the curve is (did she mean the Crave?). And I ate at the Comeback Inn this morning.

i also don't know what the internet is (did you mean the intranet?). and I used my cell phone this morning.
undoctored photo from msnbc
Thanks for breaking the pattern Craigers.
yes I'm interested, dad. i didn't stay for Andrew W. K. Too tired. But I'm sure he wasn't as good.
The Curve is the new Comeback inn
Internet is the new cell phone.
LAME. The rest of us are just leaving. EL DORADO.
sorry D, nate, nick, ang and I just got back from breakfast
Hey Craig are you interested in going to the Great Taste this year? It is Saturday August 14th, tickets go on sale May 1st which is this Saturday. Let me know if you want us to get you a ticket. Is anybody else from the Doty Ranch interested in going? I'm sure that if we get you a ticket and you don't go we would be able to sell it.
Great job at the Party In The Park! Ken Mather thought you guys were great!!!!!! How was Andrew W. K.? Was he as good as DPC?
Kat: whats you're exact address? I forget
see you guys tonight
I was just about to post about the BBQ tonight, but Jenny beat me to it. So I will just say, I am the one who will hurt you if you do not show up!
I want to go out to breakfast! who's in!!!!
Nate: Commitment on May 15th (besides graduating)
Everyone: 136 Proudfits graduation party
several kegs several slip and slides
wein- a good place to be if you arent a vegetarian
very late happy bday to L sry its a time zone thing?

Saturday, April 24, 2004

alright, i am trying to remember what we all have going on in may. there's the 14th at wort, the 20th at the annex, and the 30th at the high noon, but do we have any commitments i am forgetting?
jenny - i took care of it for you, so no one else will see how much you suck at the internet. also, where's bumble?

sorry about the double time,
nate: I still suck at the internet
Katmaster K is having a BBQ Sunday NiGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat and Soup are out of town, so I was told to spread the news.
It is at Kat's apt, 5:30ish and then maybe a bonfire at picnic point. BYOMeat (I will bring some veggie burgers She-ra and others)

If everyone shows up, no one will be hurt.
(I think I will drive, as Kat lives in bumble, anyone want a ride in my lil jeep lemme know.)
"The couple said they have eaten at Chuck-A-Rama's $8.99 buffet at least twice a week"

i'm guessing this might be why they needed the diet in the first place.
we are playing at party in the park at 12:15. we have to be there in half an hour. so far, we can confirm that two of us are hungover, and we have reason to believe that the other 2 are as well. THIS SHOW IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!
Dude -- that was the top of the news (well, after the weather) in SLC the other nite. The travesties that are served or not served on a plate.
12 pieces of roast beef? jesus, these people deserved to get kicked out and should have been force fed an entire cow.
Jenny- I would love to hang out Sunday evening at the park.

Friday, April 23, 2004

is there some sort of grill out at jordan's tonight? if so, what time?
if, for whatever reason you've been waiting for the b-side to have our album back in stock, you can stop waiting.
ian stopped by b-sides and i guess they've sold all our cds. we need get organized and go down there and get our oversized check.
Good luck tomorrow Driftlessponypeople, off to Chicago.
Sunday night= something fun?
Party in the park will = party in their pants.

yeah, but they kind of stumbled into it as art students. i'd probably be just as bad. anyways, it's possible that i might have heard that they're starting a new collective, including a business geared person. from who all i've heard is involved, there going to totally destroy everybody.
Seripop's cool -- but they're always fucked for money. I don't think they're the sharpest tools in the shed when it comes to the business end of things ...
You can gmail it if you want -- mine is oxygendrug of course.

Kat: There's something wrong with my fingernails. Please help.
d, it's all good. i'll find the pic and email it to you later. or should i gmail it you?

if you remember seripop from when they came through town, it looks like they need some serious money pretty quickly. they're pretty cheap posters for good bands and they've made some awesome stuff sine they last come through town.
Hey I was only joking. I don't really need it right now, because I'm only working on the S5 one. I still need a high res pic?
yeah, i watched that guy set up our garbage can in the middle of the yard and then punt it into the side of the apartment building next to us while his friend stood watching. then they looked over and must have seen the both of us looking out our window... i forgot that happened until you blogged about it!
sorry dave, i was just going through and couldn't figure out why you had administrative properties in the first place. anyways, i just restored them after i remembered about the website tinkering.
Oh yeah Nate, what school did you go to? FU? That's right, FU.

Eff Ewe Trick.
Oh and btw -- REAL NICE.
Wasn't me. You guys retracted my Admin abilities for some reason.
what the fuck just happened to my last post? cause there's only a couple of people who could have done that.
hey, how did the vocals go last night? and what's happening tonight? as far as loadn be a nightmare of the grandest kind
I can withhold like it's going out of style
I have t
nate: it's cool.
no, i meant this asshole:

and another guys who's picture i can't find.

i just did a quick count of our shows, it looks like party in the park will be the 80th show we play, as far as the last two years of archieved shows go. i am not sure if that's cool or kind of sad.
i heard someone banging around in our back yard at like 3 in the morning. I looked out and saw one of our neighbors behind us walking into his house and then he looked at me peeking through my blinds. This morning i saw our garbage can busted and our garbage on the lawn. correlation?
good ideas duuuuuuuuuuude. I'm still working on Chicago tooooo. I am enjoying the awesome sound of which you speak.
JON: It is your hockey game. Play it or be destroyed by my power!
Who from MN is coming? My mom and Tessa will be here. Is that who you mean?
quinn - i think king club will be booking very soon. i don't know if any of us have his email address, but we should give it to you. i also talked to jeanette from the slipper club when we played wednesday, you should see what's going on there.

OFF w/VA in WI has awesome sound. we have a couple of friends from minnesota coming in too, so we should try to hook up at some point.
Nate - peter's article is amazing. MSH will apparently be releasing an EP in late summer. We're recording it quick and dirty and throwing it out there....let's get a DPC/MSH show going at the King Club?? Or is that place not totally up and running yet? I'll be in Madison tonight w/ VA....maybe if you guys are around we could have a beer?
goog morning quinn.
'sup batches.
You guys fed her a chocolate raspberry martini?
peter stepping up to the orpheum. this is a must read if you haven't heard his story yet.
lyndsy: sorry i contributed to a bit to your condition today, but you know what i said about birthdays last night.

we went to the the studio tonight to record two new songs for the upcoming sector five comp. 'skeletons' is almost all done, matt and craig are currently there recording vocals. 'pull the lever' is not quite as done, but it's coming along. special thanks to jon for recording us, everything sounds so much more rocking than anything we've done before.
Don't worry friends; I'm good as new now.
DPC: thanks for playing my requests.
Caroline and Matt: that chocolate raspberry martini knocked my damn socks off.
David: I'm sorry about your towel.
I never thanked everyone for the lovely birthday haikus either. We've got some talent here.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

this is kat. kat says: awww lynds! birthday hangovers suck. :( feel better.
The Kat says: Lil' one where are you? Come play.

I'm getting a cell phone soon, sorry about the conversation with my dad, my rents love you. Have a good weekend, see you all sunday, details to come later <3
Ohmygod Lyndsy, I'm sorry! Happy Birthday, anyway.
I was throwing up until three pm today. Thanks everyone!
Kat: You need to get a cell phone because I called you the other night and you're DAD answered! Way to win over my future roomie's parents. I thought maybe it was a hint, but I don't take hints well.

And I wanna grill and play kickball sunday. I will bring some food and a frisbee.
d: not the right blog, but my friend jared made me listen to the stills last weekend. i like them a lot. :) they rule my pants
oh yes! the vibrate option is the most important one... ;-) (yes yes. leave it to me to have my mind in the gutter as always) heeyyyyy im getting a cell phone, what one should i get and what plan and what not? i want a damn picture phone. all the cool kids have one. but seriously. what should i get? <3
just because my girlfriend can't take pictures with her phone doesn't mean i don't love her. (cuz i think she can receive pictures)
Wait. But can you RECEIVE pictures on your phone?
...if you can't just throw it away and buy a new one after every three calls?
what the fuck's the point of a phone.....
No camera? I don't know you.
I don't believe it does take pictures, but then, I'm not even sure how to check my voice messages, so I have a few things to figure out on a long list large questions...

Why are we here? Do we have the capacity for this type of understanding? and:

Does this phone have a "vibrate" option?

katy kostroski: Did I see you with a picture phone last night? If so -- get in on the action.
Craig: Your girlfriend loves that movie.
oh, and i'm glad we got the superchunk reference. good taste, mr. isthmus!
hey, the isthmus reviewed our cd this week. i don't think it's online, so i'll just type it out quickly cause i am at work:

dpc's take on the boyish, herk-jerky pop-punk style pioneered by superchunk is appealing, even if they sometimes stretch prefecttly serviceable two minute concepts into three minute songs. happily, the local foursome don't harbor the current indie rock preference for willfully oblique and therefor utterly inoffensive lyrics. when the boyish persona of 'sexy terrorist' shakes things up the brisk flip off 'you want to fuck me/well you don't know me' you can't help but smile at his prickliness. dpc's attraction to simple production also gives both the hooky guitar-pop workout 'lil' bird' and their brainy defense of individuailty 'cranes' a pleasant, foort-tapping immediacy.
in fact, the latter really should be on the radio. if the kids heard it, they'd like.

i'm pretty happy with that. i also think that might be the first time 'oblique' has ever appeared on our blog.

Thanx jenni. I won a gift certificate to the weary traveler and a DVD of So I Married an Ax Murderer for my second place prize in the pac man competition. Ian won a certificate to star liquor and a giant Kiss Mug.
d: wow. wow. NEW PAC MAN TATTOO!

and i do not have the image you seek. it would be on janel's computer, so maybe matt can email it to you if he's not working today.
Bartleson: Do you have a higher res image of the s5 logo? I mean like full screen size? Please email it to me. oxy at youknow dot com.
The Doty Ranch is now the proud home of 2 NERDTASTIC Pac Man Champs.
Congrats to Ian and Craig... we are all proud.
All those years of video games have paid off.
Good show guys

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

jzn: we're thinking 11ish. but the band before us is a cartoon theme song cover band, which sounds pretty awesome.
hey what time is DPC playing tonight? i'm retarted
Happy birthday, Lyndsyyyyy!!11oneoneone

so now we get to buy you drinks at the slipper club tonight, right?
oh yeah. anyone want to grill out/play at james madison on sunday evening? we can make our own baseball diamond so we can play kickball.... let me know who is down. <3
linds. happy birthday! i am sad i am going to miss it.... :( (laundry hasn't been done in over 2 months. must go hang out with the parents. ugh) good luck at the show. <3
Shari; I KNEW you were just trying to steal her thunder. SHAME.
I lied its not my birthday on Sat, now if you'll excuse me I have to look up some wooded areas around Madison.
Happy Double-Platinum Birthday to our Mediterranean Cafe Queen. No more love on the run.

It's Lindsay's Birthday
It is Tony Danza's too
Lindsay is the boss.
Is anything going on before the show tonight?
We should make something go on. Catchphrase?

And, DPC, tsk tsk tsk on you for scheduling shows on people's birthdays. I thought we went over this before.

July 3 better be open. OR ELSE.
Lyndsay. Birthday. Happy.
I must say, I was also quite excited to find out that DPC has a show this Sat, which is my birthday. And that Chris Roadie and Kim are having a party afterwards.
Happy Birthday!
happy twenty-first.
let the liquor flow so free!
wake up on the floor?
hey, why don't we bring
copies of our old E.P.
to the show tonight
lyndsy's album pic
probably helped sell more copies
than our music did

happy birthday!

happy birthday linds
i am currently at work
drinking my coffee
Lidsnay's hair is red
New Cardigans is subpar
Correlation? No.

it's lyndsy's birthday
i bet she's never been drunk
but now it's legal
Happy Birthday Lindsy!
HappyWhappy Birthday Lyndsy.

I'd have a something funny to say here...but I can't produce right now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

lynds - congratulations. if you happen to be at the show, we might have make a big deal about it.
Nate, Craig, Sam, Matt, I'm thrilled you're having a show at a bar on my golden 21st birthday.
oh yes jenny! It is Matt from Portland and I am going to go with him to the Dice- Everyone should come!- Jenny I will call you later
oh, and i just had to call the mayor's assistant and art project=on.

HAT TRICK! (for jazon)
also, jazon:

JP: check out BSB for the pic. i'm also probably going to start posting pics from forthcoming children's book, your ghostly presence.
as far as i know we're still recording on thursday. we should start as soon as possible, as it may take a while.

d, drop the movie off anytime. what sort of details do you need? i don't think it'll matter if you just layout something of your own. we could just fine tune it a little when you're finished.
nate -- do you have a jpeg of yr bunny print? my friend stephen wants to see it.
cholera, retroblograde motion, pizza and birthday cake tattoos. you doty kids make no fuckin sense these days
I want to say cograts to the art stars once again while you two are more sober. I am very proud of you buggers.
Shera: By matt, do you mean THE matt from portland!?!?!?!
Nate- you need to wear your awsome GQ outfit more often, but try it with sandals.
Craig: I'm having a bit of a hard time with it. I still feel like I need more direction from you all. Any more ideas? When can I drop your movie off?
I WANT SEE THE OFFICE TWO. CHOLERA! what's happening with recording on thursday? is that still happening?

thanks to everybody who helped us celebrate last night. i had a good time.
Good to see everyone last night, and congratulations to the art world for recognizing Janel and Nate - Janel, we should hang out some more. Holla.
Netflix is shipping The Office, Series 2 to me today so I should have it tomorrow or Thursday at the latest...would anyone be up for some TV watching at the Ranch? Thursday or Friday? Cholera.
PRAGUE... water floweth like beer..

thanks to nate and janel, i now have idols.
hi jennifrer!

who wants to flyer for party in the park tonight?
d, how's the website coming?

Monday, April 19, 2004
My future husband, Matt Mathis, aka Ram, is coming home to Madison on Tuesday. We have planned to take over and reserect The DICE!!! (Paradise) Everyone should come. So I am no longer going out tonight- sorry I know I got everyone super excited.
Wait! Jenny is that you?
Also- whenever I blog no one responds to me. poor shera.
Sorry, I guess I still suck a little
Hmmmm . . . I believe we have more than one Jenny on the blog now. And two of them call themselves Jenny. The nerve.

POLL: How many Jennies are on the blog?

[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3.14159265 . . .
[ ] e
Somebody does not suck at the internet anymore...
whats going on at the Tornado? Is anyone going to the Echo? I challenged Ang to a game of pool and a game of cricket. I'd gladly take anyone else on.
JP: as glad as i am that it is the Little Priest Permant Collection, i must remind you that it is a FINE ART PRINT, not a lowly poster. i would never, ever degrade myself to doing an 'advertisement'.

in other news, new WSUM party in the park poster drama. i think we're going to be alright with it, but there's definetly the possibility of things getting ugly. it should be interesting.

also, the tornado room looks to be 7ish, and there's talk of putting on ties and stuff. woo!
Oh, yeah, congrats to DPC on another glowing review.
Nate: Use the $$$ to fly out here and come and get me.

PS. The poster is part of the Little Priest Permanent Collection. It's with a Ware and a Grezca.
Nate, I'm game.
Congratulations Janel and Nate! PRAISE JESUS!!!
it looks like the art show will be open until may first, for those that want to see it. and is there anyone who wants to go to the tornado room for a post dinner drink? i want a whiskey manhatten and a cigar. or at least just the manhatten.
it seemed only to take one hour returning to madison last night. thanks sam
wow, congrats Rails and Wings
janel and i both won art awards for the student juried show that just opened up....which means we got some money. LETS GO TO THE TORNADO ROOM! the union bought both my pieces, which means they're entering the permanent collection.

confidential to JP: this means your bunny-jerk piece is now worth 250k. you can sell it and forget about finding a job for awhile.
this weekend was excellent. friday night we rocked and then later danced on a braintridge (train bridge), saturday night we played a basement show then went and watched a rock show, sunday night we played a sloppy show and then drove and drove and drove home. and everyday we watched Curb Your Enthusiasm at kyle's house.
CHOLERA! new review!
helena - i am more or less up, you can give me a call. if i don't answer, i am just at the library and will call you back in a minute or two.
IMPORTANT TO NATE AND JANEL: I need to talk to one of you ASAP in the morning about the posters for WSUM. Please give me a time to reach you in the morning, or Janel give your phone number as well cause i lost it. Thanks...

Sunday, April 18, 2004

my what is like whoa.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

sherock h: damn girl, where's the hate coming from? i will never be in the same category as hines, he is in a category all his own. don't hate the playa hate the game. heyyy d ranchers....thanks for the bbq. thanks for drinking the beer, that rules. i know i can count on you alcoholics to get rid of alcohol. ;-) he he. just kidding. sorry i ran away.... i wasn't mad at you guys or that game. long story, but basically kat doesn't do well with 14 hour days going on 17 hour days and lots of other bad shit going on. so sorry. don't hate on me. :p good luck with the shows boys! :) off to rockford, wheeeeee! <3
right now, the opening page is awesome
" news:
Our next shows will be in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. On Friday we're playing with our comrades, Grickle-Grass, at Big V's Saloon in St. Paul. On Saturday, we're playing with Grickle-Grass again at some house party. Lastly, We're playing at The Dinkytowner in Minneapolis with Caleb the Jerk.

Our next show in Madison will be a benefit to fight Multiple Sclerosis at The Slipper Club on Wed. April 21. There will also be a Pac man tournament which sounds brilliant. Shot down and The Outta Toons (a CARTOON cover band) are also playing.

Our CD is available for purchase here at CD BABY.

You should read our review in Rick's cafe. here's a quote:

"The Driftless Pony Club have set the bar high early in the year with Janel, and if other rock acts are able to measure up it's going to be a banner year for local music releases indeed."


until then, have fun reading this nonsense

best viewed on internet exploder & mozilla. lsd effects on netscape 4.x. "

Friday, April 16, 2004

They're gone! Time to start talking shit. MATT'S ELBOWS JUST STAAAAAAAAAAANK!!
thanx kat!!!!!
New TMT administrator!
Thank Kat for the supplies, she bought the beer, wine and champagne. I just overstocked the meat. We should finish that off soon, yeah!
Soup: I gave you admin access on the TMT news blog. Now you can claim stories yourself! Just be sure not to delete the post DUDE. Anyway, since you're so bored today, I thought you might be interested in doing some.
excellent work janel. your welcome soup. thanks for the supplies.

for anyone who may or may not read this in minnesota, don't believe the news page. our next shows are this weekend in your state. check shows page for details.
Thanks for a kick ass BBQ last night Doty. I'll be by in a couple of hours for the empty keg.
i'll admit.. it was my beer in the shower. i will remove it promptly and replace it with a fresh one immediately
As in it's all mumbo jumbo -- cant read it.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

lil' priest: as in my site isn't working correctly, or as in, what's up with new NEW site?
Bunny spelt backwards: Dude, what's up with yr site?
OK I'm coming now. APG sends her love.
hey let's get this grill out going at 7:30pm. with or without rain
guess what the new song was missing?

Shit who wants to ditch work and see Kill Bill tomorrow?

Oh, no moustache rides either.
the "I love you. don't be mad" part sounds like Ryan after he says something horrible to me.
You are now in the same category as Hines
hey assholes, since it is my alcohol being given, (beer, wine, champagne, sorry no jello shots) i suppose maybe me caring about how many people are coming to this thing matters. :) (btw, since i know shari doesn't get my sarcasm at times, shari, i was being sarcastic in that last part. tee hee. i love you. don't be mad)

i hope you lose at kickball, since you didn't invite the bloggers. ;-) and i think we should have a rival kickball team...remember when you doty ranchers challenged 445 in some game on doty and you had to make them spaghetti? well now it is time to take their victory from them, step up!

nicholas. that's gross. don't be dirty honey. (sorry that was on the verge of disgustingly cute kids, sorry)

also, i think the bbq is BYOM (bring your own meat) i think that's a good idea. :)

oik see you guys at like 9. don't drink all my wine, else i will be pissed. save some of that shit for me. <3
i was wondering the same thing. why isn't it all finished?

soup, we'll probably practice at 5 or 5:30. Meaning we will be done somewhere between 6 and 7. that's when shit should go down.
Soup: asap. i have no idea. maybe me, depends on what is happening with band practice. early, i am hungry. 1 < people < 20?. talk to me a little bit later.

why is there a half finished mickeys in our shower? janel, i am looking in your direction.
Doty Ranch: When should I bring the beer over? Who is getting she-rocks grill? I could pick that up too. Who wants to go shopping? When should we fire it up? How many people are coming? Who wants a moustache ride?
actually, little known fact, the number is wrong in the lyrics: 3.1415926546

you can thank difficult matt for that.
3.1415926535897932384626433832795 and on and on and on and on
I'm making pasta-salad. For Janel.
well, i could get some of the whiskey back but i don't think you'll want it.

how about the barie-Q (sp?) starts at 8:33?
lindsay: haven't you heard? i'm a bad speller. ask anybody.


so what's happening with this barbaque?
nate: sorry

lindsay: nate's just a bad speller.

steve: paulb is some dude in the midwest somewhere. I added the line in question to his blurb. I had a memory of you all planning to wear your jerseys to the show. Did that even happen?
hmmm, what's this brownish colored liquid-in-a-bottle doing here? i think i'll just dump it in the toile---oh no!!!!! i dumped the whiskey!!!!! and it won't save me!!!! at least my car keys are still he----wait, where are my car keys? shit!
Nate the great, I think it's "barbecue"
oh, and way to not suck at the internet anymore. not like this guy:

craig - whoopty whoop! alright, for seriously, i am going back to work now.
let's start our own doty ranch kickball team and challenge this other team to a match at the dinner tonight and then kick balls through all the windows in the condo down the street. then, lets write some good songs. then lets break up, cause that is what happens when you make this kind of music when nobody is listening. and then lets have our own indie revival.
d, why don't you stop hating those that share a sexual orientation that's different than yours? or is it?
damn, work is boring me to death this morning. don't dump the whiskey, GIVE IT DIRECTLY TO ME.
barbaque - lets have everybody we know show up. and everybody should bring us lots of carlo rossi wine, so we can let it sit on our kitchen tables.

and lets preactice earlier.


craig, your review links must have been straight from your hotmail account, because they DON'T WORK. don't dump the whiskey.

d, who is paulb?
hey, i'm fine with a lot of people coming. it's okay.

my last blog was an example of RETROGRADE MOTION! as is this one!
Craig- calm down- of those 18 people jon, jordan, micah,zach and maybe a couple others will actually come.
well, i guess it's not going to be small anymore. Mom, Dad, you coming?

what time are we going to do this thing?

oh yeah, and did i mention, new review!!!!
So- I already invited most of the kickball team- which is about 18 people. Hope thats cool. I will not be drinking or eating bbq- so you do not need to count me. I will however be bringing CATCH PHRASE
yeah, i thought i saw you too, JZN. But we were in the middle of the road so the pressure was on. And your face was covered in sweat, couldn't recognize.

I work until like 4 or 5. Matt works until five. Depending on what sam is doing, we can practice right after that.

i don't know, who's going to attend this thing? maybe we should let all of sector five know about it, and other bands, like the Hat Party, If Then Else, etc. or do we want it to be smaller?
Alright, so how's this.

I'll pick up the beer on the way back from work. If anyone from the ranch or elsewhere wants to help me do some shopping for BBQ stuff, let me know, we can go after I drop the beer off at your house. Hopefully if everyone chips in like five bucks everyone can eat and drink without anyone taking a huge hit on beer and groceries.

Who is going to attend this thing?

so, when's practice tonight/barbaque/when are we leaving tomorrow?

i just had my yearly employee review. the only bad thing they said was that i am 'infrequently late for work.' since i am supposed to be there at 8:30, and am always 10 to 20 minutes late, i think they think i am actually supposed to be at work at 8:45 and half the time i am 5 minutes early and half the time i am 5 minutes late. awesome.

craig, i think i saw you when i was running today. i was completely spaced out listening to the new !!!. HOLLER AT YOUR BOY

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Craig: I'll contact you through email when I have a sample up. Hopefully tomorrow dude.
We have a grill, it is sitting in our front yard- someone could come over and grab it or I could bring it over around 10, after kickball.
As you can see I am studying really hard.
okay- the party is a CATCH PHRASE party. No twister, no taboo, no scrabble- okay maybe scrabble. I'll bring the fun- Katers you bring the beer. Are you also bringing vodka- so that I can drink?
Also, I would love you forever and ever if you could get tickets to the strokes.
Micah- I am studying at Helen C right now and then I ll be over for a little OC!!!!!
d, how's the website coming? and how's your life coming?

timing for the grill out. not sure. dpc has to practice sometime. maybe if we can practice early, say 5 or 6? we could have the grill out at 7 or 8. also, we need a grill.
yo hos. what's up? sherock h, i might still be able to go to the orpheum for concerts for free...but prolly not. i'll ask anyways. (for the strokes concert) so...grill out at the ranch tmw night? what's the timing? and what not. <3
nate- I'll go with you if you go after the 8th of july..
hey matt, wanna update the news page and the shows page when you get a chance? thanx, you're the best.
NATE: you need to invite Jordan to the sectorfive blog
right on, d.

so, any ideas for games to play at the party? Why am I the only one coming up with anything?
Look Soup. Just cuz you're mad at Craig, doesn't mean you have to take it out on all of us.
catch phrase!

is no one paying attention?
we should play some games during this party. Anyone have twister? taboo? scatagories? a revolver with only one bullet?
yeah, some guy was totally hitting on me last night at the slipper club. it was awesome.

let's have a barbaque at the ranch tomorrow night, if we can find someone who has a grill.
Shari I hope you have a ticket or a blow job cause it is SOLD OUT!!! Are you coming over today to rock the TV watching at 9, 8 central?
Oh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Oh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Black Betty had a child
Bama Lamb
The damn thing gone wild
Bama Lamb
Said weren't none of mine
Bama Lamb
The damn thing gone blind
Bama Lamb
I said
oh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb.
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
She really gets me high
Bama Lamb
You know that's no lie
Bama Lamb
She's so rock steady
Bama Lamb
And she's always ready
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb.
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
She's from Birmingham
Bama Lamb
Way down in Alabama
Bama Lamb
Well she's shakin' that thing
Bama Lamb
Boy she makes me sing
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb
Woh Black Betty
Bama Lamb.
You ponies are on some different shit.
So, how bout a lil get together at the ranch then boyz? Leftover beer, maybe grill out eh? I'd volunteer my place, but its you know, too awesome.
Nate, that guy totally licked your face. I'm all for that, all for that in the workplace.
Is anyone going to/want to go to The Strokes concert?
D, it's supposed to be $20 one way to Rochester. It's $33 one way to/from Mpls. But this is assuming you call and talk to a real person about it. And it's not always available.
Shari: My bad -- but the testimonial's what's important anyway.

Party at 517?
i screwed up. we are recording next thursday, not this thursday.

who wants to go see the mark lombardi retrospective at grinnell college between june 18 and august 1?

i've been waiting 3 years to see this guy's work in real life.
Ok Matt and Craig. You have it set up as an SFTP server. Your logon is "dpc" -- does this sound familiar? Do you know what the password is? Holla at oxygendrug at tinymixtapes dot bomb
d, yes, it's on matt's computer. your request has been granted.
Sheri: No, but Friendster's all crazy like that. Log off, close your browser and log back in. If it doesn't show up, wait a few hours/days and it will be there. Friendster4Lyfeeeeeeeeee.
YEEEEHAA!!!!! who's that girl with the gum coming out of her nose?
ian, check out the paleriders page, youre a number one fan
and then i shot myself in the foot
Dudes. You're recording next Thursday.
Nate, you have turned down some amazing wine in favor of sleep. Which I wholeheartedly support. Therefore, if you stay up and blog, a loser is you.

El vino did flow...

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

JP: that's so old, it's just about new again.
Pshaw. Kickball is soooooo Sept 2001.
wait, we are recording THIS thursday? whaa?

also, kickball league=awesomeness.
Kat: You know how big my apt is. If you wanna do it here, and if it doesn't go TOO late, then yeah we can do it here.

Craig, check your lamemail.
sexy stuff. sherock, i would totally fill in. :) d, do you really mean it or is this one of those sarcastic d asshat things? because it is supposed to be super nice thursday...come on. don't be an asshat. <3
d, but how do i find the codes?

can't do it at the doty ranch. we may be recording thursday night for the sector five compilation.
Craig: Got the e-mail, thanks.

Kat: Let's do it at my house.
oh schnap. so no beer at sherockerts then? shizit. who wants to have a free kegger party? please? i need to get rid of it! free jello shots, i'll even bring my wine. soupers suggested grilling out too...(i am looking in the direction of the doty ranch. :) ) so please kiddies, this thursday, somewhere! we can't let good beer go to waste, now can we? <3
No I ain't home -- I'm blogging.

It still doesn't work for me, so just post the logo here and I can save it.

are you home right now, d? could you tell me how to get the codes? try going to the website now, it looks like it's working.
20 bucks a piece or total?
Craig: Maybe after you've watched it a few times and you've let your ownership sink in, I could borrow KB1 from you?

I still have no logos or codes :*(
i now own kill bill volume 1 and reservior dogs. 20 bucks for both at best buy!!!!!
snap your fingers...snap your neck.
craig: do you need me to pinch you?
i just going to ask why i wasn't notified about this kickball team. i like kickball, it's like baseball, without all the hard stuff.

no, i did not pinch myself, you sicko.
wait, you guys have intermural kickball? why isn't there a doty team?

craig: did you pinch yourself?
Also, our Kickball league starts this week on Thursday at 8:30- so come on out and support us.
Due to a roomate having to get up early Friday morning, would anyone else want to host the jello shots, quarter barrel, and catch phrase party on Thursday? All fun will be provided.
i had a dream last night that i walked in to a grocery store and some guy on the intercom said, "would russell crowe please come to the front?" And then Russell Crowe can to the front. The guy who talked on the loudspeaker pointed at him and said to a friend, "see, that's Russell Crowe." Then Russell Crowe got really mad and yelled, "That's the third time you've done that!"

and then I woke up alone.
damnit blog, you're killing me. somebody step up and start entertaining me.

Monday, April 12, 2004

quinn: i thought it was appropriate that i do this one in MS Paint. anyway, yeah, we should be down there by august at the latest, as that is when our lease runs out. hopefully, people start throwing some six figure jobs at us so we can get down there sooner.
heyyyy guys. thanks for the awesomest 21st birthday ever. mucho thanks to sherocket. anyone who was't there missed a great party. anyone who said they were coming but didn't totally sucks. everyone, i have a lot of beer to get rid of. so thursday night at sherocks there is more beer, jello shots, and possibly drunken catch phrase! :)
ndpc - thanks for the feedback...when do you think you guys will be down here? August?
quinn - well, msh better not going anywhere before we get to chicago. and maybe it's just all the reverb, but the acoustic 'these days' sounds clinic-ish.
kim - just upload to the westwash server until we get the kinks in the doty ranch upload system worked out.
stv - don't read this.
Hey, why can't I upload any pictures? Total cockblocking action. Oh, wait...
thanks mayne - I'm leaning more towards that stuff. I think by summer that will be my full time deal. but who knows. msh still has a little more nutsaq left in us.
quinn - i got the original 'sleep out' when it came out but didn't know about the other two songs. i'm digging the keyboard/drum machines vs. acoustic guitar on 'the ride home'.
DPC - check out my new band Sleep Out.

I suppose you think this is boring too!
Man, the other blog is so boring today...
me! maybe...
who wants to go to PING TIME this evening?
why don't you talk about my legs that way anymore?
nice legs.
Shera: Thanks for letting us commandeer your apartment for the weekend, it was a good time. Will you be home around 6:15-6:30 tonight for keg pickup?
Everyone who I saw this weekend. Kick ass good time.
good news - janel and i each got some stuff into this year's university juried show. janel got her painting 'tatum ...' (raised felt angel wings) and i got two prints 'they died so we know the perils of modern life' (apes with beers and rat constellation) and 'now i've gone and killed him' (jerk bunny). so we rule.
bad news - this means my prints are now valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. sorry quinn. write me a check and i'll send you a new a ghost piece. or maybe i'll just reprint it and give you a new copy anyways.
Nate - TRAGEDY STRIKES - or struck, I guess. I was getting dropped of at my apartment by E.LO on saturday after the we'd driven back from Madison. I got out of his car with my bag, my new ikea frames and your print under my arm. As I was crossing Irving Park (really busy street) the wind picked up and blew your print up into the air and I darted towards it to get it but had to jump back because a bus was coming. Anyways, I watched helplessly as car after car nearly missed your print...the finally, one nailed it. The good news is that the tire marks are only over the back of it (there's a lil' one on the front) I'm still going to put it in one of those new frames though. Anyways, its a shame because I really like it. Oh well. Good show on Friday DPC. I like you guys more and more everytime I see you.
34/84 days the remaining days i will be in france will be spent on vacation.. that's 40.5% that's almost passing

Sunday, April 11, 2004

oh , and kat:
dave - you suck at getting married.
stv - yeah, i've uploaded to the westwash a couple of times, but the problem is the serve isn't correctly set up for the ranch or something. got any tips? also, don't investigate the next post.
kim - i'll settle for hitting up the YUMMY BUFFET sometime this week. also, at the birthday party last night, i actually heard someone in a conversation i was walking through say they had gone to YUMMY BUFFET that friday.
jp - we're screwed. we had better get started on our midwest totebag/t-shirts before someone rips that off too.
std jenny- ha, NEW NICKNAME. also, we need your email so you can start rendering the ranch in that 3d computer junk.
wow, a diamond rubber band ... if you ever get engaged for real, might i suggest matching pizza tattoos
STV: You know me -- I gots the A.S.S. like really bad. It's a rubber band on her finger in the pic, but that's good enough for me. Sorry about the server bogarting, but I had a bit much garlic sauce last night and neither the dpc or tmt servers were working. I mean, it's always there to fall back on you know how we do.
wait, d, are you really getting married? because i recall some post you made about being bored and getting engaged, or something like that. what the deal
hey hey hey, what's up with uploading images to westwash for use on the doty ranch? i believe that is a breach of contract. YOU ARE ALL FIRED

Craig: I THOUGHT you guys played that at 770.


She-rockin' the party.

Matt gets his salad tossed.


Saturday, April 10, 2004

yes, that was one of the most fun shows we've played in a long time. I still smell sweaty.

and thanks to Grickle-Grass and Housebeaker....awesome sound.

(note: actually, we played epicycles at Union South with Sam, too)
Nate, dude, sorry to have sucked on so many levels and on so many ways. I didn't go to the other shows I was supposed to have gone to either last night, but I will attempt to redeem myself by one of the following, your choice:
A. Buy you a whiskey and coke made of gold.
B. After I buy your CD, I will not burn it for anyone, not even my mom.
C. After I buy your CD, I will burn it for everyone except your mom, cause that should really come from you and I don't want to show you up.
D. Start letter-writing campaign to get YUMMY BUFFET price back down to more reasonable 5.25 per person. THE NICE PRICE.
Sorry I missed it, sounds like you guys were having an awesome sound.
to anyone who wasn't at last nights show: suckers. it was definently a show that we will remember. what we played, as far as i can remember and what the set list says:

annabell (colony of watts cover - in the loud part of the song, matt's keyboard falls of the amp and breaks. we now need to make up the rest of the setlist around the lack of keyboard)
skeletons (newish song)
manifest destiny
little birds (matt figures out keyboard part for guitar)
sealab theme song (adult swim cover)
stick and carrot (steve and kara)
pull the lever (matt j. weber - brand new song that we weren't going to play except janel kept yell at us.
cranes that build themselves (darts that break themselves)
epicycles (first time played with sam, first time played in maybe six months?)
i pinch myself (matt jumped around a lot cause there's no guitar until abnout 3 minutes in)
we stop but people keep yelling at us (we stop but people keep yelling at us)
olympia (matt hangs out in crowd until the very end when the guitars come back in)
thanks for coming if you did. we're sorry that things broke and if we smelled sweaty after the show. we couldn't help it.
Do you think if I move the couch outside (to make room for socializing/dancing/breakdancing/eating/whatever else) that the couch will get rained on tonight?

Friday, April 09, 2004

[*] chik chik pow
kat, sorry, can't make it to your party tomorrow. you were misinformed.
and so do i.
And I like it when sentences start with "and".
I can't make it. I got too much to do.
alright, meet at the ranch at 6:15 so we can sort out rides if need be.

five dollar frames baby.
Well, if we do dinner that early I can do some of that after dinner/before show. And I did some of my do's at lunch today in lieu of lunch. And I just started a sentence with 'And,' I hate that.
Hey YOU. I thought you had too much to do tonight.
I'll meet you kids at La Haciend.. actually I could pick a couple of you up after work and go there. Let me know if this is happening.
where's matt? So my vote is La Hacienda. Who's with me?

and yes, we should buy some beer.
alright, where's matt? cd guy just called and we need to pick them up soon. i can go get them, but then i also don't really know where it is.
la hacienda or YUMMY BUFFET, it's all gravy, but we got to figure out what's happening. we probably have practice from 5:20ish to 6 right? can we set a 6:15 dinner time so we can get back for when people all start showing up? i am really hungry already.

oh shit me too 23 / M / WI
i wanna go to la hacienda! WWB action on this blog today...that's kinda gay..or...more like

i'll be seeing the ranchers tonight...excelsior!
where's everybody from the ranch who's not me?
PBR showcase!
J let's bike out to the point.
Kim: The story's true I swear. I wanna [*], but I got lots to do tonight.
It's all good, JP, I'm all about the compassion. Many other prominent bloggers also suffer from A.S.S., like D and his story about this dude who goes out to lunch with his mom everyday (see other blog for more details).

You could totally make it up to me by letting me in on the new super-secret website a few minutes early!
Soup: You can go out and climb trees with the other kids after you do your chores. And by chores, I mean registering my top-secret, new website project.

newwebsitenewwebsitenewwebsite. weeeeeeee!
d: DO IT
I wanna [*], but I got lots to do tonight.
J: Should I come over and do it over lunch??? JK man. Anyway. I don't know for sure whether or not I'm going -- but I'm not really feeling it. So I can probably come over around 5 - 6 if you want.
Kim, I'm sorry I lied about my birthday. I just did that for attention. I have Audrey Seiler Syndrome (ASS).
No, just kidding. That's the frappucino on an empty stomach talking. Don't worry Kim, you'll be invited to my party when it's my birthday.
JP: sorry, but YUMMY BUFFET is within walking distance and we got a tight schedule tonight. we're keeping the fish fry spirit alive. just not tonight.

also, happy birthday.

Shit, seriously JP? HAPPY BIRTHDAY. How will you celebrate?
Guess what everybody?! It's my birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.
d: are you not going to chicago? then let's [*]
I CAN'T BELIEVE YR NOT DOING FISHFRY (again). Nate Bartles and James, I have no idea who you are.
Nate, your organizational techniques are unstoppable. If you guys go to YUMMY BUFFET, let me know, I'm in.
so, seriously, are we doing YUMMY BUFFET? cause i'm not eating lunch if we are.
got i a dudes yummy buffet made of what
I ain't so sure I'm going to Chicago anymores.....
Carlo Rossi really begins to open up after a week or so.
quinn - i think alot of people are going to try and do that, so we are hopefully going to be able to stagger the shows so it works out.

are we really going to try that cover tonight?

should we buy a case or two for after the show or make everybody drink week old carlo rossi?

Natron - I'm going to try to catch both shows tonight if possible. It'll be good to see you dudes again.
good morning quinn.
'sup raunch.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

i think i broke blogger with that 50th post. time to flyer.

(new two headed BENSTER)

(new topless jesse)

(new crappy promo pic)

(more new BENSTER)

hey, if we get 5 more posts, we'll hit 50 for the day! did i mention NEW BENSTER?
thanks she-rock. everybody's happy now.

benny van cesto is on friendster. NEW BENSTER!
don't feel bad lizzy, i don't know wtf is going on half the time on here either. :( but here is a *Hug* from far away anyways. :) no hiding in corners miss! *swak*
DPC- just want to say congrats on the Isthmus write-up! I was so proud that I showed all the people surrounding me in class. They were happy for you too- a little scared of me- but happy for you.
we'll throw a whole ton of free stuff in there for you too.
joe: thanks dude. you could send some money up with the MOMN guys tomorrow. or you could order it from cdbaby when it gets restocked. or you could help us get signed to matador or something so our records in real cd shops. whatever's the easiest for you.
d: i wish you sister really was sarah silverman. boff!

dpc: bobby and i are listening to your fucking record all the time and loving it. it's silly goog. how can i get my hands on a real copy? preferably the australian import with all the nudes.
d, criag: what info? I sent the sector five logo. but i can send it again if need be
d, you haven't left the biker yet? that dude smells baaaaaaaaaad...
Nate! I just googled myself and I found this. I have no idea what it is, but it's definitely me:

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 08:11:30 -0600
From: Dave Silverman
Subject: Re: anais nin and henry miller

At 05:41 AM 3/31/97 -0500, wrote:
>Are you serious?! I had no idea. Thanks for the warning. Hey, my husband is
>also Jewish. (silverman?!)
Actually my dad's jewish and my mom's catholic. So I'm a christian.

>I still may get the book just to find out what she digs about them.
>Orgies... They must have lived in the 70s, huh?

I think so. Have fun with the book...

- ------
Dave Silverman

Please leave the biker...

matt, you never sent the info? bastard!

nate, i know i know. i forget sometimes. my brain's not a brain made of things made of gold, you know.
new PBR email! whoopty whoop!

craig: you gotta Bcc: those emails.

alright, i am actually go do something productive for awhile.
that video is amazing. and wrong. but mostly amazing.


shutup CRAIG. You're on it too.

Matt never sent me the info. Matt never sent me the info.

Ford Sportka commercial.
APG: it's westwash blog people. they like to keep everyone in the dark. get used to it.
blogging doesn't put food on the table. at least, not yet. someone should get on that.
work??? what about blogging?
confidential to OFF: sorry, i was actually doing work there for a bit. i'll try to keep up from here on out.

confidential to JP: actually, the gunshot wounds were really tame. EDIT: i regret posting the next part. lets just say that there are worse things tha gunshot wounds.
RE: Gunshot wounds.

Pictures. I want pictures.
i dont know anyone anymore... i need a hug or a corner to hide in
MADE OF GOLD! - get with it ndpc -!
things made of what?
if by madison vs. chicago you mean:


followed by a Madison vs. Chicago knife fight in parking lot.
No wonder I couldn't sleep. Too much blogging going on.

yes, DPC show. Colony of Watts actually can't play the show. False advertising.

I'll send a mass e-mail later today. Let's flyer, also.
she-rock: tomorrow night, the klinic, us, grickle grass, and housebreaker.
Wait theres a DPC show?
Hey Shari - wooh, the cool kids table! Ed - get your hands on the table now!
Way to go, DPC! I will tell anyone who asks that you aren't really shoe-gazers.
d - nice eye, it didn't see that at all. it appears that i, also, am looking at a downward angle for my guitar pic.
Nate: Your hair looks really nice in that photo.

Shari: Get someone who has a digicam or camphone to hook you up, girl.
D- no I do not have any pictures of myself on my computer
Hi Quinn! I'm Shari
PS: has anyone emailed people yet about the show? and we should flyer again tonight.
oh, and hey kimothy!

continued non-apperance of a record review, BUT us and colony of watts got one of their picks of the week. and they mention our cd, so someone on the staff must have heard it. and they included this picture with some added sepia-toning. people coming to the show are going to be expecting the downward-looking band in madison. it looks like you guys all dropped your guitar pics at the same moment and are trying to find them. either way, a winner is us.
Hey everyone. Whoa. Doty Ranch used to be like the card table at Thanksgiving, and now it's the cool kids table. What happened last night?
NEW QUINN! Cross blogination continues.

good morning quinn. i might be willing to bet that i am the only doty rancher up right now. this morning, work sent me to photocopy articles from a forensics journal all about gunshot wounds. they said that they expecting the accompanying picture to be pretty nasty, and if i had a weak stomach, they could have someone else go. so, basically, this morning has been really great so far.
Yeah Quinn!

Hey Quinn, are you on friendster? We should totally be friends.
Interested in meeting people for: Open Marriage (Men)
where'd all the sexy terrorists go?
Good morning D! Thanks Nate! I'll never get anything done at work now. What's up DPC?
mr. hat party: just tried to invite you, hopefully it worked. either way, yell at us tomorrow.

hopefully, we got some new blood in the morning.
Shera do you have any photos of yourself on your computer?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Yeah what Movie?
and I want a picture to go on this Friendster thing- but have no idea how to do that since I am computer stupid, so does anyone want to help the she-ra out?
what movie?

thanks for the link faust.
going down to humanities to start printing my book. if you guys start the movie or anything fun happens before i get back, give me a call.
janel, you left it in our house? you're twisted.
i just went into the kitchen to make a sandwhich and found the mouse trapped under a tubberware countainer. now i have to make my lunch with him sitting there looking at me. is there any reason we are keeping him in the house?
matt will send you the info when he gets home from work, which will be at like 2:30.
Cute! Let him go!

Craig: I can't see your sector five site from work. I get the DPC page (even with the www). Can one of you email me the logo? Also, if you email me the FTP info so I can show you my process and whatever that'd be totally great. oxygendrug at bigmixtapes dot
PUT HIM ON TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!
i just caught a mouse. alive! no chopsticks involved

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Awesome. Queer Eye starts at 9 so come by anytime after 8:30. Pizza? Beer?

Now. Going bicycling.
sextoor 5 sux. i'll watch queer eye. time?
yes, meeting tonight.
we have a sector five meeting tonight at 8. right?
Lets watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy at my place tonight.
thanks d, i followed the link while in the computer lab at work. SUPER LOUD!

last night I played "Burger Time", "Tron", and "Disc Tron" at Ping Time Arcade. Best night of my life!
DPC: Sector5 Blog