Thursday, April 29, 2004

so youre from a rap group called the 446 your mom told me that much before
she sucked my dick
what the hell you rap about moustaches and the internet, dj steve sleeve you
rap a bunch of nerdy shit
i was born in the ghetto disciplined by pistol whip, im from the 445
thats one better than you bitch
you want to know about the ghetto its not the 446, west wash is what you get
when doty street takes a shit
so the 446 is trying to make their mark but in the city of mad town we already
changed the locks
so get off our blocks before we grab our glocks and make all skinny mothers
start sucking our cocks
when mxb's rapping to the ninjas tracks we be ficking your baby's mammas givin em
heart attacks
cant take a dis like that well thats too bad yo your moms real hot
or is that your dad
so i check out your site hot or not dot com and i saw your ugly face
so i rated it one
mega man and moustaches yo thats real fun but while your playing with your balls
styles'll be makin your bitches cum
take a look at your posse...hmmm let me see you got the skinny ass drummer
from the dpc
the skank of the moustache fucks mxb, and you didnt have a dj
so you named your beat steve

thanks guys, happy awesome day steeve


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