Monday, May 31, 2004

happy memorial day shari, nine hours later
What is going on today for Memorial Day? Oh and happy Memorial Day

Sunday, May 30, 2004

show tonight at the high noon. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooo! no t-shirts though, the dude flaked out on us.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Thursday, May 27, 2004

"They just launched a dog into space and we're like 'What's a rocket?'"
--Nate Bartley, on Awesome Car Funmaker
hey D! BIOS!
yes indeed, nate sucks at bones, too.
So there have been lots of pit bulls at my house. Last night during dinner my dad threw a bone in the yard for this one black pit named Rukus. Rukus showed little interest as pits have a poor sense of smell compared to most dogs. My dad then turns to the pit's owner and says..."YOUR DOG SUCKS AT BONES." which made me think of nate.
we got a pick in the new onion and the new isthmus, hooray! Matt, let's celebrate. (scroll down a little)

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

T-shirts equal delivered and none too soon since Clint is losing his light table on sunday. Clint says they should be done on friday at the latest.

D: that's why you fail
Kingdom of Loathing is now FORBIDDEN at work. I guess I quit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


PS: scroll down for the videos
As the song says, you've got to follow your balloon.

Let's attach a laser to that thing and fill William Atherton's house with popcorn.
they couldn't get me in that thing if they paid me. (seriously, would they pay me?)
move over space elevator! Space balloon!
there is an elderly man on a segway in madison.
he was heading towards state.
aftfully maneuvering around other pedestrians.
The Office fans: I heard that the Christmas specials are being released in the UK on October 25th, so hopefully the US release will follow soon after.

hey everyone! (xpost)

you won't believe what difficult matt gave to me tonight!! The NEW Invader Zim DVD!
Covet that, bitches!

..ok. now who wants to let me watch it on their DVD player?

Monday, May 24, 2004

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
we're going to get some beer right now! we want the music to start kinda early. prolly 9ish at the latest. we don't want the cops coming to bust everything up.
craig- stop bugging. I totally love this blog. Apologizes to all I may have offended.

What time is this concert starting tonight? I have some stuff going on, but I am going to try and make it.
also, a fella named Nate bartley will often guest star as bassist.
That does sound pretty sweet.
Shari, no more blog bashing. The drummer for the Right Arms is none other than Marcus Truschinski, ex-lead singer of the DPC. It's funny music. To give you a taste, here's the first verse of one of their songs:

i was cruising down the street
on my brand new bike
when you threw a stick in my spoke
I did a one and a half
with a third of a twist
you thought it was a funny joke

I was struting in the school
in my brand you kicks
when you kicked my ass in the hall
i couldn't quite figure out
how to get my revenge
until I gave your mom a call

now I banged your mom
I banged your mom

Who are the right arms? What kind of music?

Jenny- I find it very disappointing that you have given up on SSCD. If you've checked it out lately, you would notice that it is so much cooler than a certain other blog.
The Right Arms are playing in our basement tonight! Everyone's invited.
Happy Birthday Janel! You're awesome.
We are the Bears
Shufflin' through
Shufflin on down
Doin' it for you
We'e so bad
We know we're good
Blowin your mind
Like we knew we would
You know we're just
Struttin for fun
Struttin our stuff
For everyone
We're not here
To start no trouble
We're just here
To do the Superbowl shuffle
Good morning Jenny,
It is overcast here as well, but the answers to all of your questions are somewhere in this room, much like Mark Harmon's keys in Carl Reiner's cinematic triumph, Summer School. Please continue to admire creature creator Rick Baker very, very, very, very, very, very, very...much. (It's a hundred words, you can count it.)
Good morning blog. Chicago is a bit gloomy, and as Micah pointed out, there are no shrunken heads and believe you me that makes me angry. In a land of so many hot dogs, how could this city be gloomy, thats what I want to know? Which made me ponder...

Da 1985 Chicago Bears Shufflin' Crew v. the Blog? Score?
Ditka v. the blog? Score?
Old Blogger v. New Blogger? Score?

Sunday, May 23, 2004

happy bday janel!! i'm a day late and a dollar short, but i tried.

i just got back from cannes. it was good times. i ended up walking the red carpet at a premier one night.. it was weird shit. anyone coming to visit before i leave the country? free place to stay.

Happy Birthday! You share your birthday with my dog, Max, who was 10 yesterday. That is very special.
i went to four-star this morning to get some more cowboy bebop, but it was closed. the ceiling above the registers had collapsed from all the rain last night! huge chunks of drop ceiling were lying in puddles on their floor.

Saturday, May 22, 2004


happpy birthday janel
happy birthday JANEL!
Don't be a Negative Nancy!!

Friday, May 21, 2004

Nate, don't hate, participate. We don't need this sulk right now. What do you expect with the price of gas on the rise?
We have a flood watch until Sunday morning. I love exxxtreme weather conditions.
it rained the entire walk to work this morning and it just started raining again, right before the walk home. the weather sucks. flip the lever. also, the blog sucked this week too. i am glad i am going home so i don't have to rely on it to keep me entertained anymore.
thanks everyone who came to the annex last night. it was for a good cause.
Hi, Nate.
Nobody is having a birthday or a baby or a retirement or a CD release party in the office today. No cookies. Whaaa.
the girl who was working at the last library had the onion open to our had. i felt awkward for a second, then realized that i'm not in the picture. yeap.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

hey dudes, steven wanted me to remind you viper's first show is on saturday at the slipper club at 9pm with that violent femmes cover band. i'll be in arizona, so you should go make fun of him for me.
What's going on tonight?

Oh yeah the Annexxx. Who's all going? How much does it co$t???
is anyone else following the WWB? we should contact apartment people and see if we can see some places on saturday, just to get an idea of what's available in what nieghborhood.
Ghosts and the Darkness, yestat. this list of retart turnovers, nozers.
Make sure you go to see the lions from Ghost and the Darkness. When you look into their eyes you will know fear.

P.S. There are no shrunken heads
Molly is in that picture. I miss her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

This weekend is going to suck.
Ang and I are going to be in chicago on Saturday too.
caroline's gonna come to chicago too and we're gonna go to the field museum to see sue. There's no room for nate.
Matt, Janel, me, and possibly Sam are going to Chicago this Saturday to look at houses, and/or neighborhoods. You're welcome to come, nate.
Matt are you not going camping?

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
hey, whoever still wants to camp you can go to and look at the parks. i was looking a copper falls. You can also reserve through that site.

Otherwise, I was planning on rescheduling for middle July since I have two weekends already taken off for the tour. I doubt we'll use both weekends so one can be used for camping.
Nate: Here is the F-Ups video. If it doesn't work, go to I talked to Jenna and evidently this is just a tester video -- they're flying to L.A. to do the real one pretty soon. AWES.
I hope Ian is feeling better.

What, isn't anyone going to offer a counterpoint?
craig, you just gotta step it up for one day.

also, you're coming with us to mean girls tonight.
(i'd rather there were a few posts that make sense than tons of nonsense.)

Yeah, this blog is not a toy.

Hey Craig, do you want to take a free workshop with me at the CIMC on July 2nd at lunch time? It's called "Advanced Google" and I think it will be the dumbest thing ever.
yes, I still want to do it. let's do it!

practice, not sure. I think sam dropped off the face of the planet.

(i'd rather there were a few posts that make sense than tons of nonsense.)
Kill Bill is my other guy.
David's is a Jamaican cart (it's the cart nearest to Sukho Thai). Really good food and lots of it. They have a restaurant in Monona but the cart is new this year. The Indonesian cart is also new and is also excellent if you like that sort of thing.

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Spread It.
i can still go camping. and paul, heather, and jon want to go. craig, still want to do it?
what's david's?
new KOL

who's KillBill?
anyone else going to help out here?

new onion, with new pabst ad, with that picture of all you guys looking down at your guitars.
Doty Ranch be blowing up today.
Nate, Library Mall lunch today was all about David's - indiscreet amount of jerk pork, five dolla.

d - sounds sweet. i am not sure if i should i a dude's car or not though, cause i should probably do resume stuff as well tonight.
Nate: Meet at Djeez Nuts between 6 and 6.30.
ian has tonsils in that picture. i miss them.
what time i a dude's car?
way to step it up d!
oh, nevermind the probably what.
OUR FANS #2!!!!1!1!!!111
probably what?
i'll start.
alright, it seems like new blogger is killing the ranch. so here's my idea - let's step it up and meet the suck head on. new blogger lets you see the 300 most recent posts. let's try and hit the 300 mark today.
what time do we have to leave then to get to it at 7:10?
i'll i a dude's car if i have to, but either way it's a must.
Ok I posted to the SSCD about Mean Girls. Let's go at 7.10 at the Point! i a dudes car though, or it ain't happening.

I played KOL today. I'm only level 2, so I can't join your clan yet.
curved? ?


lunch? beer lens? practice? i a dude's car? sscd? i need some answers.
NO CAMPING?! matt and janel are dead to me.

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera

Nate: Why not?

the daily page has been awesome because it's been keeping me entertained at work, which this website IS FAILING TO DO.

let's argue about how awesome the enola gays are and their long-lasting and ever expanding contribution to the madison music scene.

who wants to do lunch with me on library mall in about an hour?
Not that the content of this weblog is worthy of any praise, but how many times can you argue who the best band is in town before it gets old?

[ ] once

[ ] twice

[ ] forever (as long as it's my band)

[ ] 40 turns per day (KOL = new local music forum)
d - how about going to see that movie tonight?

and the daily page music forum is pretty awesomely stupid again today.

and where's everyone at? i am working all day again and i need some blog action to keep me going.
i have 30 turns left in KOL and i am to drunk in the game to do anything but chat up the area mistress. does anyone have a spare beer lens?
are we practicing tonight or are just craig and sam practicing?

also, there's a pretty brilliant video of jeff dancing to the rapture at the king club over at MBIMOTMOG.
well, it looks like camping is not going to work out. Both janel and I have to work all weekend and I'm not sure when we'll be able to reschedule it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

CAMPING: what is the status on that? ie. what time do we leave friday? (i don't know if anyone else cares, but i can't take off too much time from work. so i need to know asap what the timing is for friday. coz if i have to take off all day friday and all day saturday, i don't know if i can do that) what time we back and what day? etc etc. let me know asap please! :) thanks <3 kat
KOL: new KOL blog.

come on blog, you're killing me here.
caro- the thought has indeed been breached, however i had to come back to finish classes and take a test yesterday so i couldn't go.. sighs. i'm also missing the cohen bros film because of classes i have to go to today.. teach me to go to school..

Monday, May 17, 2004

is everyone aware that this man is the star of the american version of the office? i still have low hopes for it, though.
where's everybody? is someone going to be home in two hours?
nate: clan = joined
i left my keys at home today, so is anyone going to be home at 4:45 or could someone please leave the door open?

also, if anyone is home, they should make sure the landlord doesn't lock the upstairs door when they're done showing the apartment, cause i don't think anyone's got the key to that door.
craig - i think it might a little too early to look for stuff in chicago.

d and jazon - stopping by d's house last night was totally unneccesary. everything's a little blurry after that until i got home and played kingdom of loathing. which brings me to:

KOL players: i got to level 7 last night, so i founded the doty ranch clan. come join, right now we have an awesome clubhouse and only one member.
oh man, now i feel bad. it's all right, d. i don't even really care about my shoes. you know what's more important? friendship.
Craig, you wanna know what I'm sorry about? I'm only sorry for one thing. I'm sorry that you have to be so mean to me all the time. :*(

hey ranchers minus ian plus sam, let's go to chicago this weekend and look at living quarters. Good idea?

and d, there's a big shoe print on the top/front of my shoe. Who could be responsible? don't mess wid dah kicks, ass.

Sunday, May 16, 2004


Sorry I missed your call(s?) last weekend, as I was at work all day. :(
Are you going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 at Cannes?????
Janel and i are about to go up and graduate. New grad blog!
danger: graduating can lead to getting a job. it should be avoided at all costs

ps. cannes freaking rocks.. nothing but sitting on my ass watching art fuck films all day.. all week i should say.
Thank you Jenny for a wonderful party!! The cotton candy was the best ever, which is why I had 5 of them.

We are going out to breakfast tommorrow morning(In a few hours), so if anyone wants to come, call Soup.

See everyone tommorrow at Skye's grad party or at 445.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Man I wish I could, I have to work.
it's 4:30. if anyone wants to go to YUMMY BUFFET call me in the next half hour.
Can I just say I laughed at the cantalope joke again.
NATE: Sure, I'll call you later. But not around 3 b/c I will be listening to the radio. I
I will be picking up my cotton candy machine when AtoZrental opens, instead of walking in graduation, I know my priorities. So I expect you all here early.

BLOG: 136 Proudfit tomorrow. All day, Pale Rider show, All night, beer, food, free, be there
Run like an antelope....
cool, maybe later sunday afternoon then? and when are you getting your cotten candy machine if you're planning being cotton i a dude's car all day?
Nate: I'll help you with your computer.

Jennifriend: Who you calling an antelope you zebrahead?
Natron: Yeah for your computer not sucking!!!! I am free any time after Saturday, but Saturday I will be drunk on cotton candy.
Shera: I too cannot stop talking about fireballs and they're awsomeness.
D: You can't ellope
d - alright, the computer was good enough last night so i could start pulling some of the stuff i need off of it. i got the resume and pictures, but i can't figure out how to get my emails into a moveable file. i noticed that my ipod was still all frozen up, so went to the apple site and downloaded some update i didn't have and now it seems to be wokring better. is it possible the entire computer froze up cause the ipod wasn't up to date? either way, can you help me put a better virus securtiy measure on and figure out whether i should reformat or not?

jennifriend - got the resume, still need to update it - a quick look of it last night made me cringe. i don't think i'll get too much of a chance to get it figured ou this morning, but would there be anytime this weekend you'd be able to check it out? hit me on the blog. or the phone.
We're playing on WORT (89.9) today at 3:00. get out your radios.
Just got back from Troy, a supremely steller movie. Did not think it was possible, but Brad Bitt exceeded my expectations and then some. Also, an amazing fight scene with huge fire balls. totally ride bikes!!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Leonard Nimoy/kickin' out the jams
d-send me another invite.
hey. hope the show was good. sorry there was no appearance by me. sorry. *kat*
Craig and Matt: When I got to (as opposed to I still get the DPC page. Does this happen to you?
i vote yes to practice.
are we practicing tonight? i vote yes since we have to sound all professional and stuff for the radio tomorrow.

also, it looks like the german art students are playing the high noon tonight. anyone want to go and check the place out?
you don't unload after a show. Everybody knows you gotta wait at least 5 days. Except when you practice, then you take out a floor tom and use acoustic guitars.
I don't know how many of you were still there but at around 2am the cops showed up at The Slipper Club. Now, I didn't actually see any cops but the bartender said everyone had to leave because of them. At this point we hadn't been paid yet so I asked about it and the bartender told me to hunker down in the back and wait for the cops to leave. Jeff, his sister, Megan, and I think he wants us to go in the basement so we do. We sit down there like a couple of illegal aliens until we realize no one else is coming. We venture back upstair and find the rest of bands hanging out by the stage--getting paid, no less.

Anyway, why would the cops show up at a bar? It was almost 2 and the bar had already called last call. I'm thinking the bartender lied to us just to get everyone to leave. I never saw any cops. Has anyone had experience with this?

Another weird thing happened after we left. Apparently, Hat Party went home and unloaded their equipment. What's up with that?

PS: sorry for changing from past to present tense
Good DPC show last night. Colony of Watts was very loud. I really need to embrace earplugs. My ears are still ringing, so I can barely read the posts (it's kind of like how I can't hear anything in the morning until I put my glasses on).
Anyone interested in purchasing a Telecaster (Japanese Standard) or an Ovation (non-electric) acoustic Celebrity should let me know. Also spread the word if you know anyone who might buy one. oxygendrug(at)tinymixtapes(dot)com
thanks everybody for coming to our show. it was a raging success. (that's raging, not ragging)

ian, hope everything's okay.
d - i am never going to let you take a picture of me again.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

A Picture Share!

A Picture from my PCS Vision Camera
Hi My Name's Nate. I Might Look Kinda Weird, But I'm Not. I Swear.
meet Robosaurus: fire-breathing, car-eating, big-pimping

meet Robosaurus: fire-breathing, car-eating, big-pimping

meet Robosaurus: fire-breathing, car-eating, big-pimping

wellll shit. which show to go to? considering i have NO money (and i do mean NO money) and the high noon is way closer to my house, and i haven't seen the pale riders play in like 5 million years, and i have to talk to cathy, it loooks like dpc i will be going to the PR show. unless you can guest list me. and are you headlining or what is the lineup for the DPC show? (and the PR show for that matter?) because i have to work early tmw. :( ok with that said. lots of drunken fun this weekend! wheee. does anyone want to sublet my apt? i don't want to live there anymore. <3 kat
d - I may have one... that is if you need it for what I think you need it for.
d- did you break your G string? HAHA!

Get it? G string.
Nate: welcome back! Sounded like an arduous journey, but Arby's makes everything better.
Do any of you boys or girls have an acousting G (wound maybe?) string that I can buy off you? THANXXX
Jon, apparently, was impersonating me again.
back in town. what did i miss besides new blogger totally sucking it up?
craigers no one will be pissed when you leave right after your set to go to the pale riders're the lead singer. dont make a big thing out of something that aint no thing
Hi Craig! Sometimes, you follow your heart.
I only listen to my friend Billy Zane. That being said, I think the show will indeed rock this evening and all the best people will be there and I want to be there, too.
Hey, congratulations to Nate, Janel, Jennifriend, Micah and any other graduating bloggers. When selecting a career, remember, there's a great future in the Internets.
morning everybody, did we mention there's a show tonight at the slipper club? Colony of Watts, The Hat Party, the DPC? I'm not aware of any other shows tonight, so come on out. Also, free at the door and free beer. (that last sentence is a small lie)
speaking of micah
god you are such a fucking nut sack
Speaking of parties. There is a graduation party being held this Sunday night the 16th for:

Andy Malingowski
Mike Huggins

at 445 West Doty Street. There will be a lot of beer and drinking and fun. If you are reading this consider yourself invited. Come whenever you want and I will be drunk when you show up.
listen to your friend matt, he's a cool guy...dont talk about the free pale riders show with free beer tomorrow. talk about the pale riders show on saturday at the king club...because its a CD FUCKING RELEASE PARTY...seriously 10 months is an average amount of time to make a cd

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

There shall be no talk of a pale riders show tomorrow night. Instead we shall have a lengthy discussion on how much rock will be produced at the DPC/Colony of Watts/Hat Party show tomorrow night at The Slipper Club.

ps who is going to the paleriders show tmw night? it's free, correct??
Wha!?!? jennifriend, dude, i thought your party was sunday. bummmmer! what time is your party on saturday? because i might me rehired at the orpheum, and will have to wait tables saturday night most likely. :( and i have to work till 6 anyways at the stock. boo. let me know. <3
In omaha. 1 pull over, 1 accident, everythimgs ok. Chicago tonight, madison tommorow.
Ok, its official...


I think that you can eat cotton candy without tonsils.
mmm Arby's
Moblog from nebraska. Pulled over once, 2 stops at arby's. Luv, jp.
Ian, hope the throat is feeling better.... I saw somewhere that semen is really good for the throat..... just something I heard somewhere. A thought.

Check this out!!! Sponsor me!
Ok dudes. works again, now I've just got to figure out how to FTP to it. I got into the DPC site, so outlook is GOOD.
tonsil-less ian.. this is a whole new realm that i just cannot begin to understand.

hows life everyone? i dont like this new blog.. i highly disapprove

Monday, May 10, 2004

Poor Ian just can't live without his Triscuits. No rough edges! You're not ready yet!
My one tonsil is apparently still capable of giving me a sore throat so I am home with the sick today. Somebody bring me a puddin pop.
ian, quit whining about your tonsils.
Blogging about Blogger? How delicious . . .
This was a headline on BBC news:

Google revamps blogging service

Face-lift intended to make Blogger more friendly to novices
One of the leading names in blogging is overhauling its service in an attempt to catch up with the competition.
Blogger, which is owned by Google, has redesigned its site to make it easier to use and added new features, including posting by e-mail.

"The focus is on lifting the barrier to start blogging," said Evan Williams, co-founder of Blogger.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs, creating an eco-system of ever-changing ideas on the net.

Mainstream appeal

Blogger is one of many free web-based services that helps people share their thoughts on the net, without writing code or installing software.

The service has changed little since it was bought by Google in February 2003.

Blogging has shown itself to be a fundamental part of the web. But we still have a tremendous way to go

Evan Williams, Blogger
But in the meantime, rival services have sprung up and others have been innovating furiously.

Blogger is racing to make up time with a new look and tools to let people do more with their blogs.

"We're aiming at expanding the user base and appealing to the mainstream internet audience," Mr Williams told BBC News Online.

As part of the overhaul, Blogger is adding a facility to post to a blog via e-mail, as well as a comments box.

It has also done a deal with a company called Hello to let subscribers upload photos directly to a blog.

Among the other changes are 26 new templates and new profile pages so that bloggers can learn more about each other.

Early days

Blogs have mushroomed in the past couple of years since free software became widely available, allowing people with no technical know-how to create and quickly update internet sites at little or no expense.

Radio Userland
Movable Type
Grey Matter
Tongue Wag
Google does not release figures for the number of active bloggers. But at the time it bought the company last year, Blogger had some 200,000 online diarists.

One of its rivals, LiveJournal, says it has 3,082,448 subscribers, out of which 1,482,196 are described as active.

Anyone can set up a blog for free on Blogger. Accounts are by default hosted on BlogSpot, a storage site owned by Blogger.

Free accounts have ads on their pages but there is the option to pay for ad-free space.

"Blogging has shown itself to be a fundamental part of the web," said Mr Williams.

"But we still have a tremendous way to go."

As for the future, Mr Williams said they would be looking at incorporating Google's search technology into Blogger, offering subscribers the ability to search their blog.

Shari: I've changed the address to our blog. It's easier now.

To link you just highlight the text that you want linked, click the little globe button, and type/paste the address there.
colony of watts should write a song about this. then they should try to build up an outsider image like "you don't know what it's like to be from alaska. all those dead... no one can know the pain we know." yes yes, the pain meds kick in... no one can know the pain i know. TONSILS!!!!! WE WERE THE SAME ANIMAL!!!!!!!
where's the ranch at? you're killing me here.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Ladousa SCORES!!!! And he gets the hat trick!!!
I enjoy the new Blogger submission procedure.
The new blogger likes to have sex with other bloggers of the same gender.
new blogger, i wish my tonsils could have met you.
OMG. New Blogger totally flies planes.
d: don't you be going around telling people you thought of VELOCIRAPPER
D- that site is totally ride bikes!!! I love the idea of the cartoon pics mixed with the animal pics. Neato with a capital NEAT
i don't get it

Saturday, May 08, 2004

This is Shari. D, Nick,Kat and I have decided we want to make a yearbook of all our friends!!! how cool is that? pretty damn cool.
katy and i are making out at my workplace right now! on a saturday!

Friday, May 07, 2004

ps isn't my fauxhawk totally ride bikes? (it's the new thang kids. go with it) anyone who doesn't think so can suck my balls... :) he he he. i think we should have impromptue taco/pina colada night more often...except not at my disgusting disgusting house. ugh. :P
hey sluts, sorry....soup and i sleeping.... :P but definitely up for some partying action tmw night, as this is my last free weekend for awhile. d: yes i do house manicures if you really want one. i'll give you one for FREE! :) see everyone tmw night i hope... <3
Caro, Shari, Soup, and Kat: EVERYONE'S GOING TO GENNA's NOW.
Are you shooting old people again?
she-rock - 6:15ish, amy's.
wait- what is this sniper thing? and where are you guys going to eat?
jenny - i changed my mind, i'm hungry now. you should give me a call cause i have to head over to kinko's sometime before they close tonight.

janel and i are looking for soft and sensitive snipers for work at the humanities sniping ranch. we will be suiting up and getting our supplies forthwith. interested parties are asked to blog back
jennifriend - i'll be home for awhile. i am looking forward to this awesome and bizzaro thing you have collected.
Nate: Right after I saw you I found something TOTALLY AWSOME & BIZZARRO that might cheer you up... It is not a job (sorry), but I think it will keep you busy for a while. I just got to the library but I wanna drop it off later. Depends how long I study. Will you be home?
angry beast: do you do house calls for manicures?
d - yes, i'll be home around six. i'll be home from work around 2 so i'll see what i can do with it then.
Oh Craig... is your router renewing different IP addresses. This may be why your address doesn't always come up. Also, being behind a firewall complicates things a bit. I can help but really need to be in front of the server and a computer outside the network at the same time.

... If you don't have to host it yourself and you are looking for affordable web hosting, talk to me.
Will you be home around six? I can come check it out then. I can also look at Matt's computer and see if I can figure anything out!
d - i had the lassa virus or whatever earlier this week, but i got rid of it and upgraded all the security stuff, so i don't know. would reinstalling windows or something like that work?
Nate: Your computer is so new -- it really shouldn't be pulling that kind of shit. I assume you've been using a firewall, virus check, and proper anti-spyware protection? Call Dell and see about getting it fixed or replaced. That shit's still covered.
alright, work just totally fucked me over, so if anyone knows any part time or full time jobs that are hiring rght now, it'd be very nice to hear about them right now. very, very nice.

second problem: i was trying to download a couple of songs to my ipod this morning but itunes didn't seem to be recognizing it. i had the same problem with my camera last night, and it worked fine after i restarted my computer, so i try restart this time. when windows comes up again, it does the window xp screen that goes straight to a black screen for two minutes and my iopd is all frozen up. i restart the computer and this time it goes to an option menu of doing safe modes, and using last remember safe startup configuration. i try that option and it goes to a black screen again. i restart and this time try the safe mode, which goes to a screen with a bunch of prompts on it that stops and holds steady for a couple of minutes. i restart again, this timeleaving and coming back 5 minutes later. it's now on the starting screen where the color on the bar at the bottom of the screen mmoves to show you it's thinkng, but the bat isn't really moving. at this point i have to leave and go to work. so:

a) if i come home and the computer is still on the start menu, or if it's shut down completely, what do i try next?
b) if i come home and the computer got the desktop, what do i do to figure out what the problem is?
APEEJ: I can call her Caro now too because we're BFF.

Craig: Soup and I discussed the FTP -- he'll post what we think.
happy birthday me (im celebrating today cause i had a final yesterday)
d- i can call her caro.. you should feel jealous..
theres a couple making out in the library cpu lab right next to me.. ahh the joys of france.
59 days...
according to PFFR these are NEW spoon dates: check out june 22 and 23.
no, not moving ... one of the neighbors is. there's rumors that a certain 446 member may have interest in the apartment. but don't ask me, i just work for a real estate company

Thursday, May 06, 2004

STV: You moving?
i'll go to the angelic with anyone willing to avoid the topics of "FTP" and "webpage."
d: i'm totally busted for not having your number! (and you're not allowed to call me "caro.")
alright me and janel are going to have a seperate celebration party. we also both bought some fucking awesome robes so we have something to wear when we graduate. WE'RE DONE.


what angelic rumor? we're confused.
People: Rumor has it some folk are going to the Angelic later (to discuss FTP and webpage). Anyone interested? Call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caro: You're totally busted on spelling Shari's name wrong.
HaHa Sherry, you're funny! (i caught it too)
Shari you're totally busted on edit jesusing that Friends post. IT'S OK LINDSAY'S WATCHING IT TOOOOO.
do you work for a real estate co?
apartment available at fort awesome ... not the one that will be available in august/september, though. 2 bedrooms, $850, parking space.
nate: the deadline was a while ago, but they still let my roomate nick get a gown a few days ago, so go asap. But if you skip the whole walking thing, as I am doing, you don't have to worry about it. Plus, you can get to my party EVEN EARLIER. think about it.
Nate: Yes, it's true. According to the site, you can "buy" attire now, instead of renting.
You lie!
okay, but I might not be here, I might be on my way home, I got in at 8:15 today.
Soup: I'm going to call you at work after 5.00. Ok?
is this UBS order thing true, cause i sure didn't order anything yet.
I can help, but I need info, hit me at my email addy yo.
i guess i'll try to do something myself.

btw, what's friends?
Craig: Realize that the series finale of Friends is on tonight, and not only is Soup all about Friends -- he's all about series finales. JUST SO YOU KNOW.
omg Jenny!!! It is me! come hit on me! By the way my name is Shari.
Nate: UBS. BUT you need to order the gown in advance. If you haven't, I think yr in trouble. Unless you borrow a gown / cap from a friend who's in a different ceremony.
Nate: You and Janel will be honorary members at my graduation party on the 15th. Any suggestions on what honorary members should get? This also means DONT PLAN YOUR PARTY ON THE 15th!!!

Sheri: There is a girl sitting across from me in the computer lab who looks JUST LIKE YOU!! I am going to go hit on her.
i think i wanna work on it tonight. maybe i'll give soup a call later to see if he can help. this will happen assuming matt won't be looking at porn on his computer for once.
anybody: where do i get a graduation gown?

janel: let's throw a graduation party.
Craig: Part of my problem is I just can't get the FTP to work for the sectorfive address. Maybe Soup can help us out? I have zero experience with hosting my own web page a making URL point to DNSs etc. Something's wrong with all that, and that's why DPC comes up. Soup do you have any ideas?
you don't know where your dental floss is? YOU SHOULD BE WONDERING WHERE YOUR MENTAL FLOSS IS.

sorry. that was bad.
What do I look like, the Amazing Kreskin? Ask FLOSStradamus.
matt, can you link to the isthmus review on the front page?

everyone, where's my dental floss?

d, would it be possible to take whatever you have now and put it up, just so we have something? also, could you help us get the site to work properly, instead of it always going to our site? there may be a special prize involved.
(p.s. - i'm at the medical school library.)
dudes! my freshman year next door neighbor is totally in the computer lab looking at big pictures of herpes and STDs. BUSTED!

trom: yes'm

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

ponys- are we on for tomorrow....i have kick ball, but at nine it will be time to rock....also we need to talk design, i have plans

Jp: we really should. We could call it, "I like to participate in possibly unnecessary medical interventions before I sleep." But we need a cute picture of Ed having a tonsillectomy while holding a clock indicating a late hour.

Edit: "Halfling" = spit-take.
i may have to finish out this perscription, but after that i should be home-free. three months of anti-biotics is too long. i want my bacteria back.
Kim: We should start an Orkut community for the tonsil-less, or the halflings, like you.
Ian: be my Orkuteer!
& will you still have to eat those horse (pony) pills post extraction?
Time to get your Orkut on.

alliant is now blocking friendster via firewall as an inappropriate site.
thanks guys. steven has already voiced his intentions of frying my tonsils and eating them. if anyone else is thinking about making plans around my tonsils, we're going to need to talk about the $.
Ian, hope you feel better soon. Stock up on Puddin' Pops and ice cream. Stay away from the party mix and the corn pops. I only had one tonsil removed but I behaved like a huge baby anyway and even though it has been two years, to this day I still can't get up and get my own glass of water.
Wait. They don't even let you stay in the hospital for a nite post-tonsil yanking? First they throw out new moms, now the tonsil-less. What's up with our country's health care system?

P.S. Good luck with the op, Ian. Ask for the grape-flavored sleeping gas.
in case there is anyone that has not heard, i am getting my tonsils out tomorrow!

for the band: i already asked matt, but you guys are recording tomorrow night, right? if you are going to practice tomorrow, can you do it before i come home at 5 or so? or do it down at the space? so that i can rest my tonsil-less head?
hey d, is there any more info you need from us in order to make the site?
Nate: I'm still on it. Sorry it's taking so long guys. For some reason they're actually giving me things to do at work now, and I'm working on another project for which I'm being paid. Anyway, it'll be done soon I'm sure. Also I really like your MF album review. I need to get that from you -- or did I already?

She-rock: What method did you use? How well did you do?

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

any film buffs want to discuss Disney's acquisition of Miramax. Miramax has played a large role in the rise of independent film, and when it was bought by Disney, I think it was able to work with a lot more money to finance great movies like Kill Bill. However, what about Disney's business interests playing a role, tainting Miramax and stripping away the autonomy and risk-taking necessary for a great indie film financer and distributor?

See related NYT article: Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush
D- as someone who was once tested on the quality of her risotto- in a very stressful midterm- I am very impressed that you make it for leisure.

We just watched Stuck On You last night and had a debate over whether or not anyone would chose to stay conjoined. And why they would. So I was reading the news today, and this came up. weird huh?
D - website - what's happening?
I just made way too much chicken and risotto if anyone wants to come over and have any.
ha. where did aaron get that chain anyway?
um this is a reminder:
CINCO DE MAYO FEST and taco party at our house tommorrow night at apparently whatever time you feel like, but i'd say about 8:30 ish. we're now going to buy a pinata. i have never bought a pinata before. you learn new things every day. like today i learned you get a late fee if you pay your rent after the 3rd. who knew?
Micah- are you kidding! I will be at your house as close to 8 as i can. I have a final before that- but I will make sure that I am done with it before the OC.

Are we rocking it tomorow night Season Finale style
sorry i wasn't there sam.

last night i dreamt that i ate an almond. Could it be that I'm not allergic?

and then i woke up alone.



Monday, May 03, 2004


D: I have had a lot of success with You have to wait until someone buys it but every time I have listed something at the lowest price, it has sold fairly quickly. Otherwise, I just search for completed auctions on eBay to see what the going rate is on there,

happy birthday sam!!1!!!11!!1111
D: You'll get more $$$ if you sell via the Internet.
MetroRlog Botion.
All: Where's the best place in town to sell used DVDs and CDs? Do you suppose I'll have better luck on the internet?
yeah janel, youre art show was rad, i mean your art show. are you coming to the destroyer/frog eyes show tonight? you ought for sure, it'll be rad too.
Janel: You're art show was awsome. Don't forget, Kat and I will "look after" any extra paintings you have. also, check yer email lady.
thanks to everyone who came to my show.
i appreciate the interest.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

hey tron - i want to see that copy if i can, that is our friend marv and we also know erik westra, one of the editors, plus AA did graphic design for it.
nate: i just got a copy of the new/first ladies and gentlemen magazine and i saw that there was an interview by your friend marvin lin....if i am thinking of the right guy....thought you might want to know
anyways heres the web site
sherock, i am leaving right now. im on my way. :) <3
K guys, get ready for the ORIGINAL pancake house!!!

art star + well dressed dude.

doty allstars.

woooohoo. yeah for drinking all day (except not really) who is getting pancakes at the original pancake house tmw? (or today i guess) 12:00 kids. be ready for the awesomeness of the OPH. <3

Saturday, May 01, 2004

kat: yep, i went to high school with john. funny guy. bar factory? what

sher, so sorry! i woke up at like 9 and seriously was not feeling so hot. i got up and fell down again. :P ugh. really fucking hung i passed out again and just woke up now! :( sorry honey! :P i'll be at ur house soon. if anyone sees this, give the message to sheri, ok? thanks. time to get my drink on. :) <3
Kat- it is now 10:30 and I am still waiting for Clevelands. Where are you?
STEVE: so you know john guyette. my ex bf, and a good friend of mine. he's in town this weekend. crazy a bar at a factory. where the f are you!?!?! EVERYONE ELSE: breakfast at cleavelands tmw?? (today) specifically she rock h: i ll be at ur house at 9:30ish. breakfast then drinking allll day long! wehooo. :) <3