Wednesday, June 30, 2004

matt, can you update the shows page?

how were the fucking americans, everybody? (sorry about the swearing dad, but that's the name of the band)

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

jesse bradley just called.. his band, The Fucking Americans from rodcrotchy are playing at the high noon tonite.
I declare today "Tobey Maguire Spiderman 2 Promotional IM Environment Day." Feel it.
I saw my first episode of Nip Tuck on Friday. It was truly terrible. I liked it a lot.
Dudes, i think that it i hard to get tickets to see S2 at U square, andy said they have been selling them for a while. If you don't go tonight, how about an organized trip out to Westgate this week or weekend to see it on the BIG SCREEN... I'll drive.

As for tonight... NIP TUCK @ my house @ 9 if ayone is interested.
Episode 2 Season 2. If you are not aware of this AWSOME show, it involves doctors and scandals and sluts, o my. It is on at 9:00. My true guilty pleasure. (Micah, I know you like it... )
I would still go at midnight if Craig and/or others were still up for it, unless we want to wait and go another night. (I still believe that people who can't go to movies by themselves are total garbage bag, but this is an event movie.)
i have this suspicion that i have to work tonight, so i'd probably be out of the movie.

craig - i just realized that in the two years we've both been working at the university, we've never done lunch together. let's do it sometime this week. get stunned and stay.


Mobile Email from a Singular Wireless Customer

Oooh, I just called U-Square - the midnight showing of Spiderman 2 is to-nite. Anybody want to go at either midnight tonight or sometime earlier than midnight tomorrow?
The director, Guy Maddin, also directed Shelley Duvall in "Twilight of the Ice Nymphs" so you know he's a total perv.
indeed, the water is still cold. Alert the Press!

sadly, i was out at that time getting lunch, nate. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Stay stoked.
the director of the saddest music in the world directed a film called "Sissy Boy Slap Party" as well as a movie called "The Cock Crew"
i might be interested in seeing spierman 2.

janel - are we still going to the menards?

craig - i just went up to the thrid floor in educational science, and the water was cold. stay stunned.
Janel, that movie is so good. Have you seen Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary? if not, DO IT.
if you have an addiction to ladies legs, a lot. and beer.. see the movie THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD while wearing wet white fur to add to the experience
Spiderman 2, eh? I'm giving that some hard consideration.

overheard at the echo last night, "That's not extortion, that's I love you." Is that a well known phrase I've never heard before, or a moment of genius by the echo owner?
Who wants to go see Spiderman 2 at midnight at University Square tomorrow? Any takers?
Craig, on really hot days, I love going to the Educational Science Building because the temperature on the lower levels hovers around 62 degrees all summer long, all summer strong. Keep us apprised of the water situation.

Monday, June 28, 2004

For the first time in the two years that I've been working at the Educational Science building, the water fountain on the third floor finally has cold water. All the other floors have cold water. Now, the third floor has finally joined the party. Could this be a new era of complete liquid satisfaction? Stay stuned.
t-rex breath.. i dont remember smelling it! where was i?
hey matt, could you update the shows page? If you look on the high-noon website, it looks like we're confirmed for the 16th.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

hey guys. sorry i missed you last night! :( after not being able to get in (capacity my ass) on friday night, and getting 3 hours of sleep then working all day saturday....sleep was a must. APG: yay. lots of liz to liz because she is coming back soon! and the thought of her coming back makes madison exciting again. :) <3 back to sex and the city
thanks everyone for coming and enjoying the sector five mayhem. if you got champagne thrown on you, all the better. there's pictures here.
BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
alright boys and girls... lots of love to k cause she started filling me in on EVERYTHING that has happened since i left..maybe i wont feel like as big of an idiot when i get back... this is however a big maybe..

Friday, June 25, 2004

Show tonight and tomorrow at the King Club:


Rocks Humana
The Phat Party
Colony of Wonderful

tomorrow night:

If "This is bad music, I don't want to be good" Else
The Yummies
Driftless Perfect Club

2 for 1 drinks before 10. 3 dollars at the door. Free Compilation CD. And the DPC will be selling new T-Shirts for 6 dollars.

(see news page for real band names)

Thursday, June 24, 2004

madison eta 2 weeks hail and brimstone may follow in my wrath if you arent ready to go out when i get back.
we shoudl rent 'curb your enthusiasim' season 2 and watch it.

also, does anyone have a boris key i can just borrow for a little bit? i've been playing the daily dudgeon all week and it hasn't dropped yet, and it's four times the price of any other key in the mall. i just need to use it in the perplexing door and then i can give it back.
I'm still trying to piece this together, but last night, I was in the woods and a giant dog attacked me. The only weapon I had was a bee so I had to sting the dog on the lip to kill it. It was difficult.
Spoon was great! It's been a while since I've seen a good band that's outside of our circle of bands.

Highlight of the evening was when the singer complained about how the audience couldn't drink (cuz the annex is no good) and asked if every club in madison was like that. Everyone yelled "no" and then he asked where they should've played. Most people yelled "High Noon Saloon". I like to see people hating the annex and loving High Noon. It's a fetish of mine.
'milk hulls' are the crusted shells left when the oldie drops her eyeball

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Like Woah! Just ran for cover in the practice space. I LOVE STORMS!!!!!
Hey Craig, on Sunday they have two for one beers at the Marshall Fireman's Festival from 6:00 to 8:00. So after golfing maybe you and some of the Doty Ranch gang would like to join me (and your mom) in Marshall to have a couple brewskies.
Also, on your way over from the ranch to my house, check out the collection forming at the point when you go through the tree. Someone has officially set camp and leaves his humanly belongings in the shade. (I assume it is a he due to his messiness) His "Secret hideaway in the thistle" as I presume he refers to it as slowley accumulates treasures over time. A while ago, he only had an old rag and a paper cup. Now he has an old rag, a paper cut, a blanket, an article of clothing, as well as a plethera of odds and ends. I am intregued by his dwelling as an Interior design major (although his Secret Hideaway is clearly an exterior). Anyway, check it our on your way over. If you see Jimbo, (I assume his name is Jimbo as Jimbo's Secret Hideaway has a ring to it) invite him over for whiskey cokes.

Pre Spoon Party chez moi...(1/2 way point between the Ranch and the Annex)
Show starts at 9:00 but i dont need to see Thee Shams so come over and drink Thee booze.
I have whiskey and coke, the official sponcer of the Doty Ranch.
I should have an extra ticket, but Steven said that he might want it. I dunno, so talk amongst yourselves.

Pre Spoon Party chez moi...(1/2 way point between the Ranch and the Annex)
Show starts at 9:00 but i dont need to see Thee Shams so come over and drink Thee booze.
I have whiskey and coke, the official sponcer of the Doty Ranch.
I should have an extra ticket, but Steven said that he might want it. I dunno, so talk amongst yourselves.

Kurt sings "A dream it's true but I'd see it through if I could be Wasting my time with you"
OK Craig, your all signed up, bring your game.
sign me up, butch
Got a tee time for 1:00 PM on Sunday, at Lake Windsor.
Hey Craig still going golfing on Sunday? I am going to make a tee time for 1pm or after. We will be golfing with John and Casey let me know.
Kurt Vonnegut likes Phish. I guess I can live with that.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

just admit it... im a fucking genius
edit ps. i should have known not to trust you. i hear you wear suspenders and a belt..
I thought supervillians were the only people who could vow to destroy something. If Prime Ministers can, who can't?

What a shame. Prime Ministers have co-opted the destruction vow. Is nothing sacred? We've got to reign these Prime Ministers in or, eventually, they're gonna start wearing Kato masks and flourescent tights. Tony Blair will have a real cool ring to make him super-british. He'll go from Hugh Grant to some character in a Charles Dickens novel. Putin will be elastic. The PM of Canada? Adamantium skeleton, of course.

That's it.
you cheated. I don't believe that you guessed that right without cheating, therefore, no shots, frenchy.
craig- once upon a time in the west. i expect my prize airmailed and here by tomorrow.
in other news: 13 days
my god that sucks. I guess I'm getting into the wrong business.
well, i had a ticket for lollapalooza. but i guess that it's cancelled.

Monday, June 21, 2004

nate, have you sent in your info yet?
the first to answer correctly gets three shots of Jim Beam (roommates don't count). What movie:

-Not bad. Congratulations. Tell me, was it necessary that you kill all of them? I only told you to scare them.

-People scare better when they're dying.
It's not that Fran, Matt.
um, what's all that stuff about Fran on the west wash? I know only one Fran. Anyone with more information please contact us. Preferrably not on the blog.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Everyone that did not show up to Katies suprise birthday party last night should be ashamed. It was rockin.
All you sector five folks who didn't show up at jeff's grill out/hot tub should be ashamed. We got 11 people in that tub and then broke it. Sorry Jeff. Jeff's basement looks like the diner in back to the future or pleasentville.

Craig and I played pool and I played the game of my life. Hitting balls in left and right. Craig said I'd found my table. Everyone has a table. Too bad I lost the game by scratching on the eight ball.

Anyway, after changing out of swim trunks back into my clothes I proceeded to walk through a screen door. With my head, I pushed it right off the tracks. Sorry Jeff.

Friday, June 18, 2004

I woke up to a jackhammer today. And I was hungover. And not pleased.
nate, call me when you guys are in chicago so we can do a quick poster-signing fiesta. and bring your own pencil, i only have one

roomates: are you guys staying in chicago, the windy city, overnight?
Hey does anyone want to fill in for missing players this Saturday at our kickball tournament in Milwaukee?

Thursday, June 17, 2004

remember when commissions only investigated whether or not presidents got blow jobs?

almost four years of investigation and I still don't know if Bush got his dick sucked.
The staff of the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks sharply contradicted one of President Bush's central justifications for the Iraq war, reporting on Wednesday that there did not appear to have been a "collaborative relationship" between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. The assertion came in staff reports that offer a chilling, richly detailed chronology of the Sept. 11 plot and rewrite much of the history of the attacks.
If they're gonna silence the piccolo guy, they better do something about those bongo players as well.

And any one playing with those hippie sticks.
did somebody say streetfighter?
annoying, possibly, but I had no idea the piccolo guy was such a bastard. street musicians fighting street vendors seems like the wrong way to go about things. They should comprimise and team up against the overature project.

you can use my car. adventures in babysitting is the right choice, jack hammers hurt, and spain is wonderful, so I've heard.
spain... yo hablo espagñol?
It sucks to wake up to a jack hammer.
orange piccolo guy exposed. i'm on the food vendors side, that guy's annoying and i only hear him 5 minutes a day, tops.

craig, can i borrow you car to run to the music store after work?
So I guess everyone has a choice.

Pale Riders vs. DPC

The Pressure is to much for me. I am going to stay home and watch Adventures in Babysitting.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

hardcore whatever. its my second day of school and i am very tired. BUT i am attempting to go to the king club tonight i think. unless julia comes. so, since i may get permanently lost on campus what with all the construction and my 8:50 classes, this may be the last time you see me. ever. so come on out.
matt, you gotta update the news page and the sector five website, hardcore!

Monday, June 14, 2004

ummmmm. no. there was another message from last night.
gotta go to work gotta go to work gotta have a job.

but my shirt's wrinkly.

I lose 25 professionalism
You mean Tim's message? Is he all right?
i don't draw. i am a purely conceptual artist. ps: check the answering machine.
Someone drew a dirty picture on the fridge! I think it was ian.
Last night,it was decided that Stanley Kubrick's corpse should be re-animated and set to make the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Yes go go! Plastic constellations! goddamn I played my favorite song!
go to the plastic constellations site and then listen to their new album!
this is amazing, click on one of the links.
DPC practice tomorrow (sunday) evening? I gotta visit the fam earlier in the day. We gotta practice. I gotta say 'gotta'.
you're welcome.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

a thanks to all who attended my art show!

Friday, June 11, 2004

hahaha. i lost my nose ring, 1 earring, my glasses (which i wasn't even WEARING) and my umbrella last night. but not my shoes. no, not my shoes.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Hey everybodi, Ivan Okay and the Sandman are playing in our basement TONIGHT. Probably 8 or 9. At least that's what genius Matt told me. Come on over. You may want to bring your own booze, no word as of the presence of certain spirited beverages.


perfect for doing domestic chores in. like dishwashing. or bathroom cleaning. or drinking. AND it can be worn outside of the house in such situations as work, going to a show, or a social gathering. they are 6 dollars and you need to get one now before we sell all of them or spill food on them or some kind of amusing mishap occurs.

look how awesome it makes matt look, and he's ALREADY IN THE BAND.
no need for ironing. Clint used some sort of magical ink that don't need ironing.
Jenny: YOU will probably have to get a segway. Bill Gates will force you. And by force, I mean he'll use his force lightning. To avoid this, you will have to pick him up over your head and [throw] him down a long reactor shaft.

we're going to get our shirts today!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

SO in exploring Chicago today i saw a man on a Segway. I laughed. Then i wondered if WE all have to get segways. Man, I hope not as I would then be ashamed of myself... but if we do we sould get some sort of group deal.
yes, I'm still going. 5:30 sounds good. Are you sure about which time it's showing at the Ultrascreen? I haven't ordered tickets. I also doubt it will sell out. Especially since Marvin is arriving.
where is everybody? i need a ride to this movie. could craig, she-rock, or soup by way of lil' cook please get back to me?

d - when's marv getting in? lets hang out after the movie.
Nate: HP3 is complete dumpster compared to Marvin's arrival. You lose.
craig - are you going to HP3 tonight, as in have you already gotten the tickets? lets leave at 5:30 if you are.

otherwise, i might need a ride from she-rock.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

CUBS WIN! My new cub record 2 for 2!!!
Why the game rocked:
1. 3rd row seats at Wrigley between home and 1st
2. Man behind me who kept yelling "You smell like TUNA" to Cardinal player Luna
3. Ump kicking S.L. player out in the 8th inning b/c he was an asshat (actual MLB lingo)

Natron: On top that, at least the cake part... I don't want you to start punching ass
I can go to the 6:30 showing.

Puddle of Mudd is playing at my work right now in some other room. I'll let you judge that any way you want.
hold up. I may go see super size me tonight instead. Ill keep you posted. If anyone wants to go let me know by phone or blog before 7
wait where do you by tickets? I can drive. I want to go.
alright, i am going to buy my ticket when i get home today and can use my own computer (or craig's since my printer doesn't work).

craig, if you want to go, can you drive and what time can you leave?

i think janel might have wanted to go too.

jennifriend - please find me a job while you are down there, preferably with a six digit salary. or at least free cake in the breakroom.
Nate I bought my tickets, buy yours. Lil Cook said she can give you a ride if you need.
hey, i too wanna see Harry Potter Three.

thanks jenni.

mmmmm, that's good phone...
Shera- You don't need to see HP2 to see HP3 (sorry about X-blogging)

Blog: Cross your fingers b/c I am headed to Wrigley to see some Cub on Cardinal action. Game 2 for me of season and I am on a 1 for 1 winning streak.

Also, I'm headed to the city tomorrow to do some apt investigitory work for Katters and I... I will report helpful info i might scrounge up.

shari, you might need to drive. what time do we need to get there early enough to get decent seats.

soup, i sent you some noodles.
The ultrascreen isn't really an iMax screen, its just a big fucking screen (bfs).
I want to see HP. Really just because I have never been to the ultrascreen. I love the St. Paul Science muesum though, so I think I will really enjoy the ultrascreen. I once saw this documentary on sharks on the I-Max. I loved it. Another time I saw a doc. about two women cave divers. Loved it. I only hope that Harry Potter will live up to it. Oh, and i can drive if I am needed.
we're going to try and see harry potter tomorrow night at 6:30 on the ultra screen? who wants to go? who wants to drive? we should get tickets today.
swimming in the ocean with a bunch of open wounds. may not be the best idea i've ever had.

matt: this blog sucks.

craig: i know. lets eat some moleasses.

matt: no, wait i am going to call soup.

craig: i know. lets eat my phone.

matt: i concur.

craig: i know. whoopty whoop!

Sorry that I killed your blog with Disorderlies, but you should have seen it coming.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Have you been watching Disorderlies again?

Sunday, June 06, 2004

this is the best movie ever. the fat boys!
Genna's tonight! Come play with Soup, Nate, Caro and I.
i am on the road to become a hand model. yes?
craig: LOL
I went downstairs to get my vodka and put it on my shelf in my room, but on my way to the stairs i went outside to grab a CD in my car, still holding the partially drank vodka. Some neighbors were outside. They watched me hold my vodka while i opened my car door, grabbed my cd, closed my car door, and go inside.

F 9/11
Here's some spam mail I got this morning. Apparently, I haven't lived twice yet, but this e-mail is the solution to that problem, unless of course I click on removal:

Dear cgbenzine,

Here Is What You Have Been Waiting For, are you ready to live again!



WOWIE. last night was fun. Colony of wattos kicked off the Jucifer show at the high noon. Jucifer must have had thirty speaker cabinets set up behind the watts. Outside, there was a winnebago with a trailer and i venture to guess that it was Jucifer's . Whenever i see a winnebago i think of Spaceballs. Anyway, we didn't stay for Jucifer. my ears were intimidated. This is the second time I've left before jucifer and i think this might become a pattern for the rest of my life.

Afterward, we went to a dance party that had no dance and very little party. The cops came and broke up one of the tamest parties I've been to. So, naturally, Ian, Craig and I went to Bullfeathers where we drank half a long island and then dumped them on to the floor. the night begins to pick up steam at this point.

We leave and go to the paradise. We get a picture of Huber and play an intense game of Simpsons pinball while some member of Prodigy tries to kick us out. Eventually, prodigy turns off the pinball game and we bolt for the door.

Shit, i changed to present tense in the previous paragraph. Oh, well. back to past tense.

At home, Craig and ian made the worst bloody marys known to man. Then ian puked. But before all that, ian and I started manhandling the recliner. later still, Craig and i met Kat at an after bar and watched Tom deep fry an orange.

Around that time, Craig thought of something funny to blog and promptly forgot it.

P.S. I broke the laundry detergent
Hat Trick!! This means I'm a better human than most! I'm able to create three blogs in a single bound. (or three bounds...)
RULE #2:
No more inside joke blogs. Inside jokes are a key ingredient to bad blog sites. (and bad social interactions)
I grew up in the 80's. And Ronald Reagan was always synonymous with Ronald McDonald. So to me, fast food will never be the same.

no more blogging about blogger
rule #1
this blog is a TRAVE-SHAM-MOCKERY

Friday, June 04, 2004

i'm so proud of you, Micah *sniff*

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I am very close to being able to enter Subway on State St. and tell them I'll have the usual.
yes, another nonsensical janel post. it's been a long time. thank god, or whatever deity in charge of nonsense. if there isn't one, i elect janel. Janel is now the goddess of nonsense (until proven otherwise).
questioning why would there be a show anywheres besides the ranch, when all that ever happened to inspire this particular show happened at the ranch. the ranch! the last of it. the damny dark damp sardine-eration and giant red tulips for the last time ever viewed in our possession.. but to this in a room unfathomable before. Ear it.
we'll create a new lake.
I think it would be best if you didn't tell the echo it was going to happen and just showed up.
32 fucking days!
i hope you are all enjoying summer vacation...think of me when you stumble home at 3am. Im still taking finals.
farewell at the echo may be a good, and implausible, idea.

tonight's show was pretty fun. Treats were a treat, the magician was magical (that's right, I said magician, magical), and we were driftless. After the show we discovered that sam's car had been towed. The tow truck may have looked like this, but probably not.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Wait... hold up. I just ASSUMED that the fairwell show would be at the Echo. Was that presumtious of me? You guys could play on the upper floor over the balcony. And you would need to get bartender Mike to solo for Pinch Myself.
I don't think the cops will go to a legitimate venue unless you waive the cover.
oh, you and your ideas.
that's not the point i'm trying to bring up. a show in our living room would be awesome; but if the cops are coming, and we're having a bunch of bands, some of whom would be coming from out of town, we should combine the show at our house with something more legitamate, maybe the slipper club or corral room or something so we can get everybody to play. also, ACG would be awesome, as would tha 446, but it'd be hard to play with either of them unless we seriously up the visuals in our show.
I think you forgot to look behind you when you were walking on Johnson street. I was there, for like three blocks.

also, you're missing the point. A show in our living room! cops! maybe we can have a respectable show sometime before that.
I think you forgot about ACG
I think you forgot about Tha 446
craig - blogs don't die. people just forget that they need to have MORE INTENSITY when it comes to blogging. also, we should get MOMN and MSH up for the going away show. if we have a lot of bands we want on that show, should we do it a real venue, or maybe do a two night thing?

wait the blog is going to die?

I am out on camping, I am going home. Have fun and I would love to go another time.
Show tonight at the Annex. It's a benefit for Camp Heartland, a camp for kids affected by HIV/AIDS. 8 dollars at the door. I believe we're playing last.

Info for she-ra: If it doesn't rain we're leaving for camping on friday at around noon or so for Copper Falls (a site far far north) and coming back on sunday. If it does rain we're going to wuss out.

Info for everybody: there was talk last night of our final madison show (not really cuz we'll still play here, just live in Chicago) in August. We'll be in the process of moving so we'll clear out our living room and have a show. Hopefully, the cops our called.

Also, where do blogs go when they die?
Info: pass. Sorry. Too tired.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

so I need some info on this camping trip so I can decide if I want to go with you guys or if I want to go to Eau Claire.
Weber, you magnificent bastard, I read your blog!
retro post: the High Noon show was fantastic. What a great venue. Thanks to all the people who came (there were a lot of you). Thanks IFIHADAHIFI for your crazy stage antics, and Junior Revolution for your Cincinnatti rock-a-thon.

Key quote of the night, "In Russia, the vodka drinks you!" --matt j. weber (quoting a movie he doesn't remember.)
i'm not drunk, but i was up playing kingdom of loathing. talk to you tomorrow. stay up playboy!
nevermind may be too drunk, talk tomorrow.
nate whats yer aim, you are so obviously online playing KOL like me right now.