Saturday, July 31, 2004

offf to thee modesto moose sho in mill walk key!!!
I can't believe he lost. My hero has lost.

Friday, July 30, 2004

any of you hotchester folks see the f-ups album review on buddyhead?

I can’t believe that Capitol Records, home of such amazingly legendary artists as The Beatles, Beach Boys, Janes Addiction, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and Funkadelic signs embarrassing faux punk “bands” like the “F-Ups” now. What the fuck is wrong with you A&R people? You people are grown ups for Christ-sakes! These kids in the “F-Ups” have Mohawks and gold chains!?!?! You should be embarrassed to attempted to feed the youth of America with such spoiled and undercooked music. Why do I know that this is shit and you don’t? You mother fuckers get paid six figures, have rad offices in that big cylinder of a building that gets fucked up in every natural disaster movie, and you end up signing shit like this? Are you smoking crack? This is total bullshit. These safe little boys don’t even know who Black Flag is and they think they’re “punk”. Fuck you Capitol Records person who signed these losers. -- Travis Keller


Thursday, July 29, 2004

Don't let your bats fly out of your bat tree!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone ever heard someone call a joint a left-handed cigarette?
i'll be going very first at the king club, so people could pull off going to both shows. BUT YOU'RE GONNA BE TIRED AFTER I GET DONE
ok, KC then Slipper. You guys are good at problem solving, so here is another:

I am trying toget rid of my unusble computer. It its totally trashbag, but I don't know what to do with it. I can't throw it away because the batery in the computer and the bulb in the moniter will spread pain and sorrow if the garbage men take them to a landfill. I know of one computer batery recycling plce called Cascade in Madison, but they charge a 25 dollar disposal fee. Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper? I don't want to take it to anywhere like Goodwill b/c it will end up in a dumpster. I don't mean to be such a treehugger, but does 25 dollars seem reasonable to pay someone to take my trash?
according to jeanette, we're playing from 12:00 - 12:45, but we all know what the really means.
I don't think I'll go to either of them. I hate music.

but seriously folks, I'm not sure what time exactly we are playing. I never am. Nobody ever is. Sidenote, Matt could you update the shows page? thanks, hon.
Hey- So last night Johny told me that him and Mr.Ian have a show with Charlemagne on Wed the 4th at the KC. Its Johny's kickoff to his gargantuiously long tour. Next time we will see him is in November sometime for a show at the end of the tour in Chi-town. I know DPC has the show at the Slipper too. Am I correct about this conflict of interest? One capital square, one night, one VENUE WAR!?! What are the sceds like for the two shows? Can we coordinate?

from today's isthmus:

harder, angrier, and better prepared for the mainstream, paris texas now comes across as Good Charlotte's evil twin.

new kurmudgeon/braid comparison!

new awesome list for today!


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Craig was at the convention!
regardless of your politics, this guy is a damn good speaker. Not used to leaders being that way.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

she-rock- fuck that vox humana is still a band.  our label has been being dicks to us so we are releasing anything until our contract expires
sorry melissa. Sometimes the truth hurts. Especially when it's not true.
p.s. i just talked to ivan and the sandman is coming to play on august 9th.
hey, i really don't appreciate that unflattering and untrue representation of my drunken pregnant self. i am going out for my birthday again tonight because i feel like it and amanda said i could. we are going to play nudey photo hunt at the lava lounge after work. (in keeping with my sleazy self)

Monday, July 26, 2004

Perfect evening denied!  We will dine on cold broth and crusty bread.
Just kidding La Hacienda sounds awesome.
Soup- Call me when you are done with work. I am going running, but i will be back by 6. You can come over any time, I will be ready to rock by 6:30. How would you feel about la Hacienda? Running and burritos would equal my idea of a perfect evening.

Anyone else- wanna go to dinner w/ soup and I? lemmeknow.
kat: please elaborate on "the gig at cal's is august i told dude" (which, by the way, is totally incorporating the NEW SLANG, e.g. "got high i a dude's scrivener")

re: including references on a resume. i think it's pretty much assumed that you can provide references on request. it just wastes space on a resume, and if a prospective employer really wants to check your references, they'll ask you.
Kat- vox humana is no longer a band.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Wow Melissa, you've really let yourself go in a serious way. Maybe school's not so cool after all. Yikes.
happy birthday Melissa!

um.  happy birthday to me.  i think i am going to dinner at my friend sylvias and then i'll call you guys so you can come give me presents in the form of alcohol.   

Friday, July 23, 2004

it's alive! (and on my kitchen table)
My mom and my brother both recently got done hiring people at their respective workplaces, and they both said it was really annoying when people put "references upon request" because it just gave them something else to do as they were looking through 200 resumes.  I would attach a seperate sheet with your references.  It definitely won't piss people off if you do include it and it might if you don't.
I think it's common to just put at the bottom of the resume, "References Available upon Request." They won't care about references unless they're considering hiring you. I doubt that a flashy reference on the resume will sway them one way or the other. Unless you have "The Greatest Artist Reference on Earth" on there.

My boss, Andy Garfield, and I are watching a movie at the Doty Ranch this evening. He wants to see my house. So if one of you walks in and sees some old guy on the couch, don't be frightened.
I can't say if its a good idea, but I'm pretty sure it can't be bad.
i know everyone always says that no one cares about references, but is it a good or bad idea to put down art professors/lecturers on resumes for non-art jobs?
stop copying me.

stop copying me.
soup: you're welcome. as far as underwear goes, we are a bit behind in keeping everything update, as sam is also missing his underwear and other people keep changing their name and getting symbols. i think matt can take care of this, or we might need your computer expertise to set everything right.

kat: we can't, we're already playing the next night there. and vox humana went and broke up. just talk to jeanette, she's cool and could probably work something out. erin's email is erinhillert at yahoo dot bomb.

jenny: i am already loving the idea of 'hey dude' night.

soup: you're welcome

Kat: sorry, can't do it. We're playing there on the 4th. There's a link to Mabel on our links page. You could ask the hat party or the colony. Maybe the colony wouldn't fit so well. But there awesomeness might add something.

Jen: good ideas. is hey dude out on DVD? I should get on that shit. Fine piece of Americana.

XIU XIU is a good band. Czarbles!!!!
Doty: Thanks for the use of your couch, it was cumfy.  I want underwear.

Jen:  Those are all brilliant ideas, how do I become jewish so people will be obligated to make out with me.

Kat:  I will take the stage and wow the audience with my renditions of showtunes played on my armpits.  It will be historic.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Future Chiboggers: Soup and I were talking about a possible Monday night dinner or Sunday brunch or somthin like that in Chicago every week, but I got to thinkin that that was kinda boring. SO, here are some other ideas for weekly events that I thought we could kick around.
1. Monday Night= BOOZEBALL League (I am not sure of the rules, but who doesn't want to be in a boozeball league!?!)
2. Tuesday Night= Tequilla, Teddy Graham, and Taco Dinner
3. Wed Night= Divo Tribute Night
4. Thu Night= Thanksgiving (yes, every thursday)
5. Friday= Shabbat aka Jewish singles night(aka make out with a jew aka awsome for me!)
6. Saturday Night= Pig Racing (I think Pabst might sponcer this)
7. Sunday Night= Hey Dude Club (we have a round table discussion each weeks selection of a Hey Dude episode.)

Ok, now these are just starting points. Work with me, I'm open to discussion. Any interest?
hey dpc boys, sooo august 3rd this band who played at the stagedoor called asking autum is playing with another out of town band at the slipper club. i was hoping jeanette would book someone (i think miscommunication on my part) but alas she hasn't. would you guys want to play at all? please??? other wise vox humana kids, would you want to play? (i only asked DPC first as their music fits the bill slightly more possibly?? ) otherwise, do any bands want to play? else i fear no one will be at the show! :( and that would make me very very sad. let me know asap. <3 kat

ps steve sleeve, the gig at cal's is august i told dude. does momn want to play?

pps does anyone have erin from mabel's email addy? thanks.
I ate lunch with two lovely gentlemen today. Samuel Grant and Nathaniel Bartley. Before that I was at Jamba Juice with Sam. He got the VITO-BOOST!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

i saw the f-ups album at best buy in morton grove illinois!
Attention Rochester: The F-Ups album is one of the featured albums on Rhapsody today.

i just found out that i may not even be working tomorrow. but I'll do lunch anyway. a boy's gotta eat, am I right?
i'm in for napolean dynomite.

craig - yes, lunch would awesome, especially since i just put in my two weeks, giving precious little meeting-at-work to eat time left. lets discuss how to organize our schedules tonight. seriously.
nate! wanna do lunch tomorrow?

i'm seriously considering napolean dynomite, seriously.
Hey guys, sorry bout the new name, same ole 5' of Jewish goodness.

So, tonight who wants to go see Napoleon Dynamite at 9:14.
There is also a 9:45 if you want to go Matt.
It is supposed to be awsome!!!
wait, what's the issue? is there something wrong with apartment that i don't know yet?
Jen!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Apartment Haiku
In Ukranian Village
Just one issue though
i was the only one at the sector five meeting last night. it was lame.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'm at my parents house right now by myself. I'm playing Kingdom of Loathing and drinking beer. I'm geting kinda drunk, and kinda ashamed of myself. Not crying, yet. Thankfully.

"Don't wanna see you Cryyyyyyyyyyy"
The keys have been dropped off.
The deal is done.
The clock stuck noon.
The cows been milked.
The pipes been laid.
The car in the garage.
The bases are run.
The bitch has been slapped.
uh, sorry I'll stop
congradulations matt. You passed the test.
isn't the meeting tonight?
greetings. Was there a sector five meeting last night? What did I miss? You guys missed a chance to clean up some dog pee and put a diaper on my parents dog. Also, get woken up at 4:30 in the morning to let the dog out cuz it wouldn't stop barking.

Have we paid Colony of Watts the five dollars we owe them? We should, cuz I think they need some food. Rylan's looking a bit stringy.

Sheri, I will never talk to you again.
I am a sell out.  today, I used my new starbucks giftcard.  Frappicinos at this place are pretty damn good.

Monday, July 19, 2004

driftless pony club comes from a shirt that marcus had that he found at a goodwill - it was blue with yellow ink with an image of a horse jumping through a D i believe. i don't know where the shirt is now, i think ben stephenson was the last person seen wearing it. there was an actual driftless pony club for kids that liked to ride horses that we've met members of, but they changed their name to the black river pony club or something like that. i am sure your life has been enriched by this story.
i can't remember if it was seldom seen or the first band, but i think they had a singer who went falsetto alot. and i was talking to my friend jon about how the guitar player was getting some really cool keyboard sounds out of his equipment when we realized they in fact had a keyboard player who was hidden behind the bass amp and was only audible during the quiet sections.
i don't know if i am just imagining this or not, but did someone take my towels? i was going to wash the dirty one this week but i am guessing someone either decided to wash both of them, threw them out, or yakked on them.  either way, it's probably all for the best.
I did celebrate at Butch's house, but Butch wasn't there. Parents gone for the week, house party!!!!

Seldomseen was "eh".

We got our name from a T-shirt that Marcus bought at goodwill in high school. Turns out it was a horse riding club in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin. We got an e-mail from the club a little while ago. They're now called the Black Hawk Pony Club. They thought driftless didn't sound tough enough. They wished us luck. We had lots of names. Driftless Pony Club was just one that nobody hated. Nobody really loved it either.
craig, do you mean you celebrated with BUTCH or what?

hey, how was that band seldomseen that you guys played with at the dinkytowner? that's that dude jacob that i went to high school with, we also used to play in a band called BISONTE! (with the exclamation point). we were named after a brand of cigarettes from spain.

which brings me to my next question, how did the name "driftless pony club" come to be? i think janel half-explained it to me once, but i have since forgotten. must be the money
last night I celebrated, parents style. Had a frozen pizza and a brandy old fashion with the lady.

didn't dream about Micah, for once.
soup, sam, and janel: i just asked for tomorrow off and work couldn't give it to me. it looks like i won't be able to go to chicago.
I demand 6000 blogs.  With that, I will state that I had a dream that Craig and I had a feud on the blog.  And with that, I will say.......I hate Jon. 

Sunday, July 18, 2004

craig's last post was number 5,555. can we hit 6,000 before chicago?
probably not.
LIFE AFTER KINGDOM OF LOATHING:  Good-bye Lenin was good.  Arby's was all right.  Wayne's World was fantastic.  Subsequent South Park was a good way to pass the time.  They were showing the movie at 12:30 uncut.  They said fuck, shit, rim job, you name it.  Caught a little SNL tonight too.  Wasn't sure that was still on.  Turns out, it's just not still funny.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

We built this blog......
We built this blog........
We built this  blog on rock and rooooooooooooll
and apparently rock and roll is dead.
Thanks to all you people for coming to the High Noontron.  Without you there would have been a lot less people (none).  How was the after bar?  My sick ass didn't want to come.  Neither did my sick head, or liver, but for other reasons.

Friday, July 16, 2004

FYI: Sam
Doty blog is out.  SSCD is the new blog.
Sorry guys, but Doty blog has been lacking while SSCD has been kicking.
remember: we have t-shirts. 
very limited edition
This wedsite is going downhill faster than i can guzzle this old milk carton full of high priced gasoline. Is it because I finally started using it? Someone let me know.
DPC plays at the HIGH NOON SALON tonite!
w' The Treats and LKN
10pm $5!

sorry, Shari, I know how much you like Booby's but we aren't playing there.
you are not playing at a place called booby's?
I think Kenny vs. Spenny is the best show on TV

Thursday, July 15, 2004

I smell a new song tomorrow night
Hey Doty Ranch. It looks like I might be one of you.
I was promised my own underwear icon!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I been sick. Not too sick to blog, but sick enough to not feel like it. And now, when I finally blog it's simply to link to a live video of us. I am one capitolist mofo.

live video of Cranes That Build Themselves at the King Club. (scroll down)
Napping is a skill that must be practiced and honed to perfection. Only after years of napping practice can one nap with greatness and glory. If you need any pointers, I may be able to offer insight into the mystical realm of sleep during the day.
Argh... It is 12:09 now and I am so confused. I remember 7:45, but nothing after that. I woke up after what I intended to be a brief cat nap in a random assortment of the day prior's clothing with the lights on. I am sure I totally missed your show. Skye, I didn't do my homework if you are reading this. I missed Nip Tuck, and I am pretty sure people came over to watch with me. AHHH... I told people to meet me at the KC. Ahhh... anyone who knows me knows I NEVER nap! This sucks. I can't believe I missed it. I am the worst friend ever. I suck at napping. What are you supposed to do at 12 am after 4 hours of sleeping? I'm totally freaking out. call me. Good luck tomorrow apt seaching. back to bed I supose.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

matt: Friday the 13th?!?!?! eROCKtion!!!!!!!!!
sounds good to me! i'll bring my axe.
oh, yeah. DPC is playing at the King Club tonight before DJ Its. So come early and come often.
all right, I told Tim from kur*mud*geon that we're gonna have the going away show on Friday, August 13. yes, that's right, Friday the 13th.

How zat sound?

Monday, July 12, 2004

Thank you minnesota. My body hurts. triple rock, sorry about the tabasco. Braintridge, sorry about the vomit. Dave, thanks for the pants. Ryan, thanks for the shoes. Janel, thanks for the bottle to the head. Bill, thanks. Dan, thanks for smashing my head against the braintridge. Guy, thanks for punching that window. Playground, thanks for the shelter. Daniels' stool, sorry about the burning. BOO YA!
10 S. Bassett is the NEW ECHO!!!!

Party at Skye's house tonight! Farwell to Roomate Steph.
Full out party with an array of booze (beer, wine, hard stuff, etc.)
She is sitting next to now and she says you all best be there.
oh an by the way SAM as promised i had no fun at all this weekend without you guys. so thanks for ruining my weekend by being gone. shitheads.
which newspaper? and why? he doesn't even own any pink least i don't think he does..........

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Have fun at rockshows and museums to the ranchers.
Sam, what up? DG?!?!!
What? What did you call me?
How can we be a rectangle when we're all so obtuse?

Thursday, July 08, 2004

What: Birthday Party for Shari and Annie, featuring: The Hat Party, Viper, DJ Its with a possible guest appereance by DJ Pete.

When: Saturday. 10 pm.

Why: Ann turned 22, Shari turned 21.

Be there or be square.

PS: Sam, Nate, Craig, Matt- you are rectangle.
i just emptied a carlo rossi jug of coins at the bank..

for a collected stash of $162.53
i am wealthy?
Pale Riders rode me like I was a pail of rain.

I wasn't there, but i heard Shari was surprised TWO TIME!
thanks kathryn.

how was the pale riders show last night, everybody? how was shari's party? Was she surprised?
Have a good show tonight ponies. Yee-haw.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Shari: Open your eyes. Happy Birthday!
Shari: close your eyes.

(shhhhh... guys meet at Shari's at 9. she wanted a secret suprise party with a secret cake for her and anne. so don't tell her. After that Pale Riders at the Slipper Club.)
QOTD: Is Gilligan a first or last name? You know what gilligan I mean.
last night was filled with talk of music, penis comparisons, old high school friends named ryan mertes, drinking, and drunkenly playing guitar before crying thyself to sleep. (all true except the crying.)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Thanks for coming to my party fellas
My favorite part was finding DJ Pete's suprises in the kitchen, which included my stovetop knobs in the freezer, Tang lines on the stove, and everything I owned taped to the cabinets.

Craig- my roomate Jason told me today that he is burning you a copy of Aquateen. (i think he has a crush on you-sorry Katy)
i made it through sunday without anyone singing jackson pollack is dead to me.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! I'm gonna go pick a fight.

Friday, July 02, 2004

icicles got air-time on the hootenanny today
sector go hat. off.
I just got the word from Kat...
I guess it is The Cummies + Kat's roomate's band, + some others @ 9 @ the Liquid Lyrics Lounge
Now, this is what I heard, but I am not sure if you should trust me. If anyone wants to go call me.
it doesn't say anything on the cummies website about a show, but then again, it rarely says anything on our website about shows either.

What is Moeeeiieieiesha on then? UPN? We gotta get on that network. Sam, my chair can kick your couch's ass, and also support your ass.

Time to make spaghetti!
Kat and I heard that the Cummies are playing tonight... does anyone know if this is true? and where?

What are people up to tonight? DJ Pete w/ryan?
I will be at the union in the early part of the night if anyone wants to join some friends and I for beer, call me or something.
So I guess we won't be on TV with moesha...because she's not even on the WB. Jenny was right about the programming...and everyone else is dead, dead wrong that is. Also, we won't get to meet vanderbeek, and god knows we could all use a little beek right now.

I'm on couch number two now! How do you like that couch number one? In fact couch number two is now couch number one! I could get a girfriend anytime I wanted couch number two! How do you like my feet on your face couch? (much less funny in print)

O.F.F. Tha Hook - Ol' Fuss n' Feathers f/ Oh Good Gollum, LaRon Jakako (sp?), I A Dudes Bartley, Double Djeez, and Scottie Pippen

E.B.B.S. (Emergency Belgian Broadcasting System) - MC Benelux as the White Chocolate Lover

Bangers n' Hash - MC Benelux & Encyclopedia Brown
yeah, nate described it pretty well- sorta uncomfortable in parts. cains and abels were kinda neat. by the end of the night we did have a grand total of three paying people show up! one of them was nate. i payed for him.
i was at the show; parts of it were a good 6 or 7 on the uncomfortablity scale.

jennifriend: SOH CAH TOA
So, my roomate Jason is presently outside building a ramp for the slip 'n slide for our 4th party on sunday. Its 9am and his first day off work in forever. I am on his computer now, and next to me in a calculator, a pencil, and many many diagrams and measurments for this ramp. What Tan30=32/X has to do with slip n sliding, i dont know, but I think Jason is excited for the party, you should be too.

Ian- Our kickball game was at 9, tron was right. Official sorry from the DINOSCORES for missing it. On a scale of 1 to awsome, how awsome was it? (10 is a level of awsomeness reached ONLY when Matt breaks his keyboard while in a fir of roocking covering anabelle.)
I guess the WB show is a no go. Miscommunications and mis-estimations.

How was the show last night, Ian?

Marcus is a regular actor's actor.
2 things.
d- when do u leave again? i have a very nifty europe 'on a shoestring' guide if you'd be interested

second. 16th of July. My arrival has been announced. and the show had better be good...

Thursday, July 01, 2004

craig - sounds good to me.
also, we're still playing the show at the king club, right?

from the WWB:


tron solow and the digital ninjas - 446 dis


NEW 446 - hit 'em up '04 (white ninjas)
nate, did you get my message? please respond.
matt, do you think you can update the shows page?

WB, 9:00 news. Wahoooo
5,504th post.

work is really understaffed tomorrow, so i probably won't be able to leave until 2:30.

did we mention that we're going to be on the WB tomorrow?


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