Tuesday, October 26, 2004

have you guys got this arcade fire cd? it's awesome!
the stupid pink wearer made it for the him, did she have to? no. but she sewed it perfect. perfect fit at least. does that mean she measured? does that mean personal contact? female fat manager A looking so closely at tan male manager B. it's matrix. he's matrix. he's covered in pleather. so shiny. does she like this? do they like this? should i not have walked in on this fitting? -new job
is sam dead? i want the truth.

sandman is playing on thursday, so i think we shall forfeit nicksies.

Friday, October 22, 2004

That's why I moved to the quiet, peaceful village of Chicago. Also, I moved here for other reasons such as "llamaify" and "doke".
holy shit! i was just walking back home from nick's (which btw no one was there) and i saw some guy on a bike get jumped on the corner of e johnson and pickney. like 4 guys in a bronco just pulled over and knocked him down and were kicking him and shit, and then drove off. they guy got back on his bike and rode off. i can never walk anywhere alone ever again. ok maybe i can. but seriously, messed up. i'm not even making sense, i've never seen someone get their ass kicked before. scary.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

hmm. ian i heard about your pussy staying home from work move. pussy. thanks for the drill. you can't have it back yet because steven sucks at drilling and we have to start over. we'll try to come to nick's tonight but i don't know, we have to go distribute bsf 3. or everyone will DIE. janel, i don't agree with you because i don't understand.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

ian, those pictures are fucking fabulous. seriously, there are some radtastic pics in there. sweeeeet. so kids, small gathering at my apt possibly sometime in the near future? who's down? (that means madison people btw) because i am FINALLY moving back to madison in 2 days! ok, i go now.
So long to the oppression of pre-packaged spaghetti sauce. Good-bye Prego, Adios Ragu. Cuz now, I am awesome at spaghetti sauce.

Nice pictures Ian. The horizon picture is now my desktop.
yeah, we've started to go to nick's on thursdays again. definitely show up.

finally, i have my vacation photos online!! you can get to the album by going to http://homepage.mac.com/ian_purvis/japan_photos/index.html

Sunday, October 17, 2004

hey anyone who lives in madison still....so i am moving, does anyone want to be WAY AWESOME and help me move? i am moving either thursday or friday or both. i will give you gas money at some point and make you awesome dinner (at a later date) and give you sweet lovin' (whenever you want baby! ;-) ) so if anyone is available at anytime during those 2 days and especially if you have a car, please please please call me! 608 658 6226. thanks. i love you. ok bye. ~ kat ~

ps is the nick's revival still occuring? *looks to ian* because now i am finally going to be back in madison, with only 1 job! (the first time in 3 years) and will actually have some free time.....

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Friday, October 15, 2004

janel, look!
Thoughts during morning rush hour on the el-train:

"whoops, sorry"
"woop, sorry"
"scuse me"
"did my hand just touch that girl's hand? sorry. That wasn't a pass, I have a girlfriend."
"If this train derails I'm spilling my coffee all over that guy and he's gonna get pissed off"
"is the driver going too fast? maybe he died and his body fell onto the accelerator!"
"sorry, did I step on that guy's foot? sorry"
"shit, people getting on, I'll go over here"
"is that guy talking to himself? nope, cell phone."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

i really want bush to wear a light sky-blue suit, cowboy hat, and bolo tie. and yell "WE'RE HAMMERING DOWN THE PRICES!!!!"
did anyone else expect george bush to wear an american flag tie? when is he going to break out that shit?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I beg to differ Craig. After reading your stupid post I decided to do an internet check. here's what I came up with:

"Jesus said to the lawyer who asked him a question, tempting him. Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said to him, Thou should love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

See craig, you stupid jerk! Ahh, I'm sorry. Don't fret. I love you as I love myself.
as a working man, i now find it important to partake in our nation's election. i once again think kerry did a much better job in the debate than bush, but bush performed better than in the last debate I watched. I think kerry may have screwed up the commandments. One of the commandments he said was most important was, "treat the neighbor as you would treat yourself." I believe that's the golden rule, not a commandment. Discuss.
1st day at my new job and I already have enough free time to blog. I can tell I'm going to like this place. So far today, I moved a table, printed some labels, checked the mail, send out packages, answered the phone, and put some bathroom supplies in a closet. Without me, this place would fall apart.

Monday, October 11, 2004

DPC plays tonight in Chicago at the Bottom Lounge. Show is advertised as starting at 8, which mean we're probably playing at 8, 8:30, or 9. I don't know how they run things over there. Does anyone else know how they run things over there? does there have to be a birthday for anyone to post around here?

also, there's a new sector five website. www.sectorfiverecords.com

Saturday, October 09, 2004

carpe assum!

That's latin for "Seize the Ass!"

you've seen the picture, right?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

DPC plays tonight at The High Noon Saloon!
with Channels and Pilot to Gunner.
Come at 9pm. we'll chat before the show. I believe we're playing first.

It's the indie rock grand spectacular!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i don't know, but let's all go out drinking for his birthday anyway! hoppy berftay crag!!12oneone
who's craig?
craig, let me be almost the last person to wish you a happy birthday
happy birthday craig!! there's a drink with your name on it thursday night... unless they're letting you drink free or something, and then it can be another time
craig sucks and so does his birthday. take that.

Craig: Happy Birthday!
Everyone else: Leave the birthday spanking to me.

Kidding. Kidding. It was a joke. Go ahead and get him good.
happy birfday!!!! we will celebrate once you get into town on thursday. JET LAG!!!!!!!
Craig you are either up early or still up late. Anyway happy birthday.
drink and be merry birthday drunkerd. damn that wine.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cross-posting... sorry.
if you had to describe the body in a short phrase or singular word what would it be? seriously people, this one's an interactive blog.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

don`t fuck with my apartment!!!! and either give my parents the key, or if it looks safe, leave it in my mailbox. i went to japanese karaoke last night. wow, WOW. also, wait until you see my new shoes. i am going all out tonight and i am wearing these shoes to do it. that`s how much i stand for them. i fly out tomorrow at five pm and arrive in LA at like 11 am, same day. i will be flying back in time. okay, here`s one to tide you over until i get back.

Friday, October 01, 2004

yes actually matt, all the gossip was about you....but they were using your nickname: captain scandalous. i don't feel like coming to your show cuz it's raining.
hey driftless boner club, why don't you play CHICAGO sometime. actually let's have a show in our practice space. by the way, pete from rollo tomasi is going to help me bring the couch from the power pad to the space tomorrow. and i'm going to put up those lights soon. then it will be OK for you guys to bring girls there.

DPC plays at the slipper club tonight! 10ish
w/ Solid Gold and Mt. St. Helens (yes! scientists have been predicting an eruption all week! Little did they know it would happen in madison, wi.)

any gossip about me. I don't live in a co-op but I do like LOTR. LOL OMG MBIMOTMOG.
nah - lothlorien. because he loves lord of the rings more than normal people, i guess.
melissa, i hope he doesn't live in nottingham, otherwise the gossip might be about me!

i think chris should only be allowed to gossip when his facial hair is in a certain formation.