Monday, February 28, 2005

thanks everyone for one of the awesomist, most beer-drinkingest, cake-eatingist, gun shootingist weekends ever. The madison show was HUGE! Thanks madisonians. The minnesota show was like the best family reunion ever! Thanks, papa kyle and mama bill! And I think we played the best in Chicago cuz we were too tired to get drunk. Too bad no one knows we exist here. Thanks to those who came, though. Sorry we didn't play sexy terrorist. Swearing at benefits for Brazilian Land Reform is definitely something I pride myself in not doing.

also, there's a new online store at where you should buy Hat Party's new CD, and of course, everyone else's.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

i have to stop making promises i can't keep.

Friday, February 25, 2005

i had a NASA t shirt once, but it was really laura's. and when our households seperated, she said, "hey, that's my NASA t-shirt." and that was the last i saw of it. thanks for bringing up such a difficult subject for me, craig. thanks a lot.
Don't forget about "Coach." That took place in Minnesota and Craig T. Nelson played a "Coach."
All right, I awoke this morning faced with a dilemma. Do I wear my new NASA t-shirt in Madison or in Minneopolis. I used popular tv programming to solve this riddle. Many tv shows were about people leaving Wisonsin. Larry from perfect strangers pulled a "DPC". He moved to chicago from madison. Caroline from Caroline in the city moved to New York from wisconsin. Also, look at the backward thinking here. That 70s Show? It's a show created at the turn of the century that takes place in the 70s. Happy Days? A show created in the 70s that takes place in the 50s. Obviously a state looking to the past, not the future, not to new frontiers.

On the other hand, in Minnesota you got the Mary Tyler Moore show. This is about a woman in the workplace. A woman! at a time when that wasn't common. Obviously, this is state looking to progress, to the future. Exploring the unexplored. This is what the fine folks at NASA stand for. Sorry, wisconsites. I'm saving the NASA shirt for Minneapolis. But I also have another cool shirt that says "I like my age". I'll wear that one tonight.

(thanks for the shirts, Katy)
ps remember that one time at like bar time we went to mondays and ryan and i made up and we didn't hate each other anymore? that was lovely. :)
well i am going to take your word that you are, in fact, a woman. i will be at the a bar and the show. there better be hottness going down, else i will lose faith in your partying capabilities.
how can you be so sure, CRAIG?
by the way, we are having an after-bar tomorrow, and i promise i won't sleep through it this time. it is also chris's going away party........our house: 133 n franklin #2 at, you know, bartime.
no, I already know that you're a woman, melissa.

I believe we play right before hat party, so, second to last.
yeah it is true, if it is what i think it is that you think that it is....
does anyone else wonder what our big seeecret is?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

dooooods. what is the lineup for tmw night? because i've got another show i have to go to at the slipper. so i need to know approximately what time you guyssss will be playing. thanks. confidential to mellissa (i can't spell, but that's not confidential) : i heard some news, is it true? you will have to confirm for me tmw night. <3 kat

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

YL, S, M, L, XL

silver ink on navy or black

available at shows this weekend
It's hard to imagine the excitement I feel for the coming weekend but I think this sums it up nicely:

"seagram's seven. secret weapon."
-crag benzine

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Happy Birfday, V-dog. Stay away from the clams.

Don't laugh at my vomit, Melissa, or it may laugh at you.
Craig- how do you feel?

VIRGINIA- Happy birthday!!
I shout out with a pizza tatoo if that was not like TOTALLY 8 months ago.
Dinner tonight Earwax, 7:30.

Monday, February 21, 2005

ha! vomit! i just spilled my brand new chocolate milk carton all over my stupid feet.
Don't throw up your vocal chords because you have to rock this weekend. And if you do throw them up, make Maggiano's get you some new ones. And make them sound like David Bowie, b/c I think that he would go well with Matt.

...let me know if you need anything...
In keeping with the subject of the digusting, I ate some raw clams for lunch at maggianos yesterday and by practice time I realized I was food poisoned. I proceeded to vomit a lot last night. Today I'm eating plan toast and bananas, as the internet told me to. Life goes on.
thanks for your concern guys, but rest assured, if my kitty ever pooed on my face i would stab her in the heart with a huge knife. don't tell your parents, ian.
Cash rulez everything arond Me(lissa)
C.R.E.A.M. gets the money(lissa)


Shucks, Melissa, hang in there. I know it b rough, I was in the same boat a little over a year ago... of course, that's about when I opted to stop going to class and got put on academic probation... but we're older and wiser now.

In case you didn't know, it is a federal holiday today. This has been a PSA from the FPL

Sunday, February 20, 2005

to all cat owners:
kramer tells me of his elderly cat. he explained how one night while sleeping in his bed it leapt over him, simutaneously releasing matter from his aged and uncontrollable bowels directly onto his face. i am reminded of sour cream kitty. so dont let your feline friend get too old.
today is the day i start using my NEW ASSOCIATED BANK CHECK CARD YEAH!

when you are looking forward and seeing 9 days of nonstop working including 51 hours in 6 days at the same time you are going to school....well, the little pleasures in life just pop right up. and then down again.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Ian: I hope you can hear all the way down in TX. I'm listening to The Shirelles right now and I like it. I like it one bit. TWO TIMES!

I wish it was next weekend.
behemoth effort today. promo packaging.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Whats up for tonight dudes?
Anyone want to go out w/VA and I, let me know.

Also, is anyone interested on going to the OK GO show on SUnday?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

My time is no longer precious! Oh whoah is me. SOB SOB. PISS PISS. Oops.
hey......HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! There's going to be a pre-recorded live set of the DPC at 9 o'clock TONIGHT! Loyola college radio station, WLUW 88.7FM. There's a link to the online station on the frontpage. It's only six songs so it won't take up much of your precious time.

excellent joke, janel.
so Kramer tells me how king Arthur was going to go off and join the crusades. only he was worried that his lady Guinevere was going to get poked by all the remaining men while he was away. He needed some sort of perfectly functionable chastity belt. Arthur goes to merlin and asks him what he has in stock. Merlin shows him his newest invention. Arthur looks at it an exclaims, "but that has a hole exactly where i want it not!" blab. then merlin holds up a carrot and sticks it. the carrot is shaved off. "Ah! perfect!" Arthur leaves. and upon returning, he has all his men line up in a row and drop their pants. Each and everyone has some sort of damage or is missing large portions.. exception. Sir Lancelot. There is not a scratch. King Arthur begins praising the wonderful Lancelot for being the only true, obedient, respectable.. Arthur goes close to his ear to question how he did it.. to which Sir Lancelot replies, "murmmermmmurm mur mure mmur."

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

it's always bad when you lose a good, fat comedian
--ian purvis

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Never give movie critics your cell phone numbers, because their lights might break and they might have their sisters call you all day.


Monday, February 14, 2005

drinking pabst while playing dance dance revolution in my living room is the new happy valentine's day to sam. also, it's monday night drinking club at club foot. yee hhhhhaaaaw!
I'm spending the entire day with my true love for valentine's day. My true love being Big Bowl.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

you have until tuesday, Feb. 14th to vote for driftless pony club in the madison area music awards. if you haven't done so, you should go here and vote for us for best rock artist and/or rock album and, more importantly, vote for the sector five compilation.

C'mon! we want to wear tuxedos and spray champagne!
Who wants to go out and get drunked on valentines day with me? I'm looking right in your direction matt, and now my gaze has slowly turned to janel...and I can't STOP STARING!!!!!
i fucking hate craig yeah the city is sick yeah

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dirty Uke's- I am still at work, but I will be over by party time or so. I don't think that we started on that case of beer last night did we? I will bring it over, but not the Manoshevitz, b/c Hoover and Bunny Foo finished it while we were gone.

I am going to leave work as soon as I get the balls to check my voicemail.

Around 9pm, show up at 1741 W. Huron St. Apt 1F (the door on the right) and we will eat chips and dip, drink beer and wine, and look upon the new apartment in amazement. Behold! Camp Huron! Home of the the Dirty Ukrainians!

Sam: I tried calling Loop but I didn't know who he was.

Friday, February 11, 2005

ps MATT I don't remember what that dude's name was, But I told you that was gonna happen. Hopefully he at least slid into it. Maybe Loop would remember, here's his cell phone number. 608 469 3476.
Wow all y'all is comin down, that's totally awesome. One problem is that I and Nate are playing a show that night in our other band sleep out. So don't drink too much before I get to the party......or drink way too much too early, vomit, and be ready to go till 6 in the mornin.

Also, MELISSA. The only person that embarassed anyone last night was MELISSA. And that means YOU. Also, just because I told steve I was drinking high life in my bathroom does not necessarily mean I was intoxicated.

That's right.

BOOM, I don't work till monday and I made mad cash today. Everybody rules, I'm taking a nap.

Today I am a WOMAN!
Come the BELL TOWER at 7:30 or 8is for MY BAT MITZVAH pre MOMN Super Bowl party. I will have some Nosh (not really dinner though) and awkward Bas mitzvah movies and BEER! AND A POSSIBLE SPECIAL GUEST!!! WHO IS A JEW!!! WHO WILL PROBABLY LEAVE B4 8:00, SO COME EARLY! WHO LOVES QUEEN LATIFA!
A couple things and then I'll shut my big mouf for another 2-3 months:

(1) DPC guys: Yah, I hardly knew thee. I believe upon being introduced to your fine band, most of the shows I came to were almost without fail directly after closing weekend shifts at Big Bowl Middleton (RIP), meaning I either missed yr set or was so overwhelmingly in a state of post-Pad Thigh servitude that I probably came across as (a) ready to stab some motherfuckers or (b) boring (but ready to stab some motherfuckers). I assure you that in truth I am a peace loving and very interesting individual that knows a little bit about basket weaving (just ask!!!) What I'm getting at is I'm quite looking forward to seein' all y'all on Saturday, assuming Laura' s car survives en route. Also looking forward to your upcoming Madison set, at which I expect you to debut something or other containing what will only be described afterwards as "massive guit-squall".

(2) Sam: I am currently a fugitive from the Avon, MN police dept. after the dude I sold my car to stole some gazzoline from a fine fillup station. Apparently he never registered the car to himself. I'm tryin' to remember the fucker's name but come up blank. I don't suppose you recall that Cracker Barrell-mafia-workin' mofo's name or perhaps work with any BBMiddleton-to-Chicago transfers that may recall it. So's when I talk to th' 5-0 I have a name? If not, that's cool. I'll write you from my cell block.

(3) Melissa: I am going to guess waitstaff at Denny's, just because you (I think it was you, though possibly Dan 'cause I get you two mixed up) openly wondered earlier this week if Denny's would even hire us or if we don't fit their ideal. I knew you had it in you, tiger!!!

(disclaimer for this 'tard post) I am being crushed by this semester for no particular reason, though probably just "winter". Ian, if you ever took CS520, especially if you had it w/ Dieter, shout at me and let me know if this class get's as wicked wild as I suspect it might.

That is all. Return to your regularly scheduled programming... NOW
hey um, called us last night. no guitar, but it looks like 2 days in a row you need to do some apologizing. silly. in other news, there is no other news except i am going to be a waitress at the funniest place on earth. you guys can guess.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

new DPC shirts should be printed sometime next week; if you want one and like ghosts, bunnies and a smidgen of blood and wear something other than a small, medium, or large, you should speak up now.
Apparently getting really really drunk is the new getting drunk. Ouch. Sorry to anyone I called and played guitar to last night. I still haven't figured out who all of you might be. Either way I hope you enjoyed it.



manana, like a banana, but a man.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

there's a chocolate festival this weekend. free chocolate samples. think willywonkariver learning.
tuesday night will likely be a rainbo night tonight. cholera at a photobooth.
OK, it is a bad sign when you stay at work after they turn the lights off when you have a few thousand lights on display.

Does anyone want to go out with me tonight? I will be at work till nine or so and I am going out regardless, so... I have liquer to be consumed if anyone is willing to help me out. Dirty Uke's? Power pad? Chollera my cell or somethin.
The Dirty Ukrainians . . . I like it. We were just discussing what our new house should be called, and, since our old place never got a name, we thought it was important to think of something. Naming where you live is like baptizizing a baby. If you don't, it will go to hell. Sorry armitage apt. Maybe our old apartment will make a deal with the devil and come back as an avenging super-apartment. Discuss.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Janoodle-ummmm, yes.

This awsome link, brings up a good point.
On Friday is MY BAT MITZVAH PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This includes MANDITORY ATTENDANCE from the powerpad and the new new doty ranch aka the Dirty Ukranians.

We will... watch my bat mitzvah video (awkard footage of me, kristen, my mom, and a lot of HOT JEWISH PRE TEEN SINGLES), drink Mogen David wine, eat Jewish food, light the candles, talk too loud, say KANAHORA, etc.

So, this is happening on friday around ninish before the MOMN show.
Thanks Craig, the World Champion Patriots pulled out another Super Bowl, I'm beginning to think that they are a Dynasty. By the way did you get your car started?

Sunday, February 06, 2005

hey dad, congratulations, looks like you led your team to victory once again. (that's right, this blog is about sports, a rarity for the craigster).
jenny, is this where you fit?
inderent mert a faction. i'm announcing that we are having our second chic-ago house warming PARTY THIS coming SATURDAY. !

the new house on lake huron. hovercraft zoot over. the postage is free. send yourself to
1741 W. Huron St apartment 1F Chigaco, IL

"that's first floor front" our window is right there. its clear.. with miss manequin. and the entrance is the green door on the right of the two standing together atop the stoop. bring alchy, as there's no such thing as too much. 9pm roughly. i suppose we could set out some foodstuffs for a more socialble atmosphere. okay. and for those from madison, sleeping situations are far warmer. this place doesn't have broken windows concealed by thin refuse bags. although, we are quite skimpy on blankets. of note. contact your local weather man for further directions. beware of a large canadian wolf pack ravenging the neighborhood.
I work at the big bowl tonight. It's a big town, right? There are a lot of people that don't watch football in this town, right?

Last Super Bowl Sunday we played at the dinkytowner during the great Minnesota blizzard. I remember we had a foodstuff shortage, so Nate left for seven hours and returned with a dead polar bear. I ate my portion with guacamole and salsa. Sam ate his portion with Big Bowl's Fiery Sichuan Sauce, Matt ate his with a lock of Joe Grickle's hair, and Nate ate his with restraint.

It's important that we remember.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Internet has been turned on at our new home on huron, so, in celebration, I will blog. Tonight, DPC plays at the Elbo Room! Forget all those other bands playing tonight and come see us once and for all. Who knows if we will ever play another show. You gotta live life one show at a time--savoring each and every one. Never take them for granted. Sam Granted.

Melissa: What's a super bowl?
For a while, I thought the word "manana" in Sam's last post was a long form of the word "man," pronounced like "banana." ONLY NOW do I realize he was probably useing the Spanish word for "tomorrow."

OR WAS HE? (cue organ)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

hey. steven wants to have a super bowl party and i am a pushover, so:
super duper bowl.
sunday feb. whatever sunday is.
we provide food.
like pasta salad and those sandwiches on buns and chips with dip.
bring beer or whatever you would like to drink.
we also provide the t.v. with mildly shitty reception.
i guess the game starts at 3? so whenever you want to come over before that is cool.
133 n. franklin #2.
questions? comments? i don't care.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

HEY. wtf. that link ain't workin' son.... :( boo. is that the right link to the video?? ciao.
~ kat ~