Friday, April 29, 2005

Hey, if you got a free meal cuz your food took to long to get out would you still leave your typical cheap-ass tip? If so, would that make you a typical, cheap-ass person?

Melissa, be careful what you say on here, bead store owners are our number one audience on this blog. Also, our number two audience is fat babies.
Melissa, my suggestion is to combine your two woes and bake your bead-boss a poo-pie. Ship it via UPS and tell him you are not blackmailing him, but brownmailing him. Then smash windows.

Re: Violet Pennes; it seems at this juncture that Laura and I may be off in some fake-woods fake-camping. While I am sorry that it seems I will be missing these fine chappies, the real tra(d)gedy is that we will also missing the heartfelt acoustic stylings of The Profits, whom I read an article about in the Badger Herald (Motto: "Aren't you sad it's not Wednesday and the Onion isn't out?") and have been favorably compared to John Mayer, etc. I feel that if these fellas teamed up with, oh, Polydream, that would be like the BEST show EVER. Sidenote: This kind of thing is why I have decided I want to play music on patch cords and no-input mixing boards. Also: an effects-laden clarinet. Lookout.

We will, however, be present at Steven's rockshow tomorrow, full of gin and a mocking spirit.

Is it lunchtime yet? Goddam.
no, the poo-pile is actually in my garden. cool.

so i asked my boss at tropic yesterday for a raise. i have been working there 4 years and make $7.70 and am supposed to be taking my manager's job as she has her fat baby. he told me that i was blackmailing him, and insulted my mother, saying "i don't think she can be a very professional lady if she advised you to do something like this." then i looked at my mom's business card and counted the nine letters after her name. i'm sure he's right that someone with three degrees probably knows less about proffesionalism than a bead store owner.

bitter. yes, yes. why can't i quit? what the fuck is wrong with me? who taught me to so ill-place my loyalty? you?

matt-are you and laura going to see the violent femmmmmmmmmmmes on the terrace tonight? i have to work till ten but i am going to meet steven etc there after.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'm trying to fix my labtops broken cd drive. it hasn't been picked up for repair yet. i'm getting frustrated. anyone want to drive it to the hp repair zone and kiss it gently as you hand deliver it to the technicians? its sitting unusable in a cardboard gurnee patiently awaiting the ambulancia
Tonight is Mt. St. Helens at the Empty Bottle. But it's also Chin Up Chin Up at the grand re-opening of the Fireside Bowl. I've never seen a show at the Fireside. I'm going to try to go to both shows.

Also, I'm saving up money to buy a laptop. Anyone want to donate?

Melissa, if the poo pile is on the $14 grill I will be saddened deeply. Or deeply saddened depending. But not enough to fuck with gigantor-dog.

In class today I got to see video of parapalegic rats dragging their bum back legs about. And then quasi-parapalegic rats hobbling on their back legs that have been somewhat-saved due to the miracle of POLYMERS.

My professor then saw me hunched outside smoking viciously, my headphones around my neck and blaring a very unpretty hunk of Japanese psychadelic feedback-rock. He waved somewhat timidly and I nodded ever so slightly, feeling like one of The Outsiders. But damn, I felt for those rats.

I also realized that Steven, Aaron, and I are playing the MFA show the same time as Magnolia Electric Co. which I don't care about so much as the fact that MOON MAAN, featuring ex-Afghan Whig guitaristRick McCollum. I don't even know if they're any good but my Whigs-worship knows no bounds. I will proceed to play Gentlemen over my work-computer speakers until I get fired.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

interesting things that happened to me today:
1. spilled orange soda and did not clean it up.
2. neighbors dog left fresh poo pile in yard.
3. wondered when is that one show that one time when you guys are coming up next and playing with steven's new band he just started playing with because nobody seems to know, or at least i don't.
4. turned in 10 page research paper.
5. watched people's court.
Today I ate bok choy in my stir fry. Didn't really like it. Kinda tastes like celery.

Also, my co-worker David told me a story about how last night he was petting his cat on the kitchen floor and he passed out. He then woke up and went to bed. Later, he woke up to the cops flashing lights through is window. Apparently, someone saw him sleeping on his kitchen floor and thought he was dead and called the cops. Why does all the cool stuff happen to everyone else?
Further truth: G.F.P. Cantor did not get along well with his father, and wound up blowing his own mind with a panoramic view of the infinite.

If I recall correctly, that is.
Seriously, you go to and then you type in your nickname. And then you type in your password. And then you blog about interesting stuff that happened to you today. Apparently, nothing interesting happened to anyone on our blog today. Well I got something interesting, Spike Lee came in to Big Bowl today. Spike Lee is awesome. He's black, and honest. And he tells the truth, which is the definition of honesty. And the truth is, he didn't come in to Big Bowl today. But a guy that looked like him did. That's just as good as honesty, isn't it?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Also, new movie.
hey, anyone seen The Newsroom? I've watched it twice on WTTW, (that's public televison, for all you mainstreamers or cable purchasers). It's disturbing, hilarious, canadian, offensive, and brilliant! All the things I hope to be.

Friday, April 22, 2005

i don't know about else plans for this evening. but i'm attending the bracelets show. pomp that!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Excerp from an Entertainment Weekly review I read on about the new solo CD from Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas. Haven't heard the CD, but song-titley speaking, this is brilliant:

"Who would have thought he could concoct a taut, driven track like ''This Is How a Heart Breaks'' or graceful, near-Byrdsian gems like ''When the Heartache Ends'' and ''Problem Girl''."

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

hey, I don't if anyone noticed, but there have been two sailor movies so far. These are the first two installments in the sailor trilogy. The third one, Death of a Sailsman, will feature the thrilling conclusion to the saga. It'll be up on Sunday. Better start buying the popcorn in bulk. What's going to happen?

Monday, April 18, 2005

tommarrow will result in movie projector.

the opportunity to watch old movies from the twenties and thirties by means of an acquired collection of antiquated film reels. no one knows what is contained with in. could it

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Our tub had been clogged the past two days. We spent countless minutes trying to unclog it. I plunged for like ten minutes this morning so I could shower. It didn't work and I didn't smell good. Janel's work friend, Kramer, came to our house to fix it tonight. He flipped the lever that plugs up the drain when you want to take a bath. That did the trick.

Friday, April 15, 2005

copy that. ovr.

yargablarga dibble. Hamstring cordwax. Lignin stampwrecker Edelweiss.

You have yr instructions. Now follow thru.

Codemaster eerie 2smokes

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i forgot i had a bike. but i do. i am as cool as craig. dates to remember: june 23 2006.

Monday, April 11, 2005

i seem to to be a peddler of bikes. just gots craig-o a real beaut! out of my wagon stash, i pull a 12 speed for free! i mean i could hook you up with somewheel clickys or a lumpy seat..
i don't know. when is the weekend?

..but that brownie smell. that prevalent odor. the same as my socks are radiating. i can't inhale enough. twee. almost toastlike.
hey, i heard a wild rumour that perhaps one, a few, or many of you may be sneaking into madison this coming weekend. and i just want to warn you to keep out! out! but let me know if this is true either way............

Sunday, April 10, 2005

hey you non-bloggers, check out the links page for a new movie, "I'm a sailor".

Thursday, April 07, 2005

you're right, that isn't funny. thanks for letting us know.
by the way, this is not funny:

i just registered for the last semester i will ever register for. only nine more months of college.

i am ultra-lame. (and ultra-stinky). and now i work for paris hilton. directly.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hey DPC'ers when are you going to be in MPLS..
The D boys would like to see you soon..
By the way we likes the movies.
And the Kurmudgeon cover

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

enjoy the silence
melissa, you're lupid and stonely. Sam, I work the same job as you. What does that say about you? Just swish that around in your mouth for a while. How does it taste? Does it taste like failure?

Monday, April 04, 2005

I hate you craig. Failure!
I hate you craig. Failure.
craig, i still think you are stupid AND lonely, but that's just one person's opinion, after all.
thanks for responding assholes. I had to do research myself and discovered that the Driftless Pony Club is playing tonight at the Empty bottle for FREE!!!!! They start at 9:30. Now I'm no longer stupid, just lonely.
Hey matt, nate, and sam, what's going on tonight? I'm working today, but afterwards I feel like having a good time with old friends. I hear there's a free show or some garbage at the empty bottle. Wanna check it out? Whose playing? Please respond, I'm lonely and stupid.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Saturday, April 02, 2005

You won't be able to see them until "Driftless Pony Club: Season One" comes out on DVD. Christmas 2005.
hey, we're putting up a special April Fool's movie sometime tomorrow or the next day. I encourage everyone to download "neighbors" and "the facts of life" to their respective computers because we won't have enough room to keep them on our site. It won't be hard to do. Just put them in the same place you have your porn or whatever.