Sunday, June 19, 2005

I left 8 days ago and returned with a gift from the tour fairy. That gift is a kickass beard! If I keep it, I will not have to shave for work again.

chicago: okay, damn you david cross!!!!!

nashville: sucked, "local" band left before playing, without saying good-bye. Thanks, Adam, for allowing us to stink up your house with our sleeping bodies.

little rock: extremely pleasant surprise, free pizza, beer, and poker. Thank you, david slade and congratulations on your marriage

hot springs: good vacation from tour in Bill Clinton's boyhood town, footage created for 6 or 7 future movies of the week. Thank you, blimp conversation.

Wichita: awesome small small club, saw 1st Pizza Hut ever made, drunkenly wrote new DPC/Middlepicker song "Wichita" at 4 in the morning (it's on video), awesome breakfast, thanks, kristina and tim.

Ames: DPC missed this show. Matt's car broke down twice, and somehow nate and I found ourselves at Terrible's Casino south of Des Moines. Don't wish to talk about this depressing day anymore. Thanks, state trooper, AAA, and two dudes who fixed Matt's car.

Minneapolis: Are you kidding me? Amazing! Kurmudgeon played their last show. Tears were shed. Beer was spit. My amp broke. Thanks, God.

Eau Claire: Great Turnout. Cool club. A little worn out from Minneapolis hangover.

Madison: Maybe the best show we've ever played. Tied for best turnout with Minneapolis. Thanks, pretty much everyone I know. Happy Father's Day dad.

Oh yes, and thanks Middlepicker. I hated you at first, but over time I learned to to supress that hatred, which turned into an ulcer, which turned into a great deal of pain, which finally turned into love.

there's plenty more to tell, but I need to pass out.


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