Thursday, June 09, 2005

I would like to give big ups to Melissa for being a responsible bike-rider and walking her cycle 'cross that dangerous Lake St./State St. intersection, not to mention Library Mall. Why, I myself used to skate (poorly) like a scruffy rapscallion until they put those attractive anti-skate attachments on those previously ugly Library Mall ledges. Lesson learned!

Barring a sudden lack of inspiration (unlikely 'cause I quit smoking TWICE in the past 3 weeks and am now a virtual fireball of [cigarette]-smoke-free energy) I am soon going to post a link to either a blog or honest-to-gott website featuring lo-to-no-fi basement fartings of a now Steve-less Cult of Hypnos (do we have to change our name now? I wouldn't mind...) and probably a bunch of banal cd-r reviews or something by moi that I ultrahumbly predict will be kinda the poor (nigh penniless) [wo]mans Les. Bangs meets Tony Rettman meets those Bull Tongue chaps without any of the worldly experience, hardcore knowledge, or fascinating connections/anecdotes. I throw this post out as warning to read (upon its existence) this once or twice when yr really bored before you and I both get really bored of it and it returns to that aether thing people always be talking about.

Also: any hints on how to develop a self-healing keyboard and perhaps translate its knowledge to perpetually on-the-fritz guitar amps?


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