Sunday, June 26, 2005

thanks, everybody, for coming to the sector five shows. I don't really remember the first night, but I assume it was AWESOME! too much spotted cow. we don't get that here in chicago. The second night was magnificent. All the bands were spectacular. Many ice cubes went airborne. It's always great to come back to Madison, where people actually know who we are. And where there's always cranes hovering in the sky, building the next great condo. And where dinosaur charades can be played at a table in Gennas for waaaaaaaaaaaay too long (which is just the right length). Thank you Colony, Hat Party, Cummies, Sleeping with Avon Ladies, Eyebeams, The Suit, Pale Riders, Solid Gold, Bracelets, Ian, Steve, Melissa, Todd, Paul Carthew, Wells (for the back flip), Batman Begins (for not meeting my expectations), Katy (for a great beach excursion), Spaight Street (which I just learned the existence of and travelled to four times this weekend), and every house we slept at. Sorry if I forgot to thank someone or something.


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