Sunday, July 10, 2005

i assume that "bead store strip" was aimed at me matt, but let me tell you, our bead store is waaay awesomer. because a) our deal is buy ten beads get two free! and because b) we sell chin up bars.
oh wait, no we don't.

so. a lot of things happened last night, including a front yard dance off, the digging of a fire pit in our front yard and a subsequent attempt to start aluminum cans on fire (you need lots of lighter fluid), aaron getting arrested (again), others getting kicked out of the paradise, naked dance party with paint, stealing from our old house, matt's failed face-bashing attempts to do the worm on the pavement, and steven almost getting in a fight. too bad i went home early. but seeing an asian family eating their brats with chopsticks today made me feel good again. see ya'll in two weeks.


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