Monday, October 31, 2005


Things I have:
-new debit card
-car insurance card
-proof of address
-dashing good looks/clean teeth (I flossed today)

Things I need:
Socially Security Card
Driver's License
Health Insurance Card
2nd Copy of Car insurance card for my wallet (I have one in the car)
Lettuce Entertain You employee discount card

The Plan:
-pick up birth cirtificate at post-office (thanks mom)
-hop train to Thomson Center (where DMV is located).
-Show all my Identification.
-Plead and yell in my best Arnold Swarstaneggarlkjg;aldkfjg accent "I know who I am!".
-Show off my flossed pearly whites as I get my picture taken for my new Illinois Drivers License.
-train it over to the Social Security office.
-Show my driver's license and kiss the person behind the counter as he/she hands me my new social security card.
-walk to nearest bar, show my ID at the door, and drink.
-put off the calls I need to make for my other cards.
-years later, after I cash my first social security check (if Bush doesn't fuck everything up) go back to the same bar, and drink.

Now for step one: stop blogging.


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