Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Today features operation "Social Security Card Action Go Go Explosion Initiative".

Things I have:
-School Records
-Social Security Card Application
-Birth Certificate
-Check Card
-CTA card (for the train)
-Car Insurance Card (for no reason at all)
-Proof of Address (probably for no reason at all)
-The beginnings of a kickass beard. (do I really need a reason?)

Things I will attempt to get today:
-Social Security Card

Yep, just gonna try to get the SSC cuz I don't have my letter of consent from the Wisconsin DMV yet. This means I can't get my DL. The plan is to fill out the application, which requires both my parents social security numbers, and then train it to the Social Security office. I will show my school records and my application. They will say, "Gee sir, you sure our prepared. I can't think of any stupid little reason why we can't give you this card right now. And my, what a nice beard you've started growing." Then, time permitting, I will eat somewhere before going to Big Bowl. (There's a Panda Express in the same building as the Social Security Office. But since I always eat at Big Bowl Asian Cuisine, perhaps Panda Express isn't the best choice. Also, if I were to eat at Panda Express, I would want to eat some fucking Panda!) Later, while waiting tables at Big Bowl, I will socialize with the guests with a small feeling of "social security". PUN!!!!!!!!


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