Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First post of 2006, such an honor. I claim this year for overcastiness and unseasonable warmitude.

Expect a possible rash of posting from yours truly for the next couple of weeks, since I'm working full time over break without really having a ton o' stuff to do. Please jump into the fray, peoples, 'cause otherwise I'll just be talking to myself.

That said, I watched the 40 Year Old Virgin last night and found myself rather charmed. Can Seth Rogen do no wrong? I hear he is planning another movie with Mr. Apatow, under the working title of Knocked Up. If 2005 celebrity actions taught me anything, it is that pregnancy is hilarious, even more so when faked. Arrested Development taught me that, also.

One thing I would still like to be taught, though, is how to cook a decent curry.


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