Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i like this new all girls blog.

2 things.

1. Yay! A penis hat!

2. Bachelorette party:

Part 1: Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark on Thursday, April 13th. Extreme waterslides and fun in the Dells. leaving from Melissa's at 4pm on Thursday, returning Friday afternoon.

Part2: (This part is CO-ED!) April 14th: Limo and DPC show. Meet at Melissa's around 6pm (or whenever ya'll get into town). The limo is one of those limo busses that can hold 16 people and apparantly has a kareoke machine inside of it! Janel is making me a penishat! We get to bring our own booze on the limobus, and we can sing and drink around town. Limo leaves at 8pm from Melissa's, arrives at the Klinic probably about 11pm....when does the show start anyway?

3. Yeah, when does the show start?

Yay! A penis hat!


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