Tuesday, May 09, 2006

did you know that first cousins (or brothers and sisters) can get married as long as they are sterile? i found this out today while steven and i applied for our marriage license. not that we're related. really we're not. REALLY.

oh, and my landlord called me today and said he'd been trying to trap some squirrels but SOME PEOPLE keep letting the squirrels out and throwing away the traps. oops. (don't worry, i admitted nothing! nothing!) the reason? he says the back neighbors are having a "squirrel-problem." so, i'm just wondering, what sort of squirrel-problem could they have? i mean, if it's squirrels in the house, maybe the traps would work better INSIDE the house. if it's squirrels in the yard........well, they live there, right? i guess i'm just not understanding their approach here.

i'm going to keep letting the squirrels out and denying it.
back me up.


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