Saturday, May 06, 2006

Man, first I find out that my beloved cat died on Thursday (RIP Kamir, plenty of sunny windowsills and comfy laps in kittyheaven, I'm sure...) and now I find that the folk of Madison are trapping squirrels in alleyways!?! This is too much.

I haven't been paying close attention, but I feel that there's been a glut of CGI animal-revolt kiddy-flix as of late. And I can see why. Those animals have got it rough right now, hard times to be sure. Good to know that the animation studios have got their backs. I predict a Pixar remake of "The Birds" within 2 years. Maybe even a PG-13 axion-update of "Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers". Shit would be awesome.

That said, if I see any Sandinista racoons I'm outta here. There was a rabid one living in a tree outside our house on Wilson a couple years back, and dude was posessed of a yowl most heinous.

Oh, also: good show on Thurday dudes. I hope yr throat feels better, Craigster. I'm pissed that I didn't win any rounds of charades.


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