Friday, October 20, 2006

i was just going to excitedly blog about the fraggle rock/zappa movie but matt beat me to it. fucker. by the way matt, are you all alone while laura runs the marathon? i am working 13 hours today, we should get shitfaced when i'm done - steven has off too.
Wait, a Fraggle Rock movie with ties to Ahmet Zappa?

Sam, who are you blowing in Hollywood?

Friday, October 13, 2006

somferglomp and a tropious munch munch. I do believe i declare awesomearriveal next saturday week. Unfortuantes of uncrap you seem to have found a show on friday? whos to engulf, as for only one day? hurry hurry then. and take to the pitches eaarly. must be funs and runs galore.

oh and i'm hanging an art show that day too. if anyone would like to help. I've got two awkward sized pieces. i might need a hands, perferrably someone possessing three. oddities always cause a stare. and then why not start to comreptide. rip rip a gonbela.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

hi. do this:
go to and enter the doubletree sweepstakes to win airfare for 4 to L.A., 2 nights at a deluxe DoubleTree hotel and 4 tickets to the premiere of Happy Feet, which is apparently some animated movie about penguins. i can't enter cuz i work here but if you win i call dibs on one ticket.

hooray! penguins.